Biofuels emit 400 percent more CO2 than regular fuels

(NaturalNews) – A recent report issued by the European Union has revealed that biofuels, or fuel made from living, renewable sources, is not really all that beneficial to the environment. Rather than reduce the net carbon footprint as intended, biofuels can produce four times more carbon dioxide pollution than conventional fossil fuels do. Continue reading

10 reasons why we don’t need GM foods

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With the cost of food recently skyrocketing – hitting not just shoppers but the poor and hungry in the developing world – genetically modified (GM) foods are once again being promoted as the way to feed the world. But this is little short of a confidence trick. Far from needing more GM foods, there are urgent reasons why we need to ban them altogether. Continue reading

Video: President Obama’s reference to climate change in State of the Union draws laughter

Last night President Barack Obama gave a lengthy State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress. While hitting on important issues such as the economy and jobs, his mere mention of climate change science drew laughter and guffaws from the gathered dignitaries and legislators. Continue reading

MSM: International Paper Treads Monsanto’s Path to ‘Frankenforests’

(Bloomberg) – International Paper Co., the world’s largest pulp and paper maker, plans to remake commercial forests in the same way Monsanto Co. revolutionized farms with genetically modified crops. Continue reading

The Environmental Food Crisis: A Crisis of Waste

Over half of the food produced globally is lost, wasted or discarded as a result of inefficiency in the human-managed food chain, finds a new study by the United Nations Environment Program released today. Continue reading

Biofuels More Harmful to Humans Than Petrol and Diesel, Warn Scientists

Corn-based bioethanol has higher burden on environment and human health, says US study.

Some biofuels cause more health problems than petrol and diesel, according to scientists who have calculated the health costs associated with different types of fuel. Continue reading

Index Research: On The Road To Extinction

Mr. Bush’s (and ViPer Cheney’s) contempt for endangered species reflects a similar contempt for civilian lives in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine. Continue reading