Video: Is Videoing Cops Illegal?

(MSNBC) – July 21, 2010 –


2 thoughts on “Video: Is Videoing Cops Illegal?

  1. These people are goofy if they believe that the public is not going to respond to this silly shit. What happens when you film these fucks anonymously and then post it on whatever Tube. What are you going to do? I beleive that’s one reason why Obama and his crew are pushing this ACTA bill..keeps them and their minions (po-lice) out of the light of day..fck em’


  2. Have something to say against Israel’s conduct (or the conduct of any US government criminal ally?)

    Well, that kind of behavior might earn you a visit from your local FBI thugs. They just want to make sure “everybody’s safe” and “nothing happens.”

    Hats off to this intrepid citizen who put these jack asses for hire back on their heels and videotaped the event for all of us to learn from.

    Look who’s come to visit?
    The Link:

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