2 thoughts on “Video: George Carlin and Bill Hicks Tell it Like it Is

  1. Thanks for posting!

    Also see the follow up video:

    George Carlin Talks War And American Politics

  2. The bottom line is that all this NWO insanity is caused by tenseness and that tenseness in people is contagious. Tenseness is one reason why many slaves suicide instead of protesting against these scum of the ages. Its ridiculously easy to defeat them, just relax and promote good old 1950-60s rock and roll/rockabilly/R an B. A man whose soul is intact cannot be defeated, and there is no better way to preserve the soul than playing valid R an R. The scum know that if you kill the soul, the body follows. That`s why they spent billions to cripple/sabotage good old music, its musicians and its future. There were dozens of deviated ways they did this that not one person in a million knows about.

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