(GlobalResearch) – Accountability and Transparency in the World of Big Money: Banks too Big to Fail and too Big to Jail – Danny Schechter – Read More Here

(GRTV) – Video: Russia Today – Could China Already Be World’s Largest Economy? – Michel Chossudovsky – Video Link Here

(TheHill) – Dems may use food-stamp money to pay for Michelle Obama’s nutrition initiative – Read More Here

(SmartTrend) – Video: News Update – China Favors Euro Over Dollar as Bernanke Alters Path August 16, 2010 – Video Link Here

(BusinessInsider) – China Slashes U.S. Government Bond Holdings By The Largest Amount Ever – Read More Here

(Infowars) – Deceptive Economic Statistics: While the economists lied the US economy died – Paul Craig Roberts

If the government and Bloomberg had announced that industrial production fell by 1.0% in July, would the stock market have risen 104 points on August 17? Read More Here

(WashExam) – Tom Fitton: Why is Washington ignoring its biggest corruption scandal?

Too few in Washington have been digging into the scandals behind the collapse of the “government-sponsored entities” (GSE’s) Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and their role in helping trigger the global financial crisis.

Their collapse has cost taxpayers $146 billion thus far. Freddie Mac sought an additional $1.8 billion in taxpayer support just last week. There is no end in sight, as the Obama administration, through executive fiat, has placed no upper limit on the taxpayer liability for these two monstrosities. Read More Here


(CanadaFreePress) – Why Warming Is Falsely Reported When World Is Cooling

Finally, a weather person has mentioned the word “blocking” when talking about the heat and fires in Moscow. It’s a natural event as the world shifts from the warming trend of the 1990s to a cooling trend since 2000. Distortion of reality about global temperatures continues with warming claims while Western North America, most of Eurasia and large areas of the southern hemisphere report below normal temperatures. It’s been the coldest summer on record north of 80°N latitude and rate of sea ice melt continues to decrease. Read More Here

(CanadaFreePress) – Top Climate Scientists Speak out on the Satellitegate Scandal

US Government admits global warming satellite sensors “degraded” – temperatures may be out by 10-15 degrees. Now five satellites in controversy. Top scientists speak out. Read More Here

(FinancialPost-Opinion) – Legal verdict: Manmade global warming science doesn’t withstand scrutiny

A cross examination of global warming science conducted by the University of Pennsylvania’s Institute for Law and Economics has concluded that virtually every claim advanced by global warming proponents fails to stand up to scrutiny. Read More Here

FLASHBACK – (WND) – Gore boasts: ‘Global governance’ coming with carbon tax

Tells conference U.S. responding to warming threat with ‘cap-and-trade’ Read More Here

FLASHBACK – (WND) – History of climate gets ‘erased’ online – More than 5,000 entries tailored to hype global-warming agenda – Read More Here

(Guardian) – Climate scientists in race to predict where natural disaster will strike next

Conference in Boulder will step up world’s efforts to establish an early warning system for extreme weather events – Read More Here

(Co2Insanity) – The Arctic is not melting

The “warmers’ are such an amazing propaganda machine. Joseph Goebbels, the king of Nazi propaganda, surely would feel like a proud papa were he to return from his well deserved visit to Hell Read More Here

(SifyNews) – Cold wave kills six million fish in Bolivia

At least six million fish have died in three rivers of Bolivia due to the intense cold wave sweeping through the country in the past few weeks.

This is an ‘environmental catastrophe’ brought on by the lowest temperatures registered in Santa Cruz in nearly half a century, Gov. Ruben Costas told reporters. Read More Here

(ABCNews) – Sceptics to challenge climate science in court

The New Zealand Climate Science Coalition has accused the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research of tampering with official weather records to make the case for global warming. Read More Here


(CharlieVLog) – Video: OFFENDED –


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