Video: The Bohemian Grove Explained

(NorCalTruth) – This is the first of a series of rational discussions on the importance of the Bohemian Club, the powerful people that are a part of its membership, and the Bohemian Grove itself in Monte Rio, Ca.

This is being produced in order to balance the perception of the Bohemian Grove. Many rumors exists about what the Cremation of Care ceremony is and means, hopefully this puts many of those rumors to rest.

The goal of this film is also to keep the focus on the dots that we can connect: The powerful players, their positions in Government, business, military, banking or media institutions.

Many of these groups are representing, or serving the public – So why must they meet in private?


2 thoughts on “Video: The Bohemian Grove Explained

  1. Shahin,

    It has been a while but I do wish you the best and hope you well as always.
    Thanks for posting the new video, I am very happy with it….

    Lots of love to you brother,

  2. Shahin,

    A typo had slipped by me in the video. I have made a the corrections and the link for the right video is now:

    This other one will be taken down in a couple of days…Just giving you a heads up.

    Best wishes,

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