World War

(GlobalResearch) – The End of World War II Did Not Lead to A Lasting Peace: “Operation Sunrise” and the Onslaught of the Cold War – Read More Here

(ABC&CBN) – The Philippines: America’s New Launchpad for the Militarization of Southeast Asia – Aquino promoting ties of dependency with U.S.? – Center for People Empowerment in Governance – Read More Here

(PeoplesDailyOnline) – America is Engaging in “Gunboat Diplomacy” Against China. “Unilateral Confrontation and Showing Off of Hard Power” – Major General Luo Yuan – Read More Here

(TorontoSun) – They Can’t Cage A Song – Punishing the WikiLeaker Misses the Point – Eric Margolis – Read More Here

(InfoClearingHouse) – Why WikiLeaks Won’t Stop the War – Noam Chomsky – Read More Here

(AFP) – N.Korea warns of ‘severest punishment’ for war games

The North’s army and people will “deal a merciless counterblow” to the allies “as it had already resolved and declared at home and abroad”, a spokesman for the country’s army General Staff said in a statement published by state media. Read More Here

(GlobalResearch) – War Preparations? Biggest U.S.-Israeli Joint Infantry Exercise Ever

The Israeli military on Saturday carried out maneuvers in a terrain that resembles south Lebanon as part of exercises on the occupied Palestinian territories’ borders with Lebanon and Syria.

The maneuvers were the first of their kind. Israeli TV channels showed parts of the exercises in which occupation soldiers engaged in street battles with “Hezbollah”. Read More Here


Video: WikiLeaks’ Collateral Murder – U.S. Soldier Ethan McCord’s Eyewitness Story

(GRTV) – Video: Depleted Uranium – Iraq’s Deadly Legacy

Seven years after the invasion of Baghdad, the Iraqi people are experiencing a devastating legacy. Babies are being born with severe deformities and cancer at a rate, which makes the effects of Hiroshima look tame.

The number of babies born with severe deformities and children developing leukaemia is rising dramatically in parts of Iraq. View Video Here


(PressTV) – Petraeus to talk Obama out of pullout

The commander of the US and NATO forces in Afghanistan says he reserves the right to advise US President Barack Obama against a troop pull-out from the country in 2011. Read More Here

FLASHBACK(RealNews) – Video: Brzezinski on the Afghan war – Video Link Here


(Salon) – A campaign for war with Iran begins

Obama administration officials, as well as U.S. lawmakers and European diplomats, passionately made the argument this spring that tough sanctions on Iran were necessary to avoid war. But contrary to their predictions, the drumbeat for war — particularly from Israel – has only increased since the U.N. Security Council adopted a new resolution against Tehran in June. Read More Here

(KurtNimmo) – Video: Iran Attack This Week?

Former interim U.N. ambassador and leading neocon John Bolton went on Fox News on Friday and sounded the alarm bells over Russia’s pending delivery of nuclear fuel to Iran’s Bushehr reactor. If Israel plans to attack Bushehr, Bolton said, it must act now because allowing the Russians to load nuclear fuel rods at the site will make Iran “essentially immune from attack by Israel. Because once the rods are in the reactor an attack on the reactor risks spreading radiation in the air, and perhaps into the water of the Persian Gulf.” Read More Here

(ConsortiumNews) – A Neocon Preps US for War with Iran – Ray mcGovern

I guess I was naïve in thinking that The Atlantic and its American-Israeli writer Jeffrey Goldberg might shy away from arguing for yet another war — this one with Iran — while the cauldrons are still boiling in Afghanistan and Iraq. Read More Here

FLASHBACK(RealNews) – Video: Zbigniew Brzezinski on Iran – Video Link Here

(Rense) -Iran And The Israeli-US Shell Game – Read More Here

(PressTV) – Russia: Iran’s nuclear program peaceful

The spokesperson for Russia’s Rosatom Nuclear Energy State Corporation, Sergey Novikov, has asserted the peaceful nature of Iran nuclear program.

Novikov told Russian TV on Sunday that Iran’s Bushehr nuclear power plant– which will be launched on Aug. 21 — does not have any military purpose and it only aims to generate electricity. Read More Here

(Fox) – Video: “Iran On The Verge Of Producing Nuclear Bomb! The Clock Has Run Out” –


One thought on “World War

  1. I assure you, you won’t be able to stop Iran having a peaceful nuclear energy program. There is a lot of hype in the air for nothing. Keep talking and keep fear warmongering, it ain’t working anymore. We all know that Israel is a weak country and she only attacks weak sovereign nations with no military capacity unlike Iran who produces it’s won sophisticated weaponry. Israel keep barking because it’s time for you to smell the coffee.

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