Conficker, Cyber Emergency, and the Internet Kill Switch

(Cryptome) – Conficker is a computer worm which has been infecting PC’s on the Internet since November 2008. Worryingly, nothing is publicly known of its mission, because it has yet to do anything of great note. Conficker is building and maintaining a powerful network of enslaved computers, and machines infected with the worm can be made obey the whims of Conficker’s unknown commanders. Its advanced peer-to-peer networking design makes the program’s control network difficult for Internet providers to shut down. Today this strange worm constitutes a powerful overlay of control across an unknown vastness of Internet-connected computers. With the exception of distributing some small-time malware, however, it has been essentially dormant. Conficker is like an army, recruiting and training for two and a half years, with no history save for robbing the corner store. Continue reading

Video: American Indians Enslaved by the Federal Government – John Stoessel

Libertarian TV reporter John Stoessel does an excellent exposé on how the United States Department of the Interior is destroying the last vestiges of the American Indian population in this country through the “carrot stick” of government welfare. What’s almost as outrageous as this atrocious situation itself occurs at the end of this exposé when Stoessel attempts to interview then-Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt about it and Babbitt refuses to be interviewed. Continue reading

Gun Control’s Nazi Connection!

Startling evidence suggests that the Gun Control Act of 1968 was lifted, almost in its entirety, from Nazi legislation. Continue reading

Megadeth Awakens to the New World Order

Megadeth is rumored to have woken up to the New World Order after having viewed Alex Jones’ ground breaking documentary “EndGame.”  Now Megadeth has come out with their new album entitled “Endgame.”  You can read the lyrics below from their politically charged title track. Continue reading

A New World Order of the People (Part 1 of 4)

I. Introduction

We live in hard times both as Americans and as human beings. Our world is falling apart, largely thanks to the corruption and ambitions of a few individuals who have no desire but to see us enslaved to them through some vague common action and manipulated through a few choice words. Their intents are clear; their objectives are becoming more easily understood. Luckily, history shows that when the weight of corruption becomes too much on a society that old world falls apart and something new and pure takes its place. We live in a time, where we feel the world is coming to an end, but this is not speaking of the physical world for it will remain but what will be coming to an end are our old understandings of the world and society we live in. If you wish to know where we as a species are going than the word “transitioning” would describe what is occurring. Continue reading