Video: Depleted Uranium vs Time Magazine Propaganda

Warning graphic. No one in this video is dead, but it is still graphic in showing deformed people.

One thought on “Video: Depleted Uranium vs Time Magazine Propaganda

  1. I have campaigned against DU weapons for nearly 20 years. The Government does not care. I’ve got enough correspondence over the years to understand just how evil America, Israel and England are as they are the only three countries to use it on others. It is not needed and has never been needed. It is a war crime by all the rules. But bullies will do what they will until the very end. I am a veteran of the US Army. I understand why they were developed, or at least the excuse that was once popular belief. It was designed to defeat Soviet armor in a nuclear battlefield. One that never would, no less could have happened. But after the first Gulf War and soldiers getting sick, I put it all together. Others would scientifically prove me right. But they use it in our name, the American Government. It is against my wishes, especially since better ordinance has been developed over the years. But it sure has been an easy way to get rid of nuclear waste. It is crime. An abomination to God and His Creation.

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