Video: “US largest criminal in world”

(RussiaToday) – As the economy has not rebounded and jobs continue to be scarce around the country, many US citizens are renouncing their citizenship and moving abroad. Mike Golguski says that the United States is the largest criminal in the world and he didn’t want to be a part of it. He also says that he is not anti-American but is anti-US government.


One thought on “Video: “US largest criminal in world”

  1. If I could I would leave America yesterday. When you are older, not the best of health, relatively poor, but educated, have children, a mortgage and other responsibilities it is difficult to pack up and just leave. If I was 20 or 30 years younger I would. There are a lot of places around the world that are better than America in 2010. It is the Government that is the problem as it is tied into so many special interests, like Zionism, Wall Street, Big Oil, the Military Industrial Complex and others. The war on the Middle Class is in full force. The poor can be herded around because they are poor and dependent on the Government. The rich elite are doing fine, they get all the benefits and don’t have to pay the costs. I sure wish they would reintroduce the Eisenhower tax schedule without any exemptions. It has become so ludicrous with all the media controlled playing cheerleader for the Government, especially the Republicans. The two party system doesn’t work. There is no democracy and the Republic is in taters. The place is a sneeze away from total fascism. The educational system is rotten, thanks to Bush II. There are no jobs, the housing market blew away, if your lucky only 25% of the value we spend years to accumulate. Just today my boss was surprised to find that there are hundreds of homes in forclosure in our area. Duh, where have you been? How many thousands of jobs have been lost in the last decade around here? But just a few hundred created, which aren’t that good. Retirement? What stinking retirement! I’ve told my kids that if I can live to 67 and retire, I’ll be lucky, but what I have left is only good for two years. I don’t expect that it will last till then. Where did it all go? Well, way too much went for medical bills. That is just what happens here. The way the Government is eyeing Social Security I don’t think it will be around much longer. I still think I have it better than some. I still have a low paying job that hasn’t seen a raise in three years, but it is a job. Ends don’t meet and so the saving go little by little, year by year. Lets face it, here in America at the end of the rainbow there is a toxic oil spill.

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