Compassion and Responsibility – Campaign for Liberty

It’s my opinion that the root of many of modern America’s problems (and perhaps modern society across the globe in general) is a lack of compassion. Let me explain what I mean by this. People used to live together in a neighborhood and talk to one another. When this happens, people form a bond. No longer is the guy next door just another stranger, but now there is a personal connection to him. You begin to care for him. When folks had less distractions in their lives (i.e. television, computer, iPod, cell phone) they were more apt to hang out in the neighborhood with their neighbors. This is how people came to look out for one another and be interested in each other’s problems and share in each other’s accomplishments. When someone achieved something, everyone (or a number of others) were happy, and when tragedy struck someone, everybody felt it; not just the person/family whom the tragedy struck. Continue reading