Video: The Chemistry of Monsanto – 100% Safe. Unless… – Shelly Roche

(ByteStyle.TV) – In honor of Earth Day, I thought I’d do a little research on my favorite company… Monsanto. Specifically, the “safety” protocol they used to bring their flagship product, RoundUp weed-killer, to market. Disgusting, really: Continue reading

Tamiflu anti-viral drug revealed as complete hoax; Roche studies based on scientific fraud

(NaturalNews) – When it comes to selling chemicals that claim to treat H1N1 swine flu, the pharmaceutical industry’s options are limited to two: Vaccines and anti-virals. The most popular anti-viral, by far, is Tamiflu, a drug that’s actually derived from a Traditional Chinese Medicine herb called star anise. Continue reading

Video: ACTA – Internet Users Guilty Until Proven Innocent

(RussiaToday) – Restrictions being negotiated almost entirely in secret could place restrictions on internet service providers even leading to the cancellation of Internet privileges for repeat offenders. Dina Gusovsky talks to Shelly Roche of the Ladies of Liberty Alliance about the potential restrictions and what they mean for ordinary Internet users. Continue reading

MSM: Companies reap the swine flu windfall

(Reuters) – Healthcare companies are reaping the benefits of a global swine flu pandemic, brightening what might otherwise have been a dismal third quarter and bringing new focus on the market for vaccines. Continue reading

Pharma Pushing Virus Theory for Blood Pressure: Thinly-Veiled Attempt to Push “Blood Pressure Vaccine”

(NaturalNews) – A new study suggesting that a common virus might play a role in hypertension has some suggesting that a vaccine might be developed against high blood pressure. Continue reading

FDA Approves “Emergency Rules” for Mass Medication of Population with Anti-Viral Drugs

(NaturalNews) – The FDA has approved using the antiviral drugs Tamiflu and Relenza without many of the normal protections, in response to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) declaration of a health emergency in response to H1N1 swine flu. Continue reading

Video: Secret FDA Memos Reveal Concerns About Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs)

Shelly Roche – September 9th, 2009 Continue reading

Video: My Passive Aggressive Response to YouTube Yanking My Cybersecurity Video

(ShellyRoche) – YouTube disabled this video yesterday due to “Inappropriate Content.” It obviously does NOT violate the Terms of Service, but there’s no way to contact YouTube to appeal their decision. Continue reading

The Hidden Truth Behind Drug Company Profits

(Truthout) – Ring-fencing medical knowledge is one of the great grotesqueries of our age. Continue reading

The Spin Behind The “No Health Benefits To Organic Food” Scam

According to the UK’s Food Standards Agency, and as gleefully reported today by the BBC, ‘Organic has no health benefits’, so we can all breath a sigh of relief and return to eating pesticide and chemical filled garbage. There’s probably no health benefits to unleaded paint then, eh? Any benefits left in quitting smoking? Do we even need to debunk this utter foolishness? Continue reading

Video: The End of Small Farms? – HR 2749, HR 875, HR 759, NAIS & Monsanto

(ShellyRoche) – UPDATE:

America’s small farmers are under attack through a series of bills presented under the guise of “food safety.” I don’t want to lose my freedom to grow, buy and eat real foods. Let’s fight for our small farmers who not only need our protection and support, but actual freeing from government intrusion, control and harm. Continue reading

MSM: First defense against swine flu – seasonal vaccine

(Reuters) – U.S. health officials strengthened their recommendations for seasonal flu vaccines on Friday, saying all children aged 6 months to 18 years should be immunized — especially because of the H1N1 flu pandemic. Continue reading

MSM: Swine Flu May Be Human Error; WHO Probes Scientist’s Claim

(Bloomberg) – The World Health Organization is investigating a claim by an Australian researcher that the swine flu virus circling the globe may have been created as a result of human error. Continue reading

Video: Warning – Food Freedom Under Attack! HR 759 is in Committee & worse than HR 875

HR 759 has eclipsed HR 875 as a danger to America’s small farmers. Currently in committee, and more likely to pass, NOW is the time to act to stop this threat to our freedom to buy, grow and eat real foods. A vote is expected by Memorial day.

Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people, – Henry Kissinger Continue reading

What you should keep in mind about Swine-Avian-US flu

As the current crisis develops we are looking forward to more facts coming out. Unfortunately right now, the official news is not to be trusted to give a full analysis. Also unfortunate, there is so much information from the past that there will not be enough space to put it all down here. Continue reading

Swine Flu Scare: Stock Market Bonanza for “Politically Connected” BioTech Companies

The Swine Flu scare has boosted the stock market values of Big Pharma. Following initial reports from Mexico on the influenza outbreak, the demand for anti-flu drugs has skyrocketed.

Continue reading

Video: Freedom Watch Tax Day – Napolitano

The Tax Day version of Freedom Watch with guests Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, Lew Rockwell, Michelle Muccio, Dr. Liam Fox, and Shelly Roche. Continue reading

Drug Companies Draw Up Doctor Hit List

Well we knew it was the case all along but this week there are emails released as part of Vioxx litigation in Australia against the drug company Merck related to Vioxx induced heart attacks, that show that Merck drew up a “hit list” of doctors in academia whose opinions about Vioxx were negative in order to “neutralise” or “discredit” them (their words, not mine). One of the emails stated: Continue reading