World War

(InGaza) – Loaded opposition

One can imagine that were US soldiers to open fire with live ammunition on American protesters, this would not be acceptable. Likewise for Canada and most democratic nations.

Yet somehow there is a void, a gaping hole in the media into which fall most potential reports on Israeli soldiers shooting with live ammunition on visibly unarmed demonstraters. Read More Here

(AntiWar) – Pentagon Report: Still Not Enough Troops in Afghanistan

After 15 months in office President Obama has increased the number of troops in Afghanistan by an almost impossible amount, going from 30,000 (itself the product of an end-of-term escalation by President Bush) to 86,000… with the troop level pushing 100,000 by the end of the summer. Read More Here

(BBC) – US youngsters are too fat to fight, warn generals

Rising rates of obesity among young Americans could undermine the future of the US military, two retired generals have warned. Read More Here

(TheStatesman) – Demonizing Ahmadinejad – Hillary Clinton Calls Ahmadinejad Anti-semitic President

“Iran, with its anti-Semitic president and hostile nuclear ambitions, continues to threaten Israel, but it also threatens the region and it sponsors terrorism,” Mrs Clinton said at the American Jewish Committee Annual Gala Dinner here. Read More Here

(CounterCurrents) – Can You Pass The Iran Quiz

What can possibly justify the relentless U.S. diplomatic (and mainstream media) assault on Iran ? Read More Here

(Pravda) – What’s At Stake in the Issue of Iran – Noam Chomsky

In an interview with the German publication, Freitag, Noam Chomsky talks about U.S. pressure on Israel and Iran and its geopolitical significance. “Iran is perceived as a threat because they did not obey the orders of the United States. Militarily this threat is irrelevant. This country has not behaved aggressively beyond its borders for centuries. Israel invaded Lebanon with the blessing and help of the U.S. five times in thirty years. Iran has not done anything like this,” he says.´ Read More Here

(GlobalResearch) – How Wars Are Born: China versus the U.S. – Shamus Cooke

The corporate controlled New York Times published a revealing article about how U.S. foreign policy really works, and why. The motive behind the sincerity is that China’s foreign policy was being attacked. However, the article soon made it clear that China’s policy is the same as the U.S.’s : dominating regions that are of “economic (corporate) interest” — raw materials, cheap labor, shipping lanes, markets, etc. — through military buildup. Read More Here

(LewRockwell) – The CIA Coup That Kept America on the Road of Militarism – Read More Here

USS LIBERTY: The Fifth Fleet Sacrifice – Why did it happen?

A review of the USS Liberty story explains a lot of how and why we have arrived at the state and conditions in which we currently find America and its governance! Vis: Read More Here

(DesertPeace) – Playing Peace to Target Iran

Obama needs Palestine merely to pursue his scheme to isolate Iran, says Khalid Amayreh cynically in occupied Jerusalem Read More Here

(Guardian) – Afghanistan forces face four more years of combat, warns Nato official

Nato’s top civilian official in Afghanistan warns of further deaths in ‘very tough year’ for British and other foreign troops Read More Here

(AFP) – Iran warns Israel against attacking Syria

Iran will “cut off Israel’s feet” if the Jewish state attacks Damascus, Iranian Vice President Mohammad Rida Rahimi vowed on Friday at the end of a two-day visit to key regional ally Syria. Read More Here

(Guardian) – Turmoil in Iraq threatens US withdrawal plans

Iraq continues to be embroiled in its messy post-election coalition-building process. It has become so messy that the US may well be rethinking its withdrawal plans, and particularly its withdrawal of all combat troops at the end of August. Read More Here

(Aletho) – US: We stand by Israel at UN

Washington has invariably invoked the veto power to block the UN resolutions against the Israeli aggression on the Palestinians and the regime’s building up the occupied lands. Read More Here

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5 thoughts on “World War

  1. I am tired of our National leders and politicians cowbowing to israel. I am Amedrican, my government must be American, not zionist not have any pro-zionist people in our government. Our interests come first, our military is not made up to defend a foreign country like the zionist israeli back stabbers. Since there are 300 plus politicians are licking israel’s ass, it must be that these “our” leaders are either bought, blackmailed by the zionist or have the entire USA in a very dangerous situation such as ready to explode some nuclear devises on our cities.
    Whatever the answer is, WE are being fleeced, impoverished and our youth is being killed or put into very high danger for a country that was ill-concieved, illegal, ignores all UN and world laws, insults us and steels more and more land from the palistenians. This group of zionist are by far the worse group to have ever stepped on the earth. I am American I am zionist not israeli (which, by thier own admition, don’t exist) America must be lead by AMERICAS ONLY with no connection to any other country or peoples. If you are not completely FOR, PRO AND ONLY, AMERICAN for at least 4 generations and don’t have any loyalties to any other nation but this one of ours, you cannot be in our government EVER.
    We are Americans most of us are emmigrants who cut apron strings from where we came and we insist on being our own MASTERS.

  2. Unfortunately, we’ve tried ‘elections’ to fix the problems with corrupt government, and that doesn’t work. The same politico’s who promise us ‘change’ end up butt forking us deeper and harder, sans ‘reach around’ worse than the last corrupt filth under the Bush mis-administration. There are no pending bills to clean up the political cesspool that is Washington and J-STREET (israeli lobby).

    So now what? Wring our hands?? Piss and moan??? What???

    If we had an election every day of the next year, we’d still have corrupt, ISRAELI INFILTRATED, wholly CO-OPTED by Israel and CORPORATISTS, government in the U.S. Then what??

    I’m not telling people to revolt. I am telling people to load up their goddamned SUV’s and get ready to ENCIRCLE WASHINGTON D.C. EN MASSE. THIRTY OR FORTY MILLION OF US. It could take awhile to arrive, but once we’re in place and ready to jump the fence, it’ll be pretty clear to the powers that be that either they RESIGN, and let us institute a non-corrupt government that will abide by the U.S. Constitution and listen to voters, or we will, in fact, starve them the fuck out of their nests, however deep they may hide in those luxurious basements under the buildings.

    Enough is enough. No more acquiescence to the corruption. Either we demand it be REMEDIED, or we go there in force and REMEDY IT OURSELVES.

    they cannot kill 30 million of us. They just cannot. And, they WILL NOT.

    If the people of Iceland can do it, so the fuck can we!!!!

  3. I believe the only remedy is taking up arms against ALL treasonous American zionists. Be they Christian or jew.

  4. In the case of zionist Christians, they not only betray their country, more importantly, they are apostates to their professed faith.

  5. An American’s loyalty should be to the Constitution, not the government. Especially when the government ignores the Constitution.

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