Election Fraud


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“We can live with winning and losing. We cannot live with fraud and stealing”

Jesse Jackson Nov. 28, 2004 at the Mount Hermon Baptist Church

The unelected Bush Regime now controls the government, the military, the judiciary — and the machinery of democracy itself. Absent some unlikely great awakening by the co-opted dullards of the corporate media, next November the last shreds of a genuine American republic will disappear — at the push of a button.

Chris Floyd

“Those who cast the votes decide nothing.
Those who count the votes decide everything.”

— Josef Stalin

“Back in 2000 a Republican friend warned me that if I voted for Al Gore and he won, the stock market would tank, we’d lose millions of jobs, and our military would be totally overstretched. You know what? I did vote for Gore, he did win, and I’ll be damned if all those things didn’t come true!”

–James Carville

Monday, January 13, 2003 NEW YORK — Six major news organizations announced Monday the breakup of Voter News Service, the consortium they had built to count votes and conduct surveys on Election Day. The decision follows two major election-night failures in a row by VNS. [I am not going to post the whole piece of propaganda, I mean article, but this company has closed down several times before only to reopen with a new name -ed.]

[Diebold makes ATM machines that give you paper receipts. It is not difficult for them to build paper receipts into the voting machines. These paper receipts should be given to all voters then on the way out of the polls the receipts could then be handed to a private group to be scanned into handheld computers to ‘recount’ the election results, then returned to the voters. This would ensure that votes are being counted correctly. Otherwise, if the system is left as it is, we are likely to have Jeb Bush next. -ed.]


You don't count because we don't count

A Tale of Two Brothers: Voting Fraud in the USA PDF Posted by: outsidethebox on Nov 08, 2004 – The vice-president of Diebold and the president of ES&S are brothers.

Diebold-Global: Corporate chief, Wally O’Dell, a top Bush fundraiser, has publicly committed himself to “delivering” his home state’s votes to Bush next year. The election division is run by Bob Urosevich. Bob was the co-founder of American Information Systems which became ES&S. Bob’s brother, Todd, is a top executive at “rival” ES&S. The brothers were originally staked in the vote-count business by Howard Ahmanson, a member of the Council for National Policy, a right-wing “steering group” stacked with Bushist faithful.
Diebold-Global’s top managers, Howard Van Pelt and Larry Ensminger, recently moved to Advanced Voting Solutions-Shoup.
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Security Analysis of the Diebold AccuVote-TS Voting Machine Ariel J. Feldman, J. Alex Halderman, and Edward W. Felten Princeton University
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RFK Jr. Blows the Whistle on Diebold PDF By John Ireland, In These Times. Posted July 21, 2006.
New security glitch found in Diebold system PDF By Ian Hoffman 05/10/2006
Shocking Diebold conflict of interest revelations from Secretary of State further taint Ohio’s electoral credibility PDF by Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman April 6, 2006
Diebold Whistleblower charged with 3 Felonies PDF by Vyan Mon Feb 27, 2006
Documents show Maryland held election, primary on uncertified, illegal Diebold voting machines PDF Carlos Miller Published: February 16, 2006
Diebold [election rigging] in Florida The Harri Hursti Hack PDF from: Counterpunch By SUSAN PYNCHON January 23, 2006
Diebold Blocks Alaska Voters From Viewing Election 2004 Results, Data! PDF
Diebold’s new Vote Remote Suite PDF
99 pages of new Diebold documents posted July 19, 2005
State likely to overlook Diebold flaws PDF By Ian Hoffman, Jun 10, 2005
Major bugs found in Diebold vote systems Washington, DC, Nov. 12, 2004

Vote Here Was started in the late 90s by cryptographer Jim Adler. It is a company shilling cryptographic solutions and has signed agreements with the major voting machine manufacturers. It many NSA types associated with it, such as former CIA director and current Secretary of Defence Robert Gates and former CIA director Admiral Bill Owens to name a few.
Articles on VoteHere:
Rumsfeld replacement (Robert Gates) was director of voting company PDF Black Box Voting 11-08-2006
Company Information – Chapter 8 Black Box Voting 2004 Bev Harris (.pdf) PDF

Triad Governmental Systems: The votes in Ohio are officially “re-counted” and tallied 10 days after Election Day, Tod A. Rapp, the man who wrote the software that tabulates the votes in nearly half the counties in Ohio, told American Free Press. The outstanding provisional ballots are only counted after that, Rapp said. Rapp, the founder of Triad Governmental Systems, Inc. of Xenia, Ohio, wrote the computer program that tallies the punch-card ballots in the centralized counting systems used in 41 counties in Ohio. Rapp, whose sons now manage the family run company, is a generous supporter of the Republican Party and the presidential campaign of George W. Bush.
Articles on Triad GSI:
Proof of Ohio Election Fraud Exposed By William Rivers Pitt t r u t h o u t | Report Wednesday 15 December 2004
House Judiciary Ohio Forum Hears of Recount Fraud Plans David Cobb tells Conyers Forum of Preparations for Recount Fraud By Fintan Dunne, Editor 13 December 2004
Voting Machine Companies Come Under Scrutiny by Lynn Landes
Con Job at Diebold Subsidiary Associated Press Dec. 17, 2003

Vice president of Election Software & Services (ES&S)

Sarasota Vote Snafu Figure Involved in Bribe Scandal PDF NOV 15 2006

Election Systems and Software (ES&S): ES&S claims to have counted 56% of the vote in the last four presidential elections. Was formed as a result of the merger of AIS and Business Records Corporation. Bob and Todd Urosevich founded its predecessor AIS in the 1980’s. Bob is now president of Diebold-Global, while brother Todd is a vice president at ES&S. Business Records Corp. which was merged with AIS to become ES&S, was partially owned by Cronus, a company that seems to have a lot of connections to the infamous Hunt brothers from Texas, as well as other individuals and entities, including Rothschild, Inc.. Right wing Republicans Howard Ahmanson (who financed AIS) and Nelson Bunker Hunt have both heavily contributed to The Chalcedon Institute, an organization that mandates Christian “dominion” over the world. Ahmanson is also one of the bagmen behind the extremist “Christian Reconstructionist” movement, which openly advocates a theocratic takeover of American democracy, placing the entire society under the “dominion” of “Christ the King.” This “dominion” includes the death penalty for homosexuals, exclusion of citizenship for non-Christians, stoning of sinners and — we kid you not — slavery, “one of the most beneficent of Biblical laws.”

Ahmanson also has major holdings in ES&S, whose former CEO is Republican Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska. When Hagel ran for office, his own company counted the votes; needless to say, his initial victory was reported as “an amazing upset.” Hagel still has a million-dollar stake in the parent company of ES&S. In Florida, Jeb Bush’s first choice for a running mate in his 1998 gubernatorial race was ES&S lobbyist Sandra Mortham, who made a mint installing the machines that counted Jeb’s votes.

According to U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel’s (R-NE) press office, in 1995 Hagel resigned as CEO of American Information Systems (AIS), the voting machine company that counted the votes in his first Senatorial election in 1996. In January 1996 Hagel resigned as president of McCarthy & Company, part of the McCarthy Group that are one of the current owners of Election Systems and Software (ES&S), which itself resulted from the merger of AIS and Business Records Corporation. According to Bev Harris, Hagel is still an investor in the McCarthy Group. ES&S is now the largest voting machine company in America and one of its largest owners is the ultra-conservative Omaha World-Herald Company.

According to Nebraska’s Elections Office, ES&S is the only voting machine company certified to count votes in the state. Twenty percent of the vote in Nebraska is hand-counted.
Articles on ES&S:
UC Computer Scientists Release Video on How to Hack a Sequoia Touch-Screen Voting Machine PDF by Brad Friedman on 9/9/2008
Who runs the electronic voting machines? PDF
Congress must call for a re-vote in Florida – Electronic voting machines in Florida appear to have flat-out lost 18,000 votes for Congress—votes almost certain to change the outcome of a close House race in Sarasota.
Votes Counted Three Times Each on ES&S E-Voting Machines in Williamson County, TX! PDF By Brad 15th November 2006
State Rep Reports ES&S Touch-Screens Dropping Candidate Names, Flipping Straight Ticket Ballots from Democratic to Republican in San Antonio! PDF
INDIANA TV NEWS: ES&S Breaks State Law — Again! No Early Voting Ballots Provided, Just Electronic Touch-Screen Voting Machines that Don’t Work 4/5/2006

National Election Pool: ES&S was replaced in 2004 by a partnership of Edison Media Research and Mitofsky International known as the National Election Pool to count the votes and monitor exit polls.
Articles on the National Election Pool:
Pollsters, Media Implicated in Vote Fraud PDF Saturday 1st January 2005 – Immediately after the election, American Free Press reported that the Associated Press had direct access to the mainframe computer that tallied the votes in Chicago and Cook County-as it tallied the votes on Election Day.
Footprints of Electoral Fraud: The November 2 Exit Poll Scam by Michael Keefer

Sequoia Voting Systems: appears to be the second largest voting machine company, accounting for about 1/3 of the voting machine market. As of May 2002, Sequoia was purchased by Great Britain’s De La Rue from Ireland’s Jefferson Smurfit Group, who retain a 15% share. Smurfit was just bought by Madison Dearborn Partners, a private equity investment firm. De La Rue owns 20% of the Great Britain’s national lottery. Sequoia also has a colorful history, most recently in Louisiana, where it was the center of a massive corruption case that sent top state officials to jail for bribery, most of it funneled through Mob-connected front firms. In 1995 the Security and Exchange Commission filed charges against four employees of Sequoia, alleging that they inflated revenue and pre-tax profits. In 1999 the Justice Department filed federal charges against employees of Sequoia alleging that during a 10-year period $8 million in bribes were paid out. Louisiana’s Commissioner of Elections Jerry Fowler had run up some big gambling debts in Atlantic City, according to reporter Daniel Hopsicker. In all, 22 people were indicted, 9 plead guilty. Fowler went to jail, but Pasquale “Rocco” Ricci of New Jersey got one year of home detention. Sequoia executives were also indicted, but escaped trial after giving immunized testimony against state officials. The British-owned company’s corporate parent is private equity firm Madison Dearborn — a partner of the Carlyle Group, where George Bush I makes millions trolling the world for war pork, privatizations and sweetheart deals with government insiders.
Articles on Sequoia:
Voting Machine Company Co-Founder Killed in Small Plane Crash in Caracas PDF
‘Just Push the Yellow Button and Vote as Many Times as You Want’ on Sequoia Touch-Screen Voting Machines! PDF
SEQUOIA – How A Foreign and Private Company Runs U.S. Elections PDF
Vote Machine Votes Made 2 Weeks Before ’04 Election PDF
Election Company Has Long Criminal History

Science Applications International Corporation Fourth largest counter of votes behind the other three above. This shadowy defense contractor SAIC has jumped into the vote-counting game, both directly and through spinoffs by its top brass, including Admiral Bill Owens, former military aide to Dick Cheney and Carlyle honcho Frank Carlucci, and ex-CIA chief Robert Gates. SAIC’s history of fraud charges and security lapses in its electronic systems hasn’t prevented it from becoming one of the largest Pentagon and CIA contractors — and will doubtless pose little obstacle to its entrance into election engineering.

All of these companies are hardwired into the Bushist Party power grid — have been given billions of dollars by the Bush Regime to complete a sweeping computerization of voting machines nationwide by the 2004 election.

Choice Point The mad rush to install unverifiable computer voting is driven by the Help America Vote Act, signed by Bush last year. The chief lobbying group pushing for the act was a consortium of arms dealers — those disinterested corporate citizens — including Northop-Grumman and Lockheed-Martin. The bill also mandates that all states adopt the computerized “ineligible voter purge” system that Jeb used to eliminate 91,000 eligible black voters from the Florida rolls in 2000. The Republican-run private company that accomplished this electoral miracle, ChoicePoint, is bagging the lion’s share of the new Bush-ordered purge contracts.

Advanced Voting Solutions is the new name of another voting company, Shoup Voting Solutions. Their current top management, Howard Van Pelt and Larry Ensminger, were executives for Diebold-Global until last year. Officers of Shoup Voting Machine Co. were indicted for allegedly bribing politicians in Tampa, Florida in 1971, according to the San Francisco Business Times. Ransom Shoup was convicted in 1979 of conspiracy and obstruction of justice related to an FBI inquiry into a lever machine-counted election in Philadelphia. Shoup got a three-year suspended sentence. Meanwhile, Philadelphia has bought new voting machines from Danaher-Guardian, which appears to only sell voting machines formerly known as the “Shouptronic.”

Danaher-Guardian is owned by billionaire brothers Steven M. and Mitchell P. Rales, who were described by columnist Jack Anderson in 1988 as “a pair of corporate raiders out of Washington DC.” Again, Danaher-Guardian appears to only sell formerly Shouptronic voting machines.

Global Eye — Vanishing Act By Chris Floyd – The technology had a trial run in the 2002 midterm elections. In Georgia, serviced by new Diebold systems, a popular Democratic governor and senator were both unseated in what the media called “amazing” upsets, with results showing vote swings of up to 16 percent from the last pre-ballot polls. In computerized Minnesota, former Vice President Walter Mondale — a replacement for popular incumbent Paul Wellstone, who died days before the vote — was also defeated in a large last-second vote swing. Convenient “glitches” in Florida saw an untold number of votes intended for the Democratic candidate registering instead for Governor Jeb “L’il Brother” Bush. A Florida Democrat who lost a similarly “glitched” local election went to court to have the computers examined — but the case was thrown out by a judge who ruled that the innards of America’s voting machines are the “trade secrets” of the private companies who make them.


Stealing America: Vote By Vote Video – A feature documentary movie. View and download for free!

2007/2008 VOTE FRAUD

West Virginia: Video Shows Vote Flipping Persisting Even After Election Official ‘Recalibrates’ Failed Machine Videos Brad Friedman October 28, 2008

1.1 Million Purged from Indiana Voter Registration Rolls According to State Data, Says BBV PDF by Brad Friedman on 5/5/2008

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Election Observer John Brakey Arrested in Arizona PDF Posted by Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet September 7, 2008

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Ohio’s Election Stolen Again? State May Face 600K Voter Purge in Coming Weeks PDF Advancement Project and Project Vote. August 13, 2008.

Phoney Poll: A Gallup Surprise: McCain 49% Obama 45% PDF [Panama Jack is liked about as much as Bush. Maybe 12% no way 49% -ed.]

Electronic Voting: Clinton Beats Exit Polls PDF by Jonathan Simon and Bruce ODell 13 June 2008

Tuesday’s Election Will be ‘Unrecountable, Unverifiable, and Unauditable’… PDF BY Brad Friedman 4/21/2008

Election Fraud in Pennsylvania? PDF by Michael Collins 4/20/08

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New Hampshire Primary – Sham Chain of Custody Video – Sec. of State office claims boxes are secured, shows slit and open boxes arriving. [The boxes arrived by way of Langley! -ed.]

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LHS Marketing and Sales Director Ken Hajjar’s Criminal Record PDF – He defends the swapping out of memory cards during the middle of elections.

New Hampshire Election Fraud PDF by Ron Corvus January 9, 2008 – Machine vs Hand Counted Votes(RonRox.com)

Fraud US Style – Fake Videos And Elections PDF By Stephen Lendman 1-10-8 – Zogby’s January 5 – 7 pre-election poll numbers showed Obama at 42% v. Clinton’s 29%

Clear Evidence Of Widespread Vote Fraud In New Hampshire PDF – Paul and Obama cheated out of 3rd and 1st by voting machines, hand count fraud

VOTER FRAUD confirmed by voter in Sutton, N.H. PDF Jan 8, 2008

Vote Fraud Expert Warns Of New Hampshire Chicanery PDF Paul Joseph Watson Prison Planet January 8, 2008

Bev Harris: Iowa Caucus Had Vote Fraud PDF 01-07-2008 Black Box Voting

Susan Estrich “we’ll fix that one” Video At around 3:00 Susan Estrich states “…Ron Paul, on that theory, is not going to be president.” to which Shepard Smith replies “How do we know he’s not going to be president?” and Susan then replies “Yeah, we’ll fix that one.”

ELRON – VOXEO: The Israeli Defense Firm That Tallies the Iowa Caucus PDF By: ChristopherBollyn 31 December 2007

1-3-08: What to do! Iowa Caucus instructions PDF

GOP will demand ‘oath’ of February primary voters PDF Dec 2, 2007 [They want Ron Paul supporters to vote for Giuliani after they rig the primary. -ed.]

The Plot to Rig the 2008 US Election PDF by Johann Hari Global Research, November 30, 2007

Why doesn’t the GOP want Ohio’s voting machines tested? PDF by Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman September 11, 2007


New Media Smells A Rat: What Really Happened To The Other 12,000 Voters? PDF Aug 13, 2007 – 26,000 people purchase tickets to go to a Straw Poll event, and yet we are to believe that 12,000 of those people couldn’t even care less about the voting part?

The Voting Machine Malfunction at Ames Straw Poll — in Context PDF

Romney Jokes About Cheating in Poll PDF by: Garance Franke-Ruta 8/11,2007

Voting Machine Problems in Iowa PDF August 11, 2007

TruVote Vote Validation System

Since they were so worried about these machines that they had to kill the inventor, Athan Gibbs, then the True Vote System must be awesome!

Let’s not let Mr. Gibb’s work and his death be in vain. Lets all work toward having these machines put in place wherever people are considering the installation of electronic voting machines.


Voting Paper Trail Advocate Dies In ‘Tragic Accident’ By Bob Fitrakis Senior Editor The Free Press 3-20-4 – The thesis I advanced in the Free Press article is that some of the same right-wing individuals who backed the CIA’s covert actions and overthrowing of democratic elections in the Third World in the 1980s are now involved in privatized touch screen voting.

He wanted every vote to matter; Athan Gibbs, Sr. dies in crash By HOLLY EDWARDS – TruVote allows voters to touch their candidates’ names on a computer screen and receive receipts of their vote at the end of the process. They can then go to a Web site, punch in their voter validation number and make sure their vote was recorded.

Death Of A Patriot: No More ‘Blind Faith Voting’ By Bob Fitrakis March 17, 2004 – No business in America would buy a machine that didn’t provide a paper trail to audit and verify its transaction. Now, they want the people to purchase machines that you can’t audit? It’s absurd.”

Vote system provides receipt, verification that your vote was counted by Larry Bivins, The Tennessean [Nashville, TN] Dec. 14, 2003

Articles on Remote Control Car Deaths: Assassinations using remote controlled vehicles


France Introduces Voting Machines in the French Presidential Elections 2007

France vs. US elections for dummies: Sarkozy 2007 compared to Bush 2004 and Bush 2000 PDF May 5, 2007


Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-Israel)

In 2000 the candidate running against Lieberman got 448,077 votes
In 2006 the candidate running against Lieberman also got the exact same number of votes, 448,077.

Very wierd result in the CT race. Lamont loses with EXACT number that republican did in 2000 PDF by drummer55 Nov 08, 2006
Vote Fraud? How AIPAC Lieberman ‘Won’ PDF By Karl WB Schwarz 11-11-6

Former Republican Senator Foley labelled a Democrat by Faux news. All part of the deceit.

Clear Evidence 2006 Congressional Elections Hacked PDF OpEdNews Exclusive November 17, 2006

E-voting glitch turns up in Texas PDF Anne Broache CNet November 16, 2006

SARASOTA: 18,000 votes in U.S. House race may be lost PDF Nov. 09, 2006

Dist. 13 voting analysis shows broad problem PDF By BOB MAHLBURG and MAURICE TAMMAN Nov. 9, 2006

How They Stole The Mid-Term Election PDF By Greg Palast The Guardian – UK 11-6-6

MELTDOWN ’06: Missouri Election Integrity Org Says More Reports of Touch-Screen Vote Flipping… PDF BY Brad ON 11/7/2006

Vote machines crash in Ohio PDF Nov. 7, 2006

Long Lines, Voting Machine Problems Reported Across State PDF Some Scanning Problems Reported November 7, 2006

Karl Rove’s Last-Minute “Robocalling” Tactic to Steal the Election PDF By Bernard Weiner November 6, 2006


Twelve Arrested In Orange County Voter Fraud Scheme PDF October 30, 2006

Jefferson County Voters Continue To Raise Concerns About Voting Machines PDF October 28,2006

Karl Rove Announces Plans to Steal Election PDF By David Swanson 2006-10-26

Message from concerned Diebold voter PDF Michelle Shinghal

Stealing the Midterms and the Power of Myth PDF Mike Whitney October 24, 2006

Recipe for a Cooked Election PDF by Greg Palast Fall, 2006 – A nasty little secret of American democracy is that, in every national election, ballots cast are simply thrown in the garbage

Former delegate gets purported Diebold code PDF By Melissa Harris Sun reporter October 20, 2006

ACTION ALERT: Blackwell purged Ohio Voter Rolls Oct 1st.- Vote Early. PDF by KStreetProjector Wed Oct 18, 2006

Bill O’Reilly labels Rep. Foley a Democrat PDF By: John Amato on Wednesday, October 4th, 2006

OUR RIGGED ELECTIONS PDF The Elephant in the Polling Booth By Mark Crispin Miller | October 1, 2006

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U.S. soldiers’ overseas votes ripe for fraud PDF By Elise Ackerman Mercury News Sep. 28, 2006

Will The Next Election Be Hacked? PDF ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR. [Is a frog’s ass watertight? -ed.]


Mexican court fuels voter doubt PDF September 9, 2006 – Top electoral officials and judges are feeding doubts about the outcome of Mexico’s presidential vote by declining to release details about a recount of 4 million ballots and by moving quickly to destroy all 41 million ballots

Court rules against voters supervising elections, attorney tells Raw PDF Miriam Raftery September 6, 2006

Court told votes don’t have to be counted, certified PDF Miriam Raftery August 28, 2006

Election of Alabama lesbian overturned by committee PDF by PageOneQ

EMERGENCY! They are robbing Cynthia McKinney’s vote at this writing: PDF

URGENT: Diebold Electronic Machines Malfunction, Vote for Other Candidate PDF July 18, 2006 [This is a malfunction only in the sense that you are not suppose to SEE the vote being stolen. -ed.]

Blackwell’s changes to voter registration upheld PDF Mark Niquette June 27, 2006

More E-voting Concerns Surface with State Primaries Underway PDFby Catherine Komp

Security Breaches for ‘Sleepover’ Voting Machines Used in Busby/Bilbray Race Invalidated, Decertified Their Use in the Election!

BUSBY/BILBRAY ELECTION IN DOUBT: The Diebold Machine Sleepovers at Poll Workers Houses…

Op-Scan Voting Machines Miscount Ballots in Iowa Republican Primary! Hand Count Reveals Other Candidate Leads By Far! PDF 06/08/2006

Conspiracy to commit Election Fraud: A whistleblower’s story Wednesday, May 03, 2006 with this link to audio file:
http://cloakanddagger.de/shows/webcast/_Heneghan/cloakanddagger.de_THApr.24.mp3 MP3

Black Box Voting: 2006 elections “irregularities” piling up PDF Posted May 7, 2006 – Citizens, use your cell phone cameras to capture the evidence!!!


Creating a True North American Union, One Stolen Vote At a Time!

Mexico’s Partial Vote Recount Confirms Massive and Systematic Election Fraud PDF

Evidence of Election Fraud Grows in México PDF By Chuck Collins and Joshua Holland, AlterNet. Posted August 2, 2006.

Death by Video: Mexico’s Election Fraud Is Coming Undone. Bush Backpedals from Calderón. PDF By: Al Giordano on: 12.07.2006

Mexico: Vote Counting Software Hacked PDF by lambertstrether Sun Jul 09, 2006

Massive Mexican Election Fraud Revealed PDF – A Full Recount Would Show that López Obrador Won Mexico’s Presidency by More than One Million Votes.

Mexico Presidential Election Ballots Found in Dump PDF RAW STORY July 6, 2006

Mex Election – Stealing It In Front Of Your Eyes PDF By Matt Pascarella in Mexico City Greg Palast in London 7-3-6 – Calderon’s election is openly supported by the Bush Administration.

Stealing Mexico – Bush Team Helps Ruling Party ‘Floridize’ Mexican Presidential Election PDF By Greg Palast 6-30-6

The People Fight Back

Black Box Voting 2008 New Tool Kit Now Online Toolkit From Black Box Voting 7-22-8

Citizen Exit Polls A Huge Success In Texas PDF Voters Willing to Sign Name to Questionnaire to Monitor the Election From Vickie Karp Vote Rescue 3-7-8

Northampton County may sue Advanced Voting Solutions PDF November 21, 2007

Florida to scrap touchscreens; convictions in Ohio recount-rigging PDF 1/31/2007 by Jon Stokes

MoveOn Offers $250,000 Reward for Evidence Leading to Voter Fraud Conviction PDF 11/7/2006

Quebec puts the brakes on electronic voting PDF Oct 25th 2006 11:25PM by Donald Melanson

Kucinich introduces HR 6200 “hand counted, paper ballots, counted and posted at precinct” PDF by benfrankblog Monday Oct 2nd, 2006

Court victory lets preserved Ohio 2004 ballots tell new tales of theft and fraud as indictments and convictions mount PDF by Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman September 25, 2006

Lopez Obrador supporters flood Mexico City center PDF

Vote Fraud Protesters Take Over Oaxaca, Mexico PDF By Ioan Grillo 7-22-6

RFK Jr. Blows the Whistle on Diebold PDF By John Ireland, In These Times. Posted July 21, 2006.

Nearly 1 million protest Mexico election PDF [These people aren’t going to roll over like the Americans did when their election was stolen! -ed.]

Activists Sue to Block Electronic Voting PDF The Associated Press Friday 14 July 2006

Mexico mobilizes to protest controversial vote count PDF 13.07.2006

Elections vendor may decide not to bid to offer new voting equipment PDF

Ohio Attorney-General’s attack on election protection attorneys draws mountain of documentation on state’s stolen election, including new study on exit polls by Steve Rosenfeld and Harvey Wasserman February 3, 2005

Democrats interrupt electoral vote count, force debate on Ohio elections ALAN FRAM, Associated Press Writer Thursday, January 6, 2005 [That was it, that was the big challenge to the fraudulent election? Congress is a joke. -ed.]

No Stolen Elections! Delivers Petitions To Feingold Activists Want Feingold To Challenge Election College Certification January 5, 2005

Conyers to Object to Ohio Electors, Requests Senate Allies By William Rivers Pitt t r u t h o u t | Report Thursday 30 December 2004

Conyers demands networks release exit poll data Posted Dec 22, 2004

Ohio vote count battles escalate amidst new evidence of potential criminal activity by Bob Fitrakis, Steve Rosenfeld and Harvey Wasserman December 18, 2004

Ohio Voters Refile Election Challenge By ANDREW WELSH-HUGGINS Associated Press Writer Dec 18, 2004 COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Voters who claim problems with Ohio voting machines Nov. 2 indicated fraud refiled a request with the Ohio Supreme Court on Friday to overturn the presidential results.

Hundreds demand recount at Ohio Statehouse By JOHN McCARTHY, Associated Press Writer – “I would like to welcome you to the Ukraine,” said Susan Truitt, referring to the country where a new presidential runoff election was ordered after observers said the first one was rigged.

Conyers to Hold Hearings on Ohio Vote Fraud By William Rivers Pitt t r u t h o u t | Report Friday 03 December 2004 – The term ‘hearing’ is technically not accurate in this matter, as Conyers and his fellow Representatives will be holding this forum without the blessing of the Republican Majority leader of the Judiciary Committee. [What a shock the head scum didn’t approve the hearing! -ed.]

Voters To Challenge US Election By Julian Borger in Washington The Guardian – UK 12-1-4

Black Box Voting files Public Records lawsuit against Palm Beach County

Jesse Jackson seeks voting probe From staff and wire reports – The Rev. Jesse Jackson says Ohioans should not stand for the way elections were run in Ohio Nov. 2, and he planned to bring his message directly to Cincinnati today.

Should the 2004 election results be challenged now on the basis of black box voting fraud? Posted Nov 27, 2004 Email campaign

VOTING CASES and INVESTIGATIONS Tuesday, Nov. 23, 2004

Ohio Presidential Results to be Challenged By Steven Rosenfeld FreePress.org Saturday 20 November 2004 – “The objective is to get to the truth,” said Columbus Ohio lawyer Cliff Arnebeck, coordinator of the Ohio Honest Elections Campaign. [Good luck guys. You’re up against the CIA on this one. -ed.]

Cobb campaign announces Ohio recount progress By Sara Watson Arthurs The Times-Standard – Last week, former Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb announced he would seek a recount of the presidential vote in Ohio. Within four days, he’d received donations for the $113,600 filing fee.

Ohio Recount Moves From Conspiracy To Reality

Recount in Ohio a Sure Thing t r u t h o u t | Press Release Monday 15 November 2004 Green Party Campaign Raises $150,000 in 4 Days, Shifts Gears to Phase II

Activists question accuracy of optical vote-scan machines By Katharine Webster, Associated Press Writer | November 15, 2004 – Nader has asked for a recount in 11 precincts that use Diebold Inc.’s Accuvote optical scanning machines. Based on the results, his campaign could ask for recounts in other states, spokesman Kevin Zeese said Monday.

Good News From Bev Harris – Bev Harris http://www.blackboxvoting.org and Ralph Nader had a press conference in DC today. They have teamed up with http://www.ballotintegrity.org/ and have set up a 527 special fund http://helpamericarecount.org/ to buy recounts.


I am afraid 05.05.05 marks the end of democracy in Britain as we know it.

– comment written by Unknown 6 May, 2005 in article below

Possible UK vote fraud? Some figures. PDF Nationally, Labour saw a 6% drop in their share of the vote. Saturday, May 07, 2005

Blair declared winner in Sedgefield amidst reports of fraud PDF 07 May 2005 – Election monitors have declared the election “far from free and fair” after it emerged that a police investigation into vote-fraud allegations were stopped by higher authorities and a group of Sedgefield residents claimed that they saw election officers switch poll boxes as they were loaded to the backs of the delivery vans. I am afraid 05.05.05 marks the end of democracy in Britain as we know it.

Police ordered to stop investigating vote rigging in Blair’s constituency PDF Written by James Pringle, UK Correspondent Tuesday, 03 May 2005

Voting fraud ‘shattered’ election FRIDAY 06/05/2005 – “They said you`ve already voted. I hadn`t already voted,” he said. “But the very fact of applying, even though I hadn`t personally applied for a postal ballot, meant the presumption that I had voted. Disgraceful. My vote was stolen.”

Postal voting fraud is widespread, Straw told PDf By Amy Iggulden Filed: 06/05/2005

Voting fraud exposed in Bethnal Green and Bow 04/05/2005 George Galloway, the Respect candidate in Bethnal Green and Bow, today called for a police inquiry into ballot fraud and ghost voting which the party has uncovered. He called it “a brazen conspiracy to steal the election”.

20,000 missing votes heighten Birmingham postal fraud fears May 06, 2005

‘Taint’ in polls to mother of parliament PDF May 6, 2005

John Humphrys claims his postal vote was stolen By Louisa McLennan, Times Online

Stolen Election of 2004

Ohio exit polls

2004: Bush Steals New Mexico, Florida and Ohio with electronic voting machines! [Click for big chart] Posted Nov 4, 2004 Once it is up, try clicking on the bottom right cornet to enlarge.

Florida registration information

How we got George Bush Video – It’s not a question of when or if we’ll lose our democracy, it’s been gone a long time. The only question is what we’re going to do to get it back.

Data comparing voter registration to actual votes in some Florida counties [Click for big chart]

Was the 2004 Election Stolen? Rolling Stone September, 2008


Rove Threatened GOP IT Guru If He Does Not ‘Take the Fall’ for Election Fraud in Ohio, Says Attorney PDF BY Brad Friedman 7/24/2008

GOP whistleblower names Karl Rove in Ohio’s 04 election theft PDF by steveheller July 18, 2008

Ohio Secretary of State confirms 2004 election could have been stolen PDF by Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman December 14, 2007

Banned BBC Documentary – Bush Stole 2004 Elections Video 14 min 20 sec – 21/11/2006

Are Rove’s missing e-mails the smoking guns of the stolen 2004 election? PDF by Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman April 25, 2007

Bush’s New US Attorney Timothy Griffin a Criminal? PDF by Greg Palast March 7th, 2007

Congresswoman ‘Apologizes’ for Not Taking Allegations of Stolen 2004 Election Seriously! PDF 6/14/2006

African-American Voters Scrubbed by Secret GOP Hit List PDF by Greg Palast June 16, 2006

How They Stole Ohio PDF The GOP 4-step Recipe to ‘Blackwell’ the USA in 2008


How American Elections Became a Criminal Enterprise Part 1 PDF and Part 2 PDF

Powerful Government Accounting Office report confirms key 2004 stolen election findings PDF by Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman October 26, 2005 – Its concurrence with assertions widely dismissed as “conspiracy theories” adds crucial new weight to the case that Team Bush has no legitimate business being in the White House.

No Paper Trail Left Behind: The Theft of the 2004 Presidential Election PDF By Dennis Loo, Ph.D. Cal Poly Pomona

Excerpt: None Dare Call It Stolen PDF Ohio, the election, and America’s servile press August 4, 2005

Introduction: Did George W. Bush steal America’s 2004 election? PDF by Bob Fitrakis, Steve Rosenfeld and Harvey Wasserman June 16, 2005

Texas to Florida: White House-linked clandestine operation paid for “vote switching” software PDF By Wayne Madsen

Means, motive, opportunity Scenario: 2006 mid-term election By Ernest Partridge Online Journal Guest Writer – Clearly, the Democratic Party and its allies look forward to “victory” in 2006 because they are in denial: they simply cannot bring themselves to face the compelling evidence that in the United States today, the electoral process is rigged, thus the will of the people is irrelevant to the governance of the nation, and thus the United States has ceased to be a democracy.

Science proves that vote fraud is real Sunday 3rd April 2005

TRUTH LEFT OUT: Data Indicates a Massive 2004 Exit Poll Whitewash Friday, April 01, 2005

Prominent Statisticians Refute ‘Explanation’ of 2004 U.S. Exit Poll Discrepancies in New Edison/Mitofsky Report and Urge Investigation of U.S. Presidential Election Results All Press Releases for January 31, 2005

Approval ratings low for Bush, Congress By Will Lester, Associated Press | January 8, 2005 [Stealing an election will tend to do that! -ed.]

Exit Poll Smoking Gun Bloggers can attack with New Zeal! By Mickey Kaus Posted Tuesday, Jan. 4, 2005

Raw exit data, November 2, 2004 Posted Dec 31, 2004

Kerry votes switched to Bush and ballots pre-punched for Bush by Dr. Werner Lange December 24, 2004 – Pre-punched ballots; touch-screen vote switching; more absentee votes than absentee voters; unfair provisional voter deletions; change of voting sites on Election Day. voter suppression; voter intimidation; double voting; malfunctioning machines; recalibrated machines; evidently rigged machines; and even 25 million negative votes registered in some races in Mahoning County!

Vote Fraud: Only Chumps and Compulsive Gamblers Keep On Playing in a Rigged Game Posted by : DavidSwanson on Sunday, December 19, 2004 – As the Bush Machine rolls on — through Orwellian “Patriot” Acts, Intelligence “Reforms” and “Clear Skies” Initiatives, adding treason to treason, felony to felony, unconstitutional domestic acts to violations of international law, “crimes against all humankind” to crimes against the biosphere; as it authorizes torture, domestic surveillance, and terms the Geneva Convention “quaint” — progressive pundits waffle on with exhortations to hopefulness, ideological mea culpas, adjurations to linguistic reframing, advocating emulations of the right, and statistical analyses based on flawed polling and fraudulent vote counts, I find myself wondering: How long are these people going to keep on playing in a rigged game?

Original 2004 election exit-polls

Footprints of Electoral Fraud: The November 2 Exit Poll Scam By Michael Keefer December, 2004

Stolen Election 2004 By Carol Sterritt December, 2004 – When Blackwell’s office released the final vote count for Ohio, it gave the state to George W Bush by 136,00 votes. However, at least 125,000 and some say as many as 250,000 absentee, provisional and military ballots had been left uncounted.

20 Amazing Facts About Voting In The United States By Bob Rowe December, 2004 Bush’s Help America Vote Act of 2002 has as its goal to replace all machines with the new electronic touch screen systems with no paper trail.

Investigative Reporter Greg Palast on the “Apartheid Ballot Counting System in America” Wednesday, December 8th, 2004

Texas to Florida: White House-linked clandestine operation paid for “vote switching” software By Wayne Madsen – According to a notarized affidavit signed by Clint Curtis, while he was employed by the NASA Kennedy Space Center contractor, Yang Enterprises, Inc., during 2000, Feeney solicited him to write a program to “control the vote.”

Voter Fraud in Florida and Ohio: Kerry Won the Election by at least 1,7 Million Votes by Brad Menfil http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/11/303775.shtml 27 Nov 2004

Cobb: Ohio Recount Must Start Now! – Florida first. The 200,000+ margin of victory for Bush made this state uncontestable. Everybody assumes that even with some fraud, Kerry could never have made up the difference in a recount. But Kerry actually won by about 750,000 votes.

$200,000 Reward for evidence of vote fraud in the presidential election

Stolen Election by Mark R. Elsis | http://StolenElection.net | November 5, 2004

Evidence of Electoral Fraud in the 2004 U.S. Presidential Election: A Reading List by Michael Keefer www.OpEdNews.com 15 November 2004


123 allegations of voter fraud from around the nation: vote2004.eriposte.com Saturday 13th November 2004 : – 122. Over 50,000 votes not counted in Democratic Indiana county due to electronic voting machine “glitch”

Complete US Exit Poll Data Confirms Net Suspicions Wednesday, 17 November 2004 – Last week in an analysis of a similar, but incomplete set of data, Dr Stephen F. Freeman from the University of Pennsylvania calculated that the odds of just three of the major swing states, Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania all swinging as far as they did against their respective exit polls were 250 milllion to 1.

How to Hack the Vote: the Short Version 11/13/2004 by Chuck Herrin, CISSP, CISA, MCSE, CEH – A very simple trick would be to switch candidate IDs (see Figure 3 to see what candidate IDs look like), which would cause the vote tallies to simply reverse. In fact, this looks like what may have happened in some Florida counties, where the vote totals were fine, but the party affiliations were almost exactly the reverse of the vote counts.

Letter: Voting ‘glitches’ could derail democracy Friday, November 12, 2004 – In North Carolina, official voter records acknowledge that Craven County “lost” 4,500 votes to a computer problem. A nearby North Carolina county reported another 11,000-vote mistake. In Florida, Palm Beach and several other counties actually reported more votes than voters. It doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist to question the validity of these results.

Media Black Out on Vote Fraud Allegations By DAVID SWANSON – According to Hartmann, the Democratic candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives from Florida’s 16th District, Jeff Fisher, claimed to have evidence of hacking that would explain these results, and to be turning that evidence over to the FBI.

Bush’s ‘Incredible’ Vote Tallies By Sam Parry Consortium News Tuesday 09 November 2004 – Statewide, Bush earned about 20,000 more votes than registered Republicans. Original article

Final Tallies Minus Exit Polls = A Statistical Mystery! by John Allen Paulos OpEd in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Nov. 24, 2004 – In Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida, the differences between Bush’s final tallies and his earlier exit poll percentages were, respectively, 6.7%, 6.5%, and 4.9%.

List of voting machine malfunctions Posted Nov 13, 2004

Electronic Voting: The Stolen Election of 2004 by Larry Chin Online Journal, 5 November 2004

States with electronic voting machines gave Bush mysterious 5% advantage; bloggers do the math that broadcast networks fail to follow Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Incredible As It May Seem, MSNBC Covers Voting Problems – one heavily-Dem county in Florida discovered a huge stack of absentee ballots that had not been counted and told the Sec of State’s office about the ballots and said they would count them — and the Sec of State told them to hold on, and then came and took the ballots away, so the officials in that county were never able to count them.

Naked Promotional Announcement (Keith Olbermann) November 9, 2004 – Interestingly, none of the complaining emailers took issue with the remarkable results out of Cuyahoga County, Ohio. In 29 precincts there, the County’s website shows, we had the most unexpected results in years: more votes than voters.
I’ll repeat that: more votes than voters. 93,000 more votes than voters.

Another Rigged Election? The Elephant in the Voting Booth by Maureen Farrell November 9, 2004

How I Stole Your Election by George W. Bush

Stealing the Election in 2004 by Steve Moore, Global Outlook, 11 July 2004

NATIONWIDE MAP OF SMOOTH ELECTION SYSTEM *PIC* Posted By: somtum Date: Sunday, 21 November 2004

Glitch gave Bush extra votes in Ohio Friday, November 5, 2004 – Franklin County’s unofficial results had Bush receiving 4,258 votes to Democrat John Kerry’s 260 votes in a precinct in Gahanna. Records show only 638 voters cast ballots in that precinct.

State approves Nader recount November 12, 2004 CONCORD, N.H. — State election officials agreed Friday to a last-minute recount of the presidential race requested by Ralph Nader.

Computer Glitch Changes Election Result BROOKVILLE, Ind. November 12, 2004 – A hand recount of ballots cast using optical scanning technology gave a Democrat enough extra votes to bump a Republican from victory in a county commissioner’s race.


GOP VOTE SUPPRESSION IS A COUP AGAINST U.S. CONSTITUTION Posted November 13, 2004 thepeoplesvoice.org By: Lyndon LaRouche – LaRouche said that, “from a Constitutional law standpoint, what was made was a not-so-cold coup d’etat against the United States Constitution.”


California Diebold tampering: PDF file


In Colorado, the exit polls were spot on for the Senate race. Only Bush’s results shifted. Feb 4, 2005


Vote Machine Votes Made 2 Weeks Before ’04 Election PDF

Who supervised the removal of 21 Florida e-voting machines in Broward County? 12/6/2004 “Twenty-one touch-screen voting machines in Broward County were replaced because of technical problems, said Gisela Salas, the county’s deputy supervisor of elections. At least one of the machines had shown votes cast for the wrong candidates.”

Hacking the vote in Miami County by Richard Hayes Phillips, Ph.D. December 25, 2004 – Somehow the final total came in later that night at 50,235 votes cast, giving Bush a margin of 16,000 votes, exactly – 33,039 to 17,039.

The Evidence for Ballot Tampering in Escambia County, Florida

Evidence Mounts That The Vote May Have Been Hacked by Thom Hartmann November 6, 2004 by CommonDreams.org – in Florida’s counties using results from optically scanned paper ballots – fed into a central tabulator PC and thus vulnerable to hacking – the results seem to contain substantial anomalies.

Berkeley analysis of Fla. electronic voting finds Bush wrongly awarded between 133,000 and 260,000 votes 11/18/2004 – with 72,000 of them being in the largely Democratic Broward County alone, RAW STORY has learned.

Miami Herald hand recount of 3 Florida counties indicates signficant Kerry gain December 02, 2004 By: Bernard Windham Independent Media TV

Election 2004: Lingering Suspicions by Greg Guma Published on Tuesday, November 16, 2004 by United Press International – In Florida’s Dixie County, located on the Gulf Coast between Tallahassee and Tampa, 77.5 percent of the 4,988 registered voters are Democrats, 15 percent are Republicans. On Election Day, Bush carried the county with 4,433 votes vs. 1,959 for Kerry.

Bev Harris Finds ‘Missing’ FL Vote Records In Trash! Black Box Voting.org 11-17-4 – In fact, in one location, precinct 215, an African-American precinct, the votes were off by hundreds, in favor of George W. Bush and other Republicans.

An Examination of the Florida Elections Update 11/8/04

‘Stinking Evidence’ of Possible Election Fraud Found in Florida by Thom Hartmann Thursday, November 18, 2004

Why did Florida voters with one type of machine vote one way, and voters with a different machine vote another?

Surprising Pattern in FL counties by voting machine type by Kathy Dopp, Nov. 3, 2004

More Florida Irregularities Posted Nov 7, 2004 – Then, in the rush to make right the miscalculation that swelled the number of votes for president here by 11,283 more votes than the total number cast, a human mistake further delayed accurate totals for the 40,534 who voted.

Unofficial Audit of NC Election: Comprehensive Case for Fraud

Palm Beach County Logs 88,000 More Votes Than Voters November 5, 2004 – Other election oddities occurred throughout Florida with some counties registering a 400% increase in expected voter turnout among Republicans while Democrats supposedly experienced a -60% decline in expected support within certain counties.

Florida ballot papers go missing – Authorities are investigating the apparent loss of 58,000 absentee forms in Broward County while officials have said replacements are being sent out.

Elections supervisor: Printers not needed By MATTHEW WAITE, Times Staff Writer Published January 28, 2004 – Spending $2.5-million so touch screen voters could have receipts would be a waste, Clark says.


A Detailed Georgia 2004 Election Audit Jan 27, 2005 [.pdf file] – What could reverse 132 years of Democrats?

North Carolina

Unofficial Audit of NC Election: Comprehensive Case for Fraud – With essentially the same vote demographics in the absentee and the poll, there was a sudden shift of 6.4% of the vote toward the Republican.

Fiasco in North Carolina Sat, Nov. 13, 2004 Thousands of votes missing; 2 statewide elections unresolved – The biggest failure resulted from a computer glitch that wiped out more than 4,400 votes in one county, while other disputes have focused on how to count provisional ballots. In one county, 12,000 early and absentee votes were misplaced because of a procedural error, but later found. [I wonder how much the absentee ballots that were ‘found’ resembled the ones that were lost??? -ed.]

Two N.C. Races Held Up by Voting Problems By STEVE HARTSOE – The most glaring failure in North Carolina occurred in Carteret County, where a machine used to store electronic ballots ran out of storage space and county officials mistakenly continued to try to save ballots. Since the machines had no memory left, 4,438 votes disappeared.


See the Scum In Office Section for articles on Ken Blackwell

How the GOP Wired Ohio’s 2004 Vote Count for Bush to Win PDF By Steven Rosenfeld September 18, 2008.

In Violation of Federal Law, Ohio’s 2004 Presidential Election Records Are Destroyed or Missing PDF July 31, 2007

First criminal convictions from Ohio’s stolen 2004 election confirm recount was rigged PDF by Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman January 27, 2007

Ohio poll workers indicted for fudging 2004 recount PDF By Michael Hampton April 11, 2006

Ohio Voting Bombshell – Legitimacy of Ohio Vote Recount Called Into Question After Probe PDF By Ken Hoop

Ohio Voting Fraud PDF In the 2004 presidential election, an electronic voting machine (manufacturer: ES&S) in Youngstown, Ohio (Mahoning County) recorded NEGATIVE 25 MILLION votes for Kerry. Feb 26, 2006

Vote Fraud 2004: How Ohio was “Delivered” to Bush PDF


The Gun is Smoking: Ohio Exit Poll Data Provides Virtually Irrefutable Evidence of Vote Miscount PDF by The National Election Data Archive (NEDA)

None Dare Call It Stolen PDF Ohio, the election, and America’s servile press Posted on Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Deep Throats and Stolen Votes PDF by Bob Fitrakis June 3, 2005 – Sherole Eaton, Ohio’s most well-known whistle-blower, may be fired for courageous attempt to expose alleged election tampering.

Vote Fraud 2004: How Ohio was “Delivered” to Bush

Ohio GOP election officials ducking subpoenas as Kerry enters stolen vote fray by Bob Fitrakis, Steve Rosenfeld and Harvey Wasserman December 28, 2004 – Richard Conglianese, Ohio Assistant Attorney General, is seeking a court order to protect Blackwell from testifying under oath about how the election was run.

Damn these Hackers! Edited on Fri Dec-24-04

Another third rate burglary by Richard Hayes Phillips, Ph.D. December 25, 2004 – Thieves shattered a side window overnight at Lucas County Democratic headquarters in Toledo, stealing computers with sensitive campaign information and jeopardizing the party’s ability to deliver crucial votes on Election Day.

Legitimacy of Ohio Vote Recount Called Into Question After Probe By Ken Hoop – Conyers then points out that Ms. Eaton asserts that on Dec. 10 Michael Barbian Jr., a representative of Triad GSI, unilaterally obtained access to Hocking County voting machines and records. He proceeded to “modify the computer tabulator, learn which precinct was planned to be the subject of the initial test recount and made further alterations based on that information and advised the election officials how to manipulate the machinery so that the preliminary hand recount matched the machine count.”

Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Thomas J. Moyer moves to delay, dismiss election suit Posted Dec 22, 2004

I’ll bet the “New” Triad machines are clean… Edited on Sat Dec-18-04

Ohio recount- Cuyahoga County ballots pre-sorted Saturday 18th December 2004

New filing alleges Diebold also tampered with machines… Posted Dec 16, 2004 – Catherine Buchanan says she was told Diebold reprogrammed voting machines while present at her local Board of Elections. Also included is a letter from an Ohio county election official who stated that test tabulator decks were “discarded” in violation of Ohio law.

Smoking Gun of Election Fraud is in Ken Blackwell’s Hand By Anthony Wade http://www.OpEdNews.com

New Study: More Absentee Votes than Voters in Ohio Sunday, 12 December 2004

Blackwell Locks Out Recount Volunteers December 10, 2004

Ohio election fraud uproar blasting to new level by Steve Rosenfeld, Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman December 7, 2004

From Selma to Ohio: A Report from the Conyers Hearing By William Rivers Pitt t r u t h o u t | Report Wednesday 08 December 2004 – It all began with a letter from Rep. John Conyers to Ohio Secretary of State Blackwell. In that letter, Conyers described a long series of irregularities in the Ohio Presidential election that amounted to an accusation of fraud.

J. Kenneth Blackwell, the Ohio Secretary of State at the heart of the controversy over potential vote irregularities, is on the JINSA advisory board. Posted Dec 5, 2004

Voter Suppression: STEALING VOTES IN OHIO URBAN AREAS (full documentation) by Richard Hayes Phillips, Ph.D. December 3, 2004

Ohio tally fit for Ukraine – We learned, for example, that an additional 93,000 voters had gone to the polls yet machines had registered no preference of theirs for President. Only a manual recount can tell us for sure what happened to those 93,000 ballots.

Compelling: Ohio recount: Stealing votes in Columbus– INVESTIGATE DAMSCHRODER by concernedamerican Tue Nov 30th, 2004 – Matt Damschroder did not act alone. There are 74 wards and 472 precincts in Columbus, Ohio. It is not possible for one person to have delivered all the voting machines, and it is unlikely that nobody else was involved in planning where to deliver them. Anyone who associated with Mr. Damschroder on or shortly before Election Day should be investigated for possible complicity.

Nearly a Month Later, Ohio Fight Goes On Monday November 29, 2004 – “We can live with winning and losing. We cannot live with fraud and stealing,” Jackson said Sunday at Mount Hermon Baptist Church.

Possible Proof of fraud in one – When the poll watcher flipped open the books, she saw that lots of people had been allowed to vote but had not signed the books. This struck her as very odd, of course, since by law people have to sign in to verify that they are authorized to vote.
Soon, the board of elections head in Pickaway came by, took the books away from her, threatened her with arrest. When the woman responded that the Elections supervisor was breaking the law, the supervisor rezponded that Ken Blackwell had just told her to take the books away from the watcher.

The Ohio Factor: Did Homeland Security and the FBI interfere With the Vote Count? Wednesday, November 10th, 2004 from Democracy Now!

High-Tech Jim Crow: Stealing Ohio’s Vote by Michele Steinberg and Judy DeMarco

8,099 Cuyahoga ballots ruled invalid Tuesday, November 23, 2004 Diane Solov – The Cuyahoga County Board of Elections voted Monday to reject one out of three of the 24,472 provisional ballots cast in the Nov. 2 election.

New Ohio voter transcripts feed floodtide of doubt about Republican election manipulation by Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman November 25, 2004

Ohio Vote Fraud: More Bush “Voters” Than Residents by TEED ROCKWELL [Good story and very revealing picture of Dubya too! -ed.] – In last Tuesday’s election, 29 precincts in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, reported votes cast IN EXCESS of the number of registered voters – at least 93,136 extra votes total. And the numbers are right there on the official Cuyahoga County Board of Elections website:

How the Ohio election was rigged for Bush by Bob Fitrakis November 22, 2004 – “Machines Placed By Close Of Polls”

Ohio Poll Worker on the Rigged Vote Saturday, November 06, 2004 – Touch screen voting machines in Youngstown OH were registering “George W. Bush” when people pressed “John F. Kerry” ALL DAY LONG. This was reported immediately after the polls opened, and reported over and over again throughout the day, and yet the bogus machines were inexplicably kept in use THROUGHOUT THE DAY.

Ohio hearings show massive GOP vote manipulation, but where the hell are the Democrats & John Kerry? November 17, 2004 – Republican Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell was also co-chair of the Ohio campaign for Bush. A right-wing Republican was in charge of the Franklin County Board of Elections. They all said the election went “smoothly.”

Recounts and retractions Posted Nov 12, 2004 – The media was kept two floors away from the vote counting at the Warren County Administration on election night on the basis of a “10” FBI terror threat that the FBI says was never issued.


Tulsa World on Oklahoma Vote Totals: We Have No Idea by Mark Faulk Nov 30, 2004 – On November 3, the Tulsa World reported that Sen. John Kerry was winning in 57 Oklahoma counties with 70% of the vote counted. But, by the time the rest of the votes were added in (or subtracted out, as the case may be), George W. Bush carried every county in Oklahoma, one of only two states where he managed that feat.


Investigators find evidence of voter fraud in Milwaukee PDF Tue, May. 10, 2005

Other Stolen Elections

Wayne Allard (R)

****Poll by MSNBC/Zogby on Nov. 3 for Colorado Senate
Tom Strickland (D) 53%
Wayne Allard (R) 44%

** “Official Results” from the ‘Diebold Electronic Voting Machines’ on Nov. 5
Tom Strickland (D) 46%
Wayne Allard (R) 51%

Norm Coleman (R)

****Minneapolis Star-Tribune Poll on Nov. 3 for Minnesota Senate
Walter Mondale (D) 46%
Norm Coleman (R) 41%

** “Official Results” from the ‘Diebold Electronic Voting Machines’ on Nov. 5
Norm Coleman (R) 50%
Walter Mondale (D) 47%

Saxby Chambliss (R)

****Poll by Atlanta Journal Constitution Nov. 1 for Georgia Senate
Max Cleland (D) 49%
Saxby Chambliss (R) 44%

**”Official Results” from the ‘Diebold Electronic Voting Machines’ on Nov. 5
Max Cleland (D) 46%
Saxby Chambliss 53%

Sonny Perdue (R)

****Poll by Atlanta Journal Constitution/WSB-TV of 800 likely voters on Nov. 1 For Georgia Governor
Roy Barnes (D) 51%
Sonny Perdue (R) 40%

** “Official Results” from the ‘Diebold Electronic Voting Machines’ on Nov. 5
Roy Barnes (D) 46%
Sonny Perdue (R) 51%

Articles on Purdue:
SHOOT TO KILL ORDERED AT G8 IN GEORGIA by Dandelion Thursday May 27, 2004 [Goodbye Democracy, Hello Facism in Georgia. -ed.]

John E. Sununu (R)

****Poll by Concord, NH Monitor on Nov. 3 for New Hampshire Senate
Jeanne Shaheen (D) 47%
John E. Sununu (R) 46%

**”Official Results” from the ‘Diebold Electronic Voting Machines’ on Nov. 5
Jeanne Shaheen (D) 47%
John E. Sununu (R) 51%

Schwarzenegger is Chosen

to be the next governor of California. No, not by the voters of California but by Karl Rove and the Illuminati. No wonder Arnuld isn’t debating. He has no need to. The people that are controlling the elections in America today have made their choice. There are already 2 bills before Congress to amend the constitution to allow foreign born citizens to become president. Meanwhile, Cruz Bustamante is feeling the Zionist heat. This whole recall election is just another example of democracy being stolen. Call a special election to get the voters to the polls where Diebold and ES&S will count their votes. The election results are in the Diebold bag. Arnuld is due to join the criminal cabal that has obtained office through election fraud such as:
Wayne Allard Sen.(R-CO), Saxby Chambliss Sen.(R-GA), Norm Coleman Sen.(R-MN), Chuck Hagel Sen.(R-NE), Katherine Harris – Rep.(R-FL), Sonny Perdue Gov.(R-GA), John E. Sununu -Sen.(R-NH), Jeb Bush Gov.(R-FL) not to mention Dick and Dubya and their henchmen.

Download mail-in ballots for the California election from MoveOn.org’s website. This is one way to defeat the Diebold voting machines.

See the Illuminati Section and these articles for more:

Amendment to Allow Schwarzenegger to Run for President Gains Momentum

Michael Moore Tells Hollywood Elite to Brace for Schwarzenegger Presidential Candidacy in 2008 Infowars.com | December 5. 2004 Alex Jones, Founder Americans Against Arnold (Arnold Exposed.com)

Arnold Exposed 2008


Updates on Arnold’s Win: Arnold to Settle Lawsuits for Pennies on the Dollar? Reported by Katherine Yurica

Enron E-mails Confirm Schwarzenegger-Ken Lay Meeting

Global Eye — Vanishing Act By Chris Floyd

“Recall No, Democracy Yes” campaign by Moveon.org

Secretive Bohemian Grove Group Backs Schwarzenegger Run for Governor

Written Sept 10, 2003 – Democracy in California Terminated Oct. 7, 2003

Link to article


Letter from concerned citizen: The evidence is becoming clear that Republicans politicians, administrators, and partisans are systematically working together to block efforts to make printed paper ballots part of the DRE systems for the November elections. The only logical explanation to me is that they want for it to be possible for Bush partisans (which include DRE manufacturers) to steal the election. That should not sound far-fetched if one is aware of all that went on in Florida in 2000.

I am in contact with computer experts in Texas who might be in a position to detect and thwart any attempt to use Trojan Horse code in DRE software that can be used to steal votes. If you know somebody in Texas or any other state who is a computer expert and who is concerned about this issue, please feel free to pass on this email to them with my invitation to get in touch with me. Putting our knowledge together and working together, we might be able to uncover and thwart what appears to be a conspiracy to steal the November election. We need to make the effort. Email concerned citizen: election_fraud@nogw.com

Election Fraud Articles

Mossad helped rig Zimbabwe’s presidential and parliamentary elections PDF by Wayne Madsen Dec 18, 2008

Vote Secrecy – Why We Can’t Vote Them Out PDF By Mac Sperry 1-17-8

Iowa Poll made of Straw – Iowa GOP refuses to allow any Validation of Computer results PDF Ernest Hancock 08-06-2007

The globalization of electronic election theft PDF by Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman May 11, 2007

Electronic voting blamed for Quebec municipal election ‘disaster’ PDF Wednesday, October 25, 2006

How to Hack a Diebold Voting Machine Video 08/01/2006

How To Rig An Election In The United States

Man indicted in phone jamming case will argue Administration approved election scheme PDF John Byrne July 7, 2006

When the Electronic Voting Buy Comes to MY County PDF by Rob Kall March 16, 2006 – CHeck out the National Association’s of Secretaries of State corporate affiliates. This association, NASS, could be a cesspool of corruptioin, where these mid level state bureaucrats, these Secretaries of State, like Ken Blackwell and Katherine Harris, some of the most crooked, dangerous enemies of Democracy have found ways to gain power. Harris stole an election for Bush and became a member of congress. Blackwell is running for governor of Ohio, helped no doubt because of his dirty work aiding in the theft and corruption of the Ohio vote (sue me you SOB, Mr. Blackwell. Let’s air this out in court.)

Ohio About To Make Challenging a Federal Election ILLEGAL! PDF Posted Dec 10, 2005

California invites Black Box Voting to hack Diebold voting machines PDF Posted Nov 27, 2005

Election Fraud Continues in the US PDF New Data Shows Widespread Vote Manipulations in 2004 By Peter Phillips August 13,2005 by CommonDreams.org

Did the GOP steal another Ohio Election? PDF by Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman August 5, 2005

5-27-05: Optical scan system hacked PDF by Blackboxvoting.org

The Battle of Athens, Tennessee: As Recently As 1946, American Citizens Were Forced To Take Up Arms As A Last Resort Against Corrupt Government Officials Published in Guns & Ammo October 1995, pp. 50-51

Teresa Heinz Kerry – Hacking the “Mother Machine”? by Thom Hartmann Published on Thursday, March 10, 2005 by CommonDreams.org

20 Amazing Facts About Voting in the USA by Angry Girl Nightweed.com

Political machinations The government is keen to deploy e-voting despite evidence of ballot rigging Michael Meacher Wednesday February 2, 2005


Voting Rights Groups ‘Block’ Talk of Machine-Free Elections by Lynn Landes December 11, 2004

British Troops to Die for America in Latifiyah 20 October 2004 – His defeat seemed inevitable until New York’s Neocons, led by Paul Wolfowitz, hinted that they could get Blair across the line by use of sophisticated subliminal techniques on British television.

None dare call it voter suppression and fraud Bob Fitrakis November 7, 2004 – A machine in ward 1B in the predominantly Republican Gahanna, Ohio, recorded 4,258 votes for George W. Bush when only 638 people cast votes at the New Life Church polling site.

An Election Spoiled Rotten By Greg Palast TomPaine.com Monday 01 November 2004 – 1 Million Kerry Votes Already Stolen [And the election hasn’t happened yet! -ed.]

Purposely Corrupted Diebold Voting Terminals By Bev Harris 10-31-4 – Gov. Swarzenegger recently froze the funds, allocated by Secretary of State Kevin Shelley, which would have paid for increased scrutiny of the voting system in California. [The Illuminati governor strikes again. -ed.]

Twelve ways Bush is now stealing the Ohio vote by Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman October 27, 2004 – In four other Ohio counties, the notorious Diebold company, whose CEO Wally O’Dell has pledged to deliver Ohio’s votes to Bush, will provide the e-voting machines to count votes without any paper trail while using proprietary “secret” software. O’Dell lives in the wealthy Columbus suburb of Upper Arlington and is a major Bush donor.

Bush Seeks Limit to Suits Over Voting Rights By David G. Savage and Richard B. Schmitt The Los Angeles Times Friday 29 October 2004 – the new law gives Atty. Gen. John Ashcroft the exclusive power to bring lawsuits to enforce its provisions. [Oh boy we can all sleep easier now that we know Askcroft is protecting us…. NOT -ed.]

Could the Associated Press (AP) Rig the Election? And on WBAY-TV in Green Bay, Wisconsin ran an AP article reporting that Bush has won the election, weeks before the election is to take place. The AP reported, “At this hour, President Bush has won re-election as president by a 47 percent to 43 percent margin in the popular vote nationwide. Ralph Nader has 1 percent of the vote nationwide. That’s with 51 percent of the precincts reporting.” According to reports, the AP is now saying the article was a “test article,” a never-heard-before journalistic practice.

Postal Experts Hunt for Missing Ballots in Florida By Michael Christie Reuters Wednesday 27 October 2004 – “It’s highly unlikely that 58,000 pieces of mail just disappeared,” he said. “We’re looking for it, we’re trying to find it if in fact it was ever delivered to the postal service.”

TONIGHT BBC TV TO REVEAL NEW FLORIDA VOTE SCANDAL REPUBLICAN “CAGING LIST” BBC Television News On-Line Tuesday Oct 26, 2004 – Documents from the Bush campaign’s Florida HQ suggest a plan to disrupt voting in African-American districts.

New Florida vote scandal feared By Greg Palast – Two e-mails, prepared for the executive director of the Bush campaign in Florida and the campaign’s national research director in Washington DC, contain a 15-page so-called “caging list”.

Registration changed to Republican without consent Friday 22 October 2004 – Scores of college students in Pennsylvania and Oregon have had their voting registrations switched by teams of canvassers circulating bogus petitions and, in some cases, partially concealed voter registration forms students were requested to sign.

The art of stealing elections By Robert Kuttner | October 20, 2004

Republican Dirty Tricks By Max Blumenthal, AlterNet. Posted October 15, 2004. Republican operative Nathan Sproul’s company is under investigation for allegedly destroying voter registration forms signed by Democrats. Now comes new evidence about Sproul’s connections to the Bush-Cheney campaign.

GOP Paid Firm Faces Voter Fraud Charge By Laura Kurtzman The San Jose Mercury News Thursday 14 October 2004 – “I personally witnessed my supervisor at VOA, together with her personal assistant, destroy completed registration forms that VOA employees had collected,” said Russell. “All of the destroyed registration forms were for registrants who indicated their party preference as ‘Democrat.’ ”

Voter Registrations Possibly Trashed George Knapp, Investigative Reporter – “We caught her taking Democrats out of my pile, handed them to her assistant and he ripped them up right in front of us. I grabbed some of them out of the garbage and she tells her assisatnt to get those from me,” said Eric Russell, former Voters Outreach employee.

Oregon Librarian Thwarts Voter-Registration Fraud – Checking the Internet, O’Flaherty found that Sproul & Associates is a political consulting firm headed by former Arizona State Republican Party Executive Director Nathan Sproul.

Millions Blocked from Voting in U.S. Election Wed Sep 22, 2004 – Millions of U.S. citizens, including a disproportionate number of black voters, will be blocked from voting in the Nov. 2 presidential election because of legal barriers, faulty procedures or dirty tricks, according to civil rights and legal experts.

The Fight For Fair Elections

House strikes truth from the record By Kéllia Ramares Online Journal Associate Editor [It’s amazing what We The People let the traitors in Congress get away with! -ed.]

New Citizens Say GOP Took Away Their Right To Choose July 5, 2004 – According to Cruz and his family, every form was checked off Republican.

Junior Florida senator says he’s worried about voting technology By BRENT KALLESTAD, Associated Press July 20, 2004

Suspending, Not Postponing Elections; It COULD Happen Here; by Rob Kall

Recount flaw found in Fla. voting machines By Associated Press | June 14, 2004 – voting officials wrongly certified a voting system they knew had a bug.

Florida orders new purge of voter list By Andrew Gumbel 10 June 2004 – The Secretary of State’s office – previously an independent branch of government but now under the direct control of Governor Jeb Bush, the President’s brother – has drawn up a list of 47,687 people it says are ineligible to vote because of their criminal history.

An investigation into electronic voting in Indiana has frightening implications for the presidential election in November. By Elaine Kitchel – Last summer O’Dell sent out invitations to fellow Republicans to attend a fund-raising dinner. In his invitation he stated he was “committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president.” And O’Dell means it.

Voter News Service (VNS)

Black Box Backlash: Bev Harris of Renton created a firestorm with her national Internet campaign against electronic voting. Now she’s trying to persuade people in the real world that their democracy is on the line. by George Howland Jr.

US politicians launch war against e-voting May 18 2004 by Paul Festa – As the US Congress considers legislation to restrict the use of electronic voting machines, 13 House of Representatives members have ordered an investigation into e-voting security.

Federal commission nixes talk of paper-only elections; stacks panels with proponents of paperless touchscreens By Lynn Landes – At the beginning of the hearing Chairman Dr. DeForest B. Soaries, Jr., said, “Voting has ‘evolved’ since the founding of our democracy.” “Devolved” would have been a better description.

Wexler lawsuit over electronic voting machines is creating fear, state officials say By Kathy Bushouse Posted May 11 2004 – Wexler’s attorneys argued that the elections officials were more interested in protecting the reputations of the multimillion-dollar equipment rather than looking out for voters.

Senate committee OKs bill to ban e-voting Thursday, May 6, 2004 [They could probably figure out that they were going to lose their own jobs if they didn’t pass this as the Democratic controlled California legisture would become Republican controlled as happened in Washington. -ed.]

Officials warn against rush to back up electronic ballots Say adding paper would cause chaos By Hope Yen, Associated Press | May 6, 2004 [Isn’t it bad enough that the Zionists have hand picked both candidates! -ed.]

Secret Service Attempting to Use Patriot Act to Demand User Info From Black Box Voting by repost Thursday April 29, 2004

Vanishing Votes by Gregory Palast Published in the May 17, 2004 issue of The Nation – The Voting Rights Act of 1965 guaranteed African-Americans the right to vote–but it did not guarantee the right to have their ballots counted. And in one in seven cases, they aren’t.

Irish e-voting system gets canned Friday, April 30 2004 by Anthony Quinn – Voters in all constituencies will be using a paper ballot rather than voting electronically on 11 June following the publication of the interim report of the Independent Commission on Electronic Voting. [It appears that Ireland cherishes their right to vote! -ed.]

Two Voting Companies & Two Brothers Will Count 80% Of The U.S. Election -Using BOTH Scanners & Touchscreens By Lynn Landes – Once again we are witness to an ‘eyes closed, hands off’ approach to protecting America. The 2004 election rests in the private hands of the Urosevich brothers, who are financed by the far-out right wing and top donors to the Republican Party. The Democrats are either sitting ducks or co-conspirators. I don’t know which.

The Fraud Machine? By William Marvel – The concept of electronic voting is sweeping the country, with no apparent concern that each vote disappears the instant it is cast, leaving no physical trace to confirm the reliability of the machine.

State’s touch-screen voting left hanging By Margaret Talev — Bee Capitol Bureau April 23, 2004 [California might get its right to vote back…. Look out Arnie! -ed.]

Republicans Walk Out Of Fed Hearing On Voting Machines While Some Civil Rights Groups Support ‘Paperless’ Elections By Lynn Landes 4-13-4 – It is without doubt that Republicans own most of the companies that manufacture, sell, and service voting machines. And President Bush and the Republican Congress appear determined to control and limit oversight of the elections industry.

Will the 2004 Election Be Called Off? Why Three Out of Four Experts Predict a Terrorist Attack by November by Maureen Farrell – Personally, I don’t give much credence to predictions, but when this many people peer into the crystal ball and see Al Qaeda gearing up for our presidential election, I take note — especially given what’s transpired since the last stolen election. [ EricBlumrich.com]

Sequoia Voting Code Released Friday, 2 April 2004 Column: C.D. Sludge (Get your copy today)

County calls out Diebold execs By Ian Hoffman – After his phone inquiries to Diebold went unanswered, Alameda County Registrar of Voters Bradley J. Clark wrote a letter Monday invoking the performance clause of the county’s $12.7 million contract.

Death of a patriot: No more by Bob Fitrakis March 17, 2004 – Every American concerned with democracy should pledge to make this happen. To beat back the rush for state governments to purchase privatized, partisan and unreliable electronic voting machines without verified paper trails.

HANGING CHADS: CALIFORNIA STYLE A TvNewsLies.org ALERT TO ANOTHER POTENTIAL ELECTION FRAUD! March – 2004 [California election is in the Diebold bag already. I worry about the next terrorist attack happening there with Arnold Illuminati in charge. -ed.]

E-voting problems drive voters away Alameda, San Diego counties plagued by hardware issues By Ian Hoffman – Thousands of voters in two of California’s largest, electronic-voting counties were forced to cast paper ballots and some were driven from the polls by a confluence of hardware problems, poor poll worker training and confusion over open-primary voting.

Diebold, electronic voting and the vast right-wing conspiracy February 24, 2004 – Diebold, located in North Canton, Ohio, does its primary business in ATM and ticket-vending machines. Critics of Diebold point out that virtually every other machine the company makes provides a paper trail to verify the machine’s calculations. Oddly, only the voting machines lack this essential function.

The scandal of lost U.S. votes NYT Monday, February 16, 2004 – One outcome of this year’s U.S. presidential election is already certain: Some Americans will show up to vote and find they have been wrongly taken off the rolls. The lists of eligible voters kept by localities around the United States are the gateway to democracy, and they are also a national scandal

Judge dismisses suit about voting receipts Thu, Feb. 12, 2004 – Wexler said the judge’s order seemed to erase Florida voters’ ability to challenge the system. “I see this as the judge dismissing Florida’s voters and … their voting rights,” he said. [More Florida Fraud -ed.]

Questions Mount Over New Hampshire’s Primary By Lynn Landes 2-10-4 – Martin Bento published online an interesting analysis of New Hampshire’s election results based on the voting systems used.* It’s been getting a lot of attention. According to Bento, Howard Dean lost to John Kerry by only 1.6% when the ballots were hand-counted, 9.7% when ES&S optical scanners were used, and 14.7% on Diebold scanners.

This week in vote fraud Jan. 30, 2004

Leaked News Network Memos: Election 2004 to be stolen again; Media to interview actors posing as troops on how great the war was TBR News

Machine Politics January 23, 2004 – One recent instance occurred, fittingly enough, in Florida, just a few weeks ago. In a special election for a state House seat, touch-screen machines reported 137 blank ballots. The margin of victory was only 12 votes. The second-place finisher charged that faulty machines might have cost him the election.

Voting Blind E-voting ignites local, state and national controversy By Tara Treasurefield – Touch-screen voting machine and optical scanner manufacturer Diebold Election Systems was at the top of the agenda. An audit of the company last month found that uncertified software was running on its equipment in each of the 17 California counties that uses it.

VOTE FRAUD 2004 Subject: Wondering about the strange Iowa upsets?

Inside The Black Box by Henry Norr

“America’s Electronic Voting Machines Are Susceptible to Manipulation” – DER SPIEGEL January 5, 2004

Risks and vulnerabilities of Ohio voting systems, via EFF Declan McCullagh – Given the other security risks identified in the Compuware report, hacking an iVotronic could be as simple as walking into the voting booth using a correctly programmed Palm Pilot (a not at all unusual device among citizens) and using it to simulate a supervisory PEB access device.

Corruptible Voting Machines – Why the Silence? by Siva Vaidhyanathan – The only question is why it took so long for major national publications to pay close attention to these problems. After all, the “blogosphere” has been all over this issue for almost two years.

Florida to vote republican in 2004

Ohio to vote democrat in 2004

Kucinich: Enron Accountants Should Not Run Military Voting Oct. 1, 2003 Calls Contract With Former Arthur Anderson Company Inherently Flawed And Unacceptable

Wont Get Fooled Again? Rixon Stewart – November 28, 2003 – Thus, the Rothschild’s and their allies are able to choose political leaders and dictate what direction they will follow, while the public remains blissfully unaware of who is really calling the shots.

The Diebold Memos’ Smoking Gun Volusia County Memos Disclose Election 2000 Vote Fraud By Alastair Thompson – “DELAND, Fla., Nov. 11 – Something very strange happened on election night to Deborah Tannenbaum, a Democratic Party official in Volusia County. At 10 p.m., she called the county elections department and learned that Al Gore was leading George W. Bush 83,000 votes to 62,000. But when she checked the county’s Web site for an update half an hour later, she found a startling development: Gore’s count had dropped by 16,000 votes, while an obscure Socialist candidate had picked up 10,000–all because of a single precinct with only 600 voters.”
– Washington Post Sunday , November 12, 2000 ; Page A22

Vote count marred by computer woes Star report November 9, 2003 – “It was like 144,000 votes cast,” said Garofolo, whose corrected accounting showed just 5,352 ballots from a pool of fewer than 19,000 registered voters.
“Believe me, there was nobody more shook up than I was.”

Bald-Faced Lies About Black Box Voting Machines and The Truth About the Rob-Georgia File By Bev Harris – What was the program patch known as rob-georgia.zip used for? What were they doing with that ftp site, anyway? Hang in for the first part of this article, the finger-pointing and obfuscating part, because it concludes with a straightforward explanation of what went on in Georgia that has never been made public before.

Suspect Code Used in State Votes By Kim Zetter – Stone said his office learned late last week about the possibility that uncertified software may have been used in the machines. The state then launched an investigation into the matter and halted certification of the AccuVote-TSx, a newer model of Diebold’s touch-screen machines, which were supposed to be used in California’s primary election in March 2004.

The Diebold Memos’ Smoking Gun Volusia Co. Memos Disclose Election 2000 Vote Fraud by Alastair Thompson – Something very strange happened on election night to Deborah Tannenbaum, a Democratic Party official in Volusia County. At 10 p.m., she called the county elections department and learned that Al Gore was leading George W. Bush 83,000 votes to 62,000. But when she checked the county’s Web site for an update half an hour later, she found a startling development: Gore’s count had dropped by 16,000 votes, while an obscure Socialist candidate had picked up 10,000–all because of a single precinct with only 600 voters.”

E-Vote Protest Gains Momentum – “My concern and I think the concern of the students is to focus attention on electoral fraud. The copyright stuff is a sideshow,” he said. “If what the memos suggest is true, this makes hanging chads look like state-of-the-art (election technology).”

Worries grow over new voting machines’ reliability, security By ROBERT TANNER, AP NATIONAL WRITER [It’s way past the point of worrying about it. -ed.]

Black Box Voting Blues Electronic ballot technology makes things easy. But some computer-security experts warn of the possibility of stolen elections By Steven Levy [DRE – stands for Democracy Repealed Electronically -ed.]

Targeting Diebold with Electronic Civil Disobedience – “These memos indicate that Diebold, which counts the votes in 37 states, knowingly created an electronic system which allows anyone with access to the machines to add and delete votes without detection,” Why War? member Micah explained.

Diebold Issues Cease and Desist to Indymedia

Electronic Voting Machine Fun in Georgia Posted by unsurprised tsg on Oct. 18, 2003 – Democratic incumbent Roy Barnes was unseated by Republican Sonny Perdue with only 51% of the vote while the error rate of the machines was estimated as high as 25 to 30%. It’s the first time since 1978 that an incumbent has not been re-elected, and the first time in 130 years that a republican has won.

VOTING MACHINES: Constitutional Issues, Federal & Case Law – What constitutes a legal voting process under the U.S. Constitution and federal law? I believe it is this: That on election day, in the polling booth only paper ballots filled out by hand, using nothing more sophisticated than a pen or pencil, then hand counted right there – at the local polling precinct in full view of poll watchers – constitutes a legal voting process. Any introduction of sophisticated technology introduces concealment and secrecy to that part of the process that depends on public oversight to ensure a fair and honest election. [I totally agree! -ed.]

All the President’s votes? A quiet revolution is taking place in US politics. By the time it’s over, the integrity of elections will be in the unchallenged, unscrutinised control of a few large – and pro-Republican – corporations. Andrew Gumbel wonders if democracy in America can survive [1776-2000 RIP]

DIEBOLD’S VOTE-TALLY SOFTWARE- Security Review Instructions V.5.0i – by Jim March, 9/17/03 – jmarch@prodigy.net

Zionists Control US Voting Machines By Jim Condit Jr. VoteFraud.org 10-9-3 – The real game is that RIGHT NOW — the legislation is in place for 3 (Zionist Jewish-owned/controlled) computerized vote-counting companies to count 96% of the vote on election day November, 2004. These companies are Diebold, Sequoia, and Election Systems & Software (ES&S). There is a fourth (Jewish-owned controlled) company rising, and Diebold may have to go, because its cheating software has been exposed by Bev Harris of blackboxvoting.com.

Report election irregularities Here! In lieu of Black Box Voting being offline during the election, this site has been opened up to receive reports

IRREGULARITIES IN CALIFORNIA RACE!! Long-shot candidates do startlingly well in Tulare County DIEBOLD MACHINES YIELD FISHY RESULTS!! Wednesday, October 08, 2003

DIEBOLD VOTING MACHINES TALLIES A NEGATIVE 16,022 Posted By: rumormillnews@yahoogroups Date: Wednesday, 8 October 2003 – A Diebold Voting Machines in Volusia County, Florida, Tallied a Vote-Count of -16,022. That’s NEGATIVE 16,022:

Analysis of an Electronic Voting System Johns Hopkins Information Security Institute Technical Report TR-2003-19, July 23, 2003 – Our analysis shows that this voting system is far below even the most minimal security standards applicable in other contexts.

‘Horrifying’: Computer Experts Fear Fraud in Recall Vote NewsMax.com Wires Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2003 – Though punch-card ballots caused headaches for Florida election officials with their “hanging” and “pregnant” chads, nearly one in 10 California voters will be using touch-screen machines, which don’t produce printouts voters can see. And no paper printouts, the scientists say, would make a legitimate recount impossible.

Top 10 Ways to Rig a Voting Machine -Computer and accounting experts tell us that there are not 10, not 20, but literally hundreds of ways to rig the system.

Electronic Voting Machines:New Improved Vote Fraud by LYNN LANDES (ECOTALK.ORG) – Walden O’Dell wrote a letter the other day. He wrote a fund-raising letter to Ohio Republicans. And, in that letter, O’Dell said that he was, “committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to (President Bush) next year.”
Walden O’Dell is the Chairman of the Board of Diebold Election Systems, the second largest company in America, whose business it is to count your vote.

THE VOTER CONFIDENCE AND INCREASED ACCESSIBLITY ACT OF 2003 – The measure would require all voting machines to produce an actual paper record by 2004 that voters can view to check the accuracy of their votes and that election officials can use to verify votes in the event of a computer malfunction, hacking, or other irregularity. Experts often refer to this paper record as a “voter-verified paper trail.”

US election fraud scandal looms? Explosive conjectures and evidence By Egan Orion: Wednesday 09 July 2003 – From Tammany Hall’s machine politics in the 19th century through Mayor Daley’s grasp on Chicago elections, right up to Lyndon Johnson’s first election and John Kennedy’s 1960 cliff-hanger defeat of Richard Nixon, many US elections have been thought to have had “irregularities”.

Diebold Internal Memos Admit Voting Machine Flaws (continued) by CONSPIRACY PLANET – In contrast to their rebuttal to the Johns Hopkins report,which confirmed serious flaws with the voting machine software, Diebold has never denied that Harris reviewed actual certified versions of its software used in real elections and never contended that her analysis is wrong. [They are instead claiming copyright protection -ed]

DIEBOLD GOES POSTAL! – The confiscated pages included personal contact information for 200 activists, and the private strategy sessions for voting machine activists. BlackBoxVoting.org has yet to receive any explanation at all as to what authority was claimed to confiscate them. We demand their immediate return.

Report Raises Electronic Vote Security Issues By JOHN SCHWARTZ Published: September 25, 2003

High-tech election gear about to go? Even chads are looking good to Broward leaders, who are considering dumping their electronic voting machines for a lower tech system. BY ERIKA BOLSTAD – ”People want a printed piece of paper showing what they voted for,” said Commissioner Lori Parrish. “People want a hard copy of something for a recount.”

BlackBoxVoting.org Shut Down ‘Temporarily’ 9-24-3

Voting system found to have fraud risk By David Nitkin – Independent study says Md.’s touch-screen device would invite tampering; State believes flaws can be fixed; Work to ensure security starts; Plan proceeds to use machines in March

Inside A U.S. Election Vote Counting Program – One can overwrite the “admin” password with another, copied from another GEMS installation. It will appear encrypted; no worries, just cut and paste! In this example we saved the old “admin” password, so we could replace it later and delete the evidence that we’d been there. An intruder can grant himself administrative privileges by putting zeros in the other boxes, following the example in “admin.”

A Vote Against the Computerized Ballot By Marc Rotenberg September 24, 2003 – We’re nowhere near ready to hand over the core of our democratic process—voting—to electronic systems.

Internal Memos: Diebold Doing End-Runs Around Certification Friday, 12 September 2003 (PDT) By Bev Harris – blackboxvoting.org – The computerized systems that register voters, will soon sign voters into the polling place using a digital smart card, record the vote we cast, and tally it are now so secret they are not allowed to be examined by any citizens group, or even by academics like the computer scientists at major universities.

Sludge Report #154 – Bigger Than Watergate! Tuesday, 8 July 2003, 6:13 pm Column: C.D. Sludge – Imagine if you will that you are a political interest group that wishes to control forevermore the levers of power. Imagine further that you know you are likely to implement a highly unpopular political agenda, and you do not wish to be removed by a ballot driven backlash.

The Greatest Cover-Up Of All: Vote Fraud In America by James J. Condit Jr. – About 1974 a sinister development was in full swing all over the United States. In many areas, especially high populations regions, the votes were no longer being counted in the precincts by neighborhood people. The switch was on to computer vote counting systems. Typical was Cincinnati, Ohio where votes were bundled up immediately after the polls closed and sent to a mysterious central computer room to be counted by secret computer codes. To add insult to injury, the votes were counted away from the watchful eye of the entire electorate and the press.

Diebold Internal Mail Confirms U.S. Vote Count Vulnerabilities By Alastair Thompson – The “GEMS (Microsoft) Access database” that Finberg refers to is a piece of computer software which is loaded onto county election supervisors computers. It is responsible for tallying votes from county precinct voting booths, these results are typically modemed into the central computer.

E-Voting Blunder Creates a Stir Associated Press Page 1 of 1 – SAN JOSE, California — The strange case of an election tally that appears to have popped up on the Internet hours before polls closed is casting new doubts about the trustworthiness of electronic voting machines.

DIEBOLD ALERT All files yanked by webhost at request of Diebold, Inc. – While I am not a legal professional in any way, I firmly believe that these files, while copyrighted, carry credible evidence of illegal vote-accessing activity and thus are not covered under the DCMA due to the “dirty hands” defense, which disallows an entity seeking damages in cases involving illegal activities connected to that which is being protected.

WHO OWNS DIEBOLD? And who owns Election Systems & Software? – Bob Urosevich is the CEO of Diebold Election Systems. Urosevich created the original software architecture for Diebold Election Systems, and his original company, called I-Mark Systems, can be found in the source code signatures. Prior to programming for and taking over Diebold Election Systems, Urosevich programmed for and was CEO of Election Systems & Software (ES&S), which counts 56 percent of the votes in the United States. When Urosevich left ES&S, Chuck Hagel took his position. (Hagel then ran for the U.S. Senate, with ES&S machines counting his own votes, but failed to disclose that he had been both CEO and Chairman of ES&S on his disclosure documents). Bob Urosevich, together with his brother Todd, founded ES&S. Bob then went to run Diebold, while Todd still is a Vice President at ES&S. Diebold and ES&S, together, count about 80 percent of the votes in the United States.

The 2004 Election Has Already Been Rigged Posted September 2, 2003 thepeoplesvoice.org By Schuyler Ebbets – Prior to Florida’s outrageous September 10, 2002 primary election, poll data showed heavy support for Janet Reno in Broward County, but election results from one Broward precinct alone revealed an impossible 0% turnout among more than 800 registered voters. Reno requested a recount of eighty precincts containing 31,375 registered Democrats because they reported only 1,952 votes. Her request was immediately turned down by the State Elections Board. According to an AP analysis, if those precincts matched the average county turnout, they should have produced 10,260 votes, more than five times the number recorded by the Election Systems & Software (ES&S), iVotronic touch-screen voting machines.

Electronic Voting: Your Worst Nightmares are True Posted by CmdrTaco on Thursday September 04 – The Diebold system uses a wireless network card. Worse: “So that means if they can pull the information in, they can also send information back into those machines. ”

voting machines CALLED HOME (english) posted by randY writen by Bev Harris – They called home with election results while the election was still in progress, summing up the votes in 57 precincts, then tagged the file to a Diebold employee and placed it on a Diebold company web site.

Voting industry insiders hold secret meeting to hire PR firm to sell electronic voting to public By Bev Harris Black Box Voting – Participants were R. Doug Lewis who heads The Election Center, Diebold Election Systems, ES&S, Sequoia Voting Systems, Hart Intercivic, a few more voting machine companies, and the ES division of ITAA.

Election machine firm blasted By LEO SHANE III – Wally O’Dell, CEO of Diebold Inc., this week sent out letters to central Ohio Republicans asking them to raise $10,000 in donations in time for a Sept. 26 Ohio Republican Party event at his home.

Techies see fraud danger in California’s touch-screen voting By Rachel Konrad The Associated Press – Rubin also found that “1111” was Diebold’s default password identification number for micro- chip-embedded “smartcards” that voting administrators used — a simple PIN that any hacker might try before moving onto more sophisticated attacks. Rubin added that the lack of a paper trail would make a legitimate re-count impossible.

High Tech Vote Fraud by Diebold Election Systems by URI DOWBENKO

Computer Voting Expert Ousted From Elections Conference by Lynn Landes 9:37pm Sat Aug 2 ’03 – Denver CO – Dr. Rebecca Mercuri, a leading expert in voting machine security, had her conference credentials revoked by the president of the International Association of Clerks, Records, Election Officials, and Treasurers (IACREOT), Marianne Rickenbach….
Mercuri believes that her credentials were revoked because of her position in favor of voter-verified paper ballots for computerized election systems.

Offshore Company Captures Online Military Vote by Lynn Landes 7/16/03 – Accenture is the leading offshore beneficiary of government contracts whose main business is the privatization of government services, according to Lee Drutman of Citizen Works, a non-profit founded by Ralph Nader. Accenture has a troubling track record, a close business relationship with Dick Cheney’s Halliburton, and 2500 partners – more than half are not U.S. citizens. [You trust Dick Cheney to count the military votes properly don’t you? -ed.]

Who Counts the Votes? – This is why hundreds of computer experts, including many of the top experts in the world on electronic voting and computer security have signed our “Resolution on Electronic Voting,” which calls for a “Voter Verifiable Audit Trail” that can be recounted by hand to check that the machines have recorded the votes properly.

Computerized voting machines were used to steal the 2002 Senate election – Jeb Bush was sued, and was supposed to have returned these voters to the rolls, and did not, which explains his last re-election. The Republicans have something far worse in mind for the next presidential election and Democrats need to be prepared. The recent elections of Nebraska Republican Chuck Hagel, the loss in Georgia of Max Cleland, wildly popular Vietnam vet, and the victory of Alabama Governor Bob Riley, along with a handful of other Republican victories, (all predicted to have been losers by straw polls which our nation has refined to a high-art) points to an ominous source: corporate-programmed, computer-controlled, modem-capable voting machine, recording and tabulating ballots.


Voting machines scrutinized Hopkins study reports Maryland’s flawed, could be manipulated From Staff Reports – “As a result, many of the conclusions drawn by the researchers are inaccurate or incomplete with respect to the security of this particular element of Diebold’s voting system,” the company said.
Avi Rubin, the lead researcher on the report for Johns Hopkins’ Information Security Institute, stood by the study.

Voting-machine concerns prompt changes in state plan By DALE WETZEL – “Common voters, without any insider privileges, can cast unlimited votes without being detected by any mechanisms within the voting terminal,” it said. “As a society, we must carefully consider the risks inherent in electronic voting, as it places our very democracy at risk.”


Report on Pima County Electronic Vote Counting Procedures and Safeguards – Fifty-six percent of all votes in the United States are counted on equipment provided by a company called Election Sales & Services (ES). ES was given its grubstake (while operating under the name American Information Systems) in 1984 when the billionaire Ahmanson family injected enough cash to get hold of a 68 percent ownership.

VOTING: WHAT IS, WHAT COULD BE a report of the Caltech/MIT Voting Technology Project July, 2001 – Caltech-MIT team finds 4-6 million votes lost in 2000 election; Nationwide reforms outlined in report

The Theft of Your Vote Is Just a Chip Away By Thom Hartmann – Are computerized voting machines a wide-open back door to massive voting fraud? The discussion has moved from the Internet to CNN, to UK newspapers, and the pages of The New York Times. People are cautiously beginning to connect the dots, and the picture that seems to be emerging is troubling.

The Techno-Voting Nightmare; Digital Vote Corruption– First California– then the 2004 Elections. by Rob Kall, OpEdNews.COM [Good ideas to ‘save the democracy’. But is it too little, too late? -ed.]

THE REAL SCOOP ON DIEBOLD – And here’s where it got scary. The second of the two tables is the one used to determine the election result. But the second table can be hacked and altered to produce fake election totals without affecting spot check reports derived from the first table. These will still check out.

Voting machine fails inspection By Robert Lemos – There is no way to verify that a vote was correctly recorded and no permanent record is kept.

How George W. Bush Won the 2004 Presidential Election Purging voter lists is just the beginning: the U.S. has embraced a form of electronic voting that is unreliable, unverifiable and funded by the radical Christian right.


We Must Regain Our Voting Rights By Norman D. Livergood – The fact that Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris were never prosecuted for this heinous crime is part of the Bush II junta’s long line of illegal activities, which include the non-prosecution of such criminals as Bush friend, Ken Lay.

US election fraud scandal looms? Explosive conjectures and evidence By Egan Orion: Wednesday 09 July 2003 – Now a New Zealand political activist has published suspicions, along with supporting evidence, that electronic voting in the US is being manipulated by right-wing politicians with the connivance of several voting machine manufacturers.

Diebold – The face of modern ballot tampering by Faun Otter You can’t vote them out if…. You never voted them in. – Those pesky tracking polls
leading up to the elections have been explained away by a ‘late surge to the Republicans’ caused by…. hmmmm, how about sun spot activity?

Inside A U.S. Election Vote Counting Program Tuesday, 8 July 2003, 6:20 pm Article: Bev Harris – they confirmed that the GEMS system does use Microsoft Access, is designed for remote access, and does receive “data corrections” from time to time from support personnel

How the Back-door was discovered in the voting machines! – Such a system would enable you to intervene in precisely the minimum number of races necessary to ensure that you won a majority on election night. On the basis of polling you could pick your marginal seats and thus keep your tweaking to a bare minimum.
Such a system would enable you to minimise the risks of discovery of your activities.
Such a system would enable you to target and remove individual political opponents who were too successful, too popular or too inquisitive.
And most importantly of all, such a system would enable you to accomplish all the above without the public being in the least aware of what you were doing. When confronted with the awfulness of your programme they would be forced to concede that at least it is the result of a democratic process.

VOTE FRAUD AND THE BANKRUPTCY OF THE UNITED STATES by http://www.whatreallyhappened.com

NEWS: Black Box Voting — we found the hack. S.O.S.

U.S. Election Integrity Flaw Discovered At Diebold Monday, 10 February 2003, 12:33 pm Article: Bev Harris – In “Black Box Voting: Ballot-Tampering in the 21st Century,” I am examining the integrity of current electronic voting systems, and in connection with this I installed a Whistleblowers page at the Black Box Voting web site ( http://www.blackboxvoting.com/whistle.html). We’ve been getting about four new reports a day, and some of them are quite serious. Like this:

Traders Speculate on who’s Next in the White House Alan English [35% is a good profit for knowing the next election is fixed.]


Electronic voting: where’s your source code? – Take the Australian Capital Territory election commission in Canberra. It has put the full source code of its electronic voting system on a publicly accessible website, in a neatly zipped 127k file.

Cultivating & Exploiting American Anxiety Republic of Fear By CARL ESTABROOK – instead of fixing a system that casts doubt on every election, as Palast recently pointed out, “Astonishingly, Congress adopted the absurdly named ‘Help America Vote Act,’ which requires every state to replicate Florida’s system of centralized, computerized voter files before the 2004 election.” [Bush Can’t Lose!]

Greg Palast: BBC Investigation Into How Voter Data Was Used To Prevent Democrats From Voting In The Last Presidential Elections.
[Watch this movie here to see evidence of vote fraud]

USA Coup Link: Washington Post Notices The Coup Friday, 4 April 2003, 3:29 pm – Critics of such systems say that they are vulnerable to tampering, to human error and to computer malfunctions — and that they lack the most obvious protection, a separate, paper receipt that a voter can confirm after voting and that can be recounted if problems are suspected.

ANNALS OF DEMOCRACY COUNTING VOTES By Ronnie Dugger The New Yorker, November 7, 1988 – Would such a test discover, for example, a “time bomb” set to start transferring a certain proportion of votes from one candidate to another at a certain time, or any other programmers’ tricks?

Welcome to the Machine – Glitch Wins by a Landslide by BEN TRIPP – Ben says “In the year 2002, Americans lost the right to vote”, I would say it was more like the year 2000!

“If You Want To Win An Election, Just Control The Voting Machines”
Synopsis: Diebold’s closed-source code
Source: Guerilla News Network
Published: February 26, 2003 Author: Thom Hartmann

THE SECRETIVE WORLD OF VOTING MACHINES Intelligent article with lots of links

New Voting Systems Assailed : Computer Experts Cite Fraud Potential – Critics of such systems say that they are vulnerable to tampering, to human error and to computer malfunctions — and that they lack the most obvious protection, a separate, paper receipt that a voter can confirm after voting and that can be recounted if problems are suspected.


11/11/2002 Entry: “Diebold voting machines hand surprise victories to Republicans”

Three candidates all win races with same number of votes By The Associated Press (11/8/02 – New Braunfels)

31 Election Mistakes (So Far)

Secret Group Manipulates Vote Machines – by AmericanFreePress.net

Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election – A film by Greenwald Productions

WWW.VOTESCAM.COM – You can order their book online. Learn how get back a fair election process!

www.votefraud.org – Learn what you can do to take action against election fraud!

Suspicion Surrounds Voter News Service By Lynn Landes 1-20-3

“They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
– Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759.

[Looks like the Israeli elections are as crooked as the ones in the U.S. I wonder if they use the same brand of voting machines?]

Worldwide Election Fraud


Stuffed ballots, biased campaign tainted Georgia vote: OSCE PDF Michael Stott, Reuters – NDHF Net Sep 9, 2008


HUNGARIAN NATIONALISTS PLAN REVOLT PDF By George Kadar October 1, 2007 – Zionist Prime Minister Admits He Stole The Election That Put Him in Office


Tape caught Pakistani official saying vote will be rigged PDF By Jonathan S. Landay | McClatchy Newspapers February 14, 2008


The biggest poll debacle in the history of British democracy sees up to one in ten votes thrown out PDF JAMES KIRKUP May 5, 2007

Postal ballots stockpiled at party worker’s home PDF By Simon Freeman April 26, 2006

No checks, no questions asked: that’s how easy it is to obtain 11 postal ballots By David Harrison 01/05/2005 – It was frighteningly easy. Within five days I was able to obtain postal ballot papers enabling me to vote 11 times in the general election – and in county council elections on the same day. No checks, no questions asked.

Midnight mystery of car full of votes Jun 10 2004 By Paul Dale – A Birmingham Labour councillor and party activists were quizzed by police after being discovered sitting in cars in an Aston industrial estate at midnight with bags full of completed postal votes.


Oct. 1, 2007 Governor Schwarzenegger today made an announcement that he would be making a run for the White House along with Jeb Bush as his running mate. As you know, a foreign born citizen can now become president since the Republican led Congress passed Amendment 27 in 2004.

He was quoted as saying …

[Read entire article]


The Fix Is In

New Hampshire election fraud January 11, 2008

More articles on Election Fraud

[Ed. Note: Some of the information in this article may not seem relevant since the media has started to (under)report anti-war protests and the Voter News Service has closed down (temporarily) The point is, what people are doing IS making the government change its tactics. ‘They’ are very interested in how much you know. Knowledge + Action = power. The power is truly with the people to effect change. As soon as the sheeple wake up and realize what is happening, and start doing something about it, they will be transformed into lions]

It appears that the democratic process in the United States is in serious trouble.
We have a blackout by the media on anti-war rallies. And of anything anti-Bush for that matter. If you don’t believe this go attend a rally next time one is held. Then try reading the newspapers the next day, or watching the news that night. See if it is even mentioned.
When 200,000 people surrounded the White House in November, 2002 most newspapers didn’t’t even mention it. Those that did reported a poor showing of less than 10,000 people. And when 500,000 people came out in protest in Florence, Italy on November 9, 2002, was it even mentioned in the US press?
We have election coverage bias, when a media focuses on issues that favor one party over another and which affect the outcome of an election.
We have the CIA manipulating the Free press since the 1950’s [search operation Mockingbird on Google]
We have the people that count the votes, the Voter News Service, (VNS) being a top-secret private consortium owned by ABC News, The Associated Press, CBS News, CNN, Fox News, and NBC News.
We have voting machines which are made by Republican controlled companies. One such company, ES&S, had a corporate president that decided to run for congress the following year and won. Although never having served in public office prior to that. [Link: Did God Tell Them To Steal The Votes?]
We have electronic voting machines that are neither independently audited nor is the counting process reviewed by anyone outside the privately held company.
We have voting machines where people are allowed to dial into them by modem and do… who knows what with the results.
It looks to me that maybe Voxfux is right, that we are being lied to by polls that fraudulently show a lot of Bush support. [Link: Polls Showing Support for Bush are Fraudulent] And I would venture to guess that most of the polls that showed close election races were bogus also. Since the Republican party was started 140 years ago, no mid term election has ever had the incumbent party pick up seats in the senate when they controlled the White House. Just coincidence? And every time we have had a recession the party that is in power has been voted out of office. Are we in a recession now? Yes. Did the American people vote the Republicans out of office? I say Yes. Did the votes gets tallied correctly? Therein lies the problem.
I think it is safe to assume that as the election process gets “cleaned up” and goes to more and more automated systems like the ones mentioned above, that we will hear less and less about election irregularities. That is, as the Voter News Service does away with any paper trail that can get in their way. This is in stark contrast to many countries such as Canada and Japan who count, easy to read, paper ballots by hand. It is reported that Canada hand counted all of their ballots in 4 hours in a recent national election. I also feel that a lot of the election irregularities are designed to be a smoke screen to shift attention away from the core problem of the electronic tallies being manipulated.
I would venture to say that in the United States, both the elections of 2000 and 2002 have not yielded accurate results. With all the manipulation that has occurred, I’ll go way out on a limb and predict that GW will be re-elected for another 4 years come 2004. I would also make a fairly safe prediction that the Republican party will remain in control of Congress after that election also. ( I correctly predicted Republicans gaining control of the senate and keeping the house in 2002 mid term elections. It didn’t take much to predict that believe me. Nor this one)
What is it called when a powerful group of men who control the media manipulate the election process to put their own candidate in office? I know what it is called in other countries, it is called America’s foreign policy. But when it takes place in the United States does that make Bush a dictator or what? I am not sure what to call his regime. I just think of it as a darkness that has descended over the land. Editor Nov. 16, 2002

Note: Bush knew weeks before the outcome of the 2002 elections that the republicans had the Senate elections in the bag. See this article for more. What will happen in 2008. It will be Jeb Bush for president of course. He is a shoe in for the presidency because by then all the voting machines in the whole country will be electronic. We won’t be able to vote either of the terrorists out of office, unless we have a Boston Tea Party with the voting machines.

[link to very extensive collection of links by whatreallyhappened.com on this subject. Election Fraud 2002]

See how the Voter News Service is stealing YOUR votes!


First, selection of winner is chosen by Rothschilds or other illuminati group. This is typically done well advance of any primaries.
Next, all appearances of a ‘fair election’ take place. However in the background the Zionist controlled media is secretly favoring certain candidates while blackballing others. Various opinion polls emerge, mostly phoney. When there is an obvious landslide election to take place as was Bush’s 2004 election and Howards 2007 election, the opinion polls show a last minute swing leading to a close race as election time nears.
Various CIA types are busy programming the machines that count the votes.
Then you have actual voting. There may be physical obstacles that emerge at the polling places like insufficient number of voting machines in predominantly democratic precincts, ballot stuffing, lost bundles of ballots, fictitious mail-in ballots.
Next the party in power counts the votes. Results can be punched in while using optical scanners to count ballots. After the ‘close election’ with the unexplained ‘last minute swing’ to the Rothschild selected candidate, that candidate is declared the winner.
The sheeple declare that next election they will win.
Webber 11/23/2007
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West Virginia: Video Shows Vote Flipping Persisting Even After Election Official ‘Recalibrates’ Failed Machine Videos Brad Friedman October 28, 2008
Greg Palast: Rove Has Already Fixed the 2008 Election Video 28 SEPTEMBER 2008
Rothschild to endorse McCain PDF
The Systematic Destruction of Voting Rights in America (Part 1) PDF by: Heidi Stevenson July 28, 2008
Phoney Poll: A Gallup Surprise: McCain 49% Obama 45% PDF [Panama Jack is liked about as much as Bush. Maybe 12% no way 49% -ed.]
Black Box Voting – Citizen Reports from the Front Lines
Got ‘Change’? – Can America Change Without A |100% Secure Vote? PDF Dr. Ed Ward, MD 1-8-8
Ron Paul, Our Last Hope, Won’t Be Allowed To Win PDF By Ted Lang 12-27-7
how to get a Fair Count for Ron Paul for President in 2008


McCain Leads Obama 50% to 46%, New Poll Finds, USA Today Reports PDF By: James Kraus on: 08.09.2008

Source: http://www.nogw.com <- much thanks

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