Video: Declassified – Massive Israeli Manipulation of US Media Exposed

(RussiaToday) – Files declassified in America have revealed covert public relations and lobbying activities of Israel in the U.S. The National Archive made the documents public following a Senate investigation. They suggest Israel has been trying to shape media coverage of issues it regards as important. You can download the files from the web-site of the Institute for Research on Middle Eastern policy. And we can cross to Washington now and talk to Grant F. Smith who is a director at that Institute.

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(AntiWar) – The Israel Lobby Swims The Atlantic

Jeffrey Goldberg’s current cover story in The Atlantic, “The Point of No Return,” achieved massive distribution across a broad spectrum of old and new media in the United States. Some observers – including Glenn Greenwald in “How Propagandists Function” – noted how well the methodology and message of Goldberg’s piece serves the Israeli government’s efforts to push U.S. military action against Iran. Gareth Porter views it as part of an overarching strategy to keep the U.S. from restoring productive relations with Iran. A huge trove of newly declassified documents subpoenaed during a Senate investigation reveals how Israel’s lobby pitched, promoted, and paid to have content placed in America’s top news magazines with overseas funding. The Atlantic (and others) received hefty rewards for trumpeting Israel’s most vital – but damaging – PR initiatives across America.

Unlike today, back in the 1960s Israel and its lobby were battling mightily to draw American attention away from the entire subject of nuclear weapons in the Middle East. A secret executive report [.pdf] subpoenaed by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee investigation into the American Zionist Council, or AZC (AIPAC’s parent organization), reveals the lobby’s careful tracking of and satisfaction with most mainstream U.S. media coverage about the Dimona nuclear weapons facility

“The nuclear reactor story inspired comment from many sources: editorial writers, columnists, science writers and cartoonists. Most of the press seemed finally to accept the thesis that the reactor was being built for peaceful purposes and not for bombs. Some columnists felt that the U.S. should have awaited more information before ‘ventilating its suspicions’. Drew Pearson’s syndicated column justified Israel’s secrecy; William Laurence in the New York Times stressed Israel’s peaceful intent, in contrast to Arthur Krock who wanted the reactor placed under international safeguards. Arab protagonists in this country – including those in the State Department who raised all the fuss initially – used the occasion to try to cast doubt on Israel’s friendship toward the U.S.” Read More Here

One thought on “Video: Declassified – Massive Israeli Manipulation of US Media Exposed

  1. Aloha !… A word that means Hello and Goodbye.

    If only we here in America could say as such to the Zionist Jews, who seem to be Hell~Bent on stiring up more conflict in the region, over there.
    There are many secular Jews I know of who are not behind this idea of dominating those who only want what is good for their people, and even if they obtained nuclear weapons, aren’t crazy enough to use them !
    We in this nation need to wake-up to who, what, and why ?… this issue is ( acording to some ) of such importance to us here in the USA !?
    For too long the US has backed these Zionist who are dual citizens of this nation and Israel.
    That in it’s self… is a Major conflict of interest, I’d say !?
    Take the time to investigate those who are influencing this agenda as such. You’ll find there have been Many… who have been in major positions of power in this government, and otherwise. That being the case in the past, as it is… presently !
    Watch the video ” 9/11 Missing Links “, and see for yourself just who I speak of here !?
    It’s time we wake-up to who’s been calling the shots… and why !?
    Do we as Americans want to fight a battle that really isn’t ours to begin with ?

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