As America Collapses US Government Secret Plans Revealed

A secret meeting of Congress discusses immanent martial law.

March 13, 2008

On March 13th 2008 there was a secret closed door meeting of The United States House Of Representatives in Washington. In the history of The United States this is only the fourth time a secret meeting was held by the house. Even though Representatives are sworn to secrecy by House Rules XVII, some of the members were so shocked, horrified, furious, and concerned about the future of America by what was revealed to them inside the secret meeting, that they have started to leak this secret information to independent news agencies around the world. The mass media said almost nothing about the secret meeting of the House, mentioning only one of the items being discussed. (The new surveillance techniques that are going to be used by the U.S. Government to watch all American citizens). The story was first released in a newspaper out of Brisbane, Australia revealing the contents of the secret U.S. Government meeting and plans for America including all of it’s citizens. Shortly there after, David J. Meyer from Last Trumpet Ministries found it and made it more available for the world to see.

Here is what was revealed:

  • The imminent collapse of the U.S. Economy to occur sometime in late 2008
  • The imminent collapse of the U.S. Government finances sometime in mid 2009
  • The possibility of Civil War inside the United States as a result of the collapse
  • The advance round-ups of “insurgent U.S. Citizens” likely to move against the government
  • The detention of those rounded up at The REX 84 Camps constructed throughout the United States
  • The possibility of public retaliation against members of Congress for the collapses
  • The location of safe facilities for members of Congress and their families to reside during massive civil unrest
  • The necessary and unavoidable merger of The U.S. with Canada and Mexico establishing The North American Union
  • The issuance of a new currency called the AMERO for all three nations as an economic solution.

Except for a few hundred thousand U.S. Patriots, most Americans have no clue what has really been going on within The United States over the past 100 years, and the sad thing is that most do not want to know the truth. The further you look into the rabbit hole, the deeper it gets. Go to any currency conversion site and convert U.S. dollars to Euros so you can see for yourself the massive decline of the dollar. Look at how much money is and has been spent on the Iraq War to date, ($12 billion per month). Look at our currency and when it stopped being backed by gold.

The Federal Reserve is not federal but a private bank who does not have Americans best interests at heart. We no longer have any manufacturing really based out of America and there is no way that our economy can survive this incredible strain very much longer. The IRS strong arms every American yearly with income taxes, yet there are no laws saying an income tax is to be paid.

The CIA is involved in everything from global drug trafficking and covert military missions, to assassinations around the world and including U.S. Soil. Look at JFK for instance. It did not take long after JFK announced that he was going disband the CIA that he was shot in Texas. America’s new StasiThe Department Of Homeland Security is and has been slowly eradicating our rights for a few years now. based organization called

House Bill H.R. 1955/S-1959 was read by the senate and then sent to DHS for some reason, but is now back and sure to pass. Once passed, this bill introduced by Jane Harman (D/CA), will be the proverbial last nail hammered into every American patriots coffin. H.R. 4279 or the Prioritizing Resources and Organization for Intellectual Property Act of 2008 which was recently passed by the U.S. House of Representatives, will give the government draconian powers to do just this. This legislation gives the government the power to seize property that facilitates the violation of intellectual property laws. The legislation also mandates the formation of a formal Intellectual Property Enforcement Division within the office of the Deputy Attorney General to enforce this insanity…

It has been revealed that F.E.M.A. has been building internment camps all over America granting Halliburton a massive $385 million dollar construction contract to make this happen. Most of these sites only need refurbished because they are mostly closed prisons, old WW2 internment camps still intact and other facilities taken over by the government. Some people have referred to them as F.E.M.A. Death Camps where the infamous Red list/Blue Lists will be used to decide who goes where.

Whether you believe that The NWO/Illuminati/Globalization is real or not, there is a lot of proof that exposes definite plans or plots by the rich, political and religious elite to bring on an era of the end times. It is almost like some individuals are trying to make bible prophecy come true in their own sick and twisted ways. Not to mention that the world only has about 10 to 15 years of drinking water left before the wars fought for oil today will be fought for water in the near future. It has been said that these powers want to depopulate the planet of over 30% of it’s human inhabitants in the coming years. Examine all of the executive orders that have been signed into place allowing the president to basically become dictator in control of all government from tribal to federal in the event of any national emergency.

If you did not know, In late 2006, Congress revised the Posse Comitatus Act and the Insurrection Act to make it far easier for a president to declare martial law. Those changes were repealed at the end of this January as part of Public Law 110-181 (HR 4986), the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2008 (signed into law by President Bush on January 28, 2008). Unfortunately it is not the great victory in which one might think because of the total militarization of all local and State police forces all across America.

Will there be martial law? Is martial law coming soon to America? When you see law enforcement being armed with automatic weapons, bullet proof vests and riot gear in small towns that have not had a murder or crime in years, then you have to ask yourself why.

The United States has more people locked up in prisons today than Russia and China combined. It comes out to one in every hundred Americans is behind bars. Our once great country that our ancestors fought and died for has become exactly the tyrants they were fighting. Fascists! When has America ever used words like Homeland? Never!

If you spend a few weeks reading all the info, watching the videos and following the links at, you will then have a better understanding of what has led to ‘The Decline And Fall Of America’. Remember that Knowledge is power! Learn, look, listen, read, share, prepare, train, stock up on food and water supply for one year.

Fill your pantry with non perishable foods, medicines, cooking oils, tinned meats and veggies. Flour, oats dried corn peas, beans and lentils.. Teach your self how to preserve food for storage. Check out your local potable/ drinking water supplies, non perfumed chlorine bleach is a good sterilizer for water, about 2 teaspoons full per 2 gallon bucket, stirred well and allowed to stand for at least 24 hours with a lid on it or until it no longer smells of bleach. Boiling water helps but it is not always enough to kill off the bacteria which can resist high temperatures.

Americans have been warned for years of the things to come, but have blindly looked away from the truth, which has been available for all to see. There are no more excuses not to prepare for the possible future. The time to act is now before it is too late. Check for daily updates and news you won’t see in the mainstream media.

Source: B.A. Brooks


182 thoughts on “As America Collapses US Government Secret Plans Revealed

  1. This has been the plan all along. We have war with Iran. The war sets gas prices much higher(maybe 10 dollars a gallon.)This cripples the economy and triggers a planned economic collapse or depression. That pisses the people off. Riots break out. The government puts Police in the streets to “stop” the civil unrest. While all this is going on The police round up “terrorists”. Many people will be afraid because of the war with Iran and terrorists and will not argue over the rounding up of civillians suspected of terrorism. As an answer to the severe economic problems, the governments of the United States, Canada, and mexico propose a new economic system. It will merge all three counrties into one economic system. We will have the NAU or North American Union.
    I warn you of this so that way we can see through this future confusion and be able to sidestep their trap. Dont go along with the North American Union. Even if you are so poor you eat out of the trash.
    Fight them. Fight with bullets. I can assure you you won t be the only people fighting with bullets. Even if the NAU is established we dont have to be part of it. We can fight to regain some of our land back. Even if its the size of a small state. We can grow from there and slowly regain our country. We can rewrite the constitution and we can establish a SMALLER less powerfull government. Then we can live out our live peacefully to an old age. Then we can watch our children and grandchildren grow up in a safer better world than we did.

  2. “The United States has more people locked up in prisons today than Russia and China combined. It comes out to one in every hundred Americans is behind bars.”

    this is exactly my point that i have been trying to make my entire life. we are supposedly the most free country in the world but yet we have more laws, rules, and regulations than any place else.

  3. we are supposedly the most free country in the world but yet we have more laws, rules, and regulations than any place else.

    Amen to that!

    We need to replace government with independence. It’s time for another Boston Tea Party.

    Let’s party like it’s 1773!

  4. Absolute power will corrput absolutely. This is what our government has now..absolute power.
    Give me liberty or give me a gun.

  5. The problem with this article, as is the problem with most articles put out by the alternative media is that it tells us what we ALREADY KNOW, but DOESN’T GIVE US SOLUTIONS. UUUUGH!!!!!! It’s like Alex Jones—-yeah, let’s scare the holy living shit out of the American public with what the NWO is going to do the people, BUT…let’s not tell them HOW TO STOP THEM. One minute, the alternative media seems to suggest that “we the people” are GOING to win, but then in the very next breath, it starts to have DOUBTS and says that “we the people” are NOT going to win, but will instead be rounded up. The alternative media is either very confused or is suffering from massive schizophrenia. Damnit, alternative media, make up your minds—-are we winning, or not???

  6. CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS is the ONLY solution. Violence solves nothing. Stop with this STUPID and MORON talk of tea-parties, revolution, rising up, etc, etc… Think on this… if every lawmaker were to be hit from every possible angle with a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT, based on INDIVIDUAL ACTIONS (i.e. voting history, stock ownership in war profiteering, membership in unappointed unelected privately funded policy steering institutions such as the CFR, the Club of Rome, etc…)… then it is possible that they would be forced to spend every penny of their life’s earnings on defending themselves. You also it those lobbying organizations, and policy steering institutions with numerous class action lawsuits geared towards obtaining grand jury indictments based on their activities, their lobbying practices, bribery, fraud, extortion, blackmail, racketeering, and sedition. These organiziations are for the most part clearly responsible for corrupting our political process. Just the fact that they innundate our lawmakers with legislation designed to loosen restrictions on how they can corrupt, bribe, defraud, and solicit our lawmakers into eroding the constitution to such a point that it has not only become negligible… but it has become common practice for schoolteachers to be persecuted for TEACHING the consitution to young students.

    All this talk of violence and revolution and civil war will do nothing but get you STOMPED INTO THE GROUND. Know this people… they can. They WILL. If you even THINK of doing anything STUPID… you will end up in a prison or dead. You won’t WIN this one, you got that? You just won’t. I don’t care how many guns the American citizens have, they don’t have military capacity. No choppers, no bombs, no surveillance capacity, anti-aircraft. The government will WIN and you will LOSE, and you will simply be remembered by the rest of society as a bunch of yee-haw hillbilly morons without a grip on reality.

    You CAN take your country back, but the system is rigged. It’s all just a game. Learn the game, and you can WIN.

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  8. I wonder why Bush was voted in for the second time and McBush is on his way to continue the US Zionist policy…anyway both parties are obedient to AIPAC.
    Why are you thinking for drastic measures…just remove the tumour from US body the Jew who infested the whole planet. Hitler had a point and Germany is top industrial state.

  9. Nicely written. Half truth, half paranoia and misrepresentation. I have to say that I was coming along for this story until I started doing my own research. What you are saying isn’t out of the question, but I hardly believe it just because you said it. The Amero is nothing more than one economist’s suggestion that was seriously considered by Mexico and Canada but considered off the table for the U.S. The NAU is nothing but a paranoid view of the SPP. Both would benefit Canada and Mexico, but not the USA, and you can bet that it won’t happen until it does. I’m sure that my post will be accused of being propaganda or some similar nonsense. That’s ok though. I look forward to trying to find this article a year from now when nothing has happened apart from gas and groceries getting a little more expensive.

  10. looks like this is how they sold Rex84 to Congress

    hey congress – the same people who brought you this garbage are the same ones who have sold you on the notion that

    1. it’s good to destroy the US economy (are you out of your minds)

    2. it’s good to round up people who protest and wish to restore balance (are you completey unable to tell the good guys from the bad guys anymore? John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart were the good guys, remember. Thomas Jefferson: good guy.)

    3. combining the three countries of mexico, canada, and the usa is the right thing to do. The amero will save and re-create economic stability. (now, i really know that the worst out-right lawyers and decision makers all live in washington d.c. this is so outrageous that anyone who could possibly subscribe to this would have to be Ollie North. And WE KNOW HE:S AN UTTERLY BANKRUPT MENTAL RETARD – sorry Ollie, US constitution is better than the likes of you 24/7)

    4. hello Congress – you are all fired. How many of you, HOW MANY OF YOU are gonna be flat footed in a court room so soon now. OH SUZANNAH, how soon is not soon enough.

    5. hello supreme court – be honest with the american people – these far fetched plans can do only one thing – guess what that is: FAIL

    6. Pentagon – if you shoot unarmed or armed americans – part and PARCEL of your own command will DEAL WITH YOU – don’t worry about the populace you MORANS. What will you do without bonehead command. German high command just lost Hitler.

    7. It is hereby confirmed – it can’t get much worse till it gets much worse.


    9. Eagle flies. TREASON out of the loop, TREASON will be prosecuted. TREASON is forecast to face the post court gallows BECAUSE THIS IS THAT BAD.

    10. TIME is called. LISTEN UP. ANYONE, anyone who stands in the way of the United States Constitution will get caught in the widest net EVER put up in the defense of this our great nation.

    11. Switch sides while you still can. USA will prevail. Get with the good guys and quick. Don’t pack bags, don’t think twice. Just do it. Don’t decide to have allegiance to other countries. QUIT while you’re ahead is solid advice. (no one will take this advice. Boys, the playing field is ALL YOURS WITH SOME THANKS FROM ME. Yeeha – let the round up begin.)

    12. GAME OVER.

    13. Assination attempts on Sarkozy/FRANCE and the Queen of ENGLAND creates ACCELERATION. (can you alone imagine the frenzy in the back office.)

  11. There are over 750 laws and resolutions in favour of Israel all these were discussed and approved by congress since 1950 to date. No US state had that much attention by US congress and the irony is US congress men and women meets to award a foreign country. Look at the most recent presidential election the three candidates were battling out to prove who is best for Israel….Israel interest is by far most important to them than USA. Wake up and smell the coffee.

  12. I can’t wait for the rich to start jumping from their high-rise condos. It really is that bad being poor in the United Stated; If I was rich and lost it all I’d jump too.

  13. Here is a US congress record for Israel 2000 bills laws and resolution for Israel alone.

  14. REVOLUTION is the Solution!!!

    “God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion…. And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms…. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” – Thomas Jefferson, in letter to William S. Smith, 1787

  15. doesn’t anyone get it yet?

    Rex84 is the second coming of the Bankrupty of 1933

    Rex84 = Bankruptcy 1933 + IRS revisions 1987 + steroids

  16. Just a thought, but “if” anyone is concerned about someone trying to keep track of all the phone calls and email, maybe we should start to include a few choice words into all our communicatons. The computers which track such things are set up to “flag” and store communications with words like: BOMB, EXPLOSIVE, INVADE, BURN, and DISTROY. If we all send enough messages at the same time, it could easily overload and lock-up or even burn-up these computers and cripple their efforts.
    Let’s give it a try, it could bring back a little fun to the evening news.

  17. People lets put our brains in gear! 350 million people are going to be controlled by what? a few hundred thousand solders/police … whatever. Look at Iraq, 150,000 of the best the US has and they can barely keep themselves safe at night! By the way, do you think all those solders/police are without family? do you think they don’t care about family? Do you think they are going to abandon their families to protect politicians, ya right for about 10 sec’s. Let’s keep things in prospective here a little common sense goes along way, if you have family in service make it clear to them what you expect from them should martial law be declared.

  18. Bring on the fight it’s time to take back what rightfully belongs to us the CITIZENs of this nation. Well put everyone. We need to band together all of us. We could callapse the system and screw the Government over if everyone would pull out all their money from the banks the foundation of big business and the wealthy 1% of the population who actually is running the affairs of the world.

  19. Lock and load, people. Thankfully the supreme court (of wich I am absolutely no fan) recently granted us the right that our founding fathers enshrined upon us when they wrote the constitution-that all American citizens posses the right to keep and near arms. Start buying all the guns and ammo that you can-and if you already have self defense-buy even more.

    The “jew world order” israeli un terrorists psycopaths and all their obsequious puppet traitors in our “government” are coming for the final kill. Don`t let the bastards win. Don`t let them kill our liberties and way of life!

    Aim, point, and shoot when the time comes. And chances are that day will come.

    Our founding fathers would be proud.

    Let liberty prevail!

  20. If the govt collapses, there will be a race war. The Fed doesnt have a hope or a prayer of controlling 330,000,000 people. Let’s pray for collapse.

  21. I don’t know about the rest of you, but in my 55yrs of life, I have lived in 2 countries that were under military dictatorships. Spain and Venezuala in the early 60s. You don’t have a clue!
    I have seen gypsies rounded up and executed (males) because a few houses got burgerled. This happened in Spain about 200yds from my house. In Venezuala there were 2 attempted revolutions while I was there…I saw innocent people shot, and, killed with machetes just for being on the street. I saw bodies that had been executed floating down the local creek. Want to know a little more? Try reading the book “A Halo For Gomez”!!!

  22. Sorry, but most of the links in this article take one to a site where NOTHING is free. I am sick and tired of having to pay all these “patriots” for information that ought to be for free. If you feel the same way, go to this site where every piece of info is for free, and where you can learn what to do, not just rant about it:

  23. We knew the collapse was coming. We knew what it would entail. Riots, civil war (2), martial law, etc…

    Got guns cached in the woods, getting the urban survival vehicle under construction.

    Hell yeah! got a front row seat for the supermarkets for when the MTV generation and soccer moms freak out.

    Fireworks? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

    Hell yeah!

  24. It’s going to take decades to repair what the Bush administration has done to this country. I always said Bush was the anti christ and to an extent he is. He has Killed this country economically. How he was never taken out is beyond me. I just hope the next 5 presidents can fix what he has broke

  25. Ello Mate:

    The Constitution is actually the problem. Rewriting it isn’t going to help. The Constitution established the federal government, which is the cause of 98% of the misery in this country, and an awful lot of misery elsewhere. The federal government needs to be completely abolished through a convention per Article V, every single federal enforcement agency needs to be dismantled, root and branch (for example, if I were the governor of the state I reside in, every single one of these federal Nazi goons would be forcibly removed from every airport in the state), and the military taken apart. Go back to the Article of Confederation. That’s your answer.

    Actually, if you want to know the REAL truth, the Constitution is LEGALLY binding on NOBODY, which means that the entire federal government is completely illegitimate, and has ZERO inherent authority over ANYBODY!

  26. They have taken away all the means to change anything or put up a sudden fight or even a real show of force. It is important to use the most powerful weapon ever…start talking. Pipe up!

  27. Good! The sooner the better. I will be happy to take just one motherfucker with my 30:06 before they take me. I have lived a full life when it was good, I don’t want to live when it is bad!

  28. What really riles me is this idea that the rotten ratbastards in the [House] Senate/Congress, think they have a right to run off and hide in secret underground bunkers,(paid for by us) being protected by a special military detachment to ensure their safety and survival. It is these very same scum sucking political parasites that helped create this mess in the first place. None of them deserve special treatment or protection, while the populace is being rounded up, sorted like cattle, and shipped off to death camps.

    I say, let them try to come and arrest us for being pissed off! There are 375 million of us, and how big is their army? Are they going to arrest us all, and kill us all? HA! I got news for those beady eyed rats, we’re coming for you, no matter where you hide or for how long, or how many troops you have to protect your greedy asses. YOUR TOAST YOU FUCKWADS! We’re going to find you, and stretch your necks and the end of a rope.

    The very idea that REX84 camps or the like was ever an option for dealing with the screwed over American society, should be enough to send most folks into a rage of the likes never seen before. If our own soldiers are turned against us, and they start to actually shoot and kill us, then they too deserve a bullet.(even in the back) If any foreign troop comes here, to assist them in rounding us up, they too will be killed.

    If our government declares Martial Law against it’s own citizens,and authorizes lethal force of any kind to be used, then the game is on folks. It is us against them. Dying time will be here. ENDGAME indeed…KILL `EM ALL, SPARE NONE!

    Remember, no bunker is absolutely fail safe. You can starve them out, gas them out, suffocate them, and flood them out.( you could also seal the blast doors by welding the steel doors so they couldn’t be opened. ) They have to come out at some point…then their asses are ours!

    All I can say further is; I will not go down without a fight. Neither should you!

    The NESARA groups have been working for years to announce NESARA. Nesara is a law. Every week they believe they can announce, but the powers to be, stop it. They are too powerful. The good have got so much crap on Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Chertoff, Rice, Rove, Clinton, etc., etc., etc. Information about what really happened on 9/11. etc., etc., etc.,. Washington is definitely a cesspool. We need Nesara announced ASAP. We do not have to go through Martial Law or anything else Bush wants to implement. These people are guilty of Treason, period. Nesara Now!!!!!!!

  30. Don’t give in. Fight back. Physically. Our founding fathers wouldn’t have stood for this globalist bullshit, neither should we. If you want to really want to survive great men like George Washington then you’ll pick up a gun and take your country back

  31. I have never seen an intact WWII detention camp. I have spent weeks of time in WW II barracks in the 60’s and 70’s..and they were falling apart.
    I do know of more than a handfull of old sites throughout the praire states. They only contain old foundations, an old concrete watertower and some concrete sidewalk. I have repeatedly asked the authors of these sites to direct me to one…only one of these camps…I will drive 1 or 2 thousand miles to see one….but no one ever describes a site the is viable…
    Yes, they may want to lock up people, but these old WWII sites are a wet dream of hysterics.

  32. The betrayal is so very great. It has been going on and on for so very long, now. All of them have broken their oath to defend our Constitution and instead have embraced democracy, socialism, fascism, marxism, communism and world-order-globalism. A bunch of intelligent but psychotic scum that has everybody by the balls or else the Corporatists are ‘sucking-up’ or increasing the private wealth/power of the government lying sacks of shit. There is no media that is ‘free’ of the corporate/greed factor. The ‘environmentalism’ is the way all private property is removed from private hands. One day, we will be forbidden to enter onto public lands. We Americans have been led to this place and for the last thirty-five years I could not get one person to understand any of this because they could not believe it. They will listen to the band play on while they board the box cars or line up for a shower at some camp. They will sleep through the whole thing because they are so dull and unable to think anymore. The poison in our food and drink and now the nano-tech in the chemical trails that float down and enter our lungs to come together as a weapon inside of us so that we can be manipulated any way they want to do it to us. Right now its all on the hush, hush but soon, openly using their weapons against us and the majority will remain silent least they come for them.
    I will be
    under the Liberty Tree
    God grant me the strength
    to fight for what’s right

  33. Is the callapse of the USA such a bad thing? Sure I would miss Jazz, but after a short while you learn to live without cartoons and hamburgers.

  34. This sounds like bad news for all Americans who must prepare themselves for the COMING OF GLOBAL COMMUNISM!

  35. I have been telling a few select Americans this for a long time, and our dates seem to match. However the problem here is the same with all Americans. The reason why you are in this predicament is because you have such a weak democracy. And yet here we have a bunch of loons calling for smaller gov. more privatization, lower or no taxes, and bleating on about the constitution. That stupid old document was never very good. It should have been updated many times. The language is flimsy, and it is full of loopholes. Its not worth the paper its written on. The final nail in the US coffin was the smashing of the only thing the US ever had to offer the world. Its legal system, now, a rotting corpse lying in a ditch. Once the US abandoned this the world decided to attack. This is why B.R.I.C. was formed. (Brazil Russia India and China) they are the ones cutting the US $ by dumping huge amounts of Bonds on various exchanges. Now opec has dumped the $ secretly, so the US is effectively bankrupt, with nothing to underwrite its currency. it was all over in feb 2006 that was the date the US lost ww3 if you want to call it that. Its a shame there is nothing anyone can do, Why do you think they want Mugabee. Because Merill Lynch will go under without all the Gold Platinum and Oil revenue, Olive Oil (Dr Rice) is in Georgia today pleading withRussia not to nix the BTC pipeline, Almost every 401k in the US was lost on this deal, The Russian and Iranians are rolling on the floor laughing at how they used the Turks to trick the stupid greedy Yankee capitalist dicvk heads into buying all those liquid mud wells Ha Oil sorry just black mud, by by 401k. Itall started with Reagan and his Thatcherite policies, (Reaganomics) and ended with one of the most inept gov’s the world has ever seen, The GW Bush Ambush, America was warned that Marx was very likely to be right about Capitalism in one world, and they have proved him so. Marx was right. Biut Americans are so stuoid they actually think Marx was a Communist, Well you can thaqnk old Ronnie Reagan for your ignorance par excellence, It was he who destroyed the US media, and It was GWE Bush that forced the world to act. No longer could we stand by and let this rouge Nation that actually re-introduced Torture and uses 50 % of the worlds energy creates 60 % of the worlds pollution, and wont even sign treaties like Kyoto, and the ICC to get away with it. How fuckin dare the USA not sign the ICC, Fuckin criminals, You made your beds now lie in them suckers, Oh and in Honour of your Independance day holiday, It never happened, just another lie like all US history, What date diud the Skirmish (Battle) take place in New Orleans, and on what date was the Dec of Independence signed? Oh and the Liberty bell, that was a joke, oh and where do you think that was made. See your all so stuffed full of your own Bullshit you dont even know your own history, A nation that does not know its history is doomed, a nation that trades liberty for safety deserves nothing, and nothing is too good for Americans and Nothing is what they will get.

  36. People love blaming the government.

    It’s the American people who are responsible for what is happening. Not Bush. Not the Senate or Congress.

  37. JW Cullen, I actually know of an old WWII camp in a small town in Arkansas that was still standing in 2006. It was renovated into a Boy Scout Office, however. The town was Harrisburg Arkansas, and the building was their the Poinsett County Fairgrounds.

  38. Im not from the states, but have lived in different parts of north america, its just a suggestion.. the states has been a corrupt system thought up centuries ago to reach maximum power over the world, and what you all are fighting over right now is only playing back into the same game, and will not accomplish anything, IMO if you want things to change for the better, things need to change drastically. but that does not mean go out to the street and riot, or go to the goverment and force change, like a clasic revolution.. things need to change from within the people themselves, change lifestyles, change your goverment dependancy, with all that is happening now, as the goverment sees it, an oportunity to suppress the people and exploit them for more power; you all should also see it as an oportunity to orginize real change. and not provoke the gov into violence and a create harsh facist state. be smart, know your enemy and work together to build something else, more appealing to the general public, something new.

    So what if there is a north american union, canada is already a country full of imigrants same as the states, what´s left of the glory of USA that you so eagerly want to protect? you got something against mexicans? is there something wrong with your lifestyle that makes the gov put you into concentration camps? are you a constructive person or destructive? can we change things or do we need to tear them down? be productive, orginize, comunicate with diferent comunities. turn off your tv, turn off you video games, and go out and meet people, sociolize.
    Meet the real world.

  39. Fish,

    What planet do you come from? The government is not afraid of your lawsuits. Your lawsuits will never get into court. You will be dead before you are allowed to sue anybody. No, wait, forget I said that. You go right ahead and file your lawsuits and then when the SS comes and kicks in your door you can try explaining to them in the last few seconds of your life how you have rights and you have filed lawsuits against the government and how their order to kill you is all a huge mistake.

  40. ohh what a shame, for at least 6 years the rest off the world has know that USA is corrupted by self serving morons who couldn’t even see a rigged election if they lost to it!!!! well i should give some off you credit you have been exsposing the crimes of the CIA and the likes since they fixed the JFK problem, but not many of you were even worried of what they where doing in your name, so don’t be to upset if some karma comes back, there are two types of evil;
    those that do bad things and
    those that do nothing to stop those that do bad things
    be that buy(sic) the way now as all our futures are connected here is a sugestion to help fight the good fight.
    an army marches on it’s stomach.
    plant a garden, grow your own food. step out of the cycle and back into a natural rythum. what ever happens you can have food to eat (not much but enough)THEY would rather have every one stay in ther homes and die when the sh*t hits the fan, plant potatoes,corn,beans,pumpkin, what have you got to lose get your self $10-$50 worth of seeds, ask the family and friends to help dig up the lawn roll it up in strips and sell off(if you can or give away)and using your bare hands(just like the kids are) and plant away, then turn the cabel off and come outside water and watch the littel rays of delight burst forth, good luck to us all

  41. Am I supposed to believe that the same FEMA which was so hopelessly inept in response to a hurricane that they had weeks of advance notice of is now magically transformed into some nazi-esque paragon of planning and action? Pardon me for not being too worried about their ability to incarcerate and murder a large portion of the population of this Country. For real guys, come back down to earth…things are bad enough without making the overall message so ludicrous that no one will listen.

  42. Rich R:
    Fema was such a “failure” in NOLA 2005 because they CHOSE not only NOT to help survivors, but also to PREVENT survivors from obtaining help that MANY others came equipped and competent for giving. There were, for instance, people who came with 5,000 swampland airboats with which to go rescue people from rooftops and also to bring food, water, and medicine to people. FEMA would not let them in. Some got in anyway and did what they could in spite of FEMA. There are MANY more such details. Also, FEMA would not allow food, water or medicines to be delivered even to the two large “shelter” areas. The sports arena was accessible by ordinary vehicles at least by the second day if not from the start and there were truckloads of needed supplies (food, water, commonly needed medicines, baby diapers, ice, etc…) but FEMA blocked any of them from being able to drive on over there and deliver ANYthing! Many people who managed to walk OUT of the damaged area were forced to walk back IN and at GUNpoint! Also, the levy did NOT fail during Katrina, which also was a “modified” hurricane, heated up to create the monster size of it, and steered by the same (HAARP) ionic beam heater technology. They TRIED to hit NOLA directly, but actually failed in that regard, hitting just a little East of NOLA. They had army core of engineers people set charges underwater on the levy shortly after the “war game” style drill, referred to as “Hurricane Pam”, as a disaster preparedness exercise in 2004. It predicted much of what happened in NOLA but figured on many more deaths occurring, like 50,000 I think, for the entire GulfCoast area. The number that was given for the amount of deaths that DID occur is outrageously low. It would have to have been actually at least 10k who died from Katrina.

    The next morning, after Katrina had passed, the people of the 9th Ward woke up with great relief, KNOWING that they had made it through. Many of those people had no way to leave. Many put axes up in their attics in case they needed to chop a hole to get up onto the roof. So, here they were, so relieved to have made it through all that, but then suddenly there were between 7 and 10 explosions, followed by a sudden inundation of 20′ of water coming down on them from the big breach in the levy.

    Also, blackwater was sent in to NOLA. There was a bunch of media hyped propaganda that people were looting. Now, how crazy is that??? People are wading through chest deep water, their homes are under water, the whole area is a disaster and they are not even allowed to WALK OUT, but they are supposedly carrying big TV sets out of stores, holding them up over their heads to keep them out of the water???? Where are they going to TAKE these things, what THEN were they supposedly going to DO with them??? People WERE breaking into stores—for bottled water and other such items necessary to human continuance of life that FEMA was depriving NOLA victims from receiving! Then, in the midst of that, in comes blackwater, looking like 21st century nazis in their black armour, coming in with their machineguns held in firing positions, and their fingers held ON the triggers. They began shooting people at random. There are many witnesses to this, from different times and areas unconnected with each other, having had no way to have communicated with each other, yet they all told the SAME story of what they had seen. blackwater killed a number of innocent NOLA residents who had survived hurricane Katrina but were being kept from leaving afterwards while also being deprived of being allowed to have any help, any even WATER, brought in to them. blackwater, again and again, was reported by witnesses not in contact with each other, to have been shooting people at random. Many also reported that it appeared that being a “black male” was like being a target for blackwater. They have a lot more “troops” than has been admitted. I find it apalling that THAT many people who grew up in the US are THAT depraved that they would even JOIN such a mercenary killers for hire force like that, I don’t care HOW MUCH money they promise to be paying!!! But, blackwater is only the tip of the iceberg on that, there are many in most any law enforcement outfit throughout this country who are just as bad in their willingness to do such evil but even without the big paychecks! They have been being trained by nazi type outfits in so called “counter terrorism techniques”, but don’t fool yourself on that, they are being trained for killing and rounding up innocent US citizens who believe in supporting things like the rule of law as supported by the Bill of Rights.

    There were many there at NOLA with the competent capability to bring help, to bring people out, to rescue people from rooftops, but they were barred, and many by show of force, from doing so. Even so, a number of people managed to sneak in and go about helping people in whatever way they could.

    All you city dwellers, you better get yourselves a couple metal jerrycans filled with gasoline to keep on hand. Also, of course, 5 gal. containers full of distilled water plus a couple 1 gal. ones on the side, ready to carry. Get a good supply of organic granola!! It is good dryfood that is satisfying, but does not need to be cooked.
    Being dependent on oxygen because of mycoplasma damages to my lungs starting in ’02 with then only 40% lung capacity after the first attack, then 30% nearly 2 years later after the second attack. Mycoplasma is a government produced bioengineered pathogen that they have been infecting us with for a very long time!!! The so called “chemtrails” have been lab-verified by MANY different credentialed labs all around the country, to be LOADED with these horrible organisms. They don’t show up in testing since testing is generally only done for bacterial or sometimes viral lung infections. These things are made from bacterial and viral bits loaded into a stripped sort of fungal base and do not show up in testing for any of the above. They have been “crystalized” for remaining viable in aerosol delivery in the spray from planes that are referred to as “chemtrails”— along with tons of nano-particulate heavy metals, aluminum, arsenic, even various forms of uranium, plus, MUCH barium that you are breathing and eating, and which are SO small, they can penetrate through your skin. They also go directly into your bloodstream and cross the blood-brain barrier into your brain where they cause alzheimers type damage and more. There are also bioengineered fibers that have some almost robot type capacity and have movement. Search YouTube for “Morgellans” to see some. These fibers come together in a persons body, so though they start out micro in size, the form webs internally. They collect up in blobs around joints and mimic a really fast appearing and growing painful and stiffening arthritis. They collect up in people’s lungs and form a plastic-like lining that then completely blocks lung function. People wind up on respirators, the doc thinks at first its pneumonia but then finds no infection…. Autopsies have found the “plastic lining” in the lungs. There are microscopic CHIPS in the spray also which are programmed in various ways, many of them to receive transmissions of various types, some to make a person think they have become schizophrenic. There have also been tanks filled with some type of neurotoxin among the oxygen tanks delivered to people who have to use them because their lungs are already impaired, probably many of them like me, by goverment special delivery!!! If you know of ANYone who uses oxygen, be sure to tell them of this!! At first the poison tanks were very noticeable by smell, but now they have refined their technique and it is very hard to discern. At some point though, there will begin to be an odd, unpleasant taste and feeling in the mouth,with a slight surface numbness on a tongue that starts to feel like it is a bit coated with something. The sinuses start running a post nasal drip down the back of the throat, eyes are apt to start burning, stomache may start to feel upset….
    The air in these tanks simply seems just a little “stale” or something. If you wonder, change tanks! If the next tank seems like that too, change again! They, at least so far, haven’t been filling ALL of them, just some percentage, so keep going until you get one that, by contrast seems like fresh, even COOL air!! DON’T keep breathing the neuro toxin just ’cause you think you can’t tell for sure!
    Well, I’m lucky if I have 25% lungs left, may be more like 20%, so soon as whatever hits the fan, there will be no more oxygen deliveries, and no more of the medications that keep my central nervous system damage related spastic bronchials (and all too much else!!) from squeezing down too tight to breathe through, so I’ll see you on the other side!!! I’ll be outa here!!! I’m in such nerve and etc. damaged condition that they can hardly do anything without killing me, so I am free yet to speak freely:-) I also keep laughing. YOu should too, no matter WHAT. google YouTube for “Project Bluebeam”. You really need to know about HAARP and the ELF wave weaponry they are also using against us, with transmitters every 200 miles and radial broadcast. at
    you will find much very credible info, and links to much more. Try to keep all your “feelings” “above the diaphragm”, keep as high a rate of “vibration” and as much JOY in your heart as you possibly can. Use music if you need a boost to get “up”, don’t let yourself stay down, upset, mad, fearful, just keep taking yourself back to JOY!!!! Force it if you have to!!! Learn how to protect yourself in other ways, how to cleans those metals out of your system, etc….. search YouTube for Orgonite–NO BS, this stuff really DOES work!!! (as does the “zapper”, even if tho’ does cost too much!) Learn on the 6OHBOY page how to make colloidal silver yourself, then make sure you can solar charge 9v square batteries!

  43. appreciate the freedom you know as the internet this to will no longer be available check out youtube the internet will disappear in 2012 research and print hard copies now while you still can

  44. If ya think that is something read Behold a Pale Horse (William Cooper) and it will expalin whats been going on for the last 100 yrs. Those idiots who don’t believe will be put in concentration camps. And, if you think fEMA was too slow to act during Katrina, what about Blackwater. They had their butts in New Orleans policing the streets. What ever happened to the National Guard? Oh, they are over seas.Animal Farm!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Grow your own food.
    Grow your own fuel.
    Grow your own meds.
    Grow your own hair.
    Don’t eat the GMO’s
    Don’t support OPEC
    Don’t support Merc/glaxo-smith klein
    Don’t look like them
    Don’t act like them
    Don’t be like them
    Don’t trust them

    Create the life you want and live it.

  46. If you read the link to the news articles at the top of this post it clears states that it is ‘theorized’ that the topics listed were on the agenda. Also, if you look at the debates in the House prior to the secret and about the secret meeting they said the meeting would be limited to 1hr. That’s not enough time to have a discussion about all of those very heavy topics. It looks like it took an hour just to decide whether or not they would agree to a secret meeting at all.

    Having said that, no business was to take place after the secret meeting so it may have taken longer than one hour. I don’t know how to verify the length of the meeting.

    Also, if the information was one-way only with no questions/discussion I guess that could be accomplished in one hour.

    If anyone gets more information I hope you will add to this site because I don’t see anyone else talking about this.

  47. Corrected:

    If you read the link to the news articles at the top of this post it clearly states that it is ‘theorized’ that the topics listed were on the agenda. Also, if you look at the debates in the House prior to the secret meeting and about the secret meeting (on YouTube) they said the meeting would be limited to 1 hour. That’s not enough time to have a discussion about all of those very heavy topics. It looks like it took an hour just to decide whether or not they would agree to a secret meeting at all.

    Having said that, no business was to take place after the secret meeting so it may have taken longer than one hour. I don’t know how to verify the length of the meeting.

    Also, if the information was one-way only with no questions/discussion I guess that could be accomplished in one hour.

    If anyone gets more information I hope you will add to this site because I don’t see anyone else talking about this.

  48. After reading this article, I am positive what it says is truth. I have been witnessing the decline of our civil liberties and our governments corruption. We are now facing a new holocaust and if we want to stop it, we need a hero. A presidential assassin is someone who dares to challenge the criminal justice system and take back our country. When the law enforcement start coming to your door to question you about your opinions which you have shared in various public forums, it is time to recognize martial law is in effect.


  49. This is what our dear friends at AIPAC (Check if you’ve got no clues whose gonna rule your grandchildren) have to say as good news(underlining the interests of the U.S.)

    “Sanctions Hammering Iran’s Gas Industry

    U.S. sanctions have brought Iran’s gas industry to a standstill.
    Iran’s vast gas reserves will remain largely untapped so long as political tensions deter Western companies from investing in the country…”


  50. This is the most frightening thing I’ve read about this subject (hell, any subject).

    I hope you are wrong.

  51. I first heard about this in Pastor Meyer’s newsletter myself, and I was like–what in the world–!

    All I can say is, always be ready. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

  52. In my extensive studies of the prophesies, it’s is my understanding and belief that the tribulation period will be brought on by man and his greed. Our Father will only lift His grace and allow such things to happen. He, in all His wisdom, knew man’s heart and what they would do and relayed that onto Daniel, Ezekial, John, and the likes of His prophets.

    This is not man trying to bring on the end days, this is the end days.

    there are many more political agenda’s out there fueling this besides the collapse of America.

  53. Ello mate Says:
    June 5, 2008 at 12:09 am
    This has been the plan all along. We have war with Iran. The war sets gas prices much higher(maybe 10 dollars a gallon.)This cripples the economy and triggers a planned economic collapse or depression. That pisses the people off. Riots break out. The government puts Police in the streets to “stop” the civil unrest. While all this is going on The police round up “terrorists”. Many people will be afraid because of the war with Iran and terrorists and will not argue over the rounding up of civillians suspected of terrorism. As an answer to the severe economic problems, the governments of the United States, Canada, and mexico propose a new economic system. It will merge all three counrties into one economic system. We will have the NAU or North American Union.
    I warn you of this so that way we can see through this future confusion and be able to sidestep their trap. Dont go along with the North American Union. Even if you are so poor you eat out of the trash.
    Fight them. Fight with bullets. I can assure you you won t be the only people fighting with bullets. Even if the NAU is established we dont have to be part of it. We can fight to regain some of our land back. Even if its the size of a small state. We can grow from there and slowly regain our country. We can rewrite the constitution and we can establish a SMALLER less powerfull government. Then we can live out our live peacefully to an old age. Then we can watch our children and grandchildren grow up in a safer better world than we did.[end quote]

    I thought the Constitution was drawn up as to to limit government within a Republic…why would you have to tamper with it just like Bush and all the rest of them did after Lincoln and arguably before him? The problem is, is that Americans have become too complacent in a false reality which has been dictated to them over the last hundred years or so…, the people in the South knew the dangers and that is whay they broke from the Union, Licoln was a slave of the corporatocracy and that same entity has reigned since his Gettysburg address. Take back your country and live and die by your Constitution. Without the subsequnent ammendments it was rightously adopted yet has been forsaken by it’s people…(don’t expect your “government” to honour it!!!)

  54. Caltrops the roads are 20 years or more behind the growth, every city has gridlock, what if during rushhour, in every city the major intersections got filled with caltrops?
    fires, 911 calls,you bet martial law, real quick.
    Why has this not happened, we need to be less reliant on shipping, need to be producing more local goods if there is time check out diy

  55. Ben Steinke on July 7, 2008 at 12:01 pm said he was looking for solutions.

    The People of Australia are looking very seriously for solutions, and they are inspecting very carefully the American Founding Fathers early documents as they prepare to answer the call of their Prime Minster, Kevin Rudd, to help re-birth Australia. Hoping to learn from America’s mistakes, Australia is in a very good position to help lead the way to solutions – real People solutions.

    Take a look at the first draft of the Declaration of Independence for the Australian People on the Australia level of

  56. It would have been nice if I could have printed this out without 10 pages of advertising!

  57. Hey Fish, if violence solves nothing, why do governments practice it? If you had been living in 1776 and had any influence, there would not be a United States today.

  58. Let’s face it. We are an economy based on growth and in a finite universe, things are going to get tighter and tighter until something really bad happens. Revolutions are nothing new anywhere else in the world. Bush has just accelerated America’s rush to a need for one. If violence does break out, let’s not forget who is to blame. We all know who should be first against the wall.

  59. rise up and fight them for it is like Two-Face said you can die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villian. I say die a hero, but let us strike first.

  60. WE THE PEOPLE are the cause of our own demise.We have become apathetic,lazy and just dont care because we are Americans and no one can touch us.We would rather watch Football and other sports and fly those sport team flags at our homes rather than our American flag. We haven’t taken the time to study who is running for office buy checking their history of voting and compare it to what they are saying today.Iam a Republican or Iam a Democrat is all that matters.The person running for office is not a concern.Well here we are now with a one party of 2 candidates.We now are either a Republicrat or a Demoblican. Either way it is the same thing.As i stated from the beginning,we can blame these elected officials for what they have done and continue to do but until WE THE PEOPLE wake up like that sleeping giant we think we are we will die in our sleep and we have no one to blame but the individual citizen for not maintaining their responsibility as a citizen.May God have mercy on us all.

  61. I’m 49 yrs old and have been studying this since the early 80’s. Its gonna happen, don’t doubt it. The writing’s on the wall. You have to remember that the government works very, very slowly. They’ve been setting this nwo up for a very long time. Its their perfect utopia fantasy and they will have it. But only for a short 7 years till they are defeated. We are collateral damage and they have no thoughts or feelings about our deaths.

  62. Obama and his crew have the plan in motion.

    Obama came on stage and told everyone how bad they had it. (when it wasn’t bad) he continue to tell them repetitively.

    People Stopped Spending.

    He told business and Industry, he was raising their taxes, making them pay health care and he was raising the min wage. They slowed down to prepare.

    A few months have passed so they can start to see the strain,

    He kept telling the people how bad they had it, it was the Governments fault.

    Like a broken record telling them the same thing, they are bad off, the Country is in bad shape, the cost of the war, we are losing the war, it is all the governments fault. the Government needs change and I am other only one who can do it.

    The economy is seeing some hurt now. The world is watching and hearing all of this too.

    So with his Constantly reinforcing and repetitive pounding into everyone’s minds, it is a mind set now.

    The economy is hurting, stock market then the housing like the snowball effect.

    The world is watching, What better time than now to put more strain on, Oil Sky rockets.

    Obama now has managed to get a depressed people, a depressed economy and has them convinced the Government is at fault and He will give them everything they need and change the government.

    Chicago Annenberg Challenge, Obama and Ayers were working on this. much of it was to do with a new democracy. having a voting class sounds close to above but not exact. But with the the Chicago group with the close ties, it seems right up their alley to try to pull it off

  63. Arm up, and get ready to fight.

    We are being backed into a corner. The world knows how dangerous Americans are, when we are backed into a corner. We will fight, and we will win.

  64. Fish #8

    You are as diluded in your thinking as the people you accuse.

    Class Action Lawsuits in the country that has planned some of the most horrendous false flag operations known to mankind.

    Classic, let’s innundate them with paperwork, isn’t that how our forefathers ran off the British Empire, with PAPERWORK!

    You have got to be kidding me, “let’s slap em’ with a UCC-1 and then follow up with a blah blah blah”

    That will show them

    It had to be said.

  65. art(#29) the prophet was an inside job over here is talking so much babbling rubbish that he simply HAS to be working for them. He’s definitely Jewish and/or Israeli.

  66. #36 AKJohn
    No disrespect sir but this is not Spain, nor Venezuela. What you just said happened was probably the work of the same people that we are all talking about here, and on top of that we are American and this is a discussion about Americans being had by Americans who were born in America and grew up in America who are determined not to let that shit happen in America, because America was founded by Americans who thought the same way us Americans are and that is what makes us Americans. They never even heard of Israel.

  67. Check out “Intentional Communities” Forum at the answer is to homestead and get away from where they can find us.

    – Joe

  68. Fish #8, I’m really sorry to say, but you are an idiot! Didn’t you read the article? If you did and clicked and read the links you would know (as you should have without having to read the article anyway), that Bush AND congress just signed into law the new FISA act which PROTECTS telecoms from lawsuits. How long do you think it would take for Bush to pass a similar law for repesentatives of the house and senate?

    Like Lonefrog #87 quite rightly said, hitting them with paperwork isn’t going to solve a damn thing. Besides, who’s funds do you think would drain quicker paying legal fees, yours or a bunch of congressmen?

  69. CALLING ALL MINuTE MEN!!! it is time to lock and load… it is time to take back OUR country…it is time to stand-up for OUR constitution of america… it is time to exercise OUR second amendment…if this is what they (goverment) is going to do to us. and i know you men are out there waitting to stand up and fight for your freedom & family… and you all talk about F.E.M.A, there to help the people, B S. they are doing all the paper work on hundreds of thousand of americains and giving them there red or green mark, and they will be the first to go.the system can not afore to shut down. and as they start to rub out those americains, you will not know it until they are knocking on your door. so we the people have to shut down the system. so this plan can not work. and the way we do that is for you to bring gun and ammo, and to go to the closes bridge to your house on the mississippi and stop the flow of traffic and rally with your state minute men force. and god help us… Our Liberties We Prize and Our Rights We will Maintain… one lov paul

  70. It’s like the signs of the apocalypse. 1 has already happend, its only a matter of time before the next couple do.

  71. #24 Ben Says:
    Just a thought, but “if” anyone is concerned about someone trying to keep track of all the phone calls and email, maybe we should start to include a few choice words into all our communicatons. The computers which track such things are set up to “flag” and store communications with words like: BOMB, EXPLOSIVE, INVADE, BURN, and DISTROY. If we all send enough messages at the same time, it could easily overload and lock-up or even burn-up these computers and cripple their efforts.
    Let’s give it a try, it could bring back a little fun to the evening news.

    Two things. First, it would seem that the list of words must be a little more sophisticated than that. Second, I’ve been including words and phrases that should set off the alarms in my emails for years.

  72. Rex84, yet another infringement on our rights by the gov’t. Add it to the ever-growing list of violations:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by opening mail, caging demonstrators and banning books like America Deceived (book) from Amazon, Wikipedia and Facebook.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns during Katrina.
    They violate the 4th Amendment by conducting warrant-less wiretaps.
    They violate the 5th and 6th Amendment by suspending habeas corpus.
    They violate the 8th Amendment by torturing at Gitmo.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting illegal wars without declaration.
    Impeach them all (or worse) and save this great country.

  73. If you find a more permanent, quick, honest solution than a machinegun, let us all know.

    There is a reason that the gov does not want ‘automatic’ weapons ‘on the street’. It matters not; one well placed bullet and or one well placed missile will change everything.

  74. There are some ominous signs that things are moving more quickly than can be contained.
    This doesn’t bode well—–whenever in nature something is forced before it’s ready, the result usually is deleterious.
    We have already heard one member of the House say this week that members were told, threatened, ” . . .that if they didn’t pass the Bailout bill, there was a strong chance of the imposition of martial law by the Federal Government.”

    I would like to say that what you’ve posted above is nothing more than the ramblings of a near-hysteric, but I can’t.
    This saddens me to no end.
    We have watched a perfectly soundly functioning country brought to fascism under our noses. It started back in the 60’s when the military and arms manufacturers in collusion with Congress kept an insane occupation and mass murder going in Vietnam for 12 years. It was evident then that the military had gained strength similar to that held by Germany in the 1930’s. The people were not only powerless to intervene through their elected officials, the people were either themselves siding with the militarism, or denouncing those who opposed it.
    We saw the same thing recently with the Iraq war.
    Proclaim the militarism as necessary to defence of the homeland, and question the patriotism of anyone who argued that it was patently based on flagrant lies —–lies which were conveniently ignored by officials and media alike. Even when the evidence was overwhelming that serious crimes against the Constitution had been committed by the highest electeds, nothing was done.
    It has reached a breaking point.
    When so much power has gravitated oligarchically to the militarists the people are no longer able to rein it back in without revolution.
    The problem is that revolution in America is so dangerous because it could destabilize a nation that has generated many enemies—–and the militarists would stop at nothing to ensure that they retain their power.
    It could lead to a full hot war with other nations, and not just the Grenada-type walkovers . . . I mean the ones that also have the nuclear option at their disposal.

    Very dangerous times for everyone—–unless cool heads prevail, and our leaders perceive the risks and act pre-emptively to undercut the military’s control, I fear the worst. Obama isn’t it—-unless he’s got more up his sleeve than he has let on. He wants to defend Israel, and increase troop action in Afghanistan. Or so he says.

    Not the way I expected to die, but I won’t give up my freedom to fascists. I’ve often wondered how long I would’ve lasted in Germany or France or Poland back then, and figured not long. . .
    I’m not subtle, and I don’t want to stop speaking the truth.

  75. “Am I supposed to believe that the same FEMA which was so hopelessly inept in response to a hurricane that they had weeks of advance notice of is now magically transformed into some nazi-esque paragon of planning and action? Pardon me for not being too worried about their ability to incarcerate and murder a large portion of the population of this Country. For real guys, come back down to earth…things are bad enough without making the overall message so ludicrous that no one will listen.”

    inept by design in that case. why save those you are going to kill later???

  76. Jason,

    Katrina was not incompetence. There were reports that FEMA was deliberately sabotaging the rescue efforts of other authorities and organizations. FEMA intended to worsen the disaster in New Orleans, and they accomplished that goal quite effectively.

    In this year, which happens to be an election year, FEMA instead decided that it was actually going to help the people affected by the gulf hurricane. Again, they accomplished their goal effectively.

  77. TO: Cat Callahan

    You can copy this article and save to a Word Doc without copying the ad’s.

    Place your cursor at the beginning of the title and hold down until you reach the very last comment, hit crtl C and open word and paste. Then print with no ads, hope this helps.

  78. When you scroll to Number 8 I have to dis agree and strongly. Politicians of DC have diplomatic immunity. Meaning Unless they piss the wrong person off in a higher ranking position then themself they can not be tried by jury, or the “people”. in any kind of lawsuit regardless. Sorry to pop that lovely large bubble floating around your head.

  79. the government had a closed door about: “House Holds Closed Session To Discuss Surveillance Bill”

    someone from the government/ disinformist made this story up people! probobly the same people that spout lies about ISREAL on alex jones website…..

  80. Pingback: Bailout Bill Passage Blueprint for Dissolution of American Middle Class « Pragmatic Witness

  81. The plan is you (we) are all screwed.
    Dumbass, stupid, naive, ignorant cattle & sheeple deserve
    their fates. They deserve their slavery.
    Because, as they & we all know, people are extremely gullible.
    ESP. Americans! ALL the Dumbass CATTLE, everywhere.

    So go watch your sports & FOOTBALL, drink that beer & order more pizza, like the stupid
    cattle, dumbass sheeple & ignorant fools you all are.
    this so called country (which is not a country after all, but rather a corporation)
    Where ppll are slaves to their bank account & wallet, including me. $_$
    Hit em’ & hurt them where it hurts the most. A brilliant plan, such genius!

    Respect the dark power – they are A LOT smarter then all of you & everyone
    else will ever be. They have been manipulating your arrogant butt for ages.
    & I honestly do not care anymore. They are going to kill off, over 80% of the population,
    & I think that is a wonderful idea. Seeing how most people suck & all, no one will miss them.
    Alex Jones, Jordan Maxwell & others have been trying to warn people & wake America up, to almost no avail, unfortunately. I mean (Alex-Mr.Jones) he tried really hard too.

    It is a little bit too late to be scared, or concern now.
    The time to WAKE UP & take action was many, MANY years ago. As if 9/11 was not a
    big enough wake up call to everyone.
    Checkmate, they win again & as always, you loose.
    So, bend over & kiss your sorry, worthless ass’s goodbye.

    & you thought 2012 was going to save us

    Think I am wrong? Just how many people are there, & do you know
    around you that STILL have not recognized the Govt. did 9-11 ? ?
    & that (FACT) it was staged, pre-planned, engineered, etc.. by the Bush administration as
    well as an Israeli FALSE FLAG OPERATION, along side with other ROGUE governments.
    I still talk to these sort of IDIOTS every single day, for the past several years now.

    – and –

    & if that was not enough, check out Lucifer Project-Starchild.
    (Jupiter is going to become another sun & kill millions, or more
    in the process – It is the next 9/11)

    have fun, KIDS (you have a lot more to worry about, HA HA!)

  82. If you want legitimate insight into the inner secrets of the Illuminati and the depth of their grasp on America, read Book of DALETH available free for download at But be aware there are no sound bytes in philosophy. Be prepared to read the entire book beginning to end, and reserve judgment until you finsh. Otherwise you will not appreciate the ominous significance. 299 pages. You will be surprised at its content.

  83. A minor point: chlorine bleach is NOT a good way to sterilize water, as it leaves carcinogenic residues. Much more powerful, and completely safe, is chlorine dioxide. This is a gas produced by the combining of sodiume chlorite (not chloride) with a mild acid. It is hard to buy sodium chlorite in its powder form, but a product called MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement) is a cheap and effective way of making it. A few drops in a galloon of water purifies it very quickly. This product also has incredible powers against all manner of pathogen-created disease, and is the hottest topic in the alternative health world. Check it out and buy some now, before the FDA starts to put restrictions on it, as it cannot be patented. Search “miracle mineral supplement” or go to

  84. The disarming of Americans has been going on for many years. The best way to acquire and keep a weapon is without paperwork, stockpile ammo as well.
    I my opinion, “Any government that is afraid of its people, is no longer a government by the people and for the people.”
    Our history shows the first step in controlling a populous is to disarm them.
    Here is a step to disarm, that most people do not realize. Based on several previous comments (postings) “America has more people in prison per capita than Russia and China combined. If a government keeps lowering the standard for a felony, there will be more felons. Felons can not buy, own or possess a firearm. Don’t get me wrong, there are some thugs out there that should not be permitted to have a gun, but most of them do not pay any attention to that law either, so what’s the point. Now you take a guy that has got a DWI, ask yourself, should he or she have their right to own a firearm taken away for life? There is a reason they (shitte heads we put in office) want the masses to be disarmed, they fear what we are finding out, and know we are pissed.

  85. The horrors are already taking place in CA central valley. From monitoring of all residents without their knowledge, to secretly altering the water source, to city officials having residents eliminated in order to seize control of private property, to residents being poisoned in a manner that keeps them oblivious and obedient – much more.

  86. Euhm has anyone made the effort to go to the Australian newssite that originaly published this story ?
    Because than you would see that that site quotes unknown conspiracy websites, these are not facts, merely
    what “Theorists wrote”, no source included. It is all made up as far as I’m concerned.

  87. Trust in the lord, and he will give you what you need in this last generation prior to his coming. When you see all these things, look up, your redemption draws near…also, fear is not an option, if you are saved, and know christ. Fear not, for God has not given us a spirit of fear, but he has given unto us a spirit of love, a spirit of power and a sound mind. If you are “left behind” like in the “Left behind movie” after the rapture, it will suck for you. Recon Guy.

  88. I’ve just bought a lovely combat jacket that goes perfectly with my brown pants.

    All I need is a few more bits and pieces and I’m ready for anything boys!

  89. Fish, Poster #8, you are as clueless as they come. If you think for one minute that armed American citizens plus many military defections, law enforcement defections, etc. will not be able to take our Country back, you are really, really, really, very stupid.

    Our military can’t even take care of the Taliban, Afghan insurgents, Iraqi insurgents, Al-Qaeda, terrrorists, etc.

    What in the heck are you thinking?? I’m just thankful there aren’t many of the likes of you.

    Our military would not stand a chance. Believe me, I know what I’m talking about.

  90. OK folks it’s REALITY TIME,

    A lot of the stuff mentioned on this article is true and it does penetrate some of the evil, dishonest murderous activities of most of our government officials, but as you all know this is a tip of the ice burg and it goes much deeper.

    So, it’s reality time.

    God is not a religion, but reality and you will find truth in the scriptures if and only if God reveals it to you. You can pay your wolf in sheeps clothing preacher all the money you want, but he’s not God, so if you want true knowledge on what’s really going on you have to go to God direct, NO MIDDLEMAN in the way.

    Your preacher is in it for the money and will lie to you so he can grab your credit card or molest your children or both, God already told you these things in the scriptures so if you disregard what He says and you get stung by a preacher then don’t blame God.

    If you jump off a thousand foot cliff and fall to your death, don’t blame God for your stupidity He gave you a certain amount of free will and choice, and with that comes the consequences or responsibilities of suffering the consequences of defying the laws of nature and physics and gravity, the laws that God made.

    Yeah, the elections are fixed, so you can vote all you want, but that’s why little bush made it for the second term, THEY FIXED IT. And Obama was probably allowed to be president so people wouldn’t riot, as most people probably would have stormed the government if that idiot McCain and Palin got elected.

    Barak is also a liar, but he looks much smarter and is a better actor.

    Now here’s the truth, the US is gonna collapse because we deserve it. You can pray until the cows come home, but God says that He’s had it with our phony prayers, just read Isaiah chapter 1.

    We run around the world slaughtering innocent people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Palestine, (to name a few) and then order God around by saying God bless America. That’s like telling God to bless this nation even though we’ve been so rotten and disgusting. I’m not God, but if I were I’d say “Don’t tell me to bless this nation after you’ve slaughtered the Indians, stole their land and gold, kidnapped people from Africa, brought them here to be beaten, molested and used as slaves and then proceeded to grow and conquer the world and call ourselves good Christians.

    I believe in God and that Jesus spoke the truth and He wasn’t kidding when He said “It were better for Sodam and Gomora, etc. etc.

    I know there’s a lot of nice and decent people in America who don;t endorce some of the rotten things some of the people have done in this nation, all the while claiming to be good Christians. There are nice, loving and compassionate people in the country, but I haven’t seen to many lately, however the government is BROKEN and corrupt, AND all the politicians should be fired.

    They all took bribes and went along with the 9/11 killers that really did the WTC and Pentagon so they could justify more war and illegal spending. So all the Senators and house of Reps, along with the Judicial branch are guilty of aiding and abetting.

    Therefore, UNLESS GOD has pity on us and compassion (which He may or may not) we’re all TOAST, and we should be, UNLESS WE REPENT, stop trusting in many and turn our hearts back to the Lord where it should be.

    If you think an atheist or even a religious man will save us think again, only God can save us. But in the meantime, reading some the things on this website are interesting and other than not knowing who can really stop the disaster that’s coming, they do have some half way honest news

  91. What’s hilarious is that this is now the THIRD time I’ve tried to comment on this article and I have not yet had a single one of my comments show up. All I was trying to say is that you’re all bloody idiots if you believe any of this paranoid bad pot trip bullshit. Now who’s practicing censorship??

  92. Nate, you’re a clueless idiot. Put down the LSD and come down off of your trip. You are hallucinating mentally and are unable to discern as is obvious. Take a magic carpet ride into oblivion. What a dope!

  93. You’re funny, really. The problem is that none of this actually makes sense. You mean to tell me an organization as tragically inept as FEMA can enforce and manage something like martial law? You think the hundreds of thousands of servicemen who would be called on to enforce such an action on their own families would really do it? I am one and I can tell you there’s no way in hell we’d follow such an order… none of us.
    Besides all that, look at the big picture. What could the government possibly gain through any of this? Why would those in power actually WANT the government to collapse?
    Hey, I get that you think everyone is out to get you, that’s fine. Just don’t sit here insulting those of us with enough of a brain to know how to think critically about it because we can see all the holes in your conspiracy theories. Just stick with trying to figure out who shot JR.

  94. Nate, this site has tons of information on fema concentration camps and fascism in the U.s. I suggest you check out zeitgeist or Esoteric Agenda.. terrorstorm is great because it compares germany to modern day U.s.

    Personally, I’d do my homework before continuing your assault on this article and the above comments/ers. This website has a vast amount of information that leads one to realize what is going on in this country and why this article ‘As America Falls…’ is as popular as it is.

    Do your homework!!!

  95. I’m in the Air Force, the government signs my paychecks. Let me explain one or two things to you. If (and this is a BIG if) FEMA had the ability to pull of the scheme you think they’re trying to pull off, they’d need a massive number of personnel. They’d get those personnel from the ranks of government employees and the military. Now, I don’t know a whole lot of civilian government employees, but I know a LOT of military folks. We go to work every day thinking how we can protect you, our friends, and our families, and not how we can hold you down. I don’t know a single Soldier, Sailor, Airman, or Marine who would willfully impose such actions on the civilians of this nation. We simply would not follow that sort of order. That would leave anyone trying to impose martial law in this country very short on personnel.

    Second, I may not be privvy to a whole lot when it comes to big government agenda, but this is one thing I know for sure. They don’t do anything without a reason. Hell, some things they have ample reason to do, they still don’t do simply because it would violate the freedoms and rights of the people of this country. These posts are full of conjecture and unsubstantiated claims, but one thing they DON’T have is a motive. Why would the government want to do that? What could they stand to gain? Hell, there are parts in this post that claim that part of their grand plan includes the dissolution of the government! How would that be good for them at all??? It just makes no sense, and nobody has explained that at all!

    Third, if they really wanted to silence any opposition or dissention, wouldn’t their first move be to shut down websites such as this one? It’s not difficult to do, the Russian and Georgian governments were engaging in that sort of conflict for months before actual shots were fired. Additionally, don’t you think every name, email address, and IP address that has posted on this website would be flagged and targeted? Yet… you’re all still here preaching doom and gloom and swearing the government is out to get you, and none of you have been arrested or otherwise silenced, and this website is still up and running.

    Maybe it’s simply because I think logically here, but you’re missing a lot of key ingredients for a viable theory. The means just aren’t there, the motive isn’t there, and the execution, obviously, isn’t there either.

  96. Film: Gulag USA Concentration Camps In America – Texe Marrs

    Some nine years ago a French-Canadian reporter named Serge Monast called the ministry, desperate to speak with me personally. Mr. Monast stated he had come into possession of documents which proved the existence of a secret plan for a concentration camp system throughout North America. He sent them to me and, after a parallel investigation

  97. Video: The Reality Of FEMA Camps And The Martial Law Apparatus

    We also have a declassified U.S. Army document posted on the U.S. Army’s official web site outlining U.S. Army Regulation 210-35 which describes standard operating procedures on how to setup a Civilian Inmate Labor Program. Although the document focuses in on using individuals that are already in civilian prisons for the purposes of the program, the standard operating procedures included in this document could be used for political dissidents or anyone for that matter who are taken to National Emergency facilities on military reservations.

    ^ the means

  98. I clicked on the first link which had a link embedded in it from an actual credible news source. Interested to see what the real story behind all the paranoid conjecture was, I clicked it, only to discover (surprise!), the link is dead. So, even if the Halliburton subsidiary was granted a government contract (lots of companies get lots of contracts), the supposed details of it on the paranoid website that only looks slightly more mainstream than this one are mere conjecture.

    The second one… great… how bout you publish those documents where everyone can see them, and maybe, just maybe, get a few independent experts to verify their authenticity? I mean, seriously, anyone can SAY they say this stuff.

    The third one, its a hell of a leap to accuse everything that everyone with any credibility has said about these camps as lying. First off, I kinda like the idea of saving them both as monuments and reminders of a time when the government did go off the deep-end a little bit and imprisoned its own citizens due to ethnic fears during a time of war. It’s a reminder for us never to allow that to happen again, not a means of doing it again. As for the Army part of it, hey, it’s SOP at most prisons to have the inmates work a little bit. If they’re incarcerated, they may as well be productive. As a servicemember, something I’ve already pointed out more than once, none of us would ever arrest, detain, or imprison a member of the general public simply for disagreeing with the government. And this whole mass prison camp and martial law idea? Hell no! We’d never do it, we’d refuse those orders in a heartbeat!

    I won’t even touch on that last link. The Obama campaign showed us not all pastors are perfect. Some are racist, some are radical, and some got their pastoral certifications online after some 10 minute quiz.

    You provided me with a “means”, although I certainly think it has way too many holes in it to be a viable theory, but at least you gave me an arguement. Now where’s the motive? I mean, for any of this to be anything more than the halucinatory product of too many drugs and alcohol, there has to be a realistic reason for the government to want to do it. What could they possibly stand to gain from their own economic collapse, civil war, internment of their own citizens, and some inconceivable merger with Canada and Mexico (whom we really don’t even get along with that well)??

  99. Oh, and funny story about that Jose Padilla (aka Abdullah al-Muhajir aka Muhajir Abdullah) guy mentioned in your first link. Yeah, he was held for a while, probably unjustly, without fair trial by Bush. Hey, I’m no fan of his policies either. But the ironic part was that after he was given a fair trial, he was convicted in a civilian court in 2007 and sentenced to over 17 years… more than double what he had served in military detention prior to his trial. Funny that the story on the “alternative media” site didn’t mention that little tidbit…

  100. Nate,
    First off, I’m encouraged to know that you would disobey any order against the American population, as my friends and family in the military have also stated. Hearing you, and all the others, say that this is ridiculous because you wouldn’t support it is the whole point in the info-war. I would like to hear you all proclaim loudly “This will never happen, because I wouldn’t allow it.”

    That being said, most of y’all are going to be in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, maybe even Iran before this kicks off. You won’t be needed to round up the people though, because most will go voluntarily, because that’s where the food will be. The rounders-up will be police, DHS, possibly National Guard if any are left Stateside, even Blackwater, and they’ll think they’re doing what’s right and necessary due to the emergency. Whichever emergency. When any shooting starts they won’t be fighting ‘the people,’ they’ll be fighting ‘the people shooting at them.’ Moral quandaries evaporate like dreams upon waking when your life is on the line, and anyone not wearing your uniform might be the guy that kills you. That’s why everyone in any uniform will support the disarmament of the population, which historically leads to tyranny.

    Also, you’re right. A lot of this is conjecture, but it’s conjecture based on documented facts. The technology exists. Greedy, power-hungry people exist. Our own DoD has a room full of smart guys that do nothing BUT think up ways an enemy might possibly harm us and how to counter those threats. As Sun Tzu said, ‘The art of war teaches us to rely not on the likelihood of the enemy’s not coming, but on our own readiness to receive him; not on the chance of his not attacking, but rather on the fact that we have made our position unassailable.’

    As far as free speech goes, it’s a safety valve. If it were taken away all at once it would lead to instant revolt. All these people sitting at their computers would get up and leave their computers and become an actual problem. Free speech will be the last to go. It’s also a fallacy to think that it’s ‘the government.’ Most of ‘the government’ is made up of people just like you and me (unless it turns out they really are shape-shifting aliens from Alpha Draconis) who are just as much at the mercy of the powers that be as we are. Think JFK. Make sure there are no congressmen aboard when you fly commercial. Then there are the selfish, even criminal, elements that think they rule us, or that they know better how we should live our lives, or that they can simply get rich at our expense by playing the game. The dissolution of ‘the government’ would just mean it’s absorption into a larger government, and most of the same players would stay on the same teams, playing the same game.

  101. First off, not all of us end up overseas. Many of us (like me) have non-deployable jobs. Others are considered “deployed” stateside. The fact is that while we have several hundred thousand troops stationed or deployed overseas, we have many times that many here at home. As WWII Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto once said, “You cannot invade the mainland United States, there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” Despite the so-called “Draconian” gun laws that have been passed, that statement still holds true both for the military and the civilians of this country. We’re pulling out of Iraq, and although the government of Iran does some stupid stuff, they’re not dumb enough to start a war. And Obama’s foreign policy approach to Iran would is not the same as Bush’s was. It’s much more diplomatic. We won’t be in Iran. That leaves Afghanistan, and even 250,000 American troops over there (right now there are around 20,000), would leave over a million of us in other places, mainly, the continental United States. Like I, and your military friends and family have all said, we’d never allow such actions to take place. If the government decided to do something like that for some as-yet unexplained to me reason, they too would be faced with a rifle behind every blade of grass.

    “That’s why everyone in any uniform will support the disarmament of the population, which historically leads to tyranny.” I should introduce you to some of my friends who wear the uniform and are among the staunchest supporters of 2nd ammendment rights I’ve ever met.

    You agree that all this is based on conjecture, and I’m glad you’re able to admit that, but the facts still support the fact that all this conjecture is complete paranoia and nothing else.

    And nobody has YET supplied me with a MOTIVE that the government might want to do something like this…

  102. That’s the thing, it’s not the government. Not ours, or any other. It’s powerful European banking dynasties, and their lackeys, like Zbignew ‘Global Chess Game’ Brzezinski, and Henry ‘Military men are pawns to be used in foreign policy’ Kissinger. The government isn’t doing it, it’s getting done like the rest of us, because it’s made up of us. Us and some shape-shifting reptilians, maybe. I’ll put it as simply as I can, so that absolutely everyone can grasp the core concept:

    The corrupt seek power. That’s all it is. They’re big picture, break a few eggs types that think, like most of us probably have, ‘If only everyone would…’ Unlike most of us, they have the wealth, power, and contacts to make it happen. Exactly like most of us, they think anyone that doesn’t agree with them must be retarded. The whole ‘conspiracy theory’ bit really just keeps us arguing amongst ourselves while they rob and enslave us. A surprise birthday party is a conspiracy. It’s really not such an outlandish thing. They happen every day. Like minds with a common goal work to achieve their ends. Attaining positions in government does a lot to help achieve their ends. They don’t care at all if you die achieving their ends for them, or if 80% of us die to make way for their better world. We’re the eggs.

  103. this is a reply to #53, “people love to blame the govt”
    Seriously?? Can you really blame the people for being upset with a government who is sworn to uphold the constitution and does the opposite? We put our “trust” in them, blindly, and they always screw us and you have the audacity to blame us for the candidates who say anything to get elected and do nothing once they arrive in Washington…wake the phuck up

  104. First of all , ” THE ” Government is not ” OUR ” Government . A group of corrupt members of congress had a midnight session during a holiday break while patriotic members were with their families .
    This occurred in 1871 . You can google ” The Black Pope ” and learn of the centuries leading up to present time . This individual is neither black nor a Pope .

    Another google of ” Dr.Deagle ” and you’ll learn who the evil doers are and their agenda .

    And a google on ” Lindsey Williams ” will reveal the truth about the contrived ” oil shortage ” , etc .

  105. Sorry to leave an additional comment, but I’m also seeking recommended reading on the same subject matter. I’m trying to enlighten my family. Right now they just think I’m a nut because I start talking about CFR & the Bilderberg Group & their eyes glaze over. I need materials.

  106. Mitzi :

    Everyone of us receive the very same reaction . It’s frustrating as hell , but we must just deal with it the best we can .

    I was elated to discover that a niece already knew what the Illuminati was about and seeking more information . Most of my family are Catholic so when I told them to call up the URL for ” The Black Pope ” and they read about the involvement of the Vatican I became a ” KOOK ” in their opinions . The Zionists are not all Jews . They high jacked the Jewish religion and utilize it as cover . The Free Masons from the 32nd degree down know not what the upper crust are about .

    Truthful history is hard to come by . Thank the Lord for the internet !!! Not for long though . TPTB have spent the last 7 years developing ” Internet2 ” which they will have complete control . Sights like this one will be censored and eliminated . Enjoy while you can . If course , the prison camps will not have internet . LOL

  107. The major step in total control of the USA, was the deceitful introduction of the “federal reserve”..a private central bank, in dec 1913. Control a country’s money and you control the country, its govt, its banks, its armies and its people, period. (your founding fathers warned you of this).

    You have to realize that Obama cannot bring any positive change unless the federal resereve is sacked, the banks are allowed to fail, (or be truly nationalized), and the govt begins issuing its own currency in the form of low interst loans. This eliminates the usuary and screwing over of the American people who prior to the FEd Res didnt actually need to pay income tax.

    With the govt and or states issuing their loans and retaining the interest for further loans and expansion, people and govt get to share in the common wealth and prosperity,because the bloodsuckers are out of the equation. You had this all before 1913 and it worked brilliantly. The blood sucking central banks and the IMf dictate policies, wars and globalisation to suit their own needs, never ours. If you can get the fed reserve sacked you wont have to pay income tax, because that’s where all your income tax currently goes…to private banksters to pay interest that you and your govt and communities should be sharing in and re-using to grow your economy and own prosperity. You dont need a private bank to create money out of thin air and then pay them interest! That’s crazy dumbass stuff…go back to founding father’s days and issue your own currency, and reap the benefits of shared prosperity with low interst loans,, and almost all your other problems disappear….health, education, roading, food, housing.

    The Fed Res znd the central banking system is the root cause of your demise and where they want you to end up. It has worked so well for them in the USa and other countries that they now want to screw over the whole world and they are more than willing to engineer this financial collapse in order to bring it about. Their “answer” to this “problem” will be one world govt, one world currency, one world central bank and TOTAL global control.

    Secondly, martial law will accelerate the banksters’ push to get what they really want.. total control of the entire globe, with a one world govt, one world (private) bank and a one world (private bank) currency.

    Bush laid the foundation by introducing a bill that extends the presidency term when a country is under martial law. It is the Prez who declares martial law in the first place so you are in a precarious position….possibly stuck with a madman prez for 15 yrs or more…so much for the constitution.

    Taking up arms and going all “Rambo”.. as some of you seem so keen to do, will create almost instant martial law, and absolutely cannot solve your underlying problem…getting rid of the federal reserve, and the current zionist govt lackeys.

    You are currently being baited into action right now on the media with politicians and the IMf talking about possible riots and civil unrest…dont buy into this…this is excactly what they want…it will make their job so much easier. You will actually have more power by not using guns, and refusing to play any game that the govt wants you to play. If you refuse to play the game there is no game…game over.

    Solution? You can create your own currency and trade system, on a community, town, city or state level.If you cant change govt and get rid of the federal reserve first, then this is a good way to make it happen.(this alternative method has been done in your country before) Imagine how hot the fed would get if it sees itself missing out on the action LOL.Also, take a look at Dakota and how it has fared with its own unique farm loans policy of low interest loans. Take a look at countries like Thailand which absolutely refuses to play any gobalisation or privatisation game, and see how cheap thier electricity etc is.. You will also find that some of thses countries are not friends of the USA…it’s easy to see why, given who runs your country.

    Know that those who own and run the federal reserve owns and runs the USA and have suckered you into most of your wars, and also fighting invisible and fake enemies, and plundering wealth from poor countries, none of which has directly benefited anyone except the bloodsuckers. Read what JFK, Thomas Jefferson. Henry Ford, Abe Lincoln had to say about banksters and those forces behind the curtain.

    The IMF and fed reserve, together with the CIA, have proven beyond doubt that globalisation, corporatizing and privatization of Govt enterprises sucks the life force out of every country that is tied to it. Look at Argentina…did everything the IMF asked (demanded) and went completely bankrupt as a result. It’s not only the USA that needs to be rid of the Fed reserve and the whole IMF game. Australia, New Zealand and other countries need to do same or face certain ruin.We all need to esacape the zionists, and that includes much of the mainstream media they own and control.

    The IMF kidded most of our govts into believing that globalistaion and privatisation of public assets and “free trade” is a good thing. How can it be when we the people who once owned these enterprises, had them sold from underneath us and we now pay more money for them than we need to and that money goes offshore to these leaches?

    The IMF today talks on the zionistic media about possible civil war in Africa…all because of worsening economic conditions. Why are they in this situation? Because their resources have been plundered by corporates , and the countries cant make the interest payments on world bank/ imf loans.. The Fix? Simple…drop the debt…cancel the interest due, and let these poor countries breathe again. The money for those loans was created out of thin air,(debt based) so it costs nothing to cancel the interest payments. They say world hunger ends with the stroke of a pen. A big part of the world problem of unrest is because of the gaps in wealth created in part by these untenable IMF/ World Bank conditions. Part of the “terrorist” problem is that desperate people, with no income, and seeing no future, sign up for action simply to get paid. Give them money , or just let them share in their country’s wealth and enterprise and most of our “enemies” disappear.

    So forget guns.They will not serve you as well as you might think. It will only bring you down to their level, and they say you become what you fight. We are all connected anyway so in effect we are warring with ourselves. Use your brains, drop the race, religion thing entirely..(they serve only to divide us). Be nice to people, even if they havent woken up yet. Smile a lot, stay calm, and refuse to play the govt /bank game. Help your brother, dont shoot him or loot him. Dont try and buy his foreclosed house for a dollar…Dont sign up for the military, or the new citizen homeland force or whetever fancy name they want to give it…Dont tattle on your neighbour. Instead, join with him, help him, defend his right to live in his house and create your own alternative. Use each others talents.

    Together you can run your own race with food, shelter, services, currency,and barter and stop feeding the IRS/Fed reserve leaches…your govt is supposed to re-present your wants and needs, not represent the banksters and the zion worshippers. Make them change by changing without them. Their biggest fear is that we will all wake up one day and realize that we actually have the power.In the memantime they are trying to scare us into accepting changes that will give them more power, as quickly as possible. It is a race we can still win.

    If anyone thinks that by borrowing more money off the FEdreserve can solve this mess you are sadly mistaken. All it can do is bring the USA down faster as you will have even more interest to pay and you cant even pay the interest due now!

    Sack the Fed, stop feeding the banksters, nationalize failed banks and get your state or govt to issue its own currency . Your local municipality will have funds that could be used within your own community on your own terms. You local/state/govt can share in the wealth and growth created by low interest loans and expansion..Its a beautiful cycle.

    Have you wondered why obama keeps giving money to the banks and AIg etc as a bailout and not to you the people? Why is that? Hopefully you know the answer by now..Have you noticed how Obama has no idea where the money goes after he gives it away? No one knows.

    Note that obama has surounded himself with the same expert dudes that got you into this mess. Doing the same stuff and expecting a different result is crazy. If Obama was real about positive “change” he needed to do just two things. 1. arrest Bush, Cheney. Rumsfield for treason and war crimes, and 2. Sack the Federal Reserve and begin issuing your own currency instead of paying the fed to do it, and paying the fed interest for eternity.

    One final thing. If any of you think that the fed reserve private company idea was ever a good one and that your house went up in value, understand that your house didnt go up in real value… even for a minute…it was all a trick…it was actually your money going down in real value, and it suited other interests to have your house “valued” as high as possible. Everyone wins except the people.

    Hopefully, enough of us are willing to look behind the curtain…or at least read “The Wonderful Wizard of OZ”

  108. George W. Armonger you are absolutely correct in order to so called “Save the Earth” you have to remove the Menace and you’ve already mentioned who it is and nothing further needs to be said. Poor Israeli people are only pawns in the Chess Game that definitely be destroyed.

  109. This is in response to Marc’s comment #30. We The People! That says it all, we are the ones with absolute power to change the way things are in a flash quicker than they ever thought we could for instance; Stop buying all unnecessary wants and stock up on needs, fill your house with perishable foods and water, first aid supplies batteries the like anything you may need in an emergency and that is it. Stop all entertainment; movies, amusement parks, sporting events all of it. I don’t dare spend my money on any of these things today that is a form of programming too. And now if we are bold enough don’t go to work, what are they going to do if nobody shows up, fire everybody no way they cannot survive, just shut the entire shit down automatically. But sad to say Americans are programmed into a deep hpynotic trance on all fronts; drugs prescription and illegal, being told lie after lie is programming, poisoned food poisoned drink and most are totally unconscious and in a deep sleep and the Warriors are on this website and many others like it trying to band together and save our soul’s because if you don’t want to fight, then you should not be saved by any of us. The only thing that the Sheep knows…is the asshole of the sheep in front of it.

  110. This is of all of those who are afraid to “Stand Up” and take a stand. Listen don’t be afraid to die; Death is a transition from this lowdown physical existance in which this is the lowest form of existance that we are in right now and we should all want to get the hell out of an Illusion in which you have been asleep all the time trying to figure out where in the hell you came from and how to get back to that point. Death is real Freedom when you’re released from this trap of a body and get to experience real Intelligent life, you’re finally free, moving on to the next dimension in which there are many but we know nothing by way of true untainted knowledge of ourselves and the Universe so being afraid to die should be the least of our worries. Also sad to say that I think the participants in the Revolution will be far less than we would like because most of the unconscious is just that and are not capable of helping themselves let alone participate in a Revolution. Damn!

  111. Mitzi: you’d do well to watch ALL of the films that Saferka mentioned in post # 129; also, take the time to read Crossing The Rubicon, The Long Emergency, The Trance Formation of America, and The Death of America–good reading and viewing; good luck with trying to inform members of your family–it’s always a challenge. (You can always invite family members to watch the films with you but don’t be surprised if they pull the ol’ attack-the-messenger trick in which case YOU’RE the messenger….)

    Nate: you might avail yourself of the materials mentioned above; they might just jolt you out of the brainwashing that occurs during military service. WHY,you wonder, would U.S. soldiers turn and fire on their own countrymen/women in a time of cataclysmic crisis? Because they will be ORDERED TO and will face courts martial and an extended stay in the brig otherwise. Are you even aware that the Third Infantry Division of the Army’s First brigade has been re-deployed to American soil? Why, you ask? Because they’re the ones who will back up the fumbling, grossly inept FEMA folks….not to mention the Blackwater thugs, and quite possibly NATO forces in the fray as well. (Why, I wonder, did some of the thugs “policing” post-Katrina New Orleans have French and German accents? Hey, it’s all on video, soldier, if you care to go there…)

    Let me close with a quote from Sen. Daniel Inouye of Hawaii which should clear up some hazy notions about our perceived “government”: “There exists a shadowy government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of the national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself.”

    Or perhaps some words from former President Clinton spoken to journalist Sarah McClendon: “Sarah, there’s a government inside the government and I don’t control it.”

    Hopefully, these statements are revelation enough for those too stubborn and unwilling to believe otherwise….

  112. Thank you all for your input. I would like to say something to Brian. I agree with you that we are playing into their hands if we take up arms against them. This will be their excuse to begin the round-up of what they’re calling “terrorists”. I am a Christian and I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this subject. What is the correct response that is pleasing to our Lord?

    I must take my first example from the Lord himself. When he walked on this earth in physical form, the ruthless Roman government was harshly ruling over the world. Interestingly, he never really said anything about them, except praising a centurion for great faith. We see the same players involved in having him crucified as many today are saying is controlling the efforts for this NWO. What many refer to as Edomite Jews. Those were the pharisees & I understand edomite Jews. Correct me if I’m wrong. They used the ruthless Romans to crucify the Lord of Glory but he did not resist them. In fact, when Peter cut off the ear of one of the temple guard, Jesus warned Peter that he who lives by the sword will die by the sword.

    Jesus gave no defense of himself before the Pharisee court or the Roman rulers. He did not resist. If you look back on the history of the true Jews, you’ll see when they were taken captive into Babylon, the ones who resisted were the ones who died. The ones who went into captivity had it okay when they weren’t being cast into lions dens and fiery furnaces. The point is, they were not given permission to resist.

    So, I see myself in this position. I will not take a government job. I won’t obey any law that causes me to hurt my fellow man. I won’t turn on my neighbors, friends or families. I won’t help the system by giving them information about anyone. I won’t take up arms against the government. I will not renounce my faith. I will be kind to my fellow man, whatever his color. I will continue to help anyone I can. I will declare Jesus is Lord. So I’m having my Jesus is Lord t-shirt printed up to wear as a statement of my position. I am prepared though to resist being taken to a FEMA camp, rather I will carry a JESUS IS LORD sign down the street in plain view & pray the Lord will have mercy on me to die a martyrs death for his name, if I’m counted worthy. Let me die for His name and not for any other reason.

    We are forming bartering groups we’re calling quad-ops. One person will raise rabbits, one goats, one chickens & one vegetables. We will trade mainly between each other. I have to raise rabbits because I live in the city but I formed a relationship with a man with a greenhouse. My friend is preparing for chickens and she found a milk & meat goat producer who is willing to barter with us. We’re putting a rain-harvesting system with a 100 gallon tank on our house and we have a wood burning stove for heat. We also have a generator, though no wind powered one yet like I wanted.

    I’m not afraid for my husband and I. I’ve prayed for my children and grandchildren, that we all may be counted worthy to escape the wrath to come and to stand before the Son of Man. I suggest all of you say this prayer for yourselves and your families everyday. I heard one teacher say that to fear this “beast” is a form of worshipping the beast. I have to agree with that view. It’s wrong to fear this thing if you are a Christian. You have to place your soul and the souls of your families squarely in the loving arms of God and stand on your faith. This is about the end game & it is about the revealing of the Sons of God & the mystery of iniquity being fulfilled. Remember to pray.

    NOW A LITTLE NOTE TO NATE; I didn’t want to believe it either but there’s no other explanation for what our government is actively doing right now. They’re not even trying to hide it anymore. I realize allowing the reality of this to set in has dire consequences for those bound to the military; but remember Jesus had great praise for a Roman centurion because of his faith. There’s no other explanation for the actions we have seen take place before our eyes with our presidents and congress. From the open borders policies to the stealth passage of 1000 page unread bills while our attention was diverted on the economy, it all points to the same direction. This is the beginning of the end game for the move to a one world government AGAINST OUR WILL!. If you can’t see it, why don’t you watch the news this week as Obama headed for Europe in the “G20” summit. It’s obvious he’s following a pre-ordered script for each action he takes. It’s all obviously pre-arranged, he simply following marching orders. I’ts so obvious. The problem they have is Christians because the HOly Spirit reveals the truth to Christians so the true Christians can’t be deceived. They only have the power we give them, don’t be complicit with the beast system. It has no other than satan himself as it’s head. It has it’s tentacles in religion, government & the media. Don’t be naive. Choose you this day whom you will serve. You’re either devoted to the beast system or to Christ, you cannot have it both ways. By the way, I won’t be taking a federal i.d. card or a North American Union card.

  113. A chunk of the details of the “secret closed door meetings” of members of the House of Representatives was published in a newspaper out of Brisbane, Australia, we’re told in this article. Brisbane has only one newspaper – the Courier Mail. If anyone can say the DATE these details were published in the Courier Mail, these “revelations” will carry more weight. If no DATE can be given, then the whole thing kinda lacks credibility …

  114. There is only one group to blame in this country and it’s obviously AIPAC who’s sucking our own resources for the well being of the Zionist state of Israel. Most of the Ponzi scheme fraud in this country were and are still committed by Jews. Members of AIPAC are the ones who really contributed to the collapse of our economy, they are the ones who pushed us to war against Iraq who wasn’t really a threat to us in the first place and now they are lobbying the senate and the congress for another one against Iran. If that happens then I’ll guarantee you the end of an American era. America will totally collapse if we keep following the brutal and irresponsible policies of AIPAC. If Israeli PM Netanyahu pushes for strike on Iran without American permission then we will be no longer on the edge of the precipice but tipping over into free fall.

  115. Response to N. Arfan #152 – You are 100% absolutely correct! Thank you for realizing that and it’s quite a few of us out there who know who’s behind what and to think that people really believe that Obama will straighten it all out!
    That election was the icing on the cake of programming of the mind and very psyche of sheeple Americans who only want to watch the Super Bowl, drink budweiser and go on vacation and mind you its not to learn anything just to party and have more fun.

    Wonderful statement Arfan!

  116. Nate, the only motive I can think of is the power brokers who actually run this country want One World Government. The UN would run this country, the Constitution would be null and void. The UN is into gun control also. I cannot see Americans willingly agreeing to One World Government. These power brokers have caused a WORLD WIDE FINANCIAL DOWNTURN. One World Government would be the solution to the problem.

  117. Again , I recommend that you google ” The Black Pope ” and learn about the centuries of ,manipulation by the “Illuminati ” and who are involved . They’ve sped up activity and now that they are so near of completion of their agenda find little need for secrecy. The sheeple are programmed .

  118. Nate :

    You intentionally twisted what Joyce and I posted to fit your own conceptions . You’re either quite naive or employed to cast doubt on truth .

    You want motive ? POWER and CONTROL !!

    ” Our Government ” won’t be collapsing because we have not had our own Government since 1871 .

    Our own military will be in no position to provide protection . 500,000 military personel are stationed in 170 foreign countries . Those still in the country will have access to weapons and/or ammunition eliminated just like they are now doing to the civilian population .

    The huge shipping company named ” CISCO ” , owned and controlled by the Chinese Red Communist Army purchased the port of Long Beach , California about two decades ago . They’ve been caught importing weapons and military personel on several occasions . It’s a huge comlex . An army and hardware could easily be hidden inside . They also made a bid to purchase another major port in the California coast . I don’t remember if they were successful .

    We have ” BlackWater ” . Other countries also have mercenaries for hire and the Rothchilds have utilized mercenaries for centuries . Rothchild mercenaries were the downfall of Nepoleon . The Rothchilds learned early on how profitable war could be and began financing both sides . They are very adept in the art of ” fALSE FLAGS ” too .

    OH ! YEAH , you woudn’t know who the Rothchilds are , would you ? They are at the top tier of the Illuminati pyramid with a few others . There are several tiers comprised of about 300 million . The ” NEED TO KNOW ” is implemented at each level . New members are recruited as the need arises and worthiness proven .

    The main control arm for Europe is the ” Trilateral Commission ” and for the U.S. it’s the ” Concil of Foreign Relations ”

    Alex Jones is a super reliable investigative reporter and thoroughly researches before reporting . or

    An excellent radio show hosted by George Noory is . It comes on at 10:00 PM PST for 4 hours and then repeats . The shows are archived .

    Don’t be lazy , Nate , do some research . The truth is like gold , it requires some digging and there is no substitute .


  119. FYI, during WWII, the Rothchilds owned HALF of the wealth on this entire planet.

    FYI, the Fed. Reserve Bank: Only two (2) Presidents have refused loans from the Fed to fund wars. They were Abrahan Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. They were both assassinated. The U.S. owes the Fed so much money that all we pay is interest, which is almost a trillion dollars annually.

    Recently, Glenn Beck did a show on the Fed. Reserve on CNN. His highly rated show was canceled by CNN. He is now on FOX, but I assure you he will NOT be doing any shows on the Fed. Reserve.

    FYI, control the food supply, you control the population. Food is irradiated. This sterilizes the seeds. There is a seed bank in Anartica. Logical outcome? If you are bankrupt and can’t plant your own food, who do you go to?

    Personally, I look forward the the Solar Flares occurring in 2012. Scientists predict that there will be no electricity on this planet for years. This will be the common denominator that brings every one of us down, especially the power brokers. Bring it on!

  120. It has been estimated that the Rothchilds wealth is $600-$650 Trillion . To put that in perspective : That is 100 times the annual GNP of the entire World .

    The U.S. actual debt and entitlements is over $60 trillion and compounding rapidly .

    At the end of the Civil war both the North and the South were bankrupt . In 1871 a contingency of corrupt Congressmen conducted a late night meeting while others were home for the hollidays . They sold our Constitutional Republic to the International Banking Cartel . The colateral consisted of the Nation’s existing assets and future earning productivity of the populace . To expidite collections the federal Reserve was developed and then the Federal Income Tax . Both are illegal per the Constitution . The 14th ammendment was never ratified and there is no law regarding the taxation of the populace .

    Monsanto and Autin-Midland developed Genetically Engineered seeds in their quest to gain complete control of the food supply . They are driving small farmers and even large independent farmers out of business . Their lobbying efforts ( $ ) have gained them absolute power and influence over the FDA , USDA , other agencies and the majority of Congress . Soon it will be illegal to grow organic foods or even have a home garden .

    One of the goals of the Illuminati is to reduce the World populace by 90% . Thirty years ago one in every 100 U.S. citizens would experience cancer during their lifetime . This is now at one in three . The poisoning of our food , water and air is the cause and part of their agenda .

    What occurs when pasturization is performed ? Changes in the molecules and the development of carcinogens . Drink ” RAW ” milk if you can find it . There are attempts to make it’s sale illegal . Now they have forced California almond growers to pasturize their crops . The small almond growers can’t afford the extra burden and are pulling up their trees for firewood .

    All animals will soon be chipped . Then the populace .

  121. for Ben Steinke and others.. there is only one way to win. that is we must be born again in the name of Jesus Christ the Righteous or we have no hope. This world is given over to satan,(Lk.4:5-8)and he will do as much as God will allow. God”s elect will suffer persecution while we are here but a day is coming very soon when we are all out of here and the rest of humanity who does not repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ will be snared in all the evil satan can throw on you and the judgement of the Almighty God will be upon you. This world is right now suffering the worst tribulation it has ever known or ever shall.Read and find out the kind of religious deception is going on. we,the true christians, do indeed win.. in a big way.

  122. Every global organization in the world is a part of the NWO. Operating behind most of these organizations are groups like the B’nai B’ryth which is controlled by the Rothschilds and this organization is behind the american anti-defamation league. their job is to stir up trouble where ever they can so that a solution of their master’s making can be applied to control more of our communities. When we are born again we can cry out to GOD FOR HELP IN UNDERSTANDING HIS WORD. We can ask God through the depth of prayer to reveal to us all we need to know. We can have great confidence that God will help us in our time of need. But we must remember 11Timothy 3:12, ‘Yea,and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.’ The things going on today are done on purpose by the American government on the behalf of their; the twin towers,the diversions in Iraq and Afganistan so that you will not see what is really going on as the FEUDALIST masters bring the world into their complete grasp. The word od God tells us satan can only go so far,and then comes the end. it is so close that it is not inconceivable that it could be before the end of 2009 or 2010. Faith cometh by hearing,and hearing by the word of God(Romans10:17..AKJV,1611).

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  124. Diana :

    38 years ago I began to wake up . That was when Nixon took us off of the gold standard opening the doors for the banksters to speed up the rape job of America .

    That was also the beginning of my following of Congressman Ron Paul . He made sense then and his platform has not changed one iota except regarding the death penalty . He changed his view about that with the recent discoveries of so many convictions of innocent railroaded by unscrupulous District Attorneys seeking to further their careers .

    For those of you who are not familiar about Ron Paul and what he stands for :
    1 ) He refuses to participate in the all so generous pension and benefit package Congress goves themselves .

    2 ) He’s not an attorney – a gynecologist by profession and delivered over 4,000 babies .

    3 ) Labeled as ” Mr No ” by his peers . He votes no on any bill that violates the Constitution or any that he is not allowed sufficient time to read and thoroughly understand .

    There are many more reasons to trust and like such a man . This is the type we need to represent us . The State of Texas is very fortunate to have him . Follow him and learn . He has 250 co-sponsors to his bill to ” AUDIT THE FEDS ” . Then maybe we can abolish them .

    He and I were born on the exact same day – 08/10/1935

  125. yea Ron paul is truly an oustanding example of how our political represenatives should be, if he would of been president things would be drasticly different now, but since obama seems to be a shill for the new world order we have the cap and trade scam, the real id act being resurected as the pass act, same ole status quo wars going on with possible new ones on the horizon and lets not forget about the shady pig flu that almost has to be a man made bio weapon or propaganda tool to initiate a medical quarrantine/vaccination style martial law, hopefully the bill to audit the fed gets passed but even so i think they will be slick enough to render it meaningless.

  126. well for all of those sceptics that dont believe that private prisions are being constructed i”m currantly working on two in las vegas… one across the street from nellis air force base and one thats about 50 miles out in the hills of the desert. both are expected to be completed it october of 2009… I found it unusual so i started investagateing and found myself here. if you find that hard to believe go see for yourself.. also check in ely Nv. and tucson Az. wake up. arm yourselves and be prepared to die for your country the same way our forefathers died for all of us…

  127. So its been over a year since this was posted. No collapse yet. No civil war yet…the closest we are coming to a civil war is if these idiot republicans take up arms over health care reform.

  128. I’ve read all of the articles to date on this site, with some amazement, some horror, some disbelief. Whether everything is true or not is not that important, but what is is that things are not as they should be in the world, and getting worse more quickly by the minute. The bus is about to go over the cliff!!
    It could be possible that there is a power that dominates even the worlds politicians and so called elite and leaders. This force or power may feed on fear, paranoia, anger,jealousies, and all of the other negative harmful emotions and states that the innocent peoples of the world are so cleverly being manipulated into feeling every minute of every day. What kind of a life is that? No decent leader or politician could entertain such deliberate manipulating. Or could they?
    I predicted over 25 years the approximate events that are happening today, I am now over 70 but still thinking!! So if I could see it it puzzles me why others could not. The word sheeple might cover that.
    So, no riots,no killings,no violence from us towards whoever the others are. That simply makes them stronger.
    Simplify, needs not wants, speak the truth only to those who can hear, dont waste energy, do not support banks, credit cards, politicians, armies, and bigotry.
    If we decide that no matter what we will stay calm, avoid the fear, anger, hate, etc etc this then will surely deprive the beast whatever it is and his slave of the food and power that it needs.
    We can still find some peace within, we deserve that.
    Don’t let the buggers get you !!!

    Lots of love, James from Scotland.

  129. Since America’s political leaders lack the courage to even debate the issue causing more crime and social division than any other, namely the War on Drugs, it is up to ordinary citizens to take the initiative and use one of the oldest forms of American protest, namely jury nullification.

    It is the right of every jury to vote for aquittal no matter what evidence is placed before you. The judge, states or even US attorney cannot order you to convict, or threaten you with consequence if you acquit. Therefore along with the writer and producer of hit TV series “The Wire”, do you also pledge that if called upon to serve on any jury panel for any drug case NOT involving violence, that you will acquit the defendant, regardless of the evidence, and thereby begin the process of forcing the government to pass long overdue reforms.

  130. It’s funny that the propagators of these plans think they are immune to war or suffering. They simply are not.

    Bankers who foment war by two parties are not immune to the effects of war. They will go down just the same as any other. “There are no privileged characters.” For the evil occultists, I learned very early on never to practice black magic or wishes for evil because they often turn on the caster with a vengeance. The beast must be satisfied.

    Fortunately, all these evil events have been staved off by those who, armed with knowledge, exercised bravery. Let’s remind all the clinically insane Georgia Guidestone weirdos and psychotic religious zealot/killers who are in their 60’s/70’s and going to give up the ghost and all their wealth they gained by stabbing people in the back and stealing anyways: The USA is a multicultural place shared by people who in their wisdom escaped from the various cynical vagaries and conditions of their own original homelands either willingly or unwillingly, and forged a new and better destiny. To attempt to take out the USA is a kind of global suicide and definitely a mistake because it is home to the hope of a unified world and humanity. The same forces that try to take it out are the ones that fool it into fighting proxy wars for profit.

    Once people wake up, they are not as stupid nor as malignant as they once seemed. Share this vision, and people will awake and return to peace or a righteous rebellion. The only good rebellion is that waged for peace and freedom. Even those who foment the first sphere influence have time to wake up, discard the insane diatribe of their great-great grandfathers (definitely not grandmothers), and pen their own new faiths of peace.

  131. For the past 5 decades I have watched the USA wage wars around the globe ,coupled with a push for financial control of that world, by big corporates. I now see the Surpeme court judges in Washington remove bit by bit your constitutional rights. By allowing faceless corperates to finance political change and influance the outcome. Still you assume as individuals you have a voice, still you assume that this might not be happening to you. Talk is cheap and the awakening too late perhaps. No one in congress represents the people in the USA and the congress has no influance to change events, as they are not the ones who are setting it up, they are just a distraction from the truth and a cover. Your Presidents for decades have only acted as front men, to keep people in the dark ,keep you distracted by fears and daily concerns so you are blinded to what has gone on. Whilst giving you the idear that they are on your side. Your apathy and dare I say your spoiltness along with self interest, has been your major concern. That sure thing is now removed from you, and you start to look bellow the surface finaly. But still you do nothing, your supreme court is removing your constitution from law, its a fact, not fiction hearsay or propaganda. You blog a web site about your views, but dont write to congress, sign petitions or act now to stop the very foundation of your freedom being removed from you. Your reality is as far removed from you as the wars your government has carried out in your names has been for you.
    I hear people say they will not allow this to happen, not only has it happened ,the long term plan for global power amongst the ELITE for the ELITE, has almost been established. A little bit more apathy and a few more fear driven lies should do the trick for them. We are all in the same boat as the middle eastern countries ,along with the third world countries, the corperates use as slave camps to provide them with cheap labour and immense wealth. Have a look at John Pilgers reports to see some of the horrible truth about corperate reality for the millions who are ignored in this world and have no voice or freedom ,run by dictators set up and funded by the USA. To imagine such a reality could not happen to us ,has been a fools paradise we will all pay for .
    Words are cheap, apathy and ignorance comes at a price. Please get reading and writing where it matters and ditch your TV, news papers,and all media properganda outlets, or at the very least question your gut feeling when you hear things and look for the facts beyond your own world history is a eye opener to reality ,to assume the Hitlers of this world ever went away, or that democracy was ever given to us freely. To assume you as humans are more important to these powers, than third world humans are, is a fundimental mistake.
    Regards Beth

  132. All that is happening to the United Stares of America was prophesied by the prophets in the bible. I have known these things since 2000 about what has gone on and what is still going on in this country just by studying the prophecies of the bible. The next major world event to come to the this nation will be an invasion of Iran and then Syria and then an all out World War with 1.4 billion Muslims worldwide! WW III will be so staggering that we as a nation will be so weakened by it that China and Russia will come at the right time and bring us down as a nation and we will be no more the most powerful nation on the earth! But before this war happens we shall see America come under great bondage as never before as our economy and the dollar will fall so great so as to usher in a military state and a dictatorial rule from the top to control the masses. This will be done so that the masses will support the war that is to come and stand with the government. These things must come to pass for America has sinned greatly against her Creator. God is judging us for our cup of iniquity is now full. 911 was a warning from God to repent as a nation. We did not and we have not heeded His warning and now we must pay the full price of our rebellion against Him with a complete and sure judgement coming from our own enemies which have hated us for many years.
    God is using the Muslims, the Russians and the Chinese to bring us down. Only those that trust in the Almighty and obey Him shall be supernaturally be spared from His wrath. Will you be one of these that repents and obeys God?

  133. TEA PARTY!!!! This will never ever happen again most Americans HAVE NO BACK BONE LEFT,Besides America is the most entertained nation on EARTH but the LEAST INFORMED!

  134. I toally agree with Falesteeni and the sad thing is we have already ENTERED the world of DISTRACTIONATAINMENT, and it’s like a medically induced coma, a hypnotic trance and it’s the FEAR FRAUD that they are perpetrating also that has most of the people afraid to do anythiny. I have always said and will always say that, The Real Power is with The People!

  135. This is to James Hanlon. Divine Intervention is taking place at this very time with the Universe within us and around us. Look at the people whose minds are in total chaos and the EARTH is also in a chaotic state, and this change in CONSCIOUSNESS, that we are experiencing whether we want to or not must take place. Are we worthy you ask? Don’t even worry about anyone else except for yourself at this pivotal point in time, just make sure your SOUL is ready for this change and when we get ourselves right we usually want to help others do the same. That is what needs to happen and some won’t be saved from their inner chaos because of their choice not to change. There is a lot that we can do collectively as a people to aid in that Divine Intervention because WE are it.

    Peace to all!

  136. I ssw a few replies stating not to use violence or freedom movements but only to use class action lawsuits?! That’s absurd. They are taking away all our freedoms, which men fought and died so we could have, and they will in future do violence against us. Then the financial wipeout of America and most of the citizens here. We must fight back, at least try to regain the freedoms we have now lost, and protect ourselves and property and loved ones! Wake up people.

  137. Barb: You are absolutely right, its time to get down and dirty and the hell with class actions laws suits because at this point and time, its ridiculous foolishness and only for lame ducks who are afraid to lose a little comfort. I also feel that we are just a little too late for any legal actions which will take years to even go to trial and we don’t have years to invest in that kind of procedure. I am a African American woman who really never experienced blantant racism or any kind of injustice while living here in America for 47 years and I have friends of all kinds but today the ASSAULT is on all Americans no matter what your race is. So we need to put race and religion aside, band together and do what is necessary to save what little of the rights that we have left and get down to the real NITTY GRITTY. For those of you are aware and not aware of “The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion but do not have the book as I do, here is the link to the site where they are all listed. ttp://

    What we are experiencing today with our economy, rights and so-called freedoms was a carefully constructed and well thought out plan and has been implemented 99% with only 1% to go which is coming our way soon. This destruction was planned long before any of us on this site ever thought about coming into existance from our mother’s womb and although The Protocols have been labeled a fraud and a forgery, it’s is very obvious that it is not, it’s very REAL. As I have said time and time again and as I have seen mentioned in some peoples comments, “WE THE PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER” and always have, they do not out number us by any means and we can bring down the house almost instantly, if we have the nerve to do so. At this point we have nothing to lose and everything to gain and as far as GUN CONTROL is concerned that is the reason for that law to disarm the many armed Americans so that we are not able to resist. Another reason most people will not be able to fight back is because; the water has been flouridated(a toxic chemical used in rat poison), food has been genetically modified, and drugs prescription and illegal have dulled the minds of the masses and rendered most incapable of any kind of resistance. Aspartame, MSG, rBGH and vaccines for all of their created viruses and fearmongering have totally decapitated the masses literally without even cutting off our heads. Also as I said before, we need to stop all spending on anything that we don’t need to have; all entertainment, movies, amusement parks, sporting events and the like need to be stopped outright. And since there are no more jobs left for anyone, if push comes to shove, shut down the workfoce by staying the hell at home because they cannot operate without the people who work for them and that includes all business. What are they going to do fire everyone or send all business overseas? I think not. No more vacations to exotic places spending all our hard earned money for a week or two of enjoyment just to come back to our very livelyhood that is collapsing around us. Congress and the Senate is useless and we should vote them all out of office by not voting period for democrat or republican because they are playing us all. It’s a one party system and always have been, we are the ones who just don’t know the perpetrated fraud that we have been duped into believing it existed. I always thought something was up with the OBAMA DRAMA and little do we know his mother is Tricky Dick Cheney’s wife’s cousin and his allegiance is to ISRAEL and not America and he is the vacuum to suck us all in for the final blow that he labled “CHANGE” but it’s more like “CONTROL” over our very lives. Remember is first major speech was to AIPAC. Surprised? All I can say is that we need to hurry and not waste anymore time bickering about bullsh*t and organize quickly to let our voices and intentions be known and for all the softies that want to talk about it, get the F**K out of the way and let the real REVOLUTIONARIES do the work that has to be done. And by the way, they are monitoring all webstes like this daily to see who’s who and what they are up against; don’t think for one minute that they don’t know who’s who from IP addresses of people who make comments. But so what, they are a bunch of PUNK ASSES hiding behind their mamas skirts and will haul ass if we get down to business.

    Thank you for reading and Peace to all!

  138. It’s prity damb bad that a family is unable to grow thair own crops and gest live happly without any Goverment rual telling you how to eat, sleep, what to ware, what to say and how to live.
    Why can’t people look past any deffrencs and help eachouther with anything one can do for one anouther when they can. Insted all Governments; whether comunisom or democricy are a crok of shit, they tell you things to win your favor then take over your’s and evryone els’s life with no freedom to ones self or family with the illusion of freedom.

  139. Oh come on, was that a serious comment Anonymous? Look at the top of the thread. The US economy was supposed to collapse in 08. Well, it did collapse, sorta, in 09, but the government finances haven’t collapsed and nobody has been moved to any secret camps anywhere. It just isn’t gonna happen. Yeah, our government is a little broken, but they’re not out to get us. In the end, I think they really do have our best interests at heart… they couldn’t get elected if they didn’t. And, Anonymous… are you just pissed off at the government because the public school system failed you? I mean, I guess I would be too, but Jesus… spell-check!!

  140. I think that this is article has some truths, some partial-truths, and some outright propaganda. The economy definitely took a dip but I don’t see another Civil War coming anytime soon.

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