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(PressTV) – Der Spiegel: US middle class vanishing

According to an article appearing in the German newspaper, Der Spiegel, the negative consequences of the global financial crisis include a widened social class rift and the elimination of the middle class in the US. Read More Here

(STPaulBusJournal) – Minnesota home sales drop 40 percent in July – Read More Here

(USAToday) – Gulf real estate sales suffer from BP oil spill aftermath – Read More Here

(AP) – Regulators shut 3 banks in Fla, Va – Read More Here

(MercuryNews) – Silicon Valley home sales plunge in July (Updated) – Read More Here

(BusinessInsider) – It Looks Like U.S. Government Bonds Aren’t Supported By China Anymore – Read More Here

(CampaignForLiberty) – Is Our Money Based on Debt?

Different groups often notice different aspects of the same phenomenon — this is the point of the famous tale of the blind men encountering an elephant. When it comes to the Federal Reserve, Austrians usually focus on how its tinkering with interest rates leads to the boom-bust cycle.

However, plenty of non-Austrians hate the Federal Reserve System too. For some of these critics, one of the most perverse features of our present monetary system is its basis in debt. Specifically, if Americans ever began seriously paying down their debts, the supply of dollars would shrink. In the present article I’ll explain this strange fact. Read More Here

(BusinessInsider) – 15 Signs The U.S. Housing Market Is Headed For Complete And Total Collapse

The U.S. housing market is dying. You will only hear hints of this on the mainstream news and from the politicians in Washington D.C., but as statistic after statistic continues to roll in, the reality of what is happening is becoming very difficult to deny. Read More Here

(LasVegasSun) – Las Vegas jobless rate climbs to 14.8 percent – Read More Here

(Reuters) – Connecticut may have just a week’s worth of cash – Read More Here

(InfoClearingHouse) – Frozen in the Headlights – The Economy is in Big Trouble – Mike Whitney – Read More Here

(InfoClearingHouse) – The Banksters Strike Again – Chase Bank and Obama’s “Make Home Affordable” Scam – Read More Here

(EconomicCollapseBlog) – Kicked In The Groin: Health Insurance Companies Are Dramatically Increasing Premiums Due To The New Health Care Law And There Is Not Much We Can Do About It – Read More Here


(GlobalResearch) – Climate Change: Concocting the “Consensus” – Andrew Gavin Marshall – Read More Here


Video: Bob Chapman’s Economic Report – Banks Will Still Profit in this Faltering Economic Recovery

Alex talks with regular Friday guest Bob Chapman about the economy and other issues. Chapman became a stockbroker in 1960 and retired in 1988. For 18 of those years he owned his own brokerage firm. Starting in 1967 Mr. Chapman began writing articles on business, finance, economics and politics having been printed and reprinted over the years in over 200 publications. He owned and wrote the Gary Allen Report, which had 30,000 subscribers. He currently is owner and editor of The International Forecaster, a compendium of information on business, finance, economics and social and political issues worldwide, which reaches 10,000 investors and brokers monthly directly, and parts of his publication are picked up by 60 different websites weekly exposing his ideas to over 10 million investors a week. Continue reading

BP Oil Gusher

(Truthout) – Unfolding BP Catastrophe: Uncovering the Lies That Are Sinking the Oil – Dahr Jamail and Erika Blumenfeld – Read More Here

(WashingtonsBlog) – BP and the Government’s Record of Failure in Capping the Oil Well – Relief Wells Delayed. New Tests Show “Gap” in Oil “Well Column” – Read More Here

(WashingtonsBlog) – Is Gulf Seafood Safe?

The FDA and NOAA say that Gulf seafood is fine. President Obama ate a fish taco yesterday made with Gulf fish.

So does that mean Gulf seafood is safe to eat? Read More Here

(CNSNews) – Oversight Report Slams Obama ‘Failure’ on Oil Spill

A new oversight report from Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), the senior Republican on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, details what many analysts see as the failures of the Obama administration during the Gulf oil spill.

The report lays out the ways in which the administration either failed to exercise authority it had or acted in ways that hindered the massive cleanup effort, pointing out that President Barack Obama appeared less than focused on the country’s largest environmental disaster in history. Read More Here

Video: Purposely Killing The Gulf of Mexico – Dr. Scott Johnson – Continue reading

World War

(GlobalResearch) – The End of World War II Did Not Lead to A Lasting Peace: “Operation Sunrise” and the Onslaught of the Cold War – Read More Here

(ABC&CBN) – The Philippines: America’s New Launchpad for the Militarization of Southeast Asia – Aquino promoting ties of dependency with U.S.? – Center for People Empowerment in Governance – Read More Here

(PeoplesDailyOnline) – America is Engaging in “Gunboat Diplomacy” Against China. “Unilateral Confrontation and Showing Off of Hard Power” – Major General Luo Yuan – Read More Here

(TorontoSun) – They Can’t Cage A Song – Punishing the WikiLeaker Misses the Point – Eric Margolis – Read More Here

(InfoClearingHouse) – Why WikiLeaks Won’t Stop the War – Noam Chomsky – Read More Here

(AFP) – N.Korea warns of ‘severest punishment’ for war games

The North’s army and people will “deal a merciless counterblow” to the allies “as it had already resolved and declared at home and abroad”, a spokesman for the country’s army General Staff said in a statement published by state media. Read More Here

(GlobalResearch) – War Preparations? Biggest U.S.-Israeli Joint Infantry Exercise Ever

The Israeli military on Saturday carried out maneuvers in a terrain that resembles south Lebanon as part of exercises on the occupied Palestinian territories’ borders with Lebanon and Syria.

The maneuvers were the first of their kind. Israeli TV channels showed parts of the exercises in which occupation soldiers engaged in street battles with “Hezbollah”. Read More Here


Video: WikiLeaks’ Collateral Murder – U.S. Soldier Ethan McCord’s Eyewitness Story

(GRTV) – Video: Depleted Uranium – Iraq’s Deadly Legacy

Seven years after the invasion of Baghdad, the Iraqi people are experiencing a devastating legacy. Babies are being born with severe deformities and cancer at a rate, which makes the effects of Hiroshima look tame.

The number of babies born with severe deformities and children developing leukaemia is rising dramatically in parts of Iraq. View Video Here


(PressTV) – Petraeus to talk Obama out of pullout

The commander of the US and NATO forces in Afghanistan says he reserves the right to advise US President Barack Obama against a troop pull-out from the country in 2011. Read More Here

FLASHBACK(RealNews) – Video: Brzezinski on the Afghan war – Video Link Here


(Salon) – A campaign for war with Iran begins

Obama administration officials, as well as U.S. lawmakers and European diplomats, passionately made the argument this spring that tough sanctions on Iran were necessary to avoid war. But contrary to their predictions, the drumbeat for war — particularly from Israel – has only increased since the U.N. Security Council adopted a new resolution against Tehran in June. Read More Here

(KurtNimmo) – Video: Iran Attack This Week?

Former interim U.N. ambassador and leading neocon John Bolton went on Fox News on Friday and sounded the alarm bells over Russia’s pending delivery of nuclear fuel to Iran’s Bushehr reactor. If Israel plans to attack Bushehr, Bolton said, it must act now because allowing the Russians to load nuclear fuel rods at the site will make Iran “essentially immune from attack by Israel. Because once the rods are in the reactor an attack on the reactor risks spreading radiation in the air, and perhaps into the water of the Persian Gulf.” Read More Here

(ConsortiumNews) – A Neocon Preps US for War with Iran – Ray mcGovern

I guess I was naïve in thinking that The Atlantic and its American-Israeli writer Jeffrey Goldberg might shy away from arguing for yet another war — this one with Iran — while the cauldrons are still boiling in Afghanistan and Iraq. Read More Here

FLASHBACK(RealNews) – Video: Zbigniew Brzezinski on Iran – Video Link Here

(Rense) -Iran And The Israeli-US Shell Game – Read More Here

(PressTV) – Russia: Iran’s nuclear program peaceful

The spokesperson for Russia’s Rosatom Nuclear Energy State Corporation, Sergey Novikov, has asserted the peaceful nature of Iran nuclear program.

Novikov told Russian TV on Sunday that Iran’s Bushehr nuclear power plant– which will be launched on Aug. 21 — does not have any military purpose and it only aims to generate electricity. Read More Here

(Fox) – Video: “Iran On The Verge Of Producing Nuclear Bomb! The Clock Has Run Out” – Continue reading

World War


(MSNBC) – Showcase Afghan army mission turns into embarrassment

The fighting has continued so intensely for the past week that the Red Cross has been unable to reach the battlefield to remove the dead and wounded. Read More Here

(WalesOnline) – Claims of civilian deaths spark Afghan protests

A crowd of about 300 villagers yelled “death to the US” and blocked a main road in eastern Afghanistan today as they swore that US forces had killed three innocent villagers, officials said. Read More Here

(InfoClearingHouse) – Allies No Longer Willing To Cover Up Inevitable Defeat

With the Dutch troops’ pullout, Canada has reopened talks of quick Afghanistan withdrawal ahead of schedule as its nation strongly opposes the Afghan war and prefers a road to peace. To make the matter worse, the US’s closest ally country, Pakistan’s president was quoted in an interview published in France as saying” Coalition forces are losing war against Taliban in Afghanistan.” Read More Here


(GlobalResearch) Mr Blair : About Your Book Signing : Dedication Suggestions… Every letter of Every Word is Written in a Child’s Blood

For your years as an enthusiastic partner in the silent slaughter of Iraq’s children under the embargo, a dedication to the seventeen infants in the neo-natal unit of Basra’s formerly fine maternity hospital, all who died on the very threshold of life due to your representative at the UN, with his US counterpart, vetoing importation of oxygen. You were jointly responsible for denying even the air that we breathe to Iraq’s newborn. Read More Here

(GlobalResearch) – “Routine” Massacre of Civilians in Iraq: Former GIs Describe US Policy of Firing on Civilians

Three former U.S. soldiers involved in the infamous “Collateral Murder” helicopter gunship attack on Baghdad civilians in July 2007, say that attack was nothing out of the ordinary. The massacre—that killed more than a dozen Iraqis, two of them employed by Reuters—ignited a wave of international revulsion against the U.S. military in Iraq when a video of the massacre was released by WikiLeaks last April.

“What the world did not see is the months of training that led up to the incident, in which soldiers were taught to respond to threats with a barrage of fire—a “wall of steel,” in Army parlance—even if it put civilians at risk,” report Sarah Lazare and Ryan Harvey in the August 16th issue of The Nation magazine. Read More Here

(StopNATO) – Iraq: NATO Assists In Building New Middle East Proxy Army – Rick Rozoff – Read More Here


(IsraelNationalNews) – Iran Warns Against Israeli Invasion of Lebanon

Iran warns that if Israel were to invade Lebanon, it would be counter-attacked by several countries in the region. Iran’s Fars News Agency reported that Ramin Mehman-Parast, an Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman, issued the warning yesterday, saying that while it’s unlike Israel will invade Lebanon, the “Zionist regime would be slapped hard in the face by the regional states if it dares to attack Lebanon again.” Read More Here

(Newsmax) – John Bolton: Russia’s Loading of Nuke Fuel Into Iran Plant Means Aug. 21 Deadline for Israeli Attack

Once the fuel rods are loaded, Bolton told Fox News on Friday afternoon, “it makes it essentially immune from attack by Israel. Because once the rods are in the reactor an attack on the reactor risks spreading radiation in the air, and perhaps into the water of the Persian Gulf.” Read More Here

(DebkaFile) – Russian S-300s in Abkhazia block possible Israeli air route to Iran

US and Israeli military sources told debkafile Thursday, Aug. 12, that a threat from Georgia was not the reason why Russian posted advanced S-300 interceptor batteries Russia in Abkhazia and air defense weapons in South Ossetia on the northern shore of the Black Sea -as Moscow officially maintained, but rather possible moves by the US and/or Israel against Iran and its nuclear facilities. Read More Here

(InfoClearingHouse) – A Neocon Preps US for War with Iran – Ray McGovern

I guess I was naïve in thinking that The Atlantic and its American-Israeli writer Jeffrey Goldberg might shy away from arguing for yet another war — this one with Iran — while the cauldrons are still boiling in Afghanistan and Iraq.

It’s worth remembering how Goldberg helped to make the case for the U.S. invasion of Iraq. For instance, on Oct. 3, 2002, as America’s war fever was building, Goldberg wrote in Slate, the online magazine: Read More Here

(GlobalResearch) – Is Obama Playing with Nuclear Fire in Iran and Korea? – Shamus Cooke

Fidel Castro came out of political retirement to warn the world that a nuclear war between the U.S. and Iran or North Korea is a very real possibility. The U.S. media either ignored the warning, minimized it, or ridiculed Castro.

Is there a basis for Castro’s “alarmism”? Read More Here

(Salon) – How propagandists function: Exhibit A – Glenn Greenwald

Jeffrey Goldberg, in the new cover story in The Atlantic, on an Israeli attack on Iran:

Israel has twice before successfully attacked and destroyed an enemy’s nuclear program. In 1981, Israeli warplanes bombed the Iraqi reactor at Osirak, halting — forever, as it turned out — Saddam Hussein’s nuclear ambitions; and in 2007, Israeli planes destroyed a North Korean-built reactor in Syria. An attack on Iran, then, would be unprecedented only in scope and complexity.

Good news! Israel can successfully end a country’s nuclear program by bombing them, as proven by its 1981 attack on Iraq, which, says Goldberg, halted “forever, as it turned out — Saddam Hussein’s nuclear ambitions.”

Jeffrey Goldberg, The New Yorker, 2002, trying to convince Americans to fear Iraq:

Saddam Hussein never gave up his hope of turning Iraq into a nuclear power. After the Osirak attack, he rebuilt, redoubled his efforts, and dispersed his facilities. Those who have followed Saddam’s progress believe that no single strike today would eradicate his nuclear program.

When it suited him back then, Goldberg made the exact opposite claim, literally, of the one he makes today. Back then, Goldberg wouldn’t possibly claim what he claims now — that the 1981 strike permanently halted Saddam’s “nuclear ambitions” — because, back then, his goal was to scare Americans about The Threat of Saddam. So in 2002, Goldberg warned Americans that Saddam had “redoubled” his efforts to turn Iraq into a nuclear power after the Israeli attack, i.e., that Saddam had a scarier nuclear program than ever before after the 1981 bombing raid. But now, Goldberg has a different goal: to convince Americans of the efficacy of bombing Iran, and thus, without batting an eye, he simply asserts the exact opposite factual premise: that the Israelis successfully and permanently ended Saddam’s nuclear ambition back in 1981 by bombing it out of existence (and, therefore, we can do something similar now to Iran). Read More Here

BP Oil Gusher

(PoorRichardsBlog) – Video: BP Is Hiding Dead Animals to Avoid Fine of $50,000 Per Dead Animal (and the Bad Publicity)

The numbers of birds, fish, turtles, and mammals killed by the use of Corexit will never be known as the evidence strongly suggests that BP worked with the Coast Guard, the Department of Homeland Security, the FAA, private security contractors, and local law enforcement, all of which cooperated to conceal the operations disposing of the animals from the media and the public. View More Here

(TheDestinLog) – Officials deny dispersant use, residents beg to differ

Mayor Sam Seevers knows that BP should not be using dispersants in state waters, but after multiple reports from area residents about suspicious activity, she plans to get to the bottom of it. Read More Here

(CNN) – Video: Oil well blowout in Louisiana – Video Link Here

(WashingtonsBlog) – Will BP Skip the Relief Well, Declare Mission Accomplished, and Abandon Ship Without Permanently Killing the Oil Leak?

Yesterday, I pointed out that – while everyone is claiming that the oil well has been capped – it hasn’t really been capped. AP reported last night: Read More Here

(ThinkProgress) – DOJ gags scientists studying BP disaster

In an explosive first-hand account, ecosystem biologist Linda Hooper-Bui describes how Obama administration and BP lawyers are making independent scientific analysis of the Gulf region an impossibility. Read More Here


(EconomicCollapse) – Will Quantitative Easing By The Federal Reserve Unleash Economic Hell? – Read More Here

(ZeroHedge) – Hindenburg Omen: Stock Market Crash Imminent? – Read More Here

(WSJournal) – Video: Economist Rosenberg Warns of Double-dip Recession

In an interview with WSJ’s Kelly Evans, Gluskin Sheff’s Chief Economist David Rosenberg warned that the chances of a double-dip recession are greater than 50-50 and that the recession may not have ended last year at all. He also called for the cutting of corporate taxes to spur job growth. View More Here

(WashingtonTimes) – Obama’s economic tragedy: U.S. fiscal gap makes Greece look responsible – Read More Here

(WashingtonsBlog) – “A Sustainable Level of Bank Profits Appears to be About 1% of GDP”. Higher Bank Profits Lead to a Ponzi Economy and a Depression – Read More Here

(ActivistPost) – Capital Controls: The Final Phase in the Great Looting of America – Eric Blair

First, these vampires designed “free trade” agreements to use slave labor abroad at the expense of American jobs. Next, they moved their investment capital and assets abroad sucking the life-blood out of the U.S. economy. Then, they covertly used America’s remaining wealth to prop up their bogus financial instruments like credit default swaps and derivatives, which came crashing down. Finally, they got their taxpayer bailout, and now they want your pension funds and cash deposits to stay under their control. Read More Here

(EconomicPolicyJournal) – Is China Executing a Cunning Sun Tzu Strategy to Destroy the Dollar and Cause an Upward Price Explosion in Gold?

Could China be coveting the role of the next economic superpower, thereby supplanting the USA? If so, is China planning to do this by design or is it simply awaiting this result by default as a result of the total collapse of the American economic system? Read More Here

(NYPost) – Empty chambers – Bernanke’s flaccid Fed sends investors to exits – Ben Bernanke is running out of ammo in his attempts to combat the anemic US economy. – Read More Here

(BellaCiao) – Second half of 2010: Sudden intensification of the global systemic crisis – Read More Here

(Guardian) – Ministry of Justice faces £2bn cuts sparking fears for 15,000 jobs

Senior civil servants told bulk of savings will need to be made in the next 12-24 months Read More Here

(CBCNews) – Video: 60% Of American University Students Feel Hopeless – Continue reading

Video: Change That’s Not – ‘Obama On Bush Route’ – John Pilger

(RussiaToday) – John Pilger: Wikileaks Should Teach Journalists to Question ‘Official Statements’, US Foreign Policy

Recent sanctions against Iran are an attempt by the US to return the country to its sphere of influence, claims veteran journalist John Pilger. “Iran was a pillar of the American empire in the Middle East. That was swept away in 1979 by the Islamic revolution, and it has been American foreign policy to get that back,” he said. “It has absolutely nothing to do with so-called nuclear weapons.

The nuclear power in the Middle East is the fourth biggest military power in the world and that is Israel. It has something like 500 or more nuclear warheads. It is never discussed.” Pilger added that Barack Obama has failed to change the trajectory of US foreign policy and following George W. Bush’s line. “For the first time in US presidential history — it has not happened before — a president has taken the entire defense department bureaucracy, and the Secretary of State for Defense, from a previous discredited administration. We have basically Robert Gates and the same generals running American foreign policy with a lot of help from people of like mind.” Continue reading

BP Oil Gusher

(MorichesDaily) – DEP: Delaware Bay scene of major wash-up of dead fish

Dead creatures of the sea are washing ashore up and down the east coast of the United States as officials scramble to find a cause. Read More Here

(Moriches) – Hundreds of dead sea animals wash ashore in Brazil

Hundreds of dead sea animals and dead penguins have washed up on the shores of Sao Paulo in Brazil. Scientists are investigating the cause of these deaths. According to the Institute of Environmental and Natural Resources, around 530 penguins, five dolphins and other sea creatures were found on the shores. Read More Here

(NBCPhil) – Video: Thousands of Dead Fish Line Jersey Shore

Tens of thousands of dead fish are lining the Jersey Shore — as far as the eye can see — beginning at High’s Beach along the Delaware Bay in Middle Township Wednesday. Read More Here

(WKRGNews) – Video: More Oil Washes Up In Gulf Shores

For the first time in more than five weeks, oil has impacted Gulf Shores. On Wednesday, massive amounts of oil and tar washed up near the pier at Gulf State Park, turning the sugar-white beaches an ugly brown. But what’s even more disturbing….not one single BP clean-up or piece of beach-cleaning equipment could be found at the state park. View More Here

(WorldVisionPortal) – The Gulf BLUE PLAGUE is Evolving

I have been interviewing family and friends who live along the Gulf of Mexico coast in Louisiana and Mississippi. Many of them had been working on shrimp boats before May 1, 2010 and a cousin is a shrimp boat owner. I have also spoken at length with two RN’s working at a Gulf coast Emergency Room and an Emergency Clinic who are close family friends. I am basing what follows on their observations and knowledge along with my own personal research. Read More Here

(WashingtonsBlog) – Video: Has the Oil Well Really Been Capped?

Everyone is saying that the well has been capped. I hope so.. But even the government’s spokesman, Thad Allen, isn’t saying that it’s been capped.

Here’s an interchange from yesterday’s press briefing: Continue reading


(MSNBC) – Video: 30,000 People Show Up For Public Housing Help In Atlanta (Police In Riot Gear) – Video Link Here

(SchiffReport) – Video: The markets and the Fed – View Video Here

(CNNFortune) – Is this finally the economic collapse? – Read More Here

(SHTFPlan) – Marc Faber: Protect Your Property with High Voltage Fences, Barbed Wire, Booby Traps, Military Weapons and Dobermans – Read More Here

(MSNBC) – Video: Local Governments Running Out Of Cash; Auctioning Off Police Helicopters, Shutting Off Street Lights – Video Link Here

(Inter.Forecaster) – The Illusion of Economic Recovery: The Fed Creates Money Out of Thin Air – Bob Chapman – Read More Here

(SacramentoBee) – Californians’ income falls for first time since WWII – Read More Here

(PersonalLibertyDigest) – Stimulating The Crash

There is no end to the folly that the de-stimulating stimulus bill has wrought. Not only has unemployment consistently remained at 9.5 percent and above, but hundreds of thousands of additional potential workers have just given up looking. Some analysts say the real unemployment rate is above 15 percent. Read More Here

(CNBC) – America Is ‘Bankrupt Mickey Mouse Economy’: CIO

America is a “Mickey Mouse economy” that is technically bankrupt, according to Jochen Wermuth, the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) and managing partner at Wermuth Asset Management.

“America today looks like Russia in 1998. Consumers, companies and the government are all highly indebted. America as a result is a bankrupt Mickey Mouse economy,” Wermuth told CNBC. Read More Here

(AJC) – Crowd waiting for housing vouchers gets rowdy – Read More Here

(Bloomberg) – Taleb Says Government Bonds to Collapse, Avoid Stocks

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, who warned that unforeseen events can roil markets in “The Black Swan,” said he is “betting on the collapse of government bonds” and that investors should avoid stocks.

“I’m very pessimistic,” he said at the Discovery Invest Leadership Summit in Johannesburg today. “By staying in cash or hedging against inflation, you won’t regret it in two years.” Read More Here

(CBSNews) – Homeless People Live in Tunnels Under Las Vegas – Read More Here

(BusinessInsider) – REMEMBER: In 1930, They Didn’t Know It Was “The Great Depression” Yet – Read More Here

(FoxNews) – Democrats, Advocacy Groups Blast Cuts to Food Stamps to Fund $26B Aid Bill – Read More Here

(Bloomberg) – U.S. Is Bankrupt and We Don’t Even Know It: Laurence Kotlikoff – Read More Here


(Telegraph) – Business facing a wave of green taxes

Thousands of British businesses will be liable for significant fines and charges under a new government “green tax” scheme. Read More Here

(ClimateChangeFraud) – US Government in Massive New Global Warming Scandal – NOAA Disgraced

Global warming data apparently cooked by U.S. government-funded body shows astounding temperature fraud with increases averaging 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Read More Here


(CharlieVLog) – Video: This is Crazy Town on a Global Scale – Continue reading

World War

(GlobalTimes) – Viewpoint of the Chinese Military: The Chinese People Won’t Stand for US Naval Provocation – Read More Here

(GlobalResearch) – Hidden Intelligence Operation Behind the Wikileaks Release of “Secret” Documents? – F. William Engdahl

Since the dramatic release of a US military film of a US airborne shooting of unarmed journalists in Iraq, Wiki-Leaks has gained global notoreity and credibility as a daring website that releases sensitive material to the public from whistleblowers within various governments. Their latest “coup” involved alleged leak of thousands of pages of supposedly sensitive documents regarding US informers within the Taliban in Afghanistan and their ties to senior people linked to Pakistan’s ISI military intelligence. The evidence suggests however that far from an honest leak, it is a calculated disinformation to the gain of the US and perhaps Israeli and Indian intelligence and a coverup of the US and Western role in drug trafficking out of Afghanistan. Read More Here


(KurtNimmo) – Video: Iran’s Mass Graves: Hayden Spins “Adult” Propaganda

Former Spook Central boss, Gen. Micheal Hayden, told Fox News yesterday Iran’s latest propaganda effort is offensive. Video Link Here

(Fox) – Israel Likely To Act Alone To Stop Iran’s Nuclear Program – View Video Here

(GlobalResearch) – War Preparations? US Arms ‘Bonanza’ in the Middle East – Israel and Saudis to buy advanced war planes – Jonathan Cook – Read More Here

(TarpleyNet) – Fidel Castro Warns of Imminent Nuclear War; Admiral Mullen Threatens Iran; US-Israel Vs. Iran-Hezbollah Confrontation Builds On Multiple Fronts – Webster Tarpley – Read More Here

(AntiWar) – A Cakewalk Against Iran

Everyone who is concerned that yet another war in the Middle East could wreck what remains of the United States economy and probably strip away even more of our liberties should be troubled by the numerous calls for war against Iran. No one believes that Iran is anything but a nation that is one small step away from becoming a complete religious dictatorship, but the country has a small economy, a tiny defense budget, and, as far as the world’s intelligence services can determine, neither nuclear weapons nor a program to develop them. Read More Here


(Guardian) – Afghanistan civilian deaths up 31% this year, says United Nations

Report says child victims have risen by 55% as Taliban target more Afghans, while deaths caused by foreign troops fall Read More Here


(JPost) – PM to quit UN panel if soldiers probed

Israel threatened Monday to pull out of a UN inquiry into a raid on a Turkish flotilla heading for Gaza, after the UN chief said there is no agreement that the panel will refrain from calling Israeli soldiers to testify. Read More Here


(WorldCantWait) – Video: How to Show “Collateral Murder” Outside in Public – Continue reading

World War

(GlobalResearch) – Crisis in Somalia: The US- AU, al-Shabab Twist Somalia into Stalemate – Read More Here

(GlobalResearch) – US Planning a Coup d’Etat in Venezuela? Expanded US Military Presence in Colombia. Hurrah for Hugo Chavez – Mike Whitney – Read More Here

(GlobalResearch) – Washington Seeks to Destabilize Venezuela: The Empire Strikes Back (and Loses) – James Petras

US policy toward Venezuela has taken many tactical turns, but the objective has been the same: to oust President Chavez, reverse the nationalization of big businesses, abolish the mass community and worker based councils and revert the country into a client-state. Read More Here


(AP) – Iran Digging Graves for U.S. Troops if Attacked

Iran has dug mass graves in which to bury U.S. troops in case of any American attack on the country, a former commander of the elite Revolutionary Guard said. Video Link Here

(TarpleyNet) – Webster Tarpley: Iran War On Multiple Fronts

The contours of the coming conflagration are becoming somewhat more distinct, and give us reason to fear not just a Middle East regional war, but possibly even a world war, with increasing danger that nuclear weapons will come into play. Read More Here

(ZeroHedge) – Iran Retaliates Against Sanctions: To Drop All Trade In “Filthy” Euro, Dollar – Tyler Durden – Read More Here


(Wired) – Open Source Tools Turn WikiLeaks Into Illustrated Afghan Meltdown (Updated)

It’s one thing to read about individual Taliban attacks in WikiLeaks’ trove of war logs. It’s something quite different to see the bombings and the shootings mount, and watch the insurgency metastasize. Read More Here

(CampaignForLiberty) – The Cycle of Violence in Afghanistan – Ron Paul

Last week the National Bureau of Economic Research published a report on the effect of civilian casualties in Afghanistan and Iraq that confirmed what critics of our foreign policy have been saying for years: the killing of civilians, although unintentional, angers other civilians and prompts them to seek revenge. This should be self-evident. Read More Here

(Gowans) – Women’s Rights in Afghanistan. What’s left

Anyone worried about the revival of the Taliban ought to be hoping for the revival of the communists. Read More Here


(GRTV) – Video: Race is on for Arctic Treasures – The Battle for Arctic Supremacy – Michel Chossudovsky

The US, Canada and Russia have launched competing expeditions to map the bottom of the sea near the North Pole.

Canadian Arctic researcher Edward Struzik shared some details behind the unlikely US-Canadian partnership. Continue reading

BP Oil Gusher

(CNN) – Video: More Oil Soaked Turtles Being Caught Than Ever Before – View Video Here

(GlobalResearch) – British Petroleum: The Unfinished Crimes and Plunder of Anglo-American Imperialism – Read More Here

(WashingtonsBlog) – The Government is Dealing with the Oil Spill Like the Soviets Dealt with Chernobyl – Read More Here

(RawStory) – Crabs provide evidence oil tainting Gulf food web

To assess how heavy a blow the BP oil spill has dealt the Gulf of Mexico, researchers are closely watching a staple of the seafood industry and primary indicator of the ecosystem’s health: the blue crab. Read More Here

(PoorRichardsBlog) -BP Disaster = Catastrophic Climate Change?

An Italian theoretical physicist, Dr. Gianluigi ZangariDr. Gianluigi Zangari says the BP Oil Disaster has caused a dramatic weakening in the vorticity of the Gulf Stream and North Atlantic Current, and a reduction in North Atlantic water temperatures by 10 Celsius. Read More Here

(AP) – Report: BP audit detailed rig’s flaws before spill

A newspaper says it has obtained an internal audit conducted by BP PLC on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig that details severe safety flaws months before the Gulf of Mexico spill.

The Sunday Times said in its report that the audit details how the drilling rig, owned by contractor Transocean, did not fully comply with BP’s standards. Read More Here


The announcement that the Deepwater Horizon Well Head has been capped is being blared all across ABCNNBBCBS with headlines “oil no longer gushing into gulf.” Among the more naive, it may be understood if they have the impression the problem is over (except for the cleanup) because that is the message being sold to the public. Read More Here

(PressTV) – US report on BP spill censured

Residents of US states along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico are angry at a government report suggesting that %75 of the oil leaked from the ruptured BP well is gone.

The affected Americans in the Gulf coastal states maintain that the rosy report presented by the US government is going to keep BP’s disastrous spill out of the limelight. Read More Here

Video: BP OIL – NO BS !! – 2 WELLS DRILLED ABANDONED – Video Link Here

(Fox) – Video: Scientist Discover Oil In Gulf Crab Larvae – Continue reading


(MotleyFool) – Peter Schiff: “We’re in the Early Stages of a Depression”

In August 2006, Peter Schiff, president of Euro Pacific Capital, offered what many considered to be an outlier prognosis for the economy: The exuberance would end, real estate prices would crash back down to earth, and consumers would revert to saving from spending. In short, a deep recession was in the works.

As outlandish as he may have sounded at the time, he was right. Four years and the worst recession since the Great Depression later, Schiff stands alone again with a bleaker diagnosis for the economy: an inflationary depression. Read More Here

(BusinessInsider) – 9 Reasons Why You Won’t See A Jobs Recovery Anytime Soon

The latest NFIB survey of small business optimism came out today, and once again the headline optimism index number showed surprise weakening. And since small businesses are where jobs are created after a recession, this is problem. Read More Here

(MarketWatch) – Reagan insider: ‘GOP destroyed U.S. economy’

“How my G.O.P. destroyed the U.S. economy.” Yes, that is exactly what David Stockman, President Ronald Reagan’s director of the Office of Management and Budget, wrote in a recent New York Times op-ed piece, “Four Deformations of the Apocalypse.”

Get it? Not “destroying.” The GOP has already “destroyed” the U.S. economy, setting up an “American Apocalypse.” Read More Here

(WSJournal) – The Wall Street Home Resale Fee – Read More Here

(WashPost) – Cash-hungry states add casinos, lure same gamblers – Read More Here

(USAWatchDog) – When Will Financial Armageddon Begin? – Read More Here

(DailyReckoning) – The US Government’s Secret Plan to Destroy the Dollar

Alright then. So yesterday we made a claim that the Fed has ways of causing inflation in the same way that the Gestapo has ways of making you talk. But it was merely a claim. We didn’t prove it.

Today, we offer incontrovertible proof that the Federal government of the United States intends to inject money directly into U.S. households using an obscure provision of the recently passed Dodd-Frank shemozzle (only click on that link if you are masochist…it is a PDF of the entire Bill as passed by the thieves and rent-seekers currently passing themselves off as servants of the public in the U.S. Congress). Read More Here

(Reuters) – Freddie Mac says needs $1.8 billion from taxpayers – Read More Here

(CityJournal) – The Golden State’s War on Itself – How politicians turned the California Dream into a nightmare – Read More Here

(OpEdNews) – As The Economic Team Bails, The System Fails To Create Jobs (Again) – Read More Here

(Money&Markets) – Massive Wealth Shift in Full Swing – Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D. – Read More Here

(AfricanCrisis) – South Africa Shocking Mega strike: Nearly 1 million government workers set to take action – Read More Here

(PoorRichardsBlog) – America Goes Dark

The lights are going out all over America – literally. Colorado Springs has made headlines with its desperate attempt to save money by turning off a third of its streetlights, but similar things are either happening or being contemplated across the nation, from Philadelphia to Fresno. Read More Here

(CampaignForLiberty) – The Economy in Pictures

“Truth persists and illuminates, even if there is no one to utter it.” Government is not the solution; rather, it is causing the problems. The below slides (view at Scribd, backup PDF) highlight the economic situation, updated from a May presentation. I’ve written about the solutions to the unemployment problem, the deficit, Social Security, and the high costs of health care which are linked below. Read More Here


(MotherJones) – The Climate Bill is Officially Dead. Now for Plan B.

Bummed about the Senate dragging its feet on climate? There’s a new report out from the Presidential Climate Action Partnership that outlines five big things the Obama administration can do on climate before the next big United Nations climate meeting in Cancun this November. Read More Here


(Reuters) – Video: Fed takes steps to aid recovery

The U.S. central bank will buy more government debt, in a move aimed at keeping borrowing costs low and help prop up the economy. Continue reading

World War

(Reuters) – N.Korea fires artillery into sea, says South military

YTN cable news channel reported dozens of rounds were fired into the North’s waters near the border with the South soon after a South Korean naval exercise off the west coast officially ended at 5 p.m. Read More Here

(OilPrice) – A Coup in Saudi Avoided or Iranian Disinformation?

Did King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia narrowly avoid being overthrown by a close member of his own royal family? That seems to be a rumor circulating around some political and intelligence circles in Washington as well as in the Middle East. A Saudi official however denied the allegations saying it was most likely Iranian disinformation. Read More Here


(RadicalReactionary) – Operation Opera II – Israeli Attack on Iran

The worse kept secret is the joint plans of Israel and their American stooges for a sneak attack on Iran. Succumbing to the militaristic legacy of imperial Japan, the joint chiefs of staff are ready to facilitate or even lead a stealth charge against purported WMD targets. So what is their rationale? Read More Here

(CounterPunch) – Nuclear Carriers on the Move – An Open Letter to President Barack Obama – Read More Here

(CNSNews) – Iran Unveils New Submarines and Makes More Persian Gulf Warnings

Iran announced the addition of four new submarines to its fleet Sunday, saying the Iranian-manufactured vessels to be deployed in the Persian Gulf have sonar-evading technology and can launch torpedoes and missiles simultaneously. Read More Here

(StrategicCultureFoundation) – War Against Iran as a Method of Promoting Globalism

There is little doubt that the US will hit Iran after pulling its troops out of Iraq. Military spending in the US has gained too much momentum to leave any hope that the current dynamics will change in the foreseeable future. The US military-industrial complex and its Pentagon partners have long been preparing the war-against-Iran project, readily resorting to the most unsavory methods in the process.

Preparations for the war against Iran largely resemble the activity which preceded the US attack against Iraq. Saddam Hussein faced allegations of concealing WMD stockpiles, and the current Iranian leadership is being charged with maintaining nuclear program which is about to become a global peril. Read More Here

FLASHBACK – (GlobalResearch) – Targeting Iran: Is the US Administration Planning a Nuclear Holocaust? – Michel Chossudovsky – Read More Here


(Truthout) – How Many Iraqis Did We “Liberate” From Life on Earth?

Is there a man or woman in America today who is willing to stand at noon in the public square and claim that demands to bomb, invade, and occupy other people’s countries have anything to do with human liberation?

If such people can be found, let them answer a few simple questions about the US invasion and occupation of Iraq. Read More Here

(InfoClearingHouse) – Pfc. Manning and the Value of Truth – Ray McGovern

Editor’s Note: Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern spoke at a rally on Sunday in support of Pfc. Bradley Manning, the young soldier who is alleged to have given classified material to WikiLeaks, including a 2007 video showing a U.S. helicopter gunship cavalierly mowing down a dozen Iraqi men, including two Reuters journalists. Read More Here

(HuffingtonPost) – The Suffering of Fallujah

And so it turns out that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, though not until we arrived and started using them. Read More Here

(TheHill) – Attacks Increase in Iraq – Read More Here


(Guardian) – Video: Netanyahu accuses Turkey of ignoring Gaza flotilla warnings

Israel’s prime minister tells inquiry that raid on aid convoy in which nine activists died was conducted in self-defence View More Here

(TruthDig) – The Tears of Gaza Must Be Our Tears – Chris Hedges

Chris Hedges made these remarks Thursday night in New York City at a fundraiser for sponsoring a U.S. boat to break the blockade of Gaza. More information can be found at http://www.ustogaza.org. Read More Here

(PalestineFreeVoice) – Haidar Eid:“Israel has turned Gaza into the largest concentration camp in history”

The world was appalled by the Israeli massacre at the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009. But then Gaza disappeared from Western news media. What is the situation today in Gaza, a year and a half after that genocidal attack? Read More Here

Video: Israel a Fiefdom of the Most Violent People Ever Known – Continue reading

BP Oil Gusher

(Makow) – BP Disaster = Catastrophic Climate Change? – “We may be entering a full new Ice Age.”

An Italian theoretical physicist, Dr. Gianluigi ZangariDr. Gianluigi Zangari says the BP Oil Disaster has caused a dramatic weakening in the vorticity of the Gulf Stream and North Atlantic Current, and a reduction in North Atlantic water temperatures by 10 Celsius. Read More Here

(OilPrice) – The Price of Oil is Going Up

I received another scratchy, crackling cell phone call from my drilling buddy in the Texas natural gas fields today. You could almost choke from the dust on the line.

He told me that the BP Gulf disaster was turning the fundamental assumptions of the oil industry upside down, and that sharply higher oil prices were in the cards, probably $100/barrel by year end. Read More Here

(GlobalResearch) – British Petroleum: The Unfinished Crimes and Plunder of Anglo-American Imperialism – Read More Here

(DJDispatch) – BP’s Insidious Coverup and Propaganda Campaign: Out of Sight, Out of Mind – Dahr Jamail

Since BP announced that CEO Tony Hayward would receive a multi-million dollar golden parachute and be replaced by Bob Dudley, we have witnessed an incredibly broad, and powerful, propaganda campaign. A campaign that peaked this week with the US government, clearly acting in BP’s best interests, itself announcing, via outlets willing to allow themselves to be used to transfer the propaganda, like the New York Times, this message: “The government is expected to announce on Wednesday that three-quarters of the oil from the Deepwater Horizon leak has already evaporated, dispersed, been captured or otherwise eliminated — and that much of the rest is so diluted that it does not seem to pose much additional risk of harm.” Read More Here

(SkyNews) – Fury Over Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill Report

Gulf Coast residents and business owners have reacted with alarm to claims that around 75% of the oil that leaked from the BP Deepwater Horizon rig has gone.

They fear the report by US government scientists will cause political and media attention to fade and that they will be abandoned as they struggle to cope with incomes and livelihoods devastated by the leak. Read More Here

(WLBZ2) – Matt Simmons apparently drowned at his home Sunday night

The Knox County Sheriff’s Department says Matthew Simmons, the founder of the Ocean Energy Institute, drowned at his house on North Haven late Sunday night.

Simmons was a leading investment banker for the energy industry and had recently retired to work full time on the new Ocean Energy Institute. Read More Here

(Rense) – Video: Oil Disaster Mysteries Solved – Simmons Right – Video Links Here

Video: A Tale of Two Wells (Dedicated to Matt Simmons R.I.P.) – Video Link Here

(BusinessInsider) – Video: Matthew Simmons: “We’ve Now Killed The Gulf Of Mexico” – Video Link Here

See Also: (KingWorldNews) – Audio: Matt Simmons Audio Interview at King World News – Listen Here

Also: Matthew Simmons Wiki – View Here

Also: Video: CIA Whistleblower talks about Heart Attack gun – View Video Here

(CharlieVLog) – Video: Matt Simmons found dead!!!! – Continue reading

Health News

(NaturalNews) – Pharmacists, doctors are the new drug dealers who flood the streets with addictive pills

Prescription drug abuse is emerging as the new face of the U.S. drug problem, with unscrupulous pharmacists and doctors taking the place of street pushers or other stereotypical visions of the “drug dealer.” Read More Here

(OrthoMolecular) – The Hidden Wikipedia: How to Find Deleted Material about Nutritional Medicine

There is nothing quite like a paper trail, and Wikipedia has one. Consequently, you can read for yourself all the material that has been added, and then deleted.

For example: Wikipedia’s page about Max Gerson, M.D., is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Max_Gerson . The doctor is widely known for the nutritional cancer therapy that bears his name. Gerson’s principal biographer is his grandson, Howard Straus http://www.doctoryourself.com/gersonbio.htm . Mr. Straus tells the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service of some interesting experiences he has had with Wikipedia bias: Read More Here

(C&EN) – Crops Absorb Pharmaceuticals From Treated Sewage

Environmental Pollutants: Soybeans can accumulate drugs and personal care products commonly found in wastewater and solid waste Read More Here

(NaturalNews) – Cloned beef has now entered the food supply

The U.K. Food Standards Agency (FSA) recently announced that the meat from a cloned cow has made its way into the food supply. According to a recent BBC report, a U.K. farmer purchased cloned bull embryos from the U.S., bred the animals and sold one of them as food back in July 2009. Read More Here

BP Oil Gusher

(DesertNews) – Spike Lee bashes US report on vanished Gulf oil – Read More Here

(JailTheBanksters) – Video: Gone in 18 Seconds — BP’s Lie Dismissed – View More Here

(Sott) – Corexit Poisoning: Coast Guard and Obama Administration Betray the People and Country They Are Sworn to Protect

The Gulf oil disaster has finally shown us the mentality of certain people and corporations as we see fully demonstrated in the above picture. What we see is extremely low altitude Chemtrail spraying in the Gulf. And of course it’s considered safe as are all extremely dangerous chemicals and heavy metals by the government and the corporations that use them. This spraying of Corexit is certified by the EPA as being a safe hell to breathe in though early on in the disaster it was reported that the EPA warned BP not to use it. Read More Here

(DemocracyNow) – Video: 20 years later, Alaska still poisoned from Exxon Valdex oil spill

Today marks the twentieth anniversary of the Exxon Valdez oil spill, one of the worst environmental disasters in history. The Exxon Valdez spilled between 11 and 38 million gallons of crude oil into the fishing waters of Prince William Sound. The spill contaminated more than 1,200 miles of Alaskas shoreline and killed hundreds of thousands of seabirds and marine animals. It also dealt a staggering blow to the residents of local fishing towns, and the effects of the disaster are still being felt today. We speak with Riki Ott, a community activist, marine toxicologist, former commercial salmon fishermaam and author of two books on the spill. Her latest is Not One Drop: Betrayal and Courage in the Wake of the Exxon Valdez Spill. Continue reading


(GlobalResearch) – Obama Economic Team Bails as System Fails – Danny Schechter – Read More Here

(LondonTel) – The Death of Paper Money – Read More Here

(FinancialTimes) – IMF blueprint for a global currency – yes really

We’ll cut to the chase and draw readers’ attention to the final bubble in the following chart, found on page 4:

Which means, in the eyes of the IMF at least, the best way to ensure the stability of the international monetary system (post crisis) is actually by launching a global currency. Read More Here

(Cryptogon) – Software for Pentagon Costs Americans Tens of Billions of Dollars Per Year, Winds Up Being Owned by Corporations – Read More Here

(Bloomberg) – China Tells Banks to Stress Test for 60% Home-Price Drop – Read More Here

(Cryptogon) – Criminal Demand For High Denomination Euro Banknotes Saving Eurozone

Gangsters, drug dealers and money launderers appear to be playing their part in helping shore up the financial stability of the euro zone. Read More Here

(PressTV) – Sanctions prelude to extinction of dollar

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad insists that the anti-Iran sanctions will serve as a stepping stone to eradicate the domination of the US dollar in world markets. Read More Here

(IsraelFinancialExpert) – Guest Post: Reflections on Australia’s Housing Bubble – Read More Here

(DocZero) – The Value of a Volt – How much is a new Chevy Volt electric car worth? – Read More Here

(LATimes) – New home sale fee unites divergent groups in opposition

Foes want the Obama administration to ban a 1% ‘private transfer’ charge — assessed every time a property is sold for 99 years — paid to investors who backed the home’s original builder. Read More Here

(NPR) – Stockman: Bush Tax Cuts Will Make U.S. Bankrupt

As director of the Office of Management and Budget under Ronald Reagan, David Stockman knows a thing or two about trying to balance the national budget. And he’s convinced that Reagan would never support extending the Bush tax cuts of today. Stockman, who still considers himself a staunch conservative and a staunch Republican, tells host Guy Raz why he thinks extending those tax cuts would be akin to a bankruptcy filing by Congress and the White House. Read More Here

(LondonTelegraph) – The billionaire boys: Beware of geeks bearing gifts – Read More Here

(Guardian) – Commodity prices soar as spectre of food inflation is back – Read More Here

(Reuters) – An August Surprise from Obama?

Main Street may be about to get its own gigantic bailout. Rumors are running wild from Washington to Wall Street that the Obama administration is about to order government-controlled lenders Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to forgive a portion of the mortgage debt of millions of Americans who owe more than what their homes are worth. Read More Here

REPOST (InflationUS) – Video: The Dollar Bubble

The Dollar Bubble is the most informative and comprehensive documentary ever produced on the federal reserves destructive monetary policies and the upcoming collapse of the US Dollar. Features Peter Schiff, Ron Paul, Marc Faber, Gerald Celente, Jim Rogers, and others. Sequel to the critically acclaimed documentary “Hyper Inflation Nation” – Continue reading

World War

(Aangirfan) – A Coup In Turkey Before Any Attack On Iran? – Read More Here

(NewAmericanEmpire) – The Moral Legacy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki – Prof Rodrigue Tremblay – Read More Here

(AHN) – Bolivia: U.S. Plotting Latin American Military Intervention

Bolivian President Evo Morales launched a new round of denunciations against the United States this week while also announcing he would offer military training to civilians in his country.

Morales accused the U.S. government of linking illegal drug trafficking with terrorism in its public statements as a prelude to military intervention in Latin America. Read More Here

(OpinionMaker) – USA is a bigger threat to Pakistan than India “American Friendship Is More Dangerous Than It’s Enmity” – Henry Kissenger – Read More Here


(PressTV) – ‘US seeks to drag Iran into Afghan war’

Following the US president’s proposal to hold talks with Iran about Afghanistan, an Iranian lawmaker says Barack Obama wants to drag the Islamic Republic into the Afghan war.

On Thursday, Obama proposed to hold talks with Iran on Afghanistan since the two countries have “mutual interest” in fighting the Taliban and said, “Iran should be a part of that and could be a constructive partner.” Read More Here

(TehranTimes) – Iran will prevent enemy reconnaissance flights: defense minister

Vahidi stated that the enemies “must be aware that the anti-aircraft batteries and the powerful Air Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran are well prepared to respond to any aggression with full force and prevent such reconnaissance missions from taking place.” Read More Here

(PressTV) – ‘Afghanistan to expel US security firms’

Afghan President Hamid Karzai is set to call on Washington and its allies to shut down their private security companies in the violence-stricken country. Read More Here


(PressTV) – Ahmadinejad: 9/11 Scenario Dubious

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says Western media hyped the September 11, 2001 attacks to pave the way for the US-led invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq.

“What was the story behind September 11? In the space of five to six days, and with the aid of the media, they swayed public opinion to the point of considering an attack on Afghanistan and Iraq permissible and a right [for themselves],” he said in a televised speech. Read More Here

(PressTV) – Video: Iran launches 4 ghadir submarines into persian gulf 2 of 2 clips – View Video Here

(MiamiHerald) – Fidel Castro: Obama can avert impending nuclear holocaust

COMMENT: During a rare speech at nearly 84 years old, Fidel Castro indicated that he had ‘hope’ President Obama could avert otherwise impending nuclear war and likely wider world war if sanctions against Iran lead to an attack. Read More Here

See Also: (CubaNews) – Fidel Castro Calls on the World to Persuade Obama Not to Unleash a War – Read More Here

(CounterPunch) – Taking the World Down With Them: Bombing Iran

If and when the United States and Israel bomb Iran (marking the sixth country so blessed by Barack Obama) and this sad old world has a new daily horror show to look at on their TV sets, and we then discover that Iran was not actually building nuclear weapons after all, the American mainstream media and the benighted American mind will ask: “Why didn’t they tell us that? Did they want us to bomb them?” Read More Here


(PalestineTel) – Israel paints Marmara to hide evidence of massacre – Read More Here

(DesertPeace) – Desert Peace Associate Threatened By Israeli Authorities

Qumsiyeh has called the ongoing harassment of himself and other activists a blatant attempt by Israeli authorities to stifle dissent, and to silence those who would dare to speak out publicly against Israeli policies in the West Bank. Read More Here

(Uruknet) – Gaza hospitals declare state of emergency

Gaza’s hospitals announced a state of emergency Sunday following the shutdown of the Strip’s sole power station a day earlier.

Director of ambulance and emergency services Muawiya Hassanein warned of a potential humanitarian disaster as a result of the blackout, resulting from an ongoing fuel shortage. He warned of a severe deterioration in heath services, particularly in children’s hospitals, maternity wards, intensive care units and for patients requiring dialysis and premature babies in incubators. Read More Here

See Also: (VOANews) – Gaza’s Lone Power Plant Shuts DownRead More Here

(KennySideShow) – Video: Stranded in Babylon – The children of Gaza – Video Link Here

(Guardian) – Gaza aid flotilla to set sail from Lebanon with all-women crew

Arabic singer joins crew of nuns, doctors, lawyers and journalists for humanitarian mission despite Israeli warning Read More Here


(RussiaToday) – Video: USA arming Iran with weapons and has lost nuclear material FALSE FLAG ALERT

FALSE FLAG ALERT Russia’s Foreign Ministry is accusing the U.S. of failing to comply with key arms control and non-proliferation requirements. According to the new report, published on the ministry’s website, Washington has lost over a thousand nuclear materials, on its own soil. Continue reading

The Maxine Waters Investigation: What is Iran Doing in this Picture? – Katherine Smith

The timing of an investigation by the House Ethics Committee, which on August 2, 2010 formally brought a case against Congresswoman Maxine Waters, one of America’s most enduring liberal and fierce Anti War politicians, and the WikiLeaks of tens of thousands of Army documents related to the war in Afghanistan may be connected.

Speculation by bloggers, including John Young of Cryptome.com, and an expose at The Intel Hub that the WikiLeaks is part of a disinformation operation, and that the documents themselves could even be fake, should put every left leaning American on Yellow alert.

Fox News wasted no time exploiting the WikiLeaks documents to further vilify Iran, pointing out that the documents indicate the U.S. belief that Iran is arming the Taliban insurgency. This adds another layer to Fox’s steady stream of propaganda that has flowed over the years advocating for an attack on the country, and stands as a reason why some believe the leak was staged. WikiLeaks documents– disinformation or not– are being used for anti-Iran propaganda, OpEdNews Continue reading

World War


Despite the growing number of individuals, including many prominent Jews, speaking out and demonstrating against Israel’s polices, the government of Israel is going ‘full steam ahead’ in preparation for still another war in the region. Read More Here

(VoiceOfRussia) – Audio: Georgia’s Invasion of South Ossetia: Two Years On

As for President Saakashvili, his image in the West has suffered a dramatic change. His halo of a victim of the so-called Russian aggression has markedly faded, particularly after the European Union’s fact-finding mission led by the Swiss diplomat Heidi Tagliavini published the unbiased conclusions of its 9-month inquiry, asserting that Saakashvili had been the first to attack. Read More Here

(ICH) – The Lies Of Hiroshima Are The Lies Of Today – John Pilger

On the anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, John Pilger describes the ‘progression of lies’ from the dust of that detonated city, to the wars of today – and the threatened attack on Iran. Read More Here


(LobeLog) – Weekly Standard Falsely Claims Iran Is Starting Proxy War With Israel

It’s nothing unusual for the flagship neocon rag, the Weekly Standard, to try to start wars in the Middle East. But Gabriel Schoenfeld’s post today on the magazine’s blog was irresponsible even by the Standard’s… well, standards. Read More Here

(WashTimes) – Arab Majority Backs Nuclear Iran

A new poll shows that the percentage of the Arab world that thinks a nuclear-armed Iran would be good for the Middle East has doubled since last year and now makes up the majority.

The 2010 Arab Public Opinion Poll found that 57 percent of respondents not only believe that Iran’s nuclear program aims to build a bomb but also view that goal positively — nearly double the 29 percent who thought so in 2009. The percentage of those who view an Iranian nuclear bomb negatively fell by more than half, from 46 percent to 21 percent. Read More Here

(NewZealandHerald) – Nothing Short of Nukes Will Work

The US could “win” by dropping hundreds of nuclear weapons on Iran’s military bases, nuclear facilities and industrial centres (cities) and killing five to 10 million people. But short of that, nothing works. Read More Here


(Uruknet) – Fallujah – a poisoned city

A world of fear and treachery and torment, a world of trampling and being trampled upon, a world which will grow not less but MORE merciless as it refines itself. Progress in our world will be progress towards more pain…. …If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face–for ever. – An excerpt from George Orwell’s 1984.

If you were to walk into any travel agency office today and ask the sales rep to plan a trip for you to whatever city in the world best fitted this description there’s a pretty good chance you’d soon find yourself with a ticket to Fallujah, Iraq. Fallujah is a picture of the future. Read More Here

(Guardian) – Tariq Aziz: ‘Britain and the US killed Iraq. I wish I was martyred’

“It’s been seven years and four months that I have been in prison,” he told the Guardian. “But did I commit a crime against any civilian, military or religious man? The answer is no.” Read More Here


(MSNBC) – Afghan medical mission ends in death for 6 Americans – Read More Here

(Freep) – The next justification for war – Read More Here

(CNN) – Ex-Pakistan spy chief: Afghanistan war ‘lost cause’

The U.S.-led war in Afghanistan is a “lost cause,” said a former Pakistani intelligence chief, and the United States needs to negotiate peace with Taliban leader Mullah Omar. “You have to talk to him, and I’m sure it will work out very well,” Lt. Gen. Hamid Gul told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria in an interview to air Sunday. Read More Here


(Uruknet) – Uribe’s appointment to flotilla probe guarantees its failure

Colombian President Álvaro Uribe Vélez has been criticized for his abuses of human rights defenders. Read More Here

(Uruknet) – Palestinian-American professor threatened by Israeli authorities

Professor Mazin Qumsiyeh, who has taught at Yale and Duke Universities in the US, and is a renowned author and activist on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, has been issued an order by the Israeli military to appear before a military tribunal on August 9th. Read More Here

(PoliticalTheatrics) – Exclusive Interview With Wife And Friend of Cevdat Kılıçlar, Turkish Marmara Ship Martyr – Read More Here

(Rense) – Palestinians Denied Access To Water – Stephen Lendman

According to OCHA (the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs), Palestinians face a serious water crisis, being denied access to their own resources.

Cara Flowers with the Emergency Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Group (EWASH – a coalition of almost 30 water and sanitation sector organizations in Occupied Palestine) said many vulnerable communities in Israeli-controlled Area C (covering 60% of the West Bank) are hardest hit, the Palestinian Water Authority (PWA) having limited say over its own resources, ones Israel uses itself, an international water expert saying: Read More Here


(RussiaToday) – Video: Ex US colonel slams Obama over Israel

A group of former CIA and military officials have written to President Obama to say they believe Israel is preparing to attack Iran this month. The group explained that Israel wants to launch a war suddenly, and make it politically untenable for Obama to do anything other than offer full US military support. RT’s Anissa Naouai talks to one of the people behind the memo, former US army colonel Ann Wright. Continue reading


(Guardian) – US national park faces sale

Governor of Wyoming threatens to sell chunk of Grand Teton unless White House boosts state’s education budget Read More Here

(AP) – Regulators closes bank in Chicago – Read More Here

(ZeroHedge) – Local Governments To Cut 500,000 People In 2010 And 2011, As $400 Billion Budget Shortfall Brings State Economies To A Halt – Tyler Durden – Read More Here

(BayNews9) – Fed stimulus money being used to resolve foreclosure cases more quickly – Read More Here

(ActivistPost) – Dollar nears 15-year low versus yen – Read More Here

(OpenLeft) – Report: Obama Launches New Program to Help Corporations “Take Advantage of Low Labor Costs” Abroad – Read More Here

(MoneyNews) – Faber: Dow May Plunge to 1,000 – Read More Here

(InterForecaster) – Instability on the World’s Financial Markets: Personal and Corporate Bankruptcies are Roaring with no End in Sight – Bob Chapman – Read More Here

(WashInd) – The Return of the $1,000 Down Mortgage – Fannie Mae and State Housing Agencies Are Offering Little-Money-Down Mortgages. But Why? – Read More Here

(SteveWatson) – Gold Surges To Three Week High As Dollar Tanks – Strongest rally for precious metal in nine months – Read More Here

(Guardian) – Lobby firm owner charged with illegal donations

The federal indictment unsealed Thursday said Magliocchetti orchestrated the scheme to enrich himself and his firm by increasing PMA’s influence, power and prestige — among clients and elected officials. Read More Here


(PaulWatson) – Globalists Race To Enforce Criminal Carbon Tax

$100 Billion A Year Levy Is About Bankrolling Global Government And Lining The Pockets Of Con Artist Oil Men Soros, Strong and Gore, Has Nothing To Do With Saving The Environment – Read More Here

(IceAgeNow) – 6 million dead fish, alligators, turtles and dolphins floating down Bolivian rivers – Cruel aftermath of extreme cold in South America – Read More Here

(SheltonGroup) – Green Consumers’ Belief In Warming Is Declining

A new national poll of green consumers found that belief in global warming is declining, and even the worst nightmare scenarios would not change people’s minds or behaviors.The poll, one of four annual surveys conducted by Shelton Group, surveyed 1,098 Americans who at least occasionally buy green products and found only about half believe climate change is occurring and caused by human beings. Read More Here


Video: Bob Chapman’s Economic Report: The Elites Coordinated Global Currency Devaluation Agenda

Quantitative easing, recovery not real, inflation to be reignited,even higher inflation expected by some, forces that control the money and politics from behind the scenes, a boiling cauldron of instability that could break loose at any time raising havoc with the system. Continue reading

BP Oil Gusher

(MotherJones) – BP Fires 10,000 Cleanup Workers – Read More Here

(Guardian) – Gulf oil spill: White House accused of spinning report

Scientists say it is ‘just not true’ that the vast majority of oil from the BP spill has gone Read More Here

(SmirkingChimp) – Whistleblower: BP used dispersants to hide oil

Fred McCallister, a whistleblower who claims BP is using dispersants to sink oil and hide it from the pesky media’s cameras, will testify before a Senate investigative panel this week. Read More Here

(EarthBoppin) – Video: Thousands of Dead Fish Wash Ashore August 3rd … It Ain’t OVER – View More Here

(Examiner) – Censored Gulf news: Terror in Deep South for Agenda 21 (Pt III) Disinformation, depopulation

After 100 days of U.S. petrochemical-military Gulf of Mexico region attack causing napalm-like injury, death and destruction, millions of people have been poisoned, thousands of children and adults suffer due to burned skin, chemical pneumonia and coughing up blood from internal bleeding, while hundreds of thousands of fish washed ashore Louisiana’s coast from a chemical weapon Satanically applied to the Agenda 21 killing field. Obama, his administration and even his wife, continue their public charade supported by mainstream press blatant lies and sin of omission, a Disinformation weapon used on Americans as the UN Agenda 21 unfolds. Read More Here

(Pravda) – BP Disaster: Russia’s Take

Dr. Sagalevich’s report was drawn up and presented to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. In this report, the investigator from the Shirshov Institute of Oceanology and the Russian Academy of Science has stated that the ocean floor has been irreparably damaged and that the planet must prepare for an ecological disaster “beyond all understanding” Read More Here

Video: BP’s oil now oozing out from Beach sand in Louisiana – View Here

(CNN) – Video: BP, Feds mislead on cleanup to be protected from people who get “sicker and sicker” – Continue reading

World War

(DesertPeace) – THE FORGOTTEN HOLOCAUST REMEMBERED – Anniversary of Hiroshima Bombing – Read More Here


(LewRockwell) – Interview: Doug Casey – War Is Coming – Read More Here

(UnderTheRadar) – UK Troops Use iPad to Make War More Like a Video Game – Read More Here

(AntiWarNewsWire) – WikiLeaks posts huge encrypted file to Web

Online whistle-blower WikiLeaks has posted a huge encrypted file named “Insurance” to its website, sparking speculation that those behind the organization may be prepared to release more classified information if authorities interfere with them. Read More Here

(GlobalResearch) – Why World War II ended with Mushroom Clouds

The unspoken objective of the atomic bomb was US Hegemony in Asia and the Pacific Read More Here

(PressTV) – Israel getting ready for ‘future wars’

A recent Israeli military helicopter crash in Romania reveals that Tel Aviv has operated other air exercises in European countries to prepare for “future wars.” Read More Here

(Uruknet) – Blair must be arrested

Having helped destroy other nations far away, our former prime minister — “peace envoy” to the Middle East — is now free to profit from the useful contacts he made while working as a “servant of the people”.

Tony Blair must be prosecuted, not indulged like Peter Mandelson. Both have produced self-serving memoirs for which they have been paid fortunes; Blair’s, which have earned him a £4.6m advance, will appear next month. Read More Here

(CaBird) – The War Party Who are they? What are they?

I often make reference to “the War Party” in this space: it’s a convenient shorthand, one that evokes an image of something sinister, even Satanic, and this serves my rhetorical purposes well. But if we unpack the concept, and look for examples in real life, what we find is a little more prosaic than Satan with a sword.

Speaking of real life, I’ve been on Judge Andrew Napolitano’s Freedom Watch show twice, of late (the second show has yet to be aired), and in both cases I was matched up with someone we might reasonably describe as a charter member of the War Party. Read More Here


(NewKerala) – ‘Klutz’ Cameron erroneously claims Iran possesses nuke weapon

British Prime Minister David Cameron has been accused of being a ‘foreign policy klutz’ after mistakenly claiming that Iran possesses a nuclear weapon. Read More Here

(AFP) – Ahmadinejad unhurt after motorcade explosion

“Stupid Zionists have hired mercenaries to assassinate me,” Ahmadinejad said in a televised speech to expatriate Iranians on Monday. http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20100804/wl_mideast_afp/iranpoliticsunrest_20100804130221

(JPost) – ‘Obama misplaced trust in Netanyahu’

Intel organization accuses Israel of ‘blindsiding’ US on Iran. Read More Here

(PressTV) – ‘Israel will be destroyed if it attacks Iran’

A group of ex-CIA officials have warned Washington against Tel Aviv’s efforts to “mousetrap” the US on Iran, a mistake that would “destroy” Israel.

In a memo to the US President Barack Obama, a group of former CIA intelligence officers at the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity warned that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is ready to go unilateral on Iran. Read More Here

(PressTV) – ‘Lethal force awaits Iran aggressors’

Commander of Iran’s Army, Major General Ataollah Salehi, has warned Iran’s enemies of a ‘crushing defeat’ should they risk encroaching on the country’s sovereignty.

“The army is ready to deal a heavy blow to any aggressors against Iran territories,” Fars news agency quoted General Salehi as saying on the sidelines of an aerial maneuver in Iran’s western Hamedan Province on Friday. Read More Here

(WSWS) – Obama threatens Iran

Obama’s purpose was to deliver a blunt warning to the Iranian government: it could either surrender to US demands that it abandon its nuclear program, or face US attack. Read More Here

(CatBird) – Attacking Iran: US options

When Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the highest-ranking American officer, was asked recently on NBC’s Meet The Press show whether the United States has a military plan for an attack on Iran, he replied simply: “We do.” Read More Here


(WSWS) – German media attack WikiLeaks

The 92,000 secret documents published on WikiLeaks have dealt a blow to the German government’s propaganda campaign about the war in Afghanistan. They have exposed as lies the claims that what is taking place in Afghanistan is the development of democratic structures, the building of schools and drilling of wells, and so forth. The documents have revealed the brutality of the war being conducted against the Afghan people, and the role played by the Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces). Read More Here


(Uruknet) – Why is Obama moving to fund Israel’s Iron Dome project?

US President Barack Obama asked Congress to authorize $205 million to support Israel’s Iron Dome short-range rocket defense system. Read More Here


(PeaceByTruth) – Calling Gaza a prison camp is an understatement – Read More Here

(FreeGaza) – What You Don’t Know About Gaza – Read More Here

(OutofGaza) – The Bomb

The bomb that hit the former Arafat Compound near the Gaza Beach road was said to be the biggest to hit Gaza City since the onslaught of ‘Cast Lead’: the 3 week Israeli bombing and ground attack of the Gaza Strip during the new year of 2009. Read More Here


(CSMonitor) – Are China and America on a collision course?

“Korea War games sign of growing tensions,” warns a recent report by the BBC News. Dozens of similar international headlines warn of intensifying Sino-American strategic rivalry and even cold war. Read More Here

(GlobalTimes) – Strategic Conflict Inevitable Between China and US

In early 2010, conflicts between China and the US came thick and fast, leading to the most serious political disturbance between the two countries since the plane collision in 2001. At the beginning of April, as the heads of both countries talked over the telephone and Chinese President Hu Jintao attended a nuclear security summit in Washington, Sino-US relations became less tense. Tensions were further eased by the Second China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue held in Beijing in May. Read More Here

(AP) – US lawmaker calls for sanctions on China, Russia

The United States should immediately impose sanctions on Russia and China under a US law that punishes major investments in Iran’s energy sector, a senior US lawmaker said Monday. Read More Here


Video: Iran Propaganda debunked in less than 6 minutes – Continue reading

World War

(TheHindu) – Chinese missile could shift Pacific power balance

U.S. naval planners are scrambling to deal with what analysts say is a game—changing weapon being developed by China, an unprecedented carrier—killing missile called the Dong Feng 21D that could be launched from land with enough accuracy to penetrate the defences of even the most advanced moving aircraft carrier at a distance of more than 1,500 kilometers (900 miles). Read More Here

(Serbianna) – US-Croatia War Crimes. Krajina: Largest Act of Ethnic Cleansing since the Holocaust

In August 1995, thousands of Krajina Serbs were driven from their ancestral homes Read More Here

(HuffingtonPost) – Whose Hands? Whose Blood? Killing Civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq – Read More Here

(InfoClearingHouse) – So Please Tell Me Again: What’s The War About? – William Blum

When facts are inconvenient, when international law, human rights and history get in the way, when war crimes can’t easily be justified or explained away, when logic doesn’t help much, the current crop of American political leaders turns to what is now the old reliable: 9/11. We have to fight in Afghanistan because … somehow … it’s tied into what happened on September 11, 2001. Here’s Vice-President Joe Biden: “We know that it was from the space that joins Afghanistan and Pakistan that the attacks of 9/11 occurred. Read More Here


(PressTV) – US-led Raid Killed 39 Civilians

The Afghan government has released the findings of an investigation into a deadly rocket attack by US-led forces in Helmand province last month.

President Hamid Karzai’s office said late on Wednesday the inquiry shows 39 civilians — all women and children — were killed in the attack. Read More Here
(PressTV) – US airstrikes ‘kill Afghan civilians’

Dozens of civilians have been killed and several others injured in Afghanistan after US warplanes bombarded the country’s east, according to witnesses.

The American forces launched two airstrikes in Nangarhar province on Thursday morning, witnesses told Press TV.

One of the attacks left at least 30 people dead and injured. The other strike, which hit a funeral procession in a separate area, killed 13 civilians including two children. Read More Here


(Guardian) – The US Isn’t Leaving Iraq, It’s Rebranding the Occupation

Obama says withdrawal is on schedule, but renaming or outsourcing combat troops won’t give Iraqis back their country Read More Here

(InfoClearingHouse) – Tony Blair Must Be Prosecuted – John Pilger

Tony Blair must be prosecuted, not indulged like his mentor Peter Mandelson. Both have produced self-serving memoirs for which they have been paid fortunes. Blair’s will appear next month and earn him £4.6 million. Now consider Britain’s Proceeds of Crime Act. Blair conspired in and executed an unprovoked war of aggression against a defenseless country, which the Nuremberg judges in 1946 described as the “paramount war crime.” This has caused, according to scholarly studies, the deaths of more than a million people, a figure that exceeds the Fordham University estimate of deaths in the Rwandan genocide. Read More Here


(Rense) – Isolating Iran Part Of The Great Energy Game – Read More Here

(Telegraph) – Iran claims to have smuggled anti aircraft missile systems into country

Iran claimed it had smuggled four S-300 anti aircraft missile systems with a 90 mile range in defiance of United Nations sanction that prompted a Russian ban on selling the sophisticated defence system to Tehran. Read More Here

(TarpleyNet) – Obama is Preparing to Bomb Iran – Webster Tarpley

After about two and a half years during which the danger of war between the United States and Iran was at a relatively low level, this threat is now rapidly increasing. A pattern of political and diplomatic events, military deployments, and media chatter now indicates that Anglo-American ruling circles, acting through the troubled Obama administration, are currently gearing up for a campaign of bombing against Iran, combined with special forces incursions designed to stir up rebellions among the non-Persian nationalities of the Islamic Republic. Naturally, the probability of a new fake Gulf of Tonkin incident or false flag terror attack staged by the Anglo-American war party and attributed to Iran or its proxies is also growing rapidly. Read More Here

(GlobalResearch) – Dangerous Crossroads: Threatening Iran with a Preemptive Nuclear Attack

Controversy over Iran’s nuclear program – Read More Here

(GlobalResearch) – “Countdown to Zero”: Hollywood Movie Promotes War on Iran

Seductive, fascinating and frightening, Countdown to Zero motivates the public to support complete nuclear disarmament and to fear Iran, which is conveniently the next country the US wants to invade. Framed in no-nuke rhetoric, Countdown to Zero is not-so-subtle agitprop. The film relies on conventional geopolitics to whip up conventional audiences into another conventional state of panic. Islamo-terrorists just can’t acquire this technology! This is painfully similar to what we were told prior to the invasion of Iraq. Read More Here

(RussiaToday) – Video: World War III Scenario? – Michel Chossudovsky

A group of former FBI and CIA officials have sent a memo to US President Barack Obama stating that Israel will bomb Iran later this month. Michel Chossudovsky says that it would be impossible for Israel to launch an attack on Iran without the US and NATO’s green light. Continue reading

BP Oil Gusher

(Higgins) – Feds Can’t Find Oil But Satellite Photos Show BP Gulf Oil Spill Covering 12,000 Square Miles

According to John Amos over at Sky Truth all of that oil that magically disappeared isn’t going away just yet. Read More Here

(FellowshipOfMinds) – Pelosi Blocks Investigation Into BP Oil Disaster – Read More Here

(JailTheBanksters) – Video: RED ALERT – The Other Well

This shows that BP are lying about having capped the gushing well. I captured this video a couple hours after BP issued a press release claiming that their “static kill” procedure had successfully taken control of the well. Kudos to Youtube user “2010MsBambi” for tipping me off to this — watch his excellent 4-part video series about this topic at Youtube. But what would take you 40 minutes to hear him explain I can do for you in a fraction of the time. Read More Here

Video: BP ROV Footage Looped – Video Link Here

(FloridaOilSpillLaw) – Report: “BP Says ‘Static Kill’ on Gulf Well Is Successful” — As seeps continue from BOP and sea floor Continue reading


(OregonLive) – Portland lemonade stand runs into health inspectors, needs $120 license to operate – Read More Here

(CharlieVLog) – Video: More Extend and Pretend – View Video Here

(WSJ) – Do the Rich Need the Rest of America?

As stocks boomed, the wealthy bounced back. And while the Main Street economy was wracked by high unemployment and the real-estate crash, the wealthy–whose financial fates were more tied to capital markets than jobs and houses– picked themselves up, brushed themselves off and started buying luxury goods again. Read More Here

(AntiFascistCalling) – Financial Fraud, The Laundering of Drug Money and the CIA – Tom Burghardt

Last year, when a federal court in Texas handed down indictments charging Stanford International Bank (SIB) and its officers with “orchestrating a fraudulent, multibillion dollar investment scheme,” I wondered: was there more to the story?

Indeed there was. Read More Here

(MotherJones) – EXCLUSIVE: Fannie and Freddie’s Foreclosure Barons

How the federal housing agencies—and some of the biggest bailed-out banks—are helping shady lawyers make millions by pushing families out of their homes. Read More Here

(WebOfDebt) – Escaping the Sovereign Debt Trap: The Remarkable Model of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia – Ellen Brown

The current credit crisis is basically a capital crisis: at a time when banks are already short of the capital needed to back their loans, capital requirements are being raised. Nearly a century ago, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia demonstrated that banks do not actually need capital to make loans – so long as their credit is backed by the government. Denison Miller, the Bank’s first Governor, was fond of saying that the Bank did not need capital because “it is backed by the entire wealth and credit of the whole of Australia.” With nothing but this national credit power, the Commonwealth Bank funded both massive infrastructure projects and the country’s participation in World War I. Read More Here
(Boston) – Food stamp use hit record 40.8m in May

Recipients of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program subsidies for food purchases jumped 19 percent from a year earlier and increased 0.9 percent from April, the US Department of Agriculture said in a statement on its website.

Participation has set records for 18 straight months. Read More Here

(Bloomberg) – Secret Banking Cabal Emerges From AIG Shadows: David Reilly

The idea of secret banking cabals that control the country and global economy are a given among conspiracy theorists who stockpile ammo, bottled water and peanut butter. After this week’s congressional hearing into the bailout of American International Group Inc., you have to wonder if those folks are crazy after all. Read More Here

(WPost) – EPA left to pick up where Congress left off — ‘Will soon begin regulating greenhouse gases factory by factory, power plant by power plant’

The Obama administration told Congress to find a way to regulate greenhouse gases — or else.

Last month, Congress refused: Democratic leaders in the Senate declined to take up climate legislation before their August break, which means it looks effectively dead for this session.

Now the White House is stuck with “or else.” Read More Here

(USAToday) – Golf clubs suffer in recession as membership dwindles – Read More Here

(DowJones) – UPDATE: General Motors To Invest $500M In Mexico Plant

U.S. automobile giant General Motors Co. said Tuesday it plans to invest close to $500 million in its Ramos Arizpe plant in northern Mexico … Read More Here

(VPR) – Budget Crunch Hits Atlantic City Hard – Read More Here

(InfoWeek) – U.S. To Train 3,000 Offshore IT Workers

$22 million, federally-backed program aims to help outsourcers in South Asia become more fluent in areas like Java programming—and the English language. Read More Here

(Bloomberg) – Secret Banking Cabal Emerges From AIG Shadows: David Reilly

The idea of secret banking cabals that control the country and global economy are a given among conspiracy theorists who stockpile ammo, bottled water and peanut butter. After this week’s congressional hearing into the bailout of American International Group Inc., you have to wonder if those folks are crazy after all.

Wednesday’s hearing described a secretive group deploying billions of dollars to favored banks, operating with little oversight by the public or elected officials. Read More Here

(DailyFinance) – Seven Reasons Not to Send Your Kids to College

In my view, the entire college degree industry is a scam, a self-perpetuating Ponzi scheme that needs to stop right now. Read More Here

Video: Ed Schultz – Wall Street Treats American Workers Like Roadkill – Continue reading

BP Oil Gusher

(Examiner) – Censored Gulf news: State-sponsored terrorism targets Deep South for Agenda 21 (Pt II)

On Freedom Link Radio August 1 program, highlighted in Part I of this article, crime fighter AC Griffith, former NSA linked to the CIA, stated he does not think government will offer any type of aid to the Gulf Coast people. The people are being left there to die. Some are coughing up blood and thousands are experiencing skin break-down. Read More Here

(FloridaOilSpillLaw) – BP turns out the lights as ‘BOP Monitoring’ shows largest leaks yet (VIDEO)

Skandi Neptune ROV 1 August 4, 2010 at 3:15 a.m. EDT: Video Link Here

(PressTV) – BP faces $10 bn lawsuit in Texas

BP is facing a new challenge after being targeted in a 10-billion-dollar lawsuit over an alleged leak of toxic chemicals at its Texas City refinery.

Tony Buzbee, a Texas lawyer, filed a class action lawsuit Tuesday on behalf of 2,000 claimants linked to the alleged leak in April and May, Britain’s Telegraph newspaper reported.

The lawyer. who also represents people affected by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, says his clients want compensation for “health effects.” Read More Here

(NYTimes) – Survey Finds Broad Anxiety Among Gulf Residents – Read More Here

(NewsVine) – Why is BP’s Macondo blowout so disastrous & Beyond Patch-up – Read More Here

(FloridaOilSpillLaw) – Video: ‘Hydrate’ leakage at wellhead — Chunk blown off BOP (VIDEO) – Continue reading


(CNBC) – Video: Marc Faber – Fed’s Printing Press to Create Final Crisis – Read More Here

(SalbuchiVLog) – Video: Salbuchi – Second Republic Project – Pillar 3 – REJECT THE DEBT-BASED SYSTEM – Video Part 1 HerePart 2 Here

(ZZBlog) – IMF: Trapping Countries into Debt

For decades, left critics of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have maintained that the IMF is merely a tool for enforcing the interests of financial elites, especially those in the US. Predictably, this view has been scornfully dismissed by those in power and their media lackeys who posture the institution as the benefactor of needy countries. The persistent history of the IMF’s extortionate funding, linked to austere cuts in social spending, is simply dismissed as pressing fiscal responsibility on countries lacking the spine to address their profligacy. Such are the myths that sustain faith in global capitalism. Read More Here

(MrZine) – Economic Recovery for the Few

Where is this elusive recovery? The banks, some say, have “recovered.” Yet they remain dependent on Washington, they do not make the loans needed for a general recovery, and many medium and small banks keep collapsing. The stock market shows no recovery. Read More Here

(MarketWatch) – The biggest lie about U.S. companies

Commentary: Healthy balance sheets? They owe $7.2 trillion, the most ever Read More Here

(SteveWatson) – New IMF Strategy Document Charts Launch Of “Bancor” Global Currency

Highlights “potential resistance” on road from “voluntary multilateral framework” to full blown global currency Read More Here

(ListulersBlog) – The Social Security Scam – Why all taxpayers must file income tax returns – Read More Here

(Bloomberg) – JPMorgan’s Masters Urges No `Panic’ as Commodities Unit Slips – Read More Here

(CharlieVLog) – Video: R E V O L T I N G ! ! – View Video Here

(CNBC) – Video: Gerald Celente – The bailout bubble is the mother of all bubbles – Video Link Here

(ABCNews) – Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner: Unemployment Could Go Up Before It Comes Down

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner acknowledged that it is still a “tough economy” for most Americans, and warned it’s possible the unemployment rate will go up for a couple of months before it comes down as more people enter the labor force. Read More Here

(MyBudget360) – Commercial real estate maturities will peak in 2012 – $350 billion in loans coming due and hundreds of additional bank failures. Bank lending in the CRE market collapsing – Read More Here

(LATimes) – Mexicana Airlines files for bankruptcy

Debt-ridden carrier announces filings in Mexico and the U.S. one day after suspending 31 flights in the two countries. It blames much of its financial trouble on high labor costs. Read More Here

(ZeroHedge) – Meredith Whitney Even More Bearish On Housing And Financials – Tyler Durden

Meredith Whitney appeared on CNBC earlier and was about as bearish as ever, not only on financials, but on housing as well. In addition to saying that she expects the housing market to get worse in Q3 and Q4, the maven again reiterated the blatantly obvious, namely that all the recent earnings beats by financials have been an accounting sham driven by: Read More Here


(Bloomberg) – Argentina Has Colder Winter Than Antartica, Spurring Record Power Imports

Argentina is importing record amounts of energy as the coldest winter in 40 years drives up demand and causes natural-gas shortages, prompting Dow Chemical Co. and steelmaker Siderar SAIC to scale back production. Read More Here

(CFact) – Video: Unlikely Skeptic – A Liberal Environmentalist challenges Global Warming Theory

Dr. Denis Rancourt speaks to Marc Morano on his views on the politics and science of global warming. “They look to comfortable lies” says Rancort with regard to global warming believers. Video Link Here


(SchiffVLog) – Video: Dollar Collapse – Peter Schiff – August 3, 2010 – Short Covering on The Euro? – Continue reading

World War

(VeteransVoice) – About 100,000 War Vets Owed Stop-Loss Cash Payments

U.S. senator wants to know why more than 100,000 servicemen and women never received thousands of dollars they are owed by the Pentagon after being forced to extend their military tours during the height of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Read More Here

(RT) – Central Asia Close to Chaos: “The US is destabilizing Central Asia by means of drug trafficking”

The US is destabilizing Central Asia by means of drug trafficking, disintegrating Kyrgyzstan and putting pressure on Iran, shared Semyon Bagdasarov, member of the State Duma’s International Affairs Committee. Read More Here

(GlobalResearch) – New Cold War. America Threatens Russia. War Games on Russia’s Doorstep

The US is building up its weapons arsenal on Russia’s border. Confirmed by US military sources, “for the first time since the end of World War II, U.S. Army soldiers are making regular rotations into Poland”, to train Polish forces to use US made Patriot missiles. Read More Here

(InfoClearingHouse) – Betrayal – The Lies and Losses of War

Journalist, author and Truthdig columnist Chris Hedges brought his years of experience in the world’s war-torn zones to bear on this challenging speech he gave in March for the Truth Commission on Conscience in War at New York City’s Riverside Church. In this clip, Hedges points out that Americans “are as capable of perpetuating evil as those who oppose us, and this existential crisis is one that turns those who have the courage to stand up and speak … into outcasts, pariahs, prophets.” Can we get an amen? View Video here

(RawStory) – Germany gave assassination list to secret US unit

The German government supplied a secret Pentagon task force with names of Taliban leaders that the US then could target for assassination, documents show. Read More Here

(RevoltofthePlebs) – August Forecast: Cloudy With a Chance of Mayhem

July may have gone out with a whimper, but August may very well come in with a BANG!

The eighth month on the Gregorian calendar has a notoriously violent past. World War I kicked in to high gear on August 4, 1914 when Great Britain declared war on Germany (after they refused to withdraw from Belgium). World War II went up in smoke on August 9th, 1945 when the U.S. dropped its 2nd nuclear bomb—on the people of Japan—at Nagasaki. Will August 10th, 2010 go down in history as the beginning of World War III? Read More Here


(IPS) – ‘We’re Not Living, Just Not Dying’

Compared to most internally displaced Kurds in northern Iraq, Shamal Qadir is almost lucky. Since the Turkish army devastated his village, Kuzine, in a bombing raid Jul. 1, he’s been living in a schoolhouse, where room temperatures are comfortable and basic amenities are accessible. Read More Here

(AntiWar) – Obama Drops 2009 Pledge to Withdraw Combat Troops From Iraq

Seventeen months after President Barack Obama pledged to withdraw all combat brigades from Iraq by Sept. 1, 2010, he quietly abandoned that pledge Monday, admitting implicitly that such combat brigades would remain until the end of 2011.

Obama declared in a speech to disabled U.S. veterans in Atlanta that “America’s combat mission in Iraq” would end by the end of August, to be replaced by a mission of “supporting and training Iraqi security forces.” Read More Here


(Uruknet) – Video: Child confronts Israeli forces over father’s detention

Video footage of a four-year-old child begging Israeli forces to release his father from detention on Monday has circulated the globe.

“You dog, give me my dad. I want daddy. I want daddy. Give me my dad,” cried Khalid Fadel Al-Ja’bari, as Israeli border guards detained his father Fadel, 36 in the Al-Baq’a village east of Hebron, where Israel’s Civil Administration began destroying what it described as an illegal water irrigation network. At the time, a spokesman denied forces overturned land.

Badran Jaber, the child’s grandfather, told Ma’an his son-in-law was detained after objecting to Israeli bulldozers overturning fields planted with vegetables near the illegal Kiryat Arba settlement. Video Link Here

(Guardian) – Video: Israel criticised over demolition of ‘unrecognised’ Bedouin villages

Human rights groups say latest round of bulldozing of illegal homes will lead to forced removals of nomadic Arabs View More Here


(HuffingtonPost) – The CIA & The ISI: More In Common Than We Think? – Read More Here


(PressTV) – Iran rejects Ahmadinejad attack reports – Read More Here

(PressTV) – West investing in Islamophobia: Iran

Ahead of the 20th anniversary of the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam (CDHRI), Iran slams the West for spreading Islamophobia to mask its own bleak record. Read More Here

(PressTV) – US pushing Japan for Iran sanctions

Einhorn, accompanied by Treasury Deputy Assistant Secretary Daniel Glaser, called on Japan to follow Europe’s example and take “strong measures” against Iran. Read More Here

(CNN) – Video: Iranian Pres. Reportedly Survives Assassination Attempt – Video Link Here

(PaulWatson) – Intel Experts Warn Obama Israel May Bomb Iran This Month

VIPS memo says Netanyahu planning surprise attack that will make it politically untenable for U.S. to do anything other than offer full support for military campaign Read More Here

(ConsortiumNews) – Obama has been Warned that Israel May Bomb Iran

Memorandum to the President from former Intelligence Officials Read More Here

(BBC) – Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad survives grenade attack on his convoy

UPDATE: Iran denies reports of attack on President Ahmadinejad

Iranian officials have denied that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was targeted in an assassination attempt.

A conservative Iranian website had said an explosive device was thrown at his convoy in the western city of Hamedan, where he was to deliver a speech.

But state-run Press TV said “no such attack had happened”, and officials said the confusion was caused by an exploding firework.

Mr Ahmadinejad went ahead with his speech at a football stadium. Full article here

(UKDailyMail) – President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has survived a grenade attack on his convoy in western Iran.

According to conservative website, khabaronline.ir, the blast from a homemade bomb took place today in Hamedan as Ahmadinejad was about to address a crowd at a football stadium.

It says the president was unhurt, but other people in the convoy were injured.

Mr Ahmadinejad gave his speech as planned and it was broadcast live on state TV.

Officials could not immediately be reached to confirm the report of the attack. Full article here


(WHMI) – Video: Congressman Wants Wikileaks Leaker Executed

Following news that an Army private was accused with leaking thousands of pages of intelligence documents related to the war in Afghanistan, Congressman Mike Rogers says he supports execution for the soldier involved if he is ultimately found guilty. Continue reading

Jane Burgermeister Is Under Attack


It has emerged that the Austrian government has attempted to frame Jane Burgermeister by inventing a fake set of criminal charges.

The criminal charges attributed to a Heiner Lohmann have, in fact, been invented by the government, which appears to be working hand in hand with Big Pharma to discredit swine flu jab critics and find a pretext to detain them by filing fake charges that can be used to classify me as a mentally unstable conspiracy theorist. Read More Here

(BirdFlu666) – Austrian government INVENTS fake criminal charges to frame Jane Burgermeister: Heiner Lohmann emails in to say he never filed any charges

An email has just come in from Heiner Lohmann, resident in Germany, saying he never filed any criminal charges against Judge Michaela Lauer, as maintained in the letter from the corruption state prosecutor.

Heiner Lohmann said he himself is being persecuted by the German authorities for his opposition to the mass vaccination of his cows.

That strongly suggests the notion that the charges by Lohmann mentioned by the Austrian prosecutors have simply been invented out of thin air for one purpose only – and that is to bury my charges against them containing evidence of the manipulation of files and lies to frame me. Read More Here

Continue reading