Video: Haiti – Six Months On

(AlJazeera) – Six months after the earthquake that killed up to 300,000 people, the dust is starting to settle over Port-au-Prince. As it does, the deep wounds that fracture this country are re-emerging, more gaping than even before.

One-and-a-half million people remain displaced, many living under tents and tarps. Rubble removal is slow, and rebuilding has yet to begin.

The UN and NGOs are as omnipresent as the rubble – but the chasm between Haiti’s poor majority and the foreign organisations that say they are here to help seems as wide as ever. Continue reading

Video: Poll – Majority Believe Road Warrior Depression Coming

(KurtNimmo) – An poll posted last week reveals that nearly 60% of respondents believe the United States is headed for a “road warrior” economic depression. 17% believe the country is headed for a depression no worse than the Great Depression, while 13% think the economic crisis will continue along its current trajectory and not get worse. 5% of respondents believe the economy will turn around as Obama and the government promises. Continue reading

Another Victory: “Google Spies” Number 1 Searched Term on Google

(Infowars) – In another show of incredible determination, we have managed to fight  back censorship and tyranny with truth by getting “Google Spies” to the  top searched term of July 19, 2010. This is one of several victories  that have been accomplished thanks to our amazing listeners and readers.  This is a direct assault on the cover-up being pulled on the American  people by the cartel of elite corporations.

Mainstream news, popular blogs and talk shows regularly refer to  Google trends for topics and for the past few days the leading stories  have been The Obama Deception, Infowars, Fall of the Republic, Google  Censorship and most recently Google Spies. This is a major blow to the  establishment and with you help we can keep the truth on top of  nonsensical topics like Lindsey Lohan’s legal troubles. Continue reading

MSM: CCTV and police abuse of power

(Guardian) – Investigations into the London Gaza protests last year have called into question how CCTV evidence is being used by police Read More Here

Video: Bilderberg’s John Keane & Jessica Mathews – The Waging of Peace

(MakeItEightEh?) – At 84, it seemed odd that Queen Elizabeth II made a special trip to New York to pay respect to the 9/11 victims, and in addressing the  U.N. assembly claimed, “the waging of peace is the hardest form of leadership of all.” We don’t usually hear the term, “waging of” followed by anything other than “war”. So, in this case, it was indeed an odd twist.

But, the comment is actually in keeping with the intent of the globalist leaders that, according to Queen Elizabeth II, must wage peace  to address the issues of “terrorism” and “climate change”. The Bilderberg Group must have been comforted to get the support of the Queen of England. And, it would seem, the Bilderberg influence has shaped U.S. military efforts over the past while as well. The “waging of peace” has support by those responsible to sell the concept to the American people and the world. Continue reading

Future of the News

(AmericanThinker) – It’s a frightening thought: government takeover of the media. But having tightened their grip on health care, financial services, and energy, it’s only logical that the Democrats should turn their attention to the media.

Discussions underway at the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Communications Commission point toward a dangerous new effort to regulate what Americans read and hear. The takeover under discussion would apply across the board to print media, radio and television, and the internet. The result of proposed regulations would be nothing less than an end to free speech in America. Continue reading

Top Professor at Globalist Population Control Summit: “No More Shrouding Our Statements in Code”

(Infowars) – At a 2006 gathering of top globalists devoted to the “family planning agenda” under the umbrella-name “Demographic Dynamics and Socio-Economic Development”, professor of Medical Demography at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, John Cleland, admitted to the fact that they (the group of pro-death globalists to which he himself belongs) should cease using coded language when communicating to the general public.

In a 2008 press release by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Cleland was honoured for his work on population issues. Besides, he was acclaimed for his influence “scientifically and with regards to policy. Continue reading

Video: Censored Videos Obama Deception, Police State 4 Back on YouTube

(Infowars) – In an act that goes completely against YouTube’s long-held policy of refusing to replace videos that were listed as removed by user, films that have been removed by hack have been returned to YouTube’s live site. Original embeds of the “ChangeDaChannel” version of The Obama Deception and Police State 4 are working once again. Continue reading

Video: Top Secret America – What Is This For?

(WashingtonPost) – The government has built a national security and intelligence system so big, so complex and so hard to manage, no one really knows if it’s fulfilling its most important purpose: keeping its citizens safe. View More Here

MSM: Revealed – brutal guide to punishing jailed youths

(Guardian) – Shocking details of techniques used to inflict pain deliberately on children in privately run jails have been revealed for the first time in a government document obtained by the Observer.

Some of the restraint and self-defence measures approved by the Ministry of Justice include ramming knuckles into ribs and raking shoes down the shins. Other extraordinary passages in the previously secret manual, Physical Control in Care, authorise staff to: Read More Here

Obama’s War on the Internet

(C4L) – The Ministry of Truth was how George Orwell described the mechanism used by government to control information in his seminal novel 1984. A recent trip to Europe has convinced me that the governments of the world have been rocked by the power of the internet and are seeking to gain control of it so that they will have a virtual monopoly on information that the public is able to access. In Italy, Germany, and Britain the anonymous internet that most Americans are still familiar with is slowly being modified. If one goes into an internet café it is now legally required in most countries in the European Union to present a government issued form of identification. Continue reading

The Serious Tracking of Americans Begins

(TheLibertyVoice) – They have passed the health bill, they have passed the financial regulations bill and they have snuck stuff into the stimulus package bills. They are going to track your money and your body. Here’s the first few things they are doing. This is step one. It will only get worse from here.


…the Health Care Bill mandates, according to, Starting on January 1st in 2012, S federal law will require coin and bullion dealers to report to the Internal Revenue Service all gold and silver coin purchases and sales greater than $600.
No that is not an error, they tacked the gold coin tracking regulations into the health bill. They are just tacking stuff on wherever they can.

As for your body, you will be required to have an “electronic health record”, by 2014. They snuck this into one of the “stimulus” bills. The electronic record will include an obesity rating. The information will be required to be on a “national exchange” with only secure access (Hah!). Why the F does your obesity rating have to be on a national exchange? This is a tip off to how micro-managed they are going to attempt to run your life.

Keep in mind that the health bill and financial “reform” bill are thousands of pages, with much of the details left up to the new agencies to fill in. Obama is appointing major league interventionists to head these agencies. They are completely clueless as to how an economy works. Their regs will be over the top. It will stifle America in so many ways, it is difficult to imagine. I was in East Berlin the year before the Wall came down. I saw what constant monitoring and micro-management did to people. It is not pretty. The gray, the drab, the despair was everywhere. When you can only take orders and wait for approvals and are constantly watched, it saps the life out of you. America is going to be changing and the government is going to try and watch you and monitor your vitals, as if you were a lab rat, as it does the changing.

It is not going to be pretty. – Source: The Liberty Voice

(Thanks to John Perez for the gold coin info.)

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Cyber Attacks That Give Us Strength

(DesertPeace) – I’ve always maintained that if I don’t receive at least one hate mail letter a day or one attack on the Internet, then I’m not doing my job well…. Since the start of this Blog, that has been the case, proving, at least to myself, that I am doing a damn good job.

It seems ironic that those who attack me personally or this Blog claim to be pro Palestinian activists, yet use the same terminology in their attacks as the most vicious zionists. Read More Here

The Modern Slave’s Guide to Modern Slavery

(99%Space) – RULE NUMBER ONE about modern slavery: there is no modern slavery.

RULE NUMBER TWO: you work, you pay, you go to war and you shut the f*ck up. Or else.

RULE NUMBER THREE you take the test at the end of this post; if you fail, refer to Rule number two.

There is no modern slaveryContinue reading

Health News

(QMIAgency) – Food dyes linked to cancer: Report

Many artificial food dyes that colour everything from breakfast cereal to ice cream should be banned because they pose cancer risks, a new report from the Center for Science in the Public Interest says. Read More Here

(Recombinomics) – H1N1 In Kirovograd Ukraine Approaches Epidemic Levels

According to information “All Kirovograd, obtained from its own sources assurances from authorities that Influenza warming, no, supported by only one – epidemiological threshold (100 patients per 10 thousand population) has not yet crossed. But the number of patients currently is 86 persons per 10 thousand population. Read More Here

(ActivistPost) – Big Pharma Makes Another Killing

The latest outrage against the health of humanity is the paltry fine levied against GlaxoSmithKline by our protectors, the Food and Drug Administration. The drug, Avandia, which was cited in 2007 as a potential danger, has indeed become one at the rate of around 500 heart attacks and 300 cases of heart failure per month. The fine of $2.1 billion after taxes — which may seem large to most — is less than a third of Glaxo’s annual profit. Read More Here

(AP) – Microneedles may make getting flu shots easier

One day your annual flu shot could come in the mail.

At least that’s the hope of researchers developing a new method of vaccine delivery that people could even use at home: a patch with microneedles.

Microneedles? Read More Here

(NaturalNews) – Foods and drinks sweetened with fructose linked to high blood pressure – Read More Here

(NaturalNews) – Antidepressant drug linked to increase in breast cancer deaths – Read More Here

(NaturalNews) – Lack of sunlight exposure causes mothers to give birth to babies with multiple sclerosis

A recent study out of Australia has found that natural sunlight plays a very important role in the development of unborn children. According to the research, mothers who get little sunlight during the first 90 days of their pregnancies bear children with an increased risk of developing multiple sclerosis later on in their lives. Read More Here

(IndUK) – Tobacco giant Philip Morris sold cigarettes made using child labour

Marlboro manufacturer admits 10-year-olds worked on Kazakh plantations Read More Here

(NaturalNews) – China’s reckless use of antibiotics unleashes deadly superbugs on the world – Read More Here

(WSJ) – White House Unveils Free Preventative Services (New “free” preventive health services are mostly screenings to medicate more people) – Read More Here

(NaturalNews) – HIV drug causes liver damage, admits FDA – Read More Here


(NeithercorpPress) – Economic Meltdown: The Final Phase – Read More Here

(LewRockwell) – Real Jobs, Fake Jobs

In many ways, the unemployment numbers are much worse than they appear. One factor has been the timing of the US census. The bureau hired some 700,000 workers to collect data, people who otherwise were having a very difficult time navigating the choppy labor markets. They went for the jobs because they were a sure thing, paid decently, and didn’t require unusual skills (anyone can knock on a door and pester people about their private lives). Read More Here

(DowJones) – Hungary Minister: IMF Talks Break Off On Lack Of Austerity

Hungary’s talks with the International Monetary Fund and the European Union broke off Saturday as the government refused to implement fiscal austerity measures to reach this year’s budget deficit target, Economy Minister Gyorgy Matolcsy said Sunday.

“We said that further austerity measures cannot be carried out…That’s the problem that we are in the fifth year of austerity measures, that’s why we are where we are,” Matolcsy said in an interview on private television channel HirTV. Read More Here

(SteveWatson) – Leading Chinese Economists Urge Government To Dump U.S. Treasuries, Buy Gold

Prominent economists in China are calling for their government to ditch vast holdings of U.S. Treasuries in favour of tangible assets such as gold, a move that would have a far reaching impact on the economy Read More Here

(BATR) – The Botox Fix for a Sovereign Debt Burst

How can a country be sovereign if their government must borrow money to pay their bills? Worse yet, in order to create money the State must go to the central bank and pay interest for every new currency that is created out of thin air. The two key elements that explain the absurd foundation of the global debt pyramid are simple, 1) Fractional Reserve Banking. 2) Legal Tender Laws. Read More Here

(Guardian) – Hedge funds accused of gambling with lives of the poorest as food prices soar – Read More Here

(BusinessAndMedia) – The Flight of the Money – Where Has It Gone?

Obama’s policies terrify business community; capital is leaving, cash is being hoarded. Read More Here

(IrishTimes) – Ireland’s credit rating downgraded by Moody’s – Read More Here

(ActivistPost) – 10 Ways You’re Being Fleeced by Banks

Taxpayers are rightfully angrier than ever before about the state of the U.S. economy and the government’s handling of the financial crisis; perhaps even more so than the Colonists at the original Tea Party. After all, it appears that the only group benefiting during this painful slide into recession are the very people who caused the crisis — The Banks. Read More Here

(Bloomberg) – Cameron Raids Dormant U.K. Accounts as Minister Attacks Banks

U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron announced plans to use “hundreds of millions of pounds” from dormant bank accounts to fund community projects, while Business Secretary Vince Cable said lenders “ripped off” customers. Read More Here

(WSJournal) – A Case for Japanese Hyperinflation – Read More Here

(Reuters) – Q+A-Does Japan face a Greek-like debt crisis? – Read More Here

(WSJournal) – Cities Rent Police, Janitors to Save Cash

Faced with a $118 million budget deficit, the city of San Jose, Calif., recently decided it could no longer afford its own janitors. So the city’s budget called for dropping its custodial staff and hiring outside contractors to clean its city hall and airport, saving about $4 million.

To keep all its swimming pools open and staffed, the city is replacing some city workers with contractors. Read More Here

(MailOnline) – NHS doesn’t care about cost of medicine’: Drugs firms accused of profiteering by raising prices by ONE THOUSAND per cent Read More Here

FLASHBACK – (Bloomberg) – European Banks’ Hidden Losses Threaten EU Stress Test

Investors say they don’t know if some banks are hiding bad loans, whether they have enough capital to withstand a debt default by a European state and whether governments can afford to rescue them. The European Union still hasn’t disclosed the tests’ criteria, including if they contain a sovereign default. Read More Here

(BushStole04) – Slaying the Debt Spider

The webs of deception and debt are controlled by an evil spider that is seldom seen.

“There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the sword. The other is by debt.” – U.S. President John Adams Read More Here

(WSJ) – Roads to Ruin: Towns Rip Up the Pavement

Asphalt Is Replaced By Cheaper Gravel; ‘Back to Stone Age’ Read More Here

(Telegraph) – Cash crisis in NHS leaves patients lying on operating tables

A cash crisis in the NHS has left patients lying on the operating table before doctors realised vital equipment had not been ordered, according to a leaked report. Read More Here

(WSJ) – Lost in Taxation

The IRS’s vast new ObamaCare powers. Read More Here

FLASHBACK – (RollingStone) – The Great American Bubble Machine – Matt Taibbi

The first thing you need to know about Goldman Sachs is that it’s everywhere. The world’s most powerful investment bank is a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money. In fact, the history of the recent financial crisis, which doubles as a history of the rapid decline and fall of the suddenly swindled dry American empire, reads like a Who’s Who of Goldman Sachs graduates. Read More Here


(MailOnline) – Whither Climate Change?

So where are we now with climate change? After the wheels fell so spectacularly off the global warming bandwagon last year, first with the various Climategate ‘scandals’ and then with the shambolic Copenhagen Summit (which showed that the people who brought you Carlsberg really couldn’t, on this occasion, organise the proverbial in a brewery) it is worth asking what the situation is now? Has global warming blown away and can we all relax? Read More Here

(ConservativeForChange) – Global Warming Scam : 2010 is Not the Hottest Year

Warmers and Democrats are once again getting overheated by their own propaganda; claiming 2010 is the hottest year on record. The current Cap-n-Trade promotional reads something like this (from The Hill blogs): Read More Here

(GWPF) – US Government Halts Funds For Climate Unit

The American government has suspended its funding of the University of East Anglia’s climate research unit (CRU), citing the scientific doubts raised by last November’s leak of hundreds of stolen emails.

The US Department of Energy (DoE) was one of the unit’s main sources of funding for its work assembling a database of global temperatures. Read More Here

(GlobalFreeze) – Record cold in Australia

Adelaide, Alice Springs, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney Read More Here

(TheWeatherNetwork) – Argentina cold snap

Argentina is suffering from some unusually cold weather. In fact, snow fell in over half the provinces on Friday. Read More Here

BP Oil Gusher

(WashingtonsBlog) – As Predicted, BP Tries to Pretend New Leak is a “Natural Seep”

Listening to the news this morning as I drove to work, I heard that BP is saying that the seep discovered near the blownout well might be a natural seep .

Reuters notes: Read More Here

(Politico) – GOP senators: Obama failing in oil clean-up – Read More Here

(680News) – Methane gas bubbles feared near BP oil well – Read More Here

(CNN) – Video: Government says leak detected ‘a distance from’ oil well – View Video Here

(Reuters) – BP says Gulf oil seep may not be from its well – Read More Here

(BusinessInsider) – Oh-No: Tests Confirm Oil Seep Distance Away From Deepwater Well

This doesn’t sound good.

Admiral Allen has sent the following letter, via The Oil Drum, to BP, regarding the discovery of oil seeps away from the well: Read More Here

(Politico) – Video: LA Sen – Obama Trying to Conceal Oil Spill – Video Link Here

(CSMonitor) – Gulf oil spill: Fouling air as well as water?

(SkyNews) – Seep Detected Near Capped US Oil Well – Read More Here

Questions about air pollution related to the BP oil spill may get some clearer answers this coming week, as university researchers and a Louisiana environmental group release initial findings of their independent analysis of the Gulf region’s air quality. Read More Here

(AP) – BP, feds clash over reopening capped Gulf oil well

BP and the Obama administration offered significantly differing views Sunday on whether the capped Gulf of Mexico oil well will have to be reopened, a contradiction that may be an effort by the oil giant to avoid blame if crude starts spewing again. Read More Here

(AP) – Official: Seep found near BP’s blown out oil well

A federal official says scientists are concerned about a seep and possible methane near BP’s busted oil well in the Gulf of Mexico

Both could be signs there are leaks in the well that’s been capped off for three days. Read More Here

(WSWS) – As BP claims success in capping well Gulf economy in ruins

After 86 days of oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico, BP on Tuesday claimed initial success in temporarily capping the Macondo well about 50 miles off the coast from Venice, Louisiana. Read More Here

(MotherJones) – Porn, Meth, and Oil Company Parties

Instead of just inspecting offshore oil platforms, employees of the Minerals Management Service spent time trading links to Internet porn, shaking off crystal meth buzzes, and partying on the dime of the oil companies that they were supposed to be regulating, according to a new report released Monday by the Interior Department’s Inspector General. Read More Here

World War

(LondonGuardian) – America’s secret army: how the ‘war on terror’ created a new industry – Read More Here

(AtlanticWire) – What’s In The Washington Post Story Terrifying the Intelligence Community?

The U.S. intelligence community is bracing for a Washington Post story scheduled to be published on Monday. The story, largely reported by Pulitzer Prize-winner Dana Priest, will reportedly detail the billions of dollars of intelligence contracts fielded out to private companies. Both the State Department and the the Office of Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), which oversees all intelligence agencies, have sent out internal memos regarding the story. Here’s what we know about the story, what we know about private intelligence contracting, and how intelligence agencies are responding. Read More Here

(WPost) – Syrian ambassador challenges U.S. official on Israel nukes – Read More Here

(NYTimes) – Curaçao Faces Friction With Chávez Over U.S. Planes – Read More Here

(TodaysZaman) – Turkey reiterates expectations from Israel over Gaza flotilla raid – Read More Here

(NaturalNews) – US military says school lunches are a threat to national security

A group of retired military officials recently expressed concern that school lunches are a threat to national security. According to them, the food being fed to children at public schools is making them “too fat to fight”, leaving a potentially considerable gap in military recruitment. Read More Here

(IntelDaily) – U.S. Risks Military Clash With China In Yellow Sea

Delayed until after the United States achieved a United Nations Security Council statement on July 9 condemning the sinking of a South Korean warship in March, Washington’s plans for naval maneuvers in the Yellow Sea near Chinese territorial waters are forging ahead. Read More Here

(Xinhuanet) – Lebanese Christian leader warns Hezbollah chief of Israeli attack

Local As-Safir daily reported that Aoun had recently told al- Assad and Nasrallah that the STL’s indictment will accuse ” uncontrolled” Hezbollah members of assassinating Lebanon’s former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in 2005.

“This indictment would be accompanied by a Lebanese-Lebanese and Lebanese-Palestinian tension, and by an Israeli war on Lebanon, ” Aoun told the Syrian president and Hezbollah leader, according to the newspaper. Read More Here

(EmptyWheel) – The Intelligence Industrial Complex Prepares for War

In my review of Tim Shorrock’s important Spies for Hire, I summarized one of the most important parts of the narrative he tells in the book. Read More Here


(Guardian) – US military build-up in Kandahar will bolster Taliban, warns security monitor

Nato’s counterinsurgency tactic shows no signs of success, says Afghanistan NGO Security Office Read More Here

(KurtNimmo) – Fool Me Twice: Biden Says No Exit from Afghanistan

There is one thing you can count on when it comes to establishment politicians. If their mouths are moving they are lying. Joe “Bite Me” Biden, second-in-command front man, is no exception. Read More Here

(Reuters) – UK to boost aid to Afghanistan – minister

Britain plans to increase aid to Afghanistan by as much as 40 percent, International Development Minister Andrew Mitchell said. Read More Here

(Uruknet) – Petraeus promotes civil war in Afghanistan

The Petraeus strategy calls for putting 10,000 job-hungry Afghan villagers on the Pentagon payroll. They will be given money and guns so that they can form militias and shoot and kill other members of their village who are asserted to be either pro-Taliban or opposed to the U.S./NATO occupation. Read More Here


(InfoClearingHouse) – Iranian Scientist Would Not Play Curveball – Ray McGovern – Read More Here

(PressTV) – (July 13) – Video: US & British Intel Agencies Are Working On A Fake Video To Lead To War With Iran – View Video Here

(NYTimes) – Standardized English Tests Are Halted in Iran

The Educational Testing Service has announced that it is temporarily suspending registration for its tests in Iran, including the popular Test of English as a Foreign Language, in what may be one of the first tangible effects of the new sanctions levied against the country by the international community. Read More Here

(AP) – Report: CIA paid Iranian scientist $5 million – Read More Here

(Rueters) – Iran Guards warn U.S. of “fallout” over bomb attack

The United States will face “fallout” from a deadly rebel bomb attack in southeast Iran, a senior Revolutionary Guards commander was quoted as saying on Saturday by a semi-official Iranian news agency. Read More Here

(Guardian) – Iran accuses US and UK of supporting group behind mosque attacks

CIA denies claims it has been backing Jundullah, the Sunni separatist group which has claimed responsibility for the bombs Read More Here

(Haaretz) – Iran parliament urges government to pursue uranium enrichment

New resolution calls for resisting what the parliament called plots by the United States and Britain against Iran’s rights to pursue peaceful nuclear technology. Read More Here


Video: Israeli Night Raid on West Bank Village of Bil’in – Video Link Here

Video: ‘The world won’t say a thing’– Netanyahu on ongoing Israeli expansion

The Washington Post, and Glenn Kessler, have picked up the story that Netanyahu said that “America is a thing that can be easily moved,” back in 2001. Good to have this knowledge inside the Beltway at last. Video Link Here

(Uruknet) – Israel Tortures Detained Children

“We will attach the electricity wires to your testicles and prevent you from marriage and having kids forever, if you don’t tell us exactly what you know.”

This is a fraction of what the Israeli interrogator said to the child “A.M.M” of the city of Hebron when he was arrested two weeks ago, who threatened to use “all methods” to force him to confess. Read More Here

(SouthLebanon) – German-Jewish group to send aid ship to besieged Gaza soon

A group of Jewish activists in Germany will send an aid ship to the besieged Gaza Strip at the end of July to break the blockade and to express their rejection of Israel’s inhuman acts against the Palestinians. Read More Here

(SouthLebanon) – Video: Palestinian Women Political Prisoners

Since 1967, approximately 700,000 Palestinians have been arrested and detained under Israeli military orders. This number accounts for close to 20 percent of the population in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Today, 7,000 Palestinians — including over 300 children and 34 women — remain in Israeli prisons. The AIC explored the stories of two Palestinian women, both former prisoners, and looked at how Israel uses imprisonment to stifle popular resistance against the occupation. View More Here

Orwell’s nightmare–big brother is here

(Examiner) – In George Orwell’s chilling novel, 1984, the author depicts a future society in which citizens are controlled by an all-seeing, all-knowing big government, referred to as ‘big brother.’  Orwell’s nightmare is here, now.

A sampling of the major news stories today merely prove we are now living under the very tyranny about which Orwell warned and about which stalwart defenders of liberty such as Ayn Rand, Barry Goldwater, M. Stanton Evans, and Whitaker Chambers kept an ever-watchful eye.

Here are but a few troubling examples: Continue reading