Video: Passengers grabbed Israeli weapons to stop the killing

After seeing passengers shot at close range they tried to grab the weapons to stop the killing. Kenneth Nichols O’Keefe was later beaten by the Israelis.

A US war veteran said yesterday he confronted Israeli commandos when they raided a Gaza-bound aid ship which he had boarded as a peace activist, Anatolia news agency reported.
Kenneth Nichols O’Keefe, his face bruised and still stained with blood, flew to Istanbul from Tel Aviv, on his way to Ireland, the report said.
“We overpowered three Israeli commandos. They looked at us… They thought we would kill them, but we let them go,” O’Keefe said, adding he took the weapon of one of the soldiers and emptied it, according to Anatolia.
The ex-marine said he saw five people being killed on board the Mavi Marmara. Continue reading

MSM: $200m ‘behaviour detection’ officers fail to spot a single terrorist at airports

(Telegraph) – A team of more than 3,000 “behaviour detection” officers hired to spot terrorists at US airports have failed to catch a single person despite costing the taxpayer $200 million (£140 million) last year. Continue reading

Airline Attack News

(SMH) – US orders body searches after botched airline attack
Australians travelling to the United States should arrive at the airport one hour early to allow for body searches introduced in the wake of an airline bomb scare on Christmas Day. Read More Here
(KurtNimmo) – Napolitano Sheepishly Acknowledges Security System Failed
Homeland Security boss Janet Napolitano has backtracked from statements over the weekend that all is well with the police state grid at airports, a control matrix supposedly set-up to protect us from the CIA and its demented and brainwashed Islamic minions. Read More Here
(KurtNimmo) – Man Videotaped Underwear Bomber On Flight 253
For ABC News and the corporate media, it is a foregone conclusion. The Christmas underwear bomber is al-Qaeda. Read More Here
(Infowars) – Al-CIA-Duh Claims Responsibility for Fudged Underwear Bombing
Three days after the underwear bomber managed to detonate a blasting cap and burn himself in the air above Detroit, the CIA and bogus global jihadist network have claimed responsibility for the boneheaded “attack.” Read More Here
(PressTV) – Terror suspect was on UK, US watch list
The Nigerian terror suspect, who made a failed attempt to detonate a bomb on a plane on Christmas day, has been on UK and US terrorist watch lists. Read More Here
Did Northwest Atempted Bomber Mutallab Get On Plane Without Passport?
This could turn into a shocking security lapse if true. A Michigan man Kurt Haskell, who flew on Northwest Airlines Flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit believes he witnessed alleged terrorist bomber, Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab, trying to board the plane earlier in the day without a passport. Read More Here
(AntiWar) – The Lap Bomber Mystery
It just wouldn’t be Christmas in the age of terror if we didn’t have a visitation, ostensibly from al-Qaeda, now would it? ‘Tis the season, and all that. Recall Richard Reid, the “shoe bomber,” arrested on December 22, 2001, for trying to blow up American Airlines flight 63, coming into Miami from Paris. Read More Here
(Fox) – Al Qaeda Claims Responsibility for Attempted Bombing of U.S. Plane
Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula on Monday claimed responsibility for the attack on a U.S. airliner bound for Detroit on Christmas Day, saying it was retaliation for a U.S. operation against the group in Yemen. Read More Here
(Telegraph) – Detroit terror attack: Yemen is the true home of Al-Qaeda
The Detroit airline bomb plot was planned in the land of bin Laden’s ancestors. Richard Spencer reports. Read More Here
(NewsWithViews) – Christmas Terror Attempt May Open Door For Military Action In U.S. Cities
A passenger onboard a flight from the Netherlands to the United States allegedly attempted to blow up the aircraft as it was landing at Detroit Metropolitan Airport, according to a source with the FBI-NYPD Joint Terrorism Task Force. Read More Here
(KurtNimmo) – Gibbs: Don’t Disagree With Obama On Response to Underwear Bomber
On Sunday, as details emerged about the absurdity of the underwear bomber, Obama’s press secretary Robert Gibbs warned critics of the administration not to take issue with Obama. Read More Here
Leaked: Homeland Security’s Post Underwear Bomb Airplane Rules
Editor’s note: The new rules do not apply to the elite and their nomenklatura. Read More Here

Airports Given H1N1 Quarantine Powers By Federal Government

Passengers may be screened for swine flu when leaving, entering U.S. Continue reading