Gun battles paralyze Mexican city near Texas

(Salon) – Mexican soldiers fought late-night gunbattles with gangs who forced citizens from their cars and used the vehicles to block streets in a city across the border from Texas.

The Nuevo Laredo city government posted messages on Facebook warning citizens to stay indoors as the battles erupted at several intersections Wednesday night. City officials on Thursday said they could not immediately confirm witness reports that several gunmen were killed. Continue reading

Video: Love Conquers All – The Message At the Heart Of The Road

(SteveWatson) – Warning: This contains spoilers for those who have not yet seen the movie or read the book!

The Road, directed by John Hillcoat based on the Cormac McCarthy novel of the same name, is an extremely powerful film because it explores the fundamental human condition and the basic struggle between good and evil.

The imagery in the movie provides the perfect backdrop for a stunning exploration of the greatest threat to our civilization – barbarism.

The near future post-apocalyptic landscape serves as a physical embodiment of the spiritual decline of humanity we see unfolding all around us today. Continue reading

Video: Pentagon workers tied to child porn

(BostonGlobe) – Federal investigators have identified several dozen Pentagon officials and contractors with high-level security clearances who allegedly purchased and downloaded child pornography, including an undisclosed number who used their government computers to obtain the illegal material, according to investigative reports. Video Link Here

An evil atmosphere is forming around geoengineering

(NewScientist) – Now a powerful group of scientists, venture capitalists and conservative think tanks is coalescing around the idea of reproducing this cooling effect by injecting sulphur dioxide into the stratosphere to counter climate change. Despite the enormity of what is being proposed – nothing less than seizing control of the climate – the public has been almost entirely excluded from the planning Read More Here

Additional Declassified U.S. Secret Service Records Describe Unidentified Aircraft Circling Washington, D.C. On 9/11

(911Blogger) – The following is a two page U.S. Secret Service Executive Summary included within a April 23, 2010 Freedom of Information Act release, describing the activities of President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, families of the president and vice-president, threats against Air Force One and activity within the Presidential Emergency Operations Center on September 11, 2001. The Executive Summary report describes Secret Service reports of an unidentified aircraft circling Washington, D.C. and the activity of other noteworthy Secret Service protectees on September 11, 2001.


Previously published documents [pdf]:

Source: 911 Blogger

Lockerbie: Megrahi Was Framed – John Pilger

The hysteria over the release of the so-called Lockerbie bomber reveals much about the political and media class on both sides of the Atlantic, especially Britain. From Gordon Brown’s “repulsion” to Barack Obama’s “outrage,” the theater of lies and hypocrisy is dutifully attended by those who call themselves journalists. “But what if Megrahi lives longer than three months?” whined a BBC reporter to the Scottish First Minister, Alex Salmond. “What will you say to your constituents, then?”

Horror of horrors that a dying man should live longer than prescribed before he “pays” for his “heinous crime”: the description of the Scottish justice minister, Kenny MacAskill, whose “compassion” allowed Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi to go home to Libya to “face justice from a higher power.” Amen.

The American satirist Larry David once addressed a voluble crony as “a babbling brook of bullsh*t.” Such eloquence summarizes the circus of Megrahi’s release. Continue reading

The New Order Of Oz – John Pilger

The Order of Mates celebrated beside Sydney Harbour the other day. This is a venerable masonry in Australian political life that unites the Labor Party with the rich elite known as the big end of town. They shake hands, not hug, though the Silver Bodgie now hugs. In his prime, the Silver Bodgie, aka Bob Hawke or Hawkie, wore suits that shone, wide-bottomed trousers and shirts with the buttons undone. A bodgie was a Australian version of the 1950s English Teddy Boy and Hawke’s thick grey-black coiffure added inches to his abbreviated stature.

Hawke also talked out of the corner of his mouth in an accent that was said to be “ocker”, or working class, although he himself was of the middle class and Oxford educated. As president of the Australian Council of Trade Unions, his popularity rested on his reputation as a hard-drinking larrikin, an Australian sobriquet once prized almost as much as an imperial honour. For Hawke, it was the disguise of one whose heart belonged to the big end of town, who cooled the struggles of working Australians, during the rise to power of the new property sharks, minerals barons and tax avoiders.

Indeed, as Labor prime minister in the 1980s, Hawke and his treasurer Paul Keating eliminated the most equitable spread of personal income on earth: a model for the Blairites. And the great Mate across the Pacific loved Hawkie. Victor Marchetti, the CIA strategist who helped draft the treaty that gave America control over its most important spy base in the southern hemisphere, told me, “When Hawke came along… he immediately sent signals that he knew how the game was played and who was buttering his bread. He became very co-operative, and even obsequious.” – Continue reading

Gulf Oil Gusher

(AP) – Tropical Storm Bonnie moving toward oil spill – Read More Here

(SOTT) – Video: Gulf of Mexico Loop Current Broken!! Risk of Global Climate Change By BP Oil Spill! – Video Link Here

(NaturalNews) – Video: BP Fish Oil Plus (puppet satire)

Created by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, this puppet satire skit feature “Bob” from BP, pitching a new product “PB Fish Oil Plus” made with 100% natural crude oil. Video Link Here

(Cravatt) – Video: Gulf Coast Trauma – Video Link Here

(Rense) – Audio: Jeff Rense Interviews Chris Landau – Oil Geologist – The TRUTH About The Disaster – Download Audio Here

(DemocracyNow) – Video: Three of Every Four Oil & Gas Lobbyists Worked for Federal Government – Amy Goodman

Three out of every four lobbyists who represent oil and gas companies previously worked in the federal government, according to a new analysis by the Washington Post. That’s a rate that is more than double revolving-door standards on Capitol Hill. We talk to Steve Kretzmann, the founder and director of Oil Change International. Video Link Here

(AlterNet) – Exposing the Natural Gas Industry’s Attempt to Silence Its Critics

Natural gas companies, according to the director of the documentary film ‘Gasland,’ Josh Fox, are ‘shameless and have immense resources to pay for spin.’ Read More Here

(RawStory) – BP accused of trying to silence science on spill

The head of the American Association of Professors accused BP Friday of trying to buy the silence of scientists and academics to protect itself after the Gulf oil spill, in a BBC interview.

“This is really one huge corporation trying to buy faculty silence in a comprehensive way,” said Cary Nelson. Read More Here

(WashingtonsBlog) – Big Storm to Hit Gulf of Mexico … All Oil Relief Operations Will Be Suspended … Cap Will Stay On, Unattended

As oil industry expert Bob Cavnar writes:

The National Hurricane Center this morning forecasted a 70% chance that Invest 97, now just south of the Bahamas, would form into a tropical cyclone. Destination? The central Gulf. In his McBriefing yesterday, Kent Wells announced that instead of running and cementing the last liner into relief well 1, they had already run in a storm packer to temporarily seal the well and were preparing to shut down. Here’s the storm track by computer model. Read More Here

(GlobalResearch) – BP Coverup and the Criminal Pursuit of Profit: Deepwater Horizon Workers knew of Problems before Explosion

Two internal Transocean reports obtained by The New York Times shed further light on the criminal negligence of both BP and Transocean in the lead-up to the April 20 explosion aboard the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, which killed 11 workers and set off one of the most devastating environmental catastrophes in human history.

The reports reveal that Deepwter Horizon workers were well aware of mechanical and safety problems aboard the rig, but they feared reprisal should they speak out. The documents also strongly indicate that BP and Transocean knowingly disregarded basic safety and maintenance. Read More Here

(Dispatches) – Destruction of the Gulf Coast Treasure? What Happens Next? – Dahr Jamail

Waters, white sand beaches, fertile coastal marshes… Read More Here

China Spill

(NYTimes) – China: Oil Spill Prompts Warning

China’s largest reported oil spill emptied beaches along the Yellow Sea as its size doubled Wednesday. Cleanup efforts included straw mats and frazzled workers with little more than rubber gloves. An official warned that the spill posed a “severe threat” to sea life and water quality. Read More Here

World War

(Haaretz) – Israel tells United Nations it will limit phosphorus use in populated areas

The army will limit its use of phosphorous bombs in populated areas and stop using them near “sensitive sites” like UN buildings, Israel said in a report it presented to the United Nations this week. Read More Here

(InfoClearingHouse) – We Can Handle the Truth – Stop Trying to Hide the Truth from Us

The peace movement needs to stand with Bradley Manning and Wikileaks in their efforts to let Americans see the truth about what the military is doing in our name. We can handle the truth! Indeed, we need to hear the truth, not propaganda about how great the U.S. military is performing, in order to be responsible citizens. Read More Here

(DailyMail) – Limbless soldier has benefits stopped after walking 400m on prosthetic leg

A soldier who lost a leg in Afghanistan has had his disability benefits stopped because he has learnt to walk a few hundred metres on a prosthetic limb.

Private Aron Shelton, 26, had his left leg amputated below the knee – while his right leg was also damaged – after the Land Rover he was travelling in was blown up in June 2007. Read More Here


(GlobalResearch) – US War Crimes: Cancer rate in Fallujah worse than Hiroshima

The Iraqi city of Fallujah continues to suffer the ghastly consequences of a US military onslaught in late 2004.

According to the authors of a new study, “Cancer, Infant Mortality and Birth Sex-Ratio in Fallujah, Iraq 2005–2009,” the people of Fallujah are experiencing higher rates of cancer, leukemia, infant mortality, and sexual mutations than those recorded among survivors in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the years after those Japanese cities were incinerated by US atomic bomb strikes in 1945. Read More Here

(IND) – Johann Hari: Oil, blood money, and Blair’s last scandal

There is no question there was a plot. The question is whether the plot worked,or whether it got what it wanted by a remarkable coincidence Read More Here

(PressTV) – UK admits using DU ammunition in Iraq

UK defense secretary says American and British forces used depleted uranium (DU) ammunitions during the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003.

“UK forces used about 1.9 metric tons of depleted uranium ammunition in the Iraq war in 2003,” UK Defense Secretary Liam Fox said in a written reply to the House of Commons on Thursday, the Kuwait News Agency reported.

The announcement came after a joint study by the environment, health and science ministries in Iraq said there were communities near the cities of Najaf, Basra and Fallujah with increased rates of cancer and birth defects over the past five years. Read More Here


(TehranTimes) – Iran will not back down in nuclear standoff: Ahmadinejad – Read More Here

(AsiaTimes) – Amiri ‘told CIA Iran had no bomb program

Contrary to a news media
narrative that Iranian scientist Shahram Amiri has provided the United States with intelligence on covert Iranian nuclear weapons work, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) sources familiar with the Amiri case say he told his CIA handlers that there was no such Iranian nuclear weapons program, according to a former CIA officer. Read More Here


(Rense) – Stop The Wall – People vs Oppression

Stop the (STW) is a “Palestinian movement against the (Separation) Wall and the settlements under Israeli repression,” calling for it to be stopped, portions built dismantled, all confiscated lands returned, and compensation paid for losses. Read More Here

(OpinionMaker) – PALESTINE: Anyone really serious about allowing their civil rights?

“Some members of Parliament prefer that the camps explode and then they will insist that “Palestinian security problems must be resolved before Parliament can consider giving them civils rights”—meaning several more years of delay.That would be a disaster for all concerned.” Read More Here


(Reuters) – Lawmakers demand tough action on China piracy – Read More Here

(WSJournal) – U.S. ‘Concerned’ About China Buildup – Read More Here

(Guardian) – Chinese army to target cyber war threat

New department dedicated to protecting information security follows creation of US cyber command Read More Here

North/South Korea

(BBC) – US spy chief nominee warns of N Korea ‘direct attacks’

North Korea’s sinking of a South Korean warship may herald a “dangerous new period”, the nominee to be US director of national intelligence has warned. Read More Here

(Guardian) – North Korea threatens ‘physical response’ to US military exercises

Regime sees naval and air drills as sign of hostility as US urges Asian nations to enforce UN sanctions against North Korea Read More Here

(9News) – N.Korea threatens nuclear retaliation

North Korea on Saturday threatened to use a “powerful nuclear deterrence” in response to a South Korea-US joint naval exercise, state media said. Read More Here


(PressTV) – Iran raps armed action on Afghanistan

Iran has called for a regional solution to Afghanistan, saying that foreign military presence has aggravated the security situation in the war-torn country.

“The solution to Afghanistan should not be sought in military confrontation and any action in Afghanistan should be based on realities,” Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said at an international conference on Afghanistan in Kabul on Tuesday. Read More Here

(PressTV) – Afghanistan, ‘new Vietnam for US’

Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani has warned Washington against repeating its past mistakes, saying Afghanistan will become a new Vietnam for the United States. Read More Here


(MarketOracle) – China: The US Is “Insolvent and Faces Bankruptcy”

The common thought amongst even reasonably educated and economically literate Americans is that China is ‘stuck with US Treasuries’ and has no choice, so it must perform within the status quo and do as the US wishes, or face a ruinous decline in their reserve holdings of US Treasuries Read More Here

(Rense) – Audio: Jeff Rense Interviews G. Edward Griffin – The ‘Recovery’  – Download Audio Here

(Truthout) – The Silent Killing of America’s Workforce

An Interview with Patrice Woeppel on the Deadly Inadequacies of the Workers’ Compensation System Read More Here

REPOST – (DailyFinance) – The Jobless Effect: Is the Real Unemployment Rate 16.5%, 22%, or. . .?

Raghavan Mayur, president at TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence, follows unemployment data closely. So, when his survey for May revealed that 28% of the 1,000-odd households surveyed reported that at least one member was looking for a full-time job, he was flummoxed. Read More Here

(FPost) – Why isn’t the market collapsing? – Read More Here

(GlobalResearch) – Obama signs the financial reform bill: Towards a new volatile phase of economic disruptions? – Read More Here

(WSWS) – US jobless claims, housing data point to worsening economy

Reports issued Thursday on initial claims for unemployment benefits and sales of previously owned homes confirm that the US economy is slowing dramatically. Read More Here

(MichiganCapitolConfidential) – The Art of the Ann Arbor City Budget

The debate in Ann Arbor, where firefighters are being laid off due to a multimillion dollar budget deficit, is over an $850,000 piece of art. Read More Here


(Politico) – Democrats pull plug on climate bill

Senate Democrats pulled the plug on climate legislation Thursday, pushing the issue off into an uncertain future ahead of midterm elections where President Barack Obama’s party is girding for a drubbing. Read More Here


(CharlieVLog) – Video: AMERICA WAKE UP !! – Continue reading

White House Emails Show More Extensive Improper Contact With Google

(NLPC) – Recent email communication between White House Deputy Chief Technology Officer Andrew McLaughlin (in photo), who is Google’s former head of Global Public Policy, and multiple outside individuals raise new questions about the official’s alleged circumvention of federal ethics and recordkeeping rules.

McLaughlin’s communications with Google officials and others about issues that directly benefit the company appears to be more extensive than indicated by a May White House report, which resulted in an official reprimand of Mr. McLaughlin. Click here for a 12-page pdf of the McLaughlin emails.

Administration rules expressly prohibit former lobbyist company officials like McLaughlin from involving themselves in federal policies that materially impact their former employer.  But the new emails, which NLPC obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, show a continued pattern in which Mr. McLaughlin communicates with another apparent Google lobbyist, the leader of a Google-funded organization that lobbies in support of Google’s primary area of federal interest, and the head of a nonprofit that works closely with Google lobbyists. Continue reading Censored in Greece

(Infowars) – An reader sent an email today informing us that our website is no longer available in Greek public libraries. “ is still accessible, but it’s only a matter of time before the Greek censors notice attention has shifted to that website, and move in to ban it as well,” she writes. “This isn’t just a local library banning access to, but is a nationwide ban: the digital traffic filters, through which all traffic from and to Greek public libraries passes, are located in and controlled from Athens (National Technical University of Athens), so yes, THIS IS A NATION WIDE BAN!”

Attempting to reach from a Greek public library produces the screen below Continue reading

Video: Exclusive – Jesse Ventura Talks with Alex Jones About Government Harassment of His TV Show

(KurtNimmo) – In an exclusive interview on the Alex Jones Show today, Jesse Ventura will talk about the U.S. military’s attempt to undermine his popular TruTV show, “Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura.”

Jesse was prevented from filming a stand-up in front of the Eternal Flame at Arlington National Cemetery for an episode on government involvement in the JFK assassination. Despite the military ban, Ventura managed to film the segment. “I did it anyway,” he told the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

“They felt I offended them with my last series, because I look into government things, Conspiracy Theory, my TV show,” Ventura told Ann Sharpsteen of Scripps News. Sharpsteen posted a video of her interview with Ventura on YouTube earlier in the week (see video below). Continue reading