Video: The Intel Hub with Adrian Salbuchi

(IntelHub) – August 3rd 2010 – The Intel Hub with your Host Shepard Ambellas. Shepard was joined by researcher Adrian Salbuchi for an in depth article on the world elite. Continue reading

Video: Salbuchi – 2010 Forecast – Transition from Globalization to World Government

Analyst Adrian Salbuchi from Argentina, proposes a Model that helps to understand the dynamics of what is currently taking place in the world, which he defines as the overlapping and increasingly violent process that marks the end of Globalization and the birth of World Government.
This three part video also explores 12 Key Factors that will trigger this Transition Continue reading

Video: Salbuchi – False Flag Attacks in Argentina – AMIA and Israeli Embassy Bldgs

Argentina suffered its two worst terrorist bomb attcks in March 1992 and July 1994 against the Israeli Embassy and AMIA Jewish Mutual Building, respectively. Both were in Buenos Aires and show all the traces of False Flags. Continue reading

Video: “We, The People…” – The Insurrection

Adrian Salbuchi begins a series of videos with some specific ideas, proposals and suggestions regarding what each of us CAN DO to fight the coming World Government, irrespective of where you are, what your work is, and what your resources – large or small – may be. Continue reading

Global Crisis: How Much Time do We Have? – Adrian Salbuchi

A good doctor is one who will tell his patient what ails him, no matter how bad the news… A good doctor begins by making a correct diagnosis of his patient’s condition. A bad doctor, however, either cannot make a proper diagnosis (because he lacks expertise) or, worst still, he hides the truth from his patient… Continue reading

Video: Salbuchi – Global Meltdown – What We Can & Should Do

Describes what needs to be done regarding the Financial Meltdown. Put the financial system in its proper place and bring Health to the Economy. All based on the Argentine experience of having suffered systemic collapses, hrperinflation and the gross corruption of wanton speculation. Continue reading

Key Factors For Founding The Sovereign Nation Of Argentina

The Fundamentals

The vast majority of Argentine citizens thoroughly reject and abhor the decades-long destructive action which local politicians have perpetrated against our people and country. Continue reading

Video: Adrian Salbuchi on the Alex Jones Show

Alex talks with researcher, author and speaker, host of the Buenos Aires talk-show El Traductor Radial and founder of the Argentine Second Republic Movement. Continue reading