Conspiracy to engage in aggressive and illegal war – Yoo, Bybee, and Disinformation

(DavidSwanson) – Everything you’re reading about torture lawyers John Yoo and Jay Bybee getting off the hook is wrong. They are not torture lawyers, they are not off the hook, there never was any hook, they may not be lawyers for long, impeachment and indictment are on the agenda, and you have a role to play. Continue reading

2 GOP-Appointed Judges Shame America

The federal Appeals Court decision to toss a lawsuit claiming contractors tortured detainees in Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison is what you’d expect from a tyranny. Continue reading

CIA Atrocities Revealed to a National Shrug

We Have met The Nazis, And They Are Us
Godwin’s Law be damned–it’s impossible to read the newly-released CIA report on the torture of Muslim prisoners without thinking of the Third Reich. Continue reading

Video: Shimkus – Capping CO2 a greater ‘assault on democracy’ than 9/11

Yesterday, Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL) described President Obama’s energy plan as “the largest assault on democracy and freedom in this country that I’ve ever experienced.” Continue reading

Kucinich to Introduce 60 Impeachment Articles if Stymied in House

Appearing on the Alex Jones Show today, Dennis Kucinich, the Ohio Congressman and former 2008 Democrat presidential candidate, said if the House fails to act on his articles of impeachment, or if the articles are sabotaged in committee, he will come back with 60 articles. Continue reading