New Eugenics and the Rise of the Global Scientific Dictatorship – Andrew Gavin Marshall

(GlobalResearch) – We are in the midst of the most explosive development in all of human history. Humanity is experiencing a simultaneously opposing and conflicting geopolitical transition, the likes of which has never before been anticipated or experienced. Historically, the story of humanity has been the struggle between the free-thinking individual and structures of power controlled by elites that seek to dominate land, resources and people. The greatest threat to elites at any time – historically and presently – is an awakened, critically thinking and politically stimulated populace. This threat has manifested itself throughout history, in different places and at different times. Ideas of freedom, democracy, civil and human rights, liberty and equality have emerged in reaction and opposition to power structures and elite systems of control.

The greatest triumphs of the human mind – whether in art, science or thought – have arisen out of and challenged great systems of power and control. The greatest of human misery and tragedy has arisen out of the power structures and systems that elites always seek to construct and manage. War, genocide, persecution and human degradation are directly the result of decisions made by those who control the apparatus of power, whether the power manifests itself as intellectual, ecclesiastical, spiritual, militaristic, or scientific. The most malevolent and ruthless power is that over the free human mind: if one controls how one thinks, they control the individual itself. The greatest human achievements are where individuals have broken free the shackles that bind the mind and let loose the inherent and undeniable power that lies in each and every individual on this small little planet. Read More Here

Video: David Icke – Humanity’s Last Chance – The Sleeper Must Awaken! Alex Jones Tv

Alex welcomes back to the show writer, public speaker, and former well-known BBC television sports presenter David Icke. David has authored several books, including: Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More and Infinite Love Is the Only Truth: Everything Else Is Illusion. Continue reading

America Is In A Societal Meltdown – Chuck Baldwin

(ChuckBaldwin) – “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” So said Founding Father and America’s second President John Adams. And he was absolutely right. And that is what is absolutely wrong with our country today: America is in a complete moral, societal, and cultural meltdown.

Founding Father and America’s first US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Jay correctly summarized the reason our new nation (and the fight for its liberty and independence) was successful. He wrote in Federalist 2, “With equal pleasure I have as often taken notice that Providence has been pleased to give this one connected country to one united people–a people descended from the same ancestors, speaking the same language, professing the same religion, attached to the same principles of government, very similar in their manners and customs, and who, by their joint counsels, arms, and efforts, fighting side by side throughout a long and bloody war, have nobly established general liberty and independence.” Continue reading

Video: Chris Emery – OKC Bombing was Design to Save Bill Clinton from Whitewater Investigation

(AlexJonesShow) – [ Chris Emery ] is a film writer, director, producer living in Oklahoma City. He is currently working on his fifth documentary film which is a feature length project covering the Oklahoma City Bombing case. His interest in the truth movement was spawned several years ago as he discovered a consistent pattern of lies and deception contained in the U.S. Governments ‘official accounts’ of the shootout at Ruby Ridge, WTC – ’93, the WACO massacre, the OKC bombing, the downing of TWA Flight 800 and the 9/11 fiasco…

[ James Lane ] was born and raised in central Oklahoma. He has been an Information Technology professional for over 12 years. After becoming aware of the inexplicable events surrounding the collapse of WTC building 7 on September 11, 2001 he was compelled to investigate and take action. He recently stared the Oklahoma chapter of We Are Change, a citizens based grassroots peace and social justice movement working to reveal the truth behind the events of 9/11, as well as the lies of the government and corporate elite who remain suspect in this crime. Continue reading

Video: WTC 7 – Sound Evidence for Explosions

(911Speakout) – There is ample evidence, from both witnesses and recordings, of explosions associated with the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7 (WTC 7). NIST sidestepped investigating explosions and explosives by setting up an artificially high threshold of interest. They swept aside any testimony or recordings of explosions that would not register 130-140 dB one kilometer away. They established this criterion using RDX (one of the loudest explosives) in a scenario that produced a far higher sound level than other possible uses of explosives to bring down the building. Then they turned around and used sound level as the sole criterion for deciding whether the use of explosives was a credible hypothesis. By this maneuver, they sidestepped investigating the testimony of explosives or possible evidence of explosive residues. This is just one more instance of fraudulent behavior on the part of the NIST investigation of the World Trade Center disaster. Continue reading

Police Terror Stop Powers Stripped Following European Court Ruling

(SteveWatson) – Police powers to stop and search anyone without reasonable suspicion under terrorism laws have been revoked by the British government following a recent ruling by the European Court of Human Rights that stated they were illegal.

The Home Secretary Theresa May today stated:

“In order to comply with the judgment, but avoid pre-empting the review of counter-terrorism legislation, I have decided to introduce interim guidelines for the police.”

“I am therefore changing the test for authorisation for the use of section 44 powers from requiring a search to be ‘expedient’ for the prevention of terrorism, to the stricter test of it being ‘necessary’ for that purpose. And, most importantly, I am introducing a new suspicion threshold.” the home secretary told the Commons.

She added: “Officers will no longer be able to search individuals using section 44 powers. Instead they will have to rely on section 43 powers, which require officers to reasonably suspect the person to be a terrorist. And officers will only be able to use section 44 in relation to the searches of vehicles. I will only confirm these authorisations where they are considered to be necessary, and officers will only be able to use them when they have ‘reasonable suspicion’.” Continue reading

The Cybersecurity Directive Goes Viral

(ActivistPost) – The latest National Security Directive presented by the establishment mouthpiece, The Wall Street Journal, indicates that the marketing campaign for Cybersecurity has just gone viral.

The Perfect Citizen program markets the idea of corporations and government working together in a joint effort to thwart Cyberterrorism.  This is truly a message designed to be spread far and wide, as corporations can sell infrastructure upgrades to terrified American citizens who once again are being required to trade liberty for supposed security.  Taxpayers already have provided billions to the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative as funding for their own cyberprison.  Both political parties have supported the campaign of perpetual National Security, and the new program is yet another example of how they agree upon initiatives that will ultimately benefit corporate interests: Continue reading

World War

(YNet) – Israeli judge: Learn from Nazis

Retired Judge Hadassa Ben-Itto says as part of PR war, Israel should adopt tactics used to distribute Protocols of Elders of Zion Read More Here

(OnlineJournal) – Coast Guard dispatching ships and personnel to Costa Rica to threaten Nicaragua – Wayne Madsen

After conducting its successful coup d’etat in Honduras against President Manuel Zelaya, the imperialistic Barack Obama administration is now bent on ousting Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega by massing a huge U.S. Coast Guard and Marine Corps presence in neighboring Costa Rica, a base of operations for Reagan administration-backed CIA operations in the 1980s in support of the Nicaraguan contras. Read More Here

(KurtNimmo) – Obama Selects General Who Likes Killing Muslims to Centcom

Gen. Mattis has the same habit of speaking his mind as McCrystal. Eric Garris writes today that Mattis was quoted back in 2005 as saying he finds pleasure in shooting and killing people in Afghanistan. “Actually it’s quite fun to fight them, you know. It’s a hell of a hoot,” Mattis said Read More Here

(12160) – Rangel Legislation: Mandatory Military Service For ALL Americans 18-42 yrs old

Rep. Charles Rangel yesterday again called for bringing back the national draft — right at the Times Square recruiting station. Read More Here

(Infowars) – Hillary Clinton’s Latest Lies – Paul Craig Roberts

The BBC reported on July 4 that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that the US ballistic missile base in Poland was not directed at Russia. The purpose of the base, she said, is to protect Poland from the Iranian threat. Read More Here

(Haaretz) – Hezbollah readying for urban war in southern Lebanon

Israel’s military on Wednesday offered evidence of what it says is a growing threat from Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, using aerial images to highlight the militants group’s activities in towns and villages close to the Israeli border. Read More Here

(WashingtonTimes) – Russian bomber incursions

Russia is continuing to fly strategic nuclear bombers near U.S. and Canadian airspace because the Russian military is seeking to maintain “the illusion of power,” the commander of the U.S. Northern Command says. Read More Here

(PressTV) – Israel asks US to boost weapons supply

Tel Aviv has asked Washington to increase its weapons capability in the Middle East as part of efforts for Israel to have a strategic advantage over its Arab neighbors. Read More Here


(Guardian) – Tony Blair ‘very much exaggerated’ Iran’s role in Iraq

Former British ambassador to Tehran tells Chilcot inquiry that Blair made ‘very bad decisions’ about 2003 invasion Read More Here

(JPost) – IDF names top Iranian in charge of Hizbullah

According to the senior IDF officer, since the Second Lebanon War, Iran has bolstered its control over Hizbullah. “We identify more Iranian involvement in Lebanon today,” the officer said. “It is comprehensive and significant.” Read More Here

(DODBuzz) – Chatter Rises On Iran Strike

The first really clear indication that serious planning was underway to strike at Iran’s rogue nuclear weapons site came a month ago when British news outlets reported that Saudi Arabia had given Israel permission to cross its airspace en route to Iranian targets.

Yesterday, the United Arab Emirates ambassador to the United States said publicly that his country was willing to live with the consequences of a strike against Iran despite the enormous amount of trade between the two countries and the likelihood of riots after a strike.

Today, you have Sen. Joe Lieberman in Israel saying the U.S. would influence Iran, “through diplomatic efforts and economic sanctions if we can, but through military action if we must.” Read More Here

(AntiWar) – Senators Raise Prospect of US Attack on Iran

McCain Says Israel Won’t Attack, Lieberman Says US Will Read More Here

(Haaretz) – Focus U.S.A. / ‘The U.S. will have to confront Iran or give up the Middle East’

Amitai Etzioni, professor of International Relations at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., believes the only option available to contain Iran’s atomic ambitions is a series of assaults on its non-nuclear facilities. Read More Here

(AlethoNews) – IAEA’s Heinonen Pushed “Fabricated” Iran Nuclear Weapons Intel

Olli Heinonen, the Finnish nuclear engineer who resigned Thursday after five years as deputy director for safeguards of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), was the driving force in turning that agency into a mechanism to support U.N. Security Council sanctions against Iran.

Heinonen was instrumental in making a collection of intelligence documents showing a purported Iranian nuclear weapons research programme the central focus of the IAEA’s work on Iran. The result was to shift opinion among Western publics to the view that Iran had been pursuing a covert nuclear weapons programme. Read More Here


(Independent) – Exposed: The Truth About Israel’s Land Grab In The West Bank

As President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meet, a report reveals 42 per cent of territory is controlled by settlers Read More Here

Video: Norman Finkelstein: Results, Not Rhetoric – Video Link Here

(CPT) – Video: Israeli Border Police Destroy Vegetable Fields in Al Baqa’a Valley

Israeli border police hired Israeli Arab workers to remove irrigation pipes from vegetable fields in Al Baqa’a Valley and cut twines holding tomato plants up. The border police used tear gas to prevent Palestinian land owners from going to their fields to stop the destruction. Over 100 Palestinians were affected by this destruction. View Video Here

(PeoplesVoice) – ISRAEL AND PALESTINE AFTER THE FLOTILLA Part 1 — Change is in the wind

There are times in world politics when a relatively small incident can trigger a major chain of events, depending on circumstances. Another way of expressing this is contained in the ancient Chinese proverb, “A single spark can start a prairie fire” — particularly when conditions include a warm gusty wind and the grassland is dry. Read More Here


(InternationalForecaster) – The US Treasury and the Federal Reserve are Manipulating the Gold Market – Bob Chapman Read More Here

(Telegraph) – EMU break-up risks global deflation shock that would dwarf Lehman collapse, warns ING

A full-fledged disintegration of the eurozone would trigger the worst economic crisis in modern history, devastate every country in Europe including Germany, and inflict a deflationary shock on the US. There would be no winners, warns the Dutch bank ING in a new report “Quantifying the Unthinkable”. Read More Here


(ZDNet) – Microsoft layoffs: Marketing, Office, partner groups all reportedly hit

According to various comments I’ve seen — all anonymous from those infamous “people knowledgeable about the situation” — the latest round is going to be less gruesome and more broadly spread than last year’s two waves of cuts that totaled more than 5,000 people. Read More Here

(YahooFinance) – Video: Richard Suttmeier – Home Prices Could Fall Another 50% – View Video Here

(DailyFinance) – Merck to Cut 16,000 Workers as Drugmaker Closes 16 Plants, Labs – Read More Here

Video: Indymac Boys Get Sweetheart Deal

Those Indymac boys were given deal by the FDIC, and borrowers were strong-armed. Video Link Here

(SteveWatson) – Video: Obama Science Czar Called For Global Carbon Tax

Underreported 2008 comments were made immediately prior to becoming White House science director View More Here

(TheWeek) – The biggest market crash since the 1720?

Market forecaster Robert Prechter says we’re on the verge of the biggest market crash since the 1720 collapse of Britain’s South Sea Bubble, with the Dow nosediving to below 1,000 in the next five to six years, from around 10,000 now. Read More Here

(ZeroHedge) – CNBC Guest Says Absent Plunge Protection Team Stepping In, Market Would Fall

A highly amusing exchange occurred earlier on CNBC when guest Damon Vickers of Nine Points Capital had an unexpected moment of truthiness and turned some heads when he said that “unless the plunge protection team comes in over the next couple of days, the markets are looking very dicey here.” Read More Here

(RTTNews) – Dollar In The Doldrums As Economy Loses Momentum – Read More Here

(Bloomberg) – Goldman Sachs Executive to Advise Head of Canada’s Central Bank, a Former Goldman Sachs Executive – Read More Here

(CharlieVLog) – Video: CON JOB

(FFF) – The Welfare-Warfare Crackup

For decades, libertarians have been warning Americans of the coming crack-up of the welfare-warfare state. Of course, we couldn’t predict when the crack-up would finally occur. All we could do is to say that the road to statism, both welfare and warfare, was a road to national bankruptcy. Read More Here

(WRAL) – Retailers post tepid June, start to discount more – Read More Here

(TickerForum) – Wells Fargo to Cut 3,800 Jobs, Close Financing Unit in forum [Breaking] – Read More Here

(TheStar) – New eco fees catching consumers by surprise

Levies ranges from a few cents to several dollars Read More Here

(RedState) – Democrats Want to Tax Your ATM Withdrawals – Read More Here

(GoldSeek) – More Power for the Fed – Dr. Ron Paul

Last week I was pleased to see my Republican colleagues take up the cause to fully and completely audit the Federal Reserve by including my language from the Federal Reserve Transparency Act in a Motion to Recommit the financial regulation reform bill. Although this effort was defeated by the Democrat majority, there were many good reasons to support it. Read More Here

(BBC) – Nasa space shuttle firm to cut 1,000 jobs

United Space Alliance, which manages the shuttle fleet and handles Nasa’s International Space Station, said most jobs would go in Florida and Texas. Read More Here

Video: Market Manipulation On Display

It’s unlawful to enter an order into a securities market for the purpose of attempting to manipulate the price – that is, to express other than a genuine intent to buy or sell.

It happens every day. But tonight, it’s especially blatant, so I captured it and present it here for you. Continue reading

BP Oil Gusher

(Rense) – The Gulf Oil Disaster Is War On We, The People – Leonard G. Horowitz And Sherri Kane

30 Facts Evidencing The Rothschild League Of Bankers Planned The Gulf Oil Crisis

This article explains what is really happening in the Gulf of Mexico, who is really responsible for the explosion, and how the devastation serves investment bankers. These globalists sway stocks, create markets, and planned this crisis, among a series of catastrophies, to advance geopolitical and financial agendas. Read More Here

(IntelHub) – Whispers Become Louder; Potential For Gulf Evacuations?

“There are whispers that are becoming louder, people in the area are talking about evacuations” Matt was quoted as saying in a radio interview on Intel Hub Radio. Others such as Greg Evensen, a former state trooper with many insider contacts, have been quoted as saying, “evacuations are imminent.” As the situation compounds and there is no end in sight, evacuations seem like the only viable option. If something is not done to get the people out they will most likely become overwhelmed by what some are describing as chemical rape. Read More Here

Video: BP Fishermen – Osters Are All Dead – View Video Here

(WDSU) – Hundreds Of Fishermen Missing Checks From BP

BP Gives No Indication Of When Payments Resume Read More Here

Video: Sea Shepherd at Deepwater Ground Zero. ***Exclusive footage***

(Grist) – Oil found in Gulf food chain

The inevitable has happened. From a McLatchy article:

University scientists have spotted the first indications oil is entering the Gulf seafood chain — in crab larvae — and one expert warns the effect on fisheries could last “years, probably not a matter of months” and affect many species. Read More Here

(Examiner) – BP turning Gulf Coast into corporate police states

Reporters and photographers are reporting numerous incidents where they have been prohibited from approaching areas where oil has fouled Gulf beaches and have been prevented from taking photos or gathering enough information to publish reports. Read More Here

Video: 1,500 oil cleanup workers sickened says BP’s lead doctor in Gulf

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Today Dr. Kevin O’Shea — he’s the physician in charge of BP’s medical response in Gulf — he told me that in the four states affected by the spill, more than 1,500 cleanup workers have now complained of some illness or injury. – Video Link Here

(Truthout) – Mitigating Annihilation

From the air, the area north of Grand Isle, Louisiana, much of it around Barataria Bay, looks like scorched earth. This area has been and is heavily afflicted by BP’s oil. The so-called cleanup efforts, including laying out booms to supposedly prevent oil from destroying more marsh and killing more wildlife, are a farce. Read More Here

(PaulWatson) – Harvard Professor: ‘Exploit Gulf Disaster For Carbon Tax’

Bilderberger Rogoff openly embraces nightmare scenario of hurricanes pushing oil onshore as a way of “exploiting tragedy” to create political momentum behind Obama’s dreaded green economy Continue reading

Internal Raytheon email calls system ‘Big Brother’

(RawStory) – The National Security Agency has begun work on an “expansive” spy system that will monitor critical infrastructure inside the United States for cyber-attacks, in a move that detractors say could end up violating privacy rights and expanding the NSA’s domestic spying abilities.

The Wall Street Journal cites unnamed sources as saying that the NSA has issued a $100-million contract to defense contractor Raytheon to build a system dubbed “Perfect Citizen,” which will involve placing “sensors” at critical points in the computer networks of private and public organizations that run infrastructure, organizations such as nuclear power plants and electric grid operators. Continue reading

MSM: ‘Perfect Citizen’ Program Places ‘Sensors’ Throughout Web

(WSJ) – The federal government is launching an expansive program dubbed “Perfect Citizen” to detect cyber assaults on private companies and government agencies running such critical infrastructure as the electricity grid and nuclear-power plants, according to people familiar with the program.

The surveillance by the National Security Agency, the government’s chief eavesdropping agency, would rely on a set of sensors deployed in computer networks for critical infrastructure that would be triggered by unusual activity suggesting an impending cyber attack, though it wouldn’t persistently monitor the whole system, these people said. Continue reading

Lieberman’s Internet ‘Kill Switch’ Bill Hits Roadblock

(FederalNewsRadio) – It appears that the effort to pass a cyber-security bill is going to get a bit more tough then expected.

Late last month, officials from Cisco, IBM and Oracle sent a letter to the main sponsors of the Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act, S. 3480 — Senators Joe Lieberman (DI-Conn.) Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Tom Carper (D-Del.). The letter raised concerns about some provisions of the bill:

While well intentioned, it ultimately puts U.S. critical infrastructure at increased risk by threatening the intellectual property of American companies that create the IT that operates the vast majority of U.S. government and private-sector critical networks and systems.  The unintended result may be a weakening of the domestic software and hardware industry to an extent that could, ironically, leave the U.S. more dependent upon foreign suppliers for their critical IT systems.

Continue reading