Video: Don’t Become What You Are Fighting – Luke Rudkowski

(WeAreChange) – This is an excerpt from Luke Rudkowski’s inspiring and informative speech at the Treason in America Conference. Continue reading

Video: COP15 – UN climate conference turns into expression of police state

(December 13, 2009) – Copenhagen, Denmark – More than 200 People were arrested today as they tried to march towards the port in protest of the COP15 UN climate change conference. Employing newly passed police powers legislation, the police stopped a non violent march after escorting it for more than 45 minutes. Simultaneously charging the sound truck and attacking journalists trying to document the event, the scene turned to chaos within minutes. Continue reading

Why are Monsanto Insiders Now Appointed to Protect Your Food Safety?

(DrMercola) – As I write this I am in Washington DC for the International Vaccine Conference and I just did a 12 hour amazing tour of the Capitol that I will describe later, along with pictures that I will post on Facebook. So politics and patriotism is fresh in my mind. Continue reading

Iran: Israel attack triggers full-scale response

(PressTV) – A senior Iranian official has warned that any aggression against his country would trigger a “decisive and full-scale response”. Continue reading

Video: Lindsey Williams on ‘The InfoWarrior’ with Jason Bermas

Jason welcomes Lindsey Williams, the economic analyst who accurately predicted both the recent rise and fall in oil prices. – “Super Hyper Inflation Coming Soon” – April 10, 2009 Continue reading