Video: Democratic Operative Busted Smearing Rand Paul at Fancy Farm

(JaysAnalysisBlog) – The Kentucky Fancy Farm Picnic is decadent and depraved as well, apparently. Well, at least the Democratic operatives who parade with the most inane and over-the-top smear tactics are. In one of the most important and closely watched races in the country, my friends and I attended the famous Fancy Farm debate and ousted this Democratic operative:

Turns out, this character is named Tyler Clay Collins, and is an active Kentucky Democrat. Here he is pictured at a Democratic event, as well as at his local Masonic Lodge:

Tyler Clay Collins at a Democratic event

Tyler at his local lodge

Too bad people cannot deal openly and honestly with real issues and argumentation. Actually, it’s a good thing: these kinds of antics actually show them for what they are: liars. Jack Conway and company will have to do better. Furthermore, this confirms what tea party goers have claimed elsewhere, as this Fox article reports.

Source: Jays Analysis Blog


One thought on “Video: Democratic Operative Busted Smearing Rand Paul at Fancy Farm

  1. Sometimes I think these Demo-rats forget there were inventions such as film, cameras and recordings to “play back later” to show such desperate fraud, they know they can not win by being honest, just like Obama and his crew cheated even another Demo-rat Hilary Clinton. When she was running for President. Have they no shame? NO and HELL NO!

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