The Dumping Begins: Chinese Reserve Managers Notified That Any Non-USG Guaranteed Securities Must Be Divested

(ZeroHedge) – It appears that this time China’s posturing is for real. Following up on our earlier post that Chinese military officials want to “punish” America by selling Treasuries, Asia Times Online is reporting that an explicit directive by the Chinese government has notified reserve managers to sell all risky US assets, including asset backed and corporates, and just hold on to explicitly guaranteed Treasuries and Agency debt. And from following TIC data we know that China’s enthusiasm for MBS/Agencies over the past year has been matched solely by that of one Bill Gross. Continue reading

Yemen on the Brink: Implications for U.S. Policy – Ron Paul

Mr. Chairman, I am extremely concerned over current US policy toward Yemen, which I believe will backfire and leave the United States less safe and much poorer. Increasing US involvement in Yemen may be sold as a fight against terrorism, but in fact it is more about expanding US government control and influence over this strategically-placed nation at the gateway to Asia. Continue reading

Internet Censorship: Major Truth-Providing Websites Blocked By Asia Netcom To New Zealand Users

Has Chinese-style internet censorship arrived in New Zealand this year?  The question is posed because two major news websites, and, both of which are run by documentary maker and radio show host Alex Jones, who is renowned for exposing the truths the mainstream media attempts to conceal,  were found to be have been selectively blocked on Friday evening and were still unavailable at the time of writing. Continue reading

Building Blocks Towards an Asia-Pacific Union

Although some may have viewed President Barack Obama’s recent Asian trip as uneventful and perhaps unsuccessful, he appears to have recommitted to the principles of globalization as the answer to the world’s economic woes. Obama declared his intentions for the U.S. to be fully engaged in Asia economically, politically, and in areas of security. He announced that America would join negotiations for a Trans-Pacific deal. This could be used as an opportunity for the U.S. to reassert its leadership in regards to trade initiatives and might also serve as a stepping stone for a larger free trade agreement. Continue reading

Why Does The U.S. Have An Empire In Asia? – Paul Craig Roberts

The US government is now so totally under the thumbs of organized interest groups that “our” government can no longer respond to the concerns of the American people who elect the president and the members of the House and Senate. Continue reading

Webinar Transcript: The War on the Dollar

Last week, I showed you the most shocking numbers I’ve seen in my lifetime: Continue reading – Ex-FBI Translator Claims Spying at DoD

After seven years of forced silence, a government whistleblower is opening up on what she learned while working as a Turkish translator for the FBI in the wake of 9/11 Continue reading

Dangerous Crossroads: U.S. Expands Asian NATO Against China, Russia

On October 12 the United States and India launched an eighteen-day military exercise codenamed Yudh Abhyas (war study) in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Described as “one of their largest-ever ground combat joint exercises,” [1], the war games “involve the Indian Army Motorized Infantry Battalion and the 2nd Squadron of 14 CAV of 25 Stryker Brigade Combat Team, comprising some 320 U.S. servicemen.” [2] Continue reading

China begins mass vaccinations for swine flu

China kicked off mass vaccinations for swine flu Monday in Beijing, making it apparently the first nation in the world to start innoculating its population against the virus. Continue reading

Hatoyama’s New Path and Washington’s Anxiety

“The financial crisis has suggested to many that the era of U.S. unilateralism may come to an end. It has also raised doubts about the permanence of the dollar as the key global currency. I also feel that as a result of the failure of the Iraq war and the financial crisis, the era of U.S.-led globalism is coming to an end and that we are moving toward an era of multipolarity.” Continue reading

MSM: Forbes Reports the Dollar Has Collapsed

The U.S. dollar reached its lowest point against the euro this year due to a myriad of forces including rising global stocks and commodities prices, low interest rates, and investors diversifying out of Treasury debt and into other assets including U.S. stocks with the Dow Jones industrial average approaching 9500 in late afternoon trading. Continue reading

Links: 2009 Severe Drought News

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The US Denounces Iran While running fake elections in Afghanistan

This week’s presidential election in Afghanistan will be an elaborate piece of political theater designed to show increasingly uneasy Western voters that progress is being made in the war-torn nation after seven years of US-led occupation. Continue reading

Bombshell: Bin Laden Worked for US Till 9/11

Former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds dropped a bombshell on the Mike Malloy radio show, guest-hosted by Brad Friedman (audio, partial transcript). Continue reading

MSM: Solar eclipse shrouds Asia in darkness after dawn

(Yahoo) – The longest solar eclipse of the 21st century pitched a swath of Asia into near-darkness after dawn, as millions watched the once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon Wednesday. A woman was killed in a stampede at the Ganges river in India, where devout Hindus had gathered for the eclipse. Continue reading

British Empire’s Warfare Raging Though South and Central Asia

(LPAC) – The British Empire is waging hot warfare throughout South and Central Asia, from Xinjiang in western China, through Afghanistan-Pakistan, to the North Caucasus region of Russia, as the Obama Administration’s insane surge policy gets underway. Continue reading

The Big Whorehouse On The Potomac – Paul Craig Roberts

As Americans celebrate July 4th, they can contemplate that the union of “free and independent states,” like the former British colonial power, has evolved into its final manifestation – a complete whore house. While Members of Parliament in London charge their expense accounts with every personal expenditure, including the rental of adult xxx-rated films, an American newspaper put the reporting of public policy out to bids until blew the whistle. Continue reading

Beyond Politics: People for Sale in Hungry World

One might be tempted to dismiss the recent findings of the US State Department on human trafficking as largely political. But do not be too hasty. Continue reading

Bailing the corrupt – Billions Starving

UN food agency reports a sixth of the world’s people are undernourished ¯1.02 billion people are hungry. Continue reading

MSM: Global airlines to lose 9 billion dollars in 2009

(Google) – The world’s airlines are expected to lose nine billion dollars this year, industry body IATA has said, describing the current crisis as worse than the aftermath of the September 11 attacks. Continue reading

MSM: WHO backs anti-diarrhoea vaccine

(BBC) – The World Health Organization says a vaccine which can prevent a diarrhoea and vomiting virus should be given to all children as a routine vaccination. Continue reading

MSM: Russia creates its own version of NATO in Central Asia to be prepared for big war

(Pravda) – The Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) follows the instructions from President Dmitry Medvedev, who ordered to increase the military constituent and develop the coalition force development. A strong military group, which may appear in Central Asia in the nearest future, will make the CSTO become an analogue of NATO. Continue reading

Australian Military Buildup And The Rise Of Asian NATO

On March 2, 2009 the Australian Department of Defence released a 140-page white paper called Defending Australia in the Asia Pacific century: force 2030 (1), which announced $72 billion in new military spending for an island nation of barely 20 million inhabitants with no adversaries except those it chooses to make for itself. Continue reading

MSM: Protesters force cancellation of Asia summit

A summit of Asian leaders in Thailand has been cancelled after anti-government protesters breeched security and swarmed into the complex where it is being held. Continue reading

MSM: Toxic debts could reach $4 trillion, IMF to warn

Toxic debts racked up by banks and insurers could spiral to $4 trillion (£2.7 trillion), new forecasts from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are set to suggest. Continue reading

MSM: Role and value of U.S. dollar set to fall: Asia think tanks

The role of the U.S. dollar as the key global currency will decline after the financial crisis, and its value may also weaken due to America’s current account deficit, officials at some of Asia’s top think tanks said. Continue reading

Taliban Truce and the Coming Storm in South Asia

With growing instability and political turmoil inside Afghanistan and Pakistan, due in no small measure to American efforts on both sides of the “Afpak” divide to “stabilize” the region for multinational energy companies, this spring will see the rise of combat operations inside both countries.

Pakistan is already feeling the heat generated by the imperialist Dracula and the jihadi Frankenstein. Continue reading

MSM: China loves Blackstone’s ‘American Dream’ – 5-28-07

And Buffett warns about ‘selling off the farm’ to feed our addictions

Remember America’s so-called “ownership society?” Oh, you forgot that political rhetoric? Well, China didn’t. It’s cashing in on the “American Dream.” Why? The country is tired of lending us megabucks to fund our mega trade deficits to indulge in our mega out-of-control addiction to their “stuff.” Continue reading

Surging towards a US-NATO Military Disaster: Obama’s Escalating War in Central and South Asia

On February 18, President Barack Obama ordered 17,000 additional U.S. troops deployed to Afghanistan. Obama’s announcement will result in a major escalation of America’s bloody occupation of that war-ravaged country. Continue reading

Obama Seeks Russo-Iranian War

Warmonger Barak Obama is at it again, not only does he promote chaos in Asia with his program of bombing Pakistan , but now he is promoting a conflict between Russia and Iran . Continue reading

Financial plot; Soros; Russia Iran Venezuela; Indonesia

Soros, Jewish Hungarian-born American financial speculator, former member of the Board of Directors of the Council on Foreign Relations, former member of the Carlyle Group. He is pro-Israel and anti-Russia.

Is the financial crisis part of a plot?

If there is a plot, is one of its aims the weakening of Russia, Iran and Venezuela?

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MSM: CNN – World stocks get hit

Oct 6 7:06am† Change %Change Level
FTSE 100 -272.96 -5.48% 4,707.29
XETRA-DAX -322.07 -5.56% 5,474.96
CAC 40 -250.71 -6.14% 3,830.04
HANG SENG -878.64 -4.97% 16,803.76
NIKKEI 225 -465.05 -4.25% 10,473.09
U.S. Dollar vs Euro -0.0037 -0.27% 1.3592
U.S. Dollar vs Yen -1.8100 -1.72% 0.0097
U.S. Dollar vs UK £ -0.00 -0.18% 1.76

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US ‘Will lose financial superpower status’ If Bailout Occurs.

The US will lose its role as a global financial “superpower” in the wake of the financial crisis, Peer Steinbrück, German finance minister, forecast on Thursday in the most outspoken comments by a senior European government figure since Wall Street plunged into chaos two weeks ago.
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Joe Biden: Russia, China, India: “The Real War”

On Aug 27 2008 at the Democratic Convention in Denver, Vice-presidential candidate Sen. Joseph Biden presented the plan for the real war, the war against China, Russia. He repeated the key points pushed by Zbigniew Brzezinski in his obsessive determination to go to the final clash with Russia and Asia. Continue reading

Russia develops military forces, strategic alliances to counter U.S.

The current conflict between Georgia and Russia provides a stark expression of the enormous tensions between the major powers. Behind the eruption of fighting over the breakaway republics of South Ossetia and Abkhazia lies growing economic and strategic rivalry between the United States and Russia, in particular for control of the vast oil and gas resources and energy pipelines of Central Asia. Continue reading

MSM: Natural enemy of warming

In this article by Takamitsu Sawa in The Times of Japan, we can observe how the falsified claim that climate change is manmade, along with its effects, are being used as a pretext to promulgate GM crops around the world. We will also observe that even if the claims regarding climate change were actually true, they would have been mitigated by the limits on economic growth that are alluded to in the Club of Rome’s own documentation.

In a 1972 report titled “Limits of Growth,” the Club of Rome stated that economic growth would be limited by the finite nature of natural resources. Mankind has overcome some of these limits by developing alternative energy sources and conserving energy. Today, though, it appears that the limits will lead to the mitigation of climate change and global warming.

We should perhaps contemplate daily, if not hourly, the reasons why the myth of manmade Global Warming has been disseminated, as well as who stands to gain from it – and what should be done with those who have knowingly supported the agenda.

Full article follows.

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Video: The Dollar is Doomed and the Fed’s Days are Numbered

Jim Rogers says Asia is the future, the dollar is a terribly flawed currency and he doesn’t want to own any, oil will certainly pass $200/barrel soon, and the (privately owned) Federal Reserve will disappear within the next decade. Continue reading