(InfoClearingHouse) – The Forgotten Foreclosure Crisis – Read More Here

(SteveWatson) – Economists Herald New Great Depression

Figures comparable to 1930s, “central bankers have stood in the way of recovery” Read More Here

(SkOptionsTrading) – Gold Prepares To Make Yet Another All Time High – Read More Here

(EconomicTimes) – Significant chance of recession next 2 years: SF Fed – Read More Here


In the latest issue of The Casey Report Bud Conrad does a fantastic job analyzing the truth about Asia. Japan is a ticking demographic time bomb. The Chinese government has created the mother of all bubbles and when it pops, it will be felt around the world. The China miracle is not really a miracle. It is a debt financed bubble. Sound familiar? Read More Here

(ActivistPost) – Recession Causing a Banking Awakening in Tough-Hit Midwest

A mass banking awakening seems to be happening throughout America, and the first pragmatic solution appears to be citizen-owned state banks. Since this model has been proven highly successful in North Dakota, many recession-ravaged states are now considering the idea of establishing state-run banks. Read More Here

(NeithercorpPress) – U.S. Dollar Now Ripe For Catastrophic Devaluation

Normally when I cover subjects in the economy, I try to take a “macro” approach, giving an overall view of various financial elements around the world and how they are clearly connected to one another in a greater synchronous social force. That is to say, in Chinese domestic consumption, or European debt obligations, or Russian gold reserves, and in many other factors, is encoded the very future of our own American economy. Showing others how to decipher that code is my primary mission. Read More Here

(PaulWatson) – Wheat Crisis Threatens Inflationary Timebomb, Food Riots

Russia’s ban on wheat exports following widespread fires in the country sent food prices skyrocketing by 19 per cent in just a single week as fears grow that global volatility in foodstuffs and commodities could lead to a worldwide inflationary timebomb accompanied by widespread food riots.

Lenin once called grain the “currency of currencies,” underscoring its importance in how it affects everything from staple foods such as bread to animal feed.

On Thursday Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin signed a decree prohibiting the export of wheat, barley, rye, corn and flour until the end of the year, contributing to a whopping 92 per cent rise in world wheat prices since June. Read More Here

See Also: (IND) – Russian wheat export ban threatens higher inflation and food riots – Read More Here

(FinancialPost) – Getting real: Bull run coming to an end for Canada’s housing – Read More Here

(SilverBearCafe) – The Death of the Dollar

Nothing can save our financial system in the long run. It is doomed to collapse. This is inevitable, because our government controls and manages its very foundation — the dollar. Read More Here

(FinancialTimes) – Fed set to downgrade outlook for US

Faced with weak economic data and rising fears of a double-dip recession, the Federal Open Market Committee is likely to ensure its policy is not constraining growth and to use its statement to signal greater concern about the economy. It is, however, unlikely to agree big new steps to boost growth. Read More Here

(WSShuffle) – Gerald Celente on The wallstreet shuffle –


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