Former Secretary of Defense William Cohen Admits to Eco-Terrorism – Man Made Earthquakes

The U.S. has weapons of mass destruction that can WIPE OUT the planet earth and Haiti is just the beginning. When you see destruction in Iran, Velenzuela and Cuba soon then don’t be surprised why. Continue reading

MSM: Infomation Warfare – Instant Hacker In A Box

Expanding on a hacker analysis tool (COFEE, or Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor)  Microsoft developed for the police and military two years ago, there’s now a similar tool that enables a non-hacker to analyze wireless network activity, and determine which targets can be attacked with a variety of hacker tools and weapons. DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) has several teams (including one from the navy and another from the air force) developing versions of this cyberattack system. Continue reading