Video: General Steele Raps about Patriotism and Truth in “Amerikkka’s Skemin’”

General Steele is a rapper with a message you normally wouldn’t associate with his genre. His music takes on topics like Bilderberg, war and banker bailouts.

New video from the 2010 Bucktown USA / Duck Down Music release “General Steele Presents: Amerikkka’s Nightmare Part 2 Children of War” directed by Rodolfo Duran for Done Right Digital.

In 2009, Mike Burr with Prefix Magazine did an interview with General Steele:

There is a significant difference between a recording artist who does hip-hop and a genuine rapper. For example, a rapper can flow naturally and doesn’t need multiple takes and studio magic to the point across. There’s also a slight tendency to ramble and a gift for hyperbole in the name of communication. General Steele, familiar as part of Smif-N-Wessun and the Boot Camp Clik, definitely falls into the “rapper” category.

“I’m a creative spirit. Even on our first album, we have a lyric about standing strong on your own two and putting yourself out there. We’re not tyrants or bosses. I’m not trying to rule over anybody, and this isn’t about putting myself forward. That’s not what Duck Down is about, and that isn’t what Bucktown USA Entertainment is about.”

Source: Infowars

One thought on “Video: General Steele Raps about Patriotism and Truth in “Amerikkka’s Skemin’”

  1. Even though I am no fan of Rap or Hip Hop, this is an excellent video. Even with my age and cultural bias I heard the message. For our period of history in America, this is a very important message. I commend General Steele for this performance. In the not too distant future, from the ashes of what once was the USA, they will find there were voices in the wilderness trying to warn the citizens. But alas, I truly feel they all too often fell on deaf ears and closed minds. Wake up America! Please wake up.

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