Video: Alex Covers The Brainwashing of America on Alex Jones Tv Sunday Editon

(MAY 30) – Alex breaks down how the general public is and has been brainwashed into believing everything their told because they’ve been taught it’s un-patriotic to question government. Also, Wayne Madsen reports in the last hour that the South Korea ship was a false flag attack just like the U.S.S. Liberty and breaks down the real reason behind the attack, and who may have done it. Continue reading

Video: Zombie Tea Party! Cartoon Network’s High Definition Brainwashing

For nearly two decades, the Cartoon Network has waged a 24-hour a day, 7 day a week, 365 day a year war on the minds of our nation’s youth.  So it should come at no surprise that they would eventually get around to bashing our Nation’s “Founding Fathers”.  Starting today, during the week that commemorates the 6 month anniversary of the “Tea Party March on Washington D.C.”, the Cartoon Network will be airing reruns of an episode of the popular children’s animated series “Johnny Test” entitled “Johnny Zombie Tea Party” (see video below): Continue reading

Shocking UN Document Divulges Climate Cult Brainwashing

(PaulWatson) – Kids coerced into performing global warming song as strategy document reveals plan to greenwash young minds by turning environmentalism into gaia religion Continue reading

Video: Government Hijacks Kids TV To Propagandize For Swine Flu Shots

Desperate brainwashing campaign to coerce suspicious parents into giving their children dangerous H1N1 vaccine accelerates Continue reading

Video: Flu Vaccine Brainwashing In Prime Time ABC Show

A prime time ABC drama show that aired last week featured an almost subliminal example of brainwashing that encouraged people to take the swine flu shot, proving that the propaganda campaign to sell people on the government’s health agenda is widespread and not just confined to this week’s admitted campaign to implant suggestive messages in network TV broadcasts. Continue reading

Video: The CIA Mind Control Doctors: From Harvard to Guantanamo

Colin A. Ross CCHRI Friday, September 4, 2009 Continue reading

Video: Indoctrination Of ‘Obama Youth’ In Schools Accelerates

President’s speech is only one component of brainwashing activities that have been ongoing for the last year Continue reading

Anti-Arab brainwashing by the US media

Paul J. Balles shows how the US media’s application of Joseph Goebbels’s dictum – that a lie, if audacious enough and repeated enough times, will be believed by the masses – has produced a plethora of anti-Arab bigots, from the likes of Steve Emerson, Alan Dershowitz, Caroline Glick and Ruth Conniff to the racist ranting of brainless lumpen on the internet. Continue reading

The “Quiet War” Against Humanity(Encore)

The truth is at once simpler and more incredible than anyone could conceive.

A shocking document entitled “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” confirms that a satanic cult headquartered in the City of London holds mankind in bondage using psychological warfare. Continue reading

Global “Media Flu” Pandemic Worsens

Worldwide – Observers are concerned that a rampant virulent infection has taken hold of almost all media outlets all over the world. Continue reading

Weaponized Education: Controlling Tomorrow With The Youth of Today

There has been and continues to be an effort by some of the worlds most elite families to establish a global community, with a global government, some call it the new world order.The plan always benefits them at our expense, and they believe as long as we show no opposition they can retain control. The massive goal is to bring the global populace into harm-ony, but it is an impossibility unless family loyalty is dissolved and individuality is eradicated. Continue reading

The New World Order: In their Own Words

In the wake of the last Bilderberg conference, we bare witness to a great darkening front closing in on us yet another few inches toward total world domination. The alert observers saw it coming for a long time; the thoroughly indoctrinated are only now beginning to sense that something is rotten in the state of Denmark. How could this have happened without us knowing? And where were the media during our collective comatose suspension? Continue reading

Fox Admits To Planting Political Brainwashing In Popular TV Shows

Rupert Murdoch’s Twentieth Century Fox corporation has admitted to planting political brainwashing within its globally popular TV shows and indeed boasts that it is proud of the fact.

Continue reading

Video: 6 Brainwashing Techniques They’re Using On You Right Now

Brainwashing doesn’t take any sci-fi gadgetry or Manchurian Candidate hypnotism bullshit. There are all sorts of tried-and-true techniques that anyone can use to bypass the thinking part of your brain and flip a switch deep inside that says “OBEY.” Continue reading

Film: Brainwashing 101

Provocative film which highlights Marxist ideology and indoctrination in US universities. In this cutting exposé, documentary filmmakers Maloney, Browning and Greenberg shine a light on political correctness, academic bias, student censorship–even administrative cover-ups of death threats. Continue reading

Global Television for Our Future Global Leader

Surprise and even shock were among the reactions to my recent column about how elite members of the World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting in Davos, Switzerland, were considering a proposal for a new global television network to usher in a state of “global governance.” It sounded authoritarian, even totalitarian, to some.

Here are more of the troubling details. Continue reading

Video: Alex Jones – Brainwashing and Propaganda on TV

Alex Jones analyzes some of the brainwashing, conditioning propaganda commercials on TV… Continue reading

Predictive Programming in Movies – Death Race (2008)

Sad as it is, the unconscientious businessman is of course only partly too blame for the emergence of modern day gladiator games since if there wouldn’t have a been a market for it, represented by all the hordes of viewers out for blood, the idea of a Death Race would not have been commercially viable to begin with. It’s but a simple consequence of the elementary economic law of demand and supply.
Continue reading

Predictive Programming in Movies – Swordfish (2001)

The criminal and unethical fruits of the mind of Gabriel quickly become apparent at the beginning of the movie. Halfway through the movie it also becomes clear that Gabriel either works for, or collaborates with, a US Senator named Reisman. Although Reisman tries to call off Gabriel’s pet-project named Operation Swordfish, after he receives information that the FBI is closing in on Gabriel and his crew, his principled involvement with Gabriel is pretty telling as it shows that crime-boss Gabriel is linked through Reisman with the US government. Nonetheless at this point it is uncertain in regards to this unsavory connection as to what extent Reisman represents the US government. It could be that Reisman acts, for all intents and purposes, as a rogue independently from the government and that Operation Swordfish is not at all a government sanctioned operation, even it being a covert one. It will become apparent at the conclusion of the movie which alternative applies.

Continue reading

Predictive Programming In Films – Things to Come (1936)

The movie predicts a war involving Everytown (which is a peculiar way of stating that the war is also a global war) by Christmas 1940, while the actual World War broke out in September 1939 when the Nazis invaded Poland. So Wells was only off for about a sloppy one year. It goes to show that Wells was definitely ‘in the know’, as Alan Watt calls it, as to what the agenda entailed. Continue reading

Predictive Programming: Mel Gibson Movie – Conspiracy Theory (1997 Film)

his rather blatant caricature of the conspiracy theorist (or researcher), an acting performance that admittedly perhaps can only be accomplished by someone of the caliber of Mel Gibson, sets the freakish tone for the entire movie. Viewers are thus left with the notion that basically conspiracy theorists are individuals automatically suffering from various expressions of psychopathology, namely: hyperactivity, delusions and paranoia. Continue reading