Verichip , Brain Scanning and the religion of Transhumanism – A sign of the times – A Neo Luddite’s perspective

“I always tell my students that there is no science fiction anymore. All the science fiction I read in high school, we’re doing,” Paul Root Wolpe, Center for Ethics at Emory University in Atlanta
We have moved past science fiction, in fact if one is following technology trends, Moore’s Law states the long-term trend in the history of computing hardware advances should double every two years, months are not accurate. Continue reading

Holdren Proposed Geo-engineering Option at 2007 Goldman Sachs Conference

It seems there is no limit to the outrageous proposals issued by current science czar and neo-Malthusian miscreant John P. Holdren. Continue reading

Ex-IBM Employee reveals TV Abandoned Analog Band to Make Room for RFID Chips

According to a former 31-year IBM employee, the highly-publicized, mandatory switch from analog to digital television is mainly being done to free up analog frequencies and make room for scanners used to read implantable RFID microchips and track people and products throughout the world. Continue reading