Video: Alan Watt on Alex Jones Tv – Divide & Conquer

Alex welcomes back to the show Alan Watt, New World Order researcher, radio talk show host, and author of Cutting Through 3 — Esoteric Unveiled and the Meaning of Revelations in the High Masonic Tradition and other books.

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One thought on “Video: Alan Watt on Alex Jones Tv – Divide & Conquer

  1. Two years ago, I didn’t believe ANY of this eugenics stuff. But once I began to pay attention, it became evident that there is a lot of truth to what is being said here. Also, as a Divinity student at a major religious university, I have had a unique opportunity to see this agenda being disseminated through mainline religion. The focus on all this “globalism” in the curriculum made me uneasy from the very start, but now I know what it was that my gut was telling me: there is a concerted effort in the religious academy to indoctrinate its ministers to a globalist agenda in which the individual does not matter, but only the “community.” It escapes their notice that there can be no “common” good without that good being expressed in individuals’ lives. And anyone who questions it is looked at like a moron who suffers from a “lack of understanding.” No REAL critical analysis of these issues is allowed, either through tacit disapproval by professors who usually just ignore probing questions, or through ostracism by the already indoctrinated students. Obviously, I am widely disapproved of and ostracized, not because I have openly criticized what is understood as a “given,” but merely because I have questioned it.
    When I originally went to university twenty years ago, we were encouraged to form our own views, especially radical ones. No more. The current repressive atmosphere is enough to convince me that there is definitely an agenda afoot to which no word of dissent is entertained. What I was applauded for twenty years ago puts me beyond the pale today, and in three years of study here, I have yet to find ANYONE who feels the way I do. I don’t know if others just feel silenced too, or if I am the only one who is awake, but this has been the most lonely and demoralizing experience of my life. But I continue to question, and will not get on board with the globalist agenda. When I finally graduate next Spring, I will do everything in my power–which is admittedly little, discredited as I am before I am even out of the gates–to oppose what I believe is contrary to everything that Christianity SHOULD stand for: individual freedom.

    FYI: Do NOT trust your minister with anything that might get you or a loved one into legal or “psychiatric” trouble. If you wouldn’t tell the police or a social worker, don’t tell your minister, because the ministry are “mandated reporters” who must report what you tell them to the “authorities,” and only one other student has expressed any problem with violating the sacred trust that a parishioner might place in them–all for the “coomon good,” of course. We are taught to turn everyone over to mental health “professionals,” because we are not “qualified” to counsel anyone. I am sure that there must be a few who believe as I do, but I haven’t met them. The academy is churning out a horde of brainwashed social workers and unleashing them on to the church community, so if anyone wants spiritual guidance, I would suggest direct prayer and sheer endurance, because you’re not going to get any from the clergy. (By the way, I have NOT heard anything about the “clergy response teams,” but I certainly believe they exist: the people I go to school with wouldn’t dream of disobeying the “authorities.”) I know that not ALL ministers can be on board with this agenda, especially the older ones, but the younger ones: BEWARE!
    Incidentally, on moral grounds, I have had to reject ordination by any mainline denomination for the very reasons I have just cited, so when I finish, I won’t even be able to get a job to help pay for this expensive “education.” Go figure.

    Sorry to be so long-winded, but this has really, REALLY been bothering me. The mainline churches have been co-opted by the globalist establishment.

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