NATO In The Persian Gulf

From Third World War To the Istanbul Cooperation Initiative

The NATO summit held in the Turkish city of Istanbul on June 28-29, 2004 was nothing less than epochal in terms of its geopolitical repercussions, where several historical thresholds were crossed and post-World War II international taboos violated. Continue reading

The End of the Affair

Obama and the antiwar movement

As the euphoria of the Obama cult builds toward a climax and the pundits declaim the advent of Something Big, it’s the small changes that concern me, particularly those that touch directly on my job, which is to sniff out the War Party wherever it is presently burrowed. The election of Barack Obama has been the signal for many of them to migrate like fleas from the carcasses of the campaigns they attached themselves to and hop on the warm body of the new administration, which presents a rather large target. It’s a new day, and in the age of Obama, the War Party’s battalions are massed on the ostensible Left. Now that’s the kind of change I can believe in.
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