Senate Rubber Stamps National Enslavement Bill

The Senate last night rubber stamped a nightmare domestic draft bill that legislates mandatory national service and creates an “army” of at least 7 million civilian enforcers working at the the behest of the government, while also containing language that threatens to ban free speech and the right to protest. Continue reading

Gaza: Analysis, Pictures, Video Material

With the Gaza “cease fire” in place for one week (after Israeli forces murdered at least 450 Children), the Beit Sahour vigil that was held daily for the past 22 days will be transformed to increased action.  Tomorrow (Monday) at 10 AM local, Palestinian Civil Society Organizations in the Bethlehem area will hold a second work day for Gaza where we will be emailing, writing media and politicians, sharing ideas and developing strategies to develop the Boycotts, Divestments, and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel as well as bringing Israeli leaders to justice for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Continue reading