Video: Outside the Box with Alex Ansary #263

Alex Ansary covers the latest news pertaining to the SUN. There are several CME’s that have been fired at the Earth recently. Tonight’s show examines the other changes taking place within our planet including fluctuations with the Earth’s magnetic field. The main dots are connected with the report comparing solar maximums throughout history and times of war and great change within humanity and society.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

One thought on “Video: Outside the Box with Alex Ansary #263

  1. Re NASA? report you read (approvingly) “…sun (flares) can actually aggravate certain mental health problems.” Good wishes on your getting out of the box enough to mistrust all government reports. Aside from inherent govt duplicity (it’s about control and money, not facts), the preening arrogance of scientists is galling. What they do not know does not exist, or so their syntax asserts. Anyway, they define “mental health” and “problem” and then have the sun to accuse. Does it not seem more reasonable that these periodic tensions are good for life on this planet? Changing seasons create tensions; day and night affect mood changes. Night and winter and sun spots are harmful? Good wishes on getting off the govt’s program, out of their think-box.

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