(Guardian) – US national park faces sale

Governor of Wyoming threatens to sell chunk of Grand Teton unless White House boosts state’s education budget Read More Here

(AP) – Regulators closes bank in Chicago – Read More Here

(ZeroHedge) – Local Governments To Cut 500,000 People In 2010 And 2011, As $400 Billion Budget Shortfall Brings State Economies To A Halt – Tyler Durden – Read More Here

(BayNews9) – Fed stimulus money being used to resolve foreclosure cases more quickly – Read More Here

(ActivistPost) – Dollar nears 15-year low versus yen – Read More Here

(OpenLeft) – Report: Obama Launches New Program to Help Corporations “Take Advantage of Low Labor Costs” Abroad – Read More Here

(MoneyNews) – Faber: Dow May Plunge to 1,000 – Read More Here

(InterForecaster) – Instability on the World’s Financial Markets: Personal and Corporate Bankruptcies are Roaring with no End in Sight – Bob Chapman – Read More Here

(WashInd) – The Return of the $1,000 Down Mortgage – Fannie Mae and State Housing Agencies Are Offering Little-Money-Down Mortgages. But Why? – Read More Here

(SteveWatson) – Gold Surges To Three Week High As Dollar Tanks – Strongest rally for precious metal in nine months – Read More Here

(Guardian) – Lobby firm owner charged with illegal donations

The federal indictment unsealed Thursday said Magliocchetti orchestrated the scheme to enrich himself and his firm by increasing PMA’s influence, power and prestige — among clients and elected officials. Read More Here


(PaulWatson) – Globalists Race To Enforce Criminal Carbon Tax

$100 Billion A Year Levy Is About Bankrolling Global Government And Lining The Pockets Of Con Artist Oil Men Soros, Strong and Gore, Has Nothing To Do With Saving The Environment – Read More Here

(IceAgeNow) – 6 million dead fish, alligators, turtles and dolphins floating down Bolivian rivers – Cruel aftermath of extreme cold in South America – Read More Here

(SheltonGroup) – Green Consumers’ Belief In Warming Is Declining

A new national poll of green consumers found that belief in global warming is declining, and even the worst nightmare scenarios would not change people’s minds or behaviors.The poll, one of four annual surveys conducted by Shelton Group, surveyed 1,098 Americans who at least occasionally buy green products and found only about half believe climate change is occurring and caused by human beings. Read More Here


Video: Bob Chapman’s Economic Report: The Elites Coordinated Global Currency Devaluation Agenda

Quantitative easing, recovery not real, inflation to be reignited,even higher inflation expected by some, forces that control the money and politics from behind the scenes, a boiling cauldron of instability that could break loose at any time raising havoc with the system.

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Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3


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