Conflicts of interest? Clinton Foundation top donors include Norway, Saudi Arabia, Gates Foundation

(BusinessWeek) – COMMENT: The original headline, ‘Clinton donor list doesn’t say who gave in ‘09′ reflects an earlier lack of reporting; the Foundation has now updated with greater disclosure. As the AP reports, “The foundation released a donor list Friday morning that didn’t identify who gave in 2009, but then updated it to provide that information.” Therefore, Business Week’s headline is no longer up-to-date while the report is still worthwhile. Continue reading

Video: Top Norwegian diplomat admits attending Bilderberg Group

Top Norwegian diplomat  Thorvald Stoltenberg admits his permanent seating from 1995 – 2007 and attendance at the Bilderberg group meetings. Thorvald is the father of the current Prime Minister in Norway ( Jens Stoltenberg). Continue reading

‘Just War’ Is Just Words – Ralph Nader

President Obama, the Afghan war escalator, received the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway, and proceeded to deliver his acceptance speech outlining the three criteria for a “just war” which he himself is violating. Continue reading

WHO-Linked Scientists Mixing Swine And Bird Flu To Create Deadly Virus

(FluCase) – Swine flu and bird flu viruses are being mixed together by French professor , Bruno Lina, affiliated with WHO, potentially creating a lethal virus writes Ester Nordland on the internet news site Norway Health. Continue reading

Sharp Rise of 500,000 Norwegians Infected with Swine Flu Last Week

Swine flu A/H1N1 spreads quickly but is largely mild. It is way milder than seasonal flu. In fact, a lot of people recover without seeing the doctor. The mortality rate is far lower than that of seasonal flu too. So, we must not submit to the fear mongering of the pharmaceutical cartel. I am highlighting this case, because I believe swine flu is bio-engineered. Coupled with the hemorrhagic pneumonia of Ukraine, we need to keep an eye on unusual flu ‘events’. Continue reading

MSM: Doctor – 90% of war casualties at Gaza hospital were civilians

(Haaretz) – Ninety percent of casualties brought to Gaza’s main hospital during Israel’s winter offensive against Hamas were civilians, according to a new book by one of Norway’s most famous and controversial physicians, Dr. Mads Gilbert. Continue reading

FDA Declares Mercury Amalgam Fillings Safe for All

(NaturalNews) – His mercury fillings were gray And he chewed on them every day. But the stuff reached his brain And it drove him insane Now he works for the FDA
– by Mike Adams Continue reading

Norway Has 23 Case of H1N1, Decides to Vaccinate Entire Population

Norway falls victim to the hype dished out by Big Pharma and its partner in crime, the U.N.’s World Health Organization. From the Norway Post: Continue reading

Who Is Winning the Arctic Game of Monopoly?

There are five states competing for control of the Arctic’s oil and gas reserves, with Russia leading the pack. The US looks likely to remain on the sidelines, but what opportunities will the natural resource grab present for Canada, Norway and Greenland? Continue reading

MSM: New US Energy Program for Climate Solution, IEA and Norwegian Energy Study Concludes – Revolutionary New Energy Technologies Must Be Supported Now

Starting this month and running until June 2, US Department of Energy (DOE) is accepting concept papers for New Energy Technology projects that disrupt the status quo. Continue reading

MSM: Norway trade union – Boycott Israel if peace process fails

Norway’s largest labor union urged the Scandinavian country on Saturday to lead an international boycott of Israel if it did not reach a peace agreement with the Palestinians. Continue reading

MSM: Russia warns of war within a decade over Arctic oil and gas riches

(TIMES) – Russia raised the prospect of war in the Arctic yesterday as nations struggle for control of the world’s dwindling energy reserves. Continue reading

MSM: Norway in preparedness for the Mexico flu

The Norwegian health authorities are making preparations for emergency procedures in the event that the dreaded new Mexico swine flu should spread to Europe and turn into a pandemic. Continue reading

Norway lawyers to charge Olmert with war crimes

Attorneys seek to charge top officials, accuse Israel of ‘massive terror attacks’ in Gaza Continue reading

Gaza Aid Prevented by U.S.

The United States (U.S.) Patriot Act is preventing Save The Children Norway from rebuilding schools in Gaza. The organization is in despair. Continue reading

MSM: Mass migrations and war – Dire climate scenario

If we don’t deal with climate change decisively, “what we’re talking about then is extended world war,” the eminent economist said. Continue reading

The Arctic in NATO’s Crosshairs

The endless desert of snow and ice has always been a subject for dispute among politicians, diplomats and scientists. The Arctic territory has now become a subject of a military dispute.

NATO has declared it a strategically important region. The announcement was made by NATO spokesman James Appathurai who also said a meeting with the participation of high-ranking NATO officials is to take place January 28-29 in Reykjavik, Iceland.
Continue reading

MSM: Russia’s nuclear deterrent in good shape – Medvedev

MOSCOW: Russia has successfully test-fired four long-range nuclear-capable missiles over the weekend in an unprecedented show of force that has not been seen since the Cold War era. Continue reading