Video: Charlie Veitch – Arrested, Tortured, Caged by Canadian Fascist Police at G20 – Alex Jones Tv

(July 25) –

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2


6 thoughts on “Video: Charlie Veitch – Arrested, Tortured, Caged by Canadian Fascist Police at G20 – Alex Jones Tv

  1. Did any one else notice that Charlie Veitch got to talk about 30 seconds in this 4 minute clip. I just watched part 2 only.

  2. L.Laine’s comment disregards the relevance of the info with an incidental fact. Whether Laine is a paid stooge or more deeply manipulated is also incidental. The charges by Veitch and Jones are very heavy, simply too heavy for many to accept as true, as real. Decades ago now, the consensus among therapists was that a mark of sanity is the ability to accept real facts as real facts. But now many claim to feel that reality is what major media or a (mis)perceived majority says it is. Truly a sad state of affairs. This is a worse situation than if that many people were walking around publicly yelling at themselves and flailing their arms. Good wishes to the sane and unsane (desaned?).

  3. I really wish that Alex would stop with his annoying antics and focus on the subject facts like a rational human being. His loud, show-offish, look-at-me style is what contributes to so many people doubting his sincerity. And he interrupts his guests to do his shtick way too often. It’s just irritating to listen to him.

  4. Alex; I admire your work, but you overdid the grimacing & arm flailing this time. I like Charlie Veitch’s work too. He was obviously so shaken by the events described that he dropped his usual humourous approach. He spent a few hours in custody. From the age of 75 I spent SIX YEARS being ‘ghosted’ between many different prisons & lunatic asylum. I am NOT a criminal, & I am NOT a lunatic. I am a WW2 veteran, described as a ‘Hero’ by some (though I never made that claim). What were my ‘crimes’? In 1997 I stood for Parliament & published a book with evidence of crooked judges. However, my biggest ‘crime’ was to win a case in the European Court of Human Rights, bringing a viatl change in British law. The change is much hated by lawyers & judges – & I am hated for it! I never expected to be allowed out alive, but a miracle happened, & here I am, STILL trying to expose the Judicial Mafia – & the rot within the British nation which allows them to operate. My telephone: Dial for England, then 01274 541 213.

  5. by god this is ridiculous. alex is way too drastic in this video but the content demands it apparently

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