MSM: Agencies to set up mass swine flu vaccinations

(SFGate) – Public health experts are gearing up for swine flu vaccinations this fall in what could be the largest mass-immunization campaign since the polio vaccine was introduced more than 50 years ago. Continue reading

MSM: Flu vaccinations ‘in September’

(BBC) – A swine flu vaccination programme will start in September, Health Minister Michael McGimpsey has said. Continue reading

Pioneer spirit needed during tough times

These are good days for survivalists, those dour predictors of dire times who’ve said all along we’d better prepare for the worst.

With people losing jobs, homes and life savings through no fault of their own, and with natural disasters, oil shortages and terrorists in the news, those long-predicted grim times may have arrived. Continue reading

Minister launches new advertising on emergency preparedness

The television ad works backwards in time to show a family successfully coping through 72 hours of an emergency situation, thanks to having prepared an emergency kit. Continue reading