Video: What Matt Simmons said about the gulf oil spill before his death (six interviews)

Matthew Roy Simmons, (April 7, 1943 – August 8, 2010) one of the worlds foremost experts in the field of oil and founder of the ocean energy institute died last week under mysterious circumstances. Simmons perspective was not well liked among BP officials and politicians.

In his last TV interview on July 21st 2010, Simmons claimed the BP gulf oil spill was (and still is) “the biggest environmental cover-up in human history.” When the story of Simmons death broke, most news stations reported Simmons died of a heart attack, but at least two stations reported the cause of death as a drowning.

Many people believe Simmons gave up his position with Simmons and Co. to expose the truth concerning the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, and ultimately paid for it with his life. Some people believe remote brain-sensing and researching techniques like microwave-induced heart attacks contributed to Simmons death. (this technology has been around for decades.)

“Neurological research has found that the brain has specific frequencies for each voluntary movement, called preparatory sets. When you pick up an object, there is a specific preparatory set for this action. By firing at your chest, a microwave beam containing the ELF signals given off by the heart, this organ can be put into a chaotic state and cause a heart attack.”

So, if Matt Simmons was silenced, why? What was he trying to say? Let’s take a look at his last few interviews.

(This video clip is the last television interview Matt Simmons gave before his death)

Simmons claimed there were two holes in the area. (the one we witnessed on TV, and another hole in the ocean floor which has not yet been recognized) He called the oil well a diversion and the situation the largest environmental cover-up in history.

(Matt Simmons interview MSNBC)

In this interview, Simmons explained how the videos shown on television were just distractions. He claimed the major oil leak was 5-6 miles away and not being recognized by BP or the corporate media.

(Matt Simmons interview, “worst case scenario”)

This interview was given on day 49 of the oil spill. In the interview Simmons states that he “grossly underestimated the situation.” He goes on to say there is a 100 square mile oil lake under the Gulf of Mexico. (400-500 ft. deep). Once you start to see what Matt Simmons was saying, the circumstances surrounding his death become quite suspicious.

(Matt Simmons “They’re still lying about the oil spill” pt. 1)

He claims 120,000 barrels a day are flowing into the gulf based on estimates by oceanographic researchers who are on research vessels measuring the speed of oil and depth of light in the region. He describes the technical aspects of the situation in depth. He repeatedly claims BP is covering up the situation. He also says “there is no way to cap the open hole and the relief well can’t work.”

(Matt Simmons “They’re still lying about the oil spill” pt.2)

Did you hear what he just said? He said “this is the biggest cover-up we have ever seen.”

Matt Simmons “They’re still lying about the oil spill” pt. 3)

Simmons says the truth will be told in three months and the government will stay quiet so people don’t panic. The end of this interview is shocking.

So, was Matt Simmons killed? How could they possibly mimic a heart attack? Most people think this type of thought would only come from a crazy conspiracy theorist, but when you begin to look through the evidence, the crazy idea begins to sound a bit more rational.

(CIA “heart attack handgun” declassified 1975)

This video proves a gun was developed to induce a heart attack. The gun does this by shooting a dart of poison which can not be seen on autopsy reports into its victim. This technology was available in 1975, what do you think they have now?

Please share this article with everyone. People need to know and understand the circumstances surrounding Matt Simmons death. The information he revealed was (and still is) extremely important. Subscribe for future developments concerning the BP gulf oil spill.

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