Video: Voters Reject Notion That “Government Can Do Anything It Likes”

(SteveWatson) – 84% opposed to views expressed by pro-Obamacare Congressman

A Rasmussen poll indicates that an overwhelming eighty-six percent (86%) of voters nationwide say there should be “limits on what the federal government can do”, in response to recent comments from pro-Obamacare Congressman Pete Stark.

Following criticism surrounding the constitutional basis of government run health care, Stark told an audience at a town hall meeting in Hayward California that the federal government had the power to do anything.

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An attendee asked Stark to explain his claim that health care was now a right rather than a privilege in light of the fact that government imposed Obamacare “infringes the inalienable rights of other people” under the Constitution. The attendee pointed out that to mandate others to provide a service was a form of slavery and therefore violated the 13th amendment to the Constitution.

“The federal government – yes – can do most anything in this country,” responded Stark, a statement that prompted a loud chorus of dissent from the crowd.

Watch the clip:

Source: Infowars

3 thoughts on “Video: Voters Reject Notion That “Government Can Do Anything It Likes”

  1. how in the world did this thing called stark get elected? what are the people going to do about it? will be watching the responce of the people to stark madness.

  2. Don`t feel too bad…look at the – Low Life – Nevada keeps electing….reid….;does not deserve a Capital.
    Most of the Idiots in DC grew up in one of those “Gated Communities”You know! the 10th Graders that drove nice cars to school.The ones that had Everything.

    …Maybe their is a lesson there…

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