Video: Rockefellers, Ground Zero Mosque and The War on Drugs – Alex Jones Tv

Alex breaks down the reality the nation is truly in and why it’s important to go the extra mile to wake up the rest of america before they hit us real hard.

See Also:

Video: Indoctrinating Our Brightest Today to become Little Hitler’s of Tomorrow – Alex Jones Tv

Alex takes a call from Chris in Texas about 2 of his students who graduated from high school and went off to college. One came back a globalist and the other to NIT. He explains his story of how the brightest of us are being indoctrinated into the Nwo system.

Video: “Scientific Cold Blooded Killers” – Alex Jones Tv

Short little rant about the scientific cold blooded killers.

Video: Michael Medved, Gay Porn Stars and Bohemian Grove – Alex Jones Tv

Caller talks with Alex about his call into, The Michael Medved Show and how Michael didn’t believe the whole gay porn stars at bohemian grove. Alex once again explains what he saw while him and Mike Hanson were walking around with hidden cameras.

Video: Alex Criticizes Israel for Manipulating American Foreign Policy

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