Video: We Got One That Can See: Former Obamanoid Reveals Truth on Fox News

(KurtNimmo) – It was a remarkable moment in the annals of corporate media television. During a Fox News segment on the staggering unemployment rate among the young, a former Obamanoid manages to sneak in the truth — there is no difference between Clinton, Bush and Obama, they are all puppets for elite bankers.

“Obama is an illusion of change,” said the former supporter. “He is a lot like Bush in many ways. It is a fallacy to believe he really cares about unemployment when he hired an economic team comprised of Volcker, Geithner… these men were in the last three administrations and they don’t really care for the poor and working class of this nation.”

Obama’s administration, of course, is packed like a sardine can with globalists from the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg group. Following Obama’s election win, he named 14 top cabinet selections and nine of them were affiliated with the Bilderberg group, ten were affiliated with the Council on Foreign Relations and five hailed from the Trilateral Commission.

Geithner, in addition to working for the Federal Reserve, is associated with the CFR, Trilateral Commission and the Bilderbergers. Ditto the former Fed boss Volcker.

Indeed, Obama, Geithner, Volcker, and the rest don’t care about the poor and working class. The CFR, Trilateralists, and members of the once secretive Bilderberg cabal are working stealthily toward a one-world government that will require a large serf class of impoverished slaves.

In 1980, Holly Sklar wrote in her book Trilateralism: The Trilateral Commission and Elite Planning for World Management, that according to bankster David Rockefeller’s Trilateralists “the people, governments, and economies of all nations must serve the needs of multinational banks and corporations” and the “owners and managers of global corporations view the entire world as their factory, farm, supermarket, and playground. The Trilateral Commission is seeking to strengthen and rationalize the world economy in their interest,” not in the interest of the workers or anybody else.

“If you wish to establish national monopolies, you must control national governments,” writes Gary Allen. “If you wish to establish international monopolies or cartels, you must control a world government.”

Obama’s task was to sell the globalist snake oil under the misleading label “change.” Fortunately, the young lady above seems to understand this, at least on a rudimentary level. It is heartening that people — especially former Obamanoids — are coming around to the reality of the situation.

Source: Infowars

2 thoughts on “Video: We Got One That Can See: Former Obamanoid Reveals Truth on Fox News

  1. It is a fallacy also to believe that Media is waking up just because they criticised Obama. They wanted to make us believe that they are waking up, it is not true. If they criticised Obama its for a reason. Media is controled by the same people that control Obama. Obama is not good anymore for them. Thats why Obama is criticised all around the world not just in America.

    After Obama the next president will be worse, dont forget that. Thats why Obama was put here.

  2. I agree Lydia… The mainstream media is a puppet for these same criminals. CNN = Ted Turnner, CBS= Viacom, NBC/MSNBC = General Electric, FOX= Rupert Murdock, and so on and so forth !
    However… Many are begining to wake-up !… and are turning to the Internet for news.
    May I suggest… Democracy… Info Wars/Prison Planet, and of course…
    What’s bothersome, is… the criminals we speak of are a step away from getting Verizon, and Google to control this venue too !
    Never before is has it been so important for all citizens of this nation, and those abroad to take a stand by doing whatever it takes… with logic and reason, Not Violence… to have our voices heard !
    That being by getting invoulved in your comunities, and states politics.
    Support those who are behind the three documents our founding fathers gave to us.
    Remind law-enforcement officials they have a duty to serve and protect Us !… Not those in the Federal Goverment…and do so by acting in a calm, and peacefull manner… Otherwise, these criminals with have a reason to declare Martial~Law !
    Resulting in Us… being placed in FEMA camps, having lost what few civil rights we have left.
    This November… Let us all… be One, and do what it takes to get this nation back on track.
    Check out… Campaign for Liberty, chaired by John Tate, and Congressman Ron Paul.
    I heard that if only ” 20% ” of this nations populace stands as one… it will make the differance.

    Give Me Liberty, or Give Me… Death!

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