Video: Rand Paul Slams Obama – Stop Forcing Big Government Down Our Throats

(SteveWatson) – Constitutionalist Senate candidate says President “cares nothing about Kentucky”

Steve Watson
Monday, Aug 16th, 2010

Rand Paul Slams Obama: Stop Forcing Big Government Down Our Throats 160810RandPaulKentucky Senate candidate Rand Paul made an impassioned speech this weekend slamming the actions of the Obama administration for continuing a big government agenda at the expense of the interests of the American people.

Paul was on the campaign trail in Kentucky, speaking at a coal appreciation event in Knott County.

Paul, an advocate for more limited government, suggested the need for a broad review of coal regulations to determine what’s working, reports the AP.

The constitutional conservative candidate said that Obama “cares nothing about Kentucky and cares even less about Kentucky coal.”

“We have a president who is forcing the EPA down our throats,” Paul continued. “Even without changing the rules, the EPA is stifling the permit process, and people (are) out of work here because of the president and his policies.”

“With all due respect, Mr. President, you’re wrong, and you need to stay out of Kentucky affairs. And you need to keep the EPA out of our affairs because we need jobs, and we’re not going to get jobs with a busybody EPA that’s in our way.” Paul urged.

The Tea Party favourite candidate vowed to defend the way of life of coal workers and their families, adding that oversight and regulation of the coal industry should be more locally rather than federally managed.

The Kentucky candidate is strongly against a federally enforced cap and trade scheme, which he has noted would punish the coal industry and cause electricity prices to rise.

Paul took time after his speech to further explain his position on the EPA and coal production to the Coal Fed Families organization.

Watch the interview:

The would be Senator was the victim of another desperate establishment media driven attempt to smear his name this weekend following a claim that Paul had “kidnapped” a woman during a college prank some 30 years ago and forced her to take drugs.

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The hoax was unraveled when the woman later admitted to the Washington Post that she was not kidnapped, she was not forced drugged, and that “the whole thing has been blown out of proportion” because she willingly went along with the prank, which on the face of it is mild tomfoolery when measured against similar college hazing pranks performed today.

Instead of letting it go, the media spin machine then turned to claims that a teenage Rand Paul had jokingly told a college friend 30 years ago to “worship the Aqua Buddha,” – an issue of vital national importance as America enters a third great depression.

Source: Infowars

One thought on “Video: Rand Paul Slams Obama – Stop Forcing Big Government Down Our Throats

  1. I hear this kind of crap every day…the Media did it.The Media lied about Rand.
    The Media did this,the Media did that,yet I have not heard,or,seen anyone confront the Media when they appear on the Media.The Media guides them,they follow…PERIOD! SO!!! If Rand Paul,or,anyone else dosn`t have the nerve to ask the question(s),or!! call the Media out on….well!! anything,you should just shut the hell up,and stop Crying.
    I`m beginning to think all of you are part of the Takeover….you don`t have the nerve to put the Media in it`s place so you may as well have no nerve at all…SO!! SHUT THE HELL UP,OR,CALL OUT THE MEDIA….it they,the Media,will allow you…ha

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