MSM: “Tea party” activists drawn to Williamsburg and its portrayal of Founding Fathers

(WashingtonPost) – The original Tea Party may have been in Boston, but some modern-day “tea party” activists are finding a powerful narrative this summer at a different historic landmark: Colonial Williamsburg.

Amid the history buffs and parents with young children wandering along the crushed shell paths of Virginia’s restored colonial city, some noticeably angrier and more politically minded tourists can often be found. Continue reading

MSM: Churches urge gun owners to swap weapons for cash

NEW YORK (Map, News) – Go to church – and bring your gun.

That’s what four Brooklyn pastors urge people to do as part of a city program to swap weapons for cash.

The Reverend Richard Beuther, pastor of Saints Peter and Paul Church in Williamsburg, said he hopes the economic crisis will spur gun owners to go for the money. Continue reading